RE: Cruising...

Oops too long

RE: Cruising...

Looks like you wrote a book to long for me to readconfused dunno

RE: Toast...

Maybe you forgot to take the plastic off the toaster as welldunno

RE: Paring a pear...

I’m not convinced That you don’t have a meat cleaver and if you don’t have one and you see one on sale somewhere I’m guessing you will have on thenlaugh

RE: Paring a pear...

Yikes you sound like you have a knife for to use on every body laugh I man on every fooddunno

RE: Uneven porosity in hair.

I think you might be on to something uucheering

RE: Uneven porosity in hair.

.I would think most people know that all you have to do is Google it to be honest why not just keep trimming your hair and let new hair grow backAnd if highlights are that damagingQuit highlighting your hairdoh I don’t need to go on your site to figure out simple things or Common sensewave

RE: ''How should one incorporate anti-aging serums into their daily skincare routine for maximum effect

Why not say what’s the best anti-aging serum You told us how to apply it says on the back of all serums::confused: dunno

RE: Hello friends

Sounds like he’s trying to sell himself rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Beauty

Beautiful blog . I like them all your kindness makes the world nicer also ::teddybear:

RE: Teaching

I taught my kids the birds and the bees Boys have pee pees ,,Girls stay away ,

RE: Dating Blog

laugh cute blog ::cheers:

RE: Pfizer vaccine

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing too funny

RE: We all need a good laugh. Donald at his best

laugh rolling on the floor laughing our President at his finest, he makes me proud to be an American ! That crazy ignorant a**

RE: A Glimpse of Hollywood @ Sunset

Wow you really describe L A true to it’s form . Saved me a trip I feel like I was in L A with this fun yet funny blog of yours cheers

RE: beauty

Yeah, he's a real piece of work. I'm so blessed to call him my friend. He's such a beautiful writer and has a beautiful soul. He has this silly obsession with wet tee- shirts though dunno dunno ::wave:

RE: Bob Seger on his final tour

Love Night Moves brings me back to my younger years yay

RE: size

It’s a myth about men with big feet doh


Soft skin ? Maybe drop the man from your name and just be a ramblin .Oh ,you are already Ramblin ! The Remblin kid with the soft skin . Yeah that sounds about right banana


Why are you still here then? confused dunno


rolling on the floor laughing too funny .so refreshing . Thanks for the laugh laugh

RE: Bohemian Rhapsody - a review!

I agree it was a great movie. Sad how he died at such a young age. I never knew how queen got its name until the movie . I’ve been a queen fan since childhood . I also saw them in concert geat band !,,

RE: You can't make this stuff up.....but some people apparently do.

rolling on the floor laughing could very well be .dunno confused

RE: You can't make this stuff up.....but some people apparently do.

Talk about crazydoh confused

RE: Age differences

Great to see you on the blogs teddybear

RE: Husband Store

Too darn funny, true ,yet funny .thanks for the laughlaugh

RE: weekend comes

Nightly night . Have an awesome weekend wave

RE: Beware of Lie Detector Robots!

rolling on the floor laughing love it

Feet in or out

Robert would that be hot dog buns or hamburger buns ? laugh grin

Feet in or out

Second person to say that . teddybear bouquet

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