I might have a stomach bug

These past few days, my diet has been terrible. Really terrible. Always some oven based meal, with absolutely no nutritional value to speak of. On wednesday, my dinner was nuggets and fries. Not the healthiest meal ever. The following day, meatballs and fries. Again, not the healthiest meal ever, but I didn't fancy cooking anything. As a result, I have had more frequent toilet trips, and today was a rough one..

I haven't had dinner today, because I went for lunch at an Italian restaurant in my home town. My aunt turned 70 last week, so we were all celebrating today.

When I got there, I was greeted by everyone, and immediately I was given a glass of prosecco. Usually I scoff at prosecco, because I prefer real champagne, but this one was excellent. It might actually be the one I am buying for our new years shenanigans in December. Anyway!

At the restaurant, there was a three course meal waiting for us, consisting of anti pasti for starters, the main course was veal with potatoes, vegetables and a mint/lemon sauce. The dessert was panna cotta. All three courses were excellent, and me being a picky eater surprisingly ate all of it, even if the panna cotta didn't agree with my taste buds! After the meal, we hung around and talked, giving me a reminder why I love my family so much. We're always having a good time! A few hours later, I went home to relax and process what i had eaten. It was nice to spend time with family, even if it was just for three hours. Me, being the idiot that I am, decided to walk home. for context: It's a 3.7 mile walk home, that would take me an hour and a half. Half way into my walk home, I felt the need for a toilet increase. I sat a course for the local super mall, and I made it in time. I did my business and decided to just hang around at the mall, buying a bottle of coke before taking the train the last stretch home. When I arrived at the station, I began the short walk home. At the half way mark, I again felt the need to use a toilet. I sped up my walk, and made it home in time, before anything bad happened. I again did my business, and I finally settled down in my room and started watching some YouTube videos, while snacking away at some potato chips.

Suddenly, I felt queasy. Very uncomfortable. My heart began to race. I knew what that meant, so I headed straight for the toilet. I will spare you the details, but it was horrible. Both ends were leaking. Let's just leave it at that.

I am now finally relaxing, with my stomach seemingly calm. However, it's just a matter of time before that changes.

Side note: I did write in the family chat and ask if anyone was feeling the same way that I felt. Nobody did, so it's either me who has some form of stomach bug, or I have eaten something that my body violently rejects.

Also, my mother went to Italy on holiday, and she brought me home some good quality olive oil. The kind you only need to use a little bit of in order to get amazing results.

I have also put up a sign in the downstairs kitchen, saying that they need to keep the kitchen tidy. Does it help? No. Not at all. They are still putting stuff on the kitchen counter - clean plates and cutlery, that they can't be bothered to put away once they've cleaned them.

I almost give up, at this point..
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You're going to spare us the details?!!! Wtf!!!
Well thanks anyway. Reading this made me get up and make myself a healthy salad.
Let's start with breakfast..eYe dun told you the logic in previous bulletins...
Cinnamon toast on nutri grain $7. Bread ..[ in CA
Olive oil n butter
Cayanne pepper & cinnamon..+ honey [ wild / raw
Dash of Himalayan salt
.... oatmeal... { .read label. . Add raisins+ honey.

Now that's what I call a server case of verbal diarrhoea uncertain

But seriously dude, hope you're feeling a lot better today comfort

If it wasn't something you ate maybe its time you listen to your body more and what your insides are telling you professor
I felt fine on sunday, so it was probably a stomach bug
That was a few days ago, you should be over it now... yes?
I can't believe I am sitting here reading this... uh oh
So to cut a long story short, you've had a dose of the shits. Happens to the best of us.
Now here I was going to post so proud about the 2 lb dump I had last night and I been beat to it moping
Neither can I ! doh
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