Oh yeah....I had decided before that one email he told me wat to do three daughter laughed! and so good to see you!

RE: Jan 6 investigation is a laughable matter

I agree, it's a clowns show...totally obvious and ridiculous


Well, not even on week three and he blew a fit over me commenting that I was going to do what I had planned for eobs...I say good riddance.


Great comments!


Hi!!! I am modern as all get out...the man and I both cannot wear the

it never ceases to amaze me, how an a** can this k they can find love on a dating site

Baruch atai Adonai.....

I will let karma get him...

it never ceases to amaze me, how an a** can this k they can find love on a dating site

I had a feeling....doh

RE: A Blog is

Yes, Leonardo's bear movie!!

RE: A Blog is

Awesome to see you too! since almost dying last year to COVID and the slow's great to be alive! Hug hug

it never ceases to amaze me, how an a** can this k they can find love on a dating site

Thanks to all y'all

RE: A Blog is

Hey, don't I know you????

RE: Too heck with a recession, we need a depresion!

don't worry, we are headed for the deepest depression we ever had ..

RE: The right to bear arms

Just look at history, what has happened to people or countries that have up their weapons????oh ya, dictatorship happened...hello America, wake up.

RE: Sports Illustrated Cover Issue

I think it's lovely.....a us size, a senior, a women with a c section....real women. kudos to the magazine that has grown up!!!

RE: Area 51 and UFOs

I believe that we are so vain to believe that we are the only humanoid beings in the universe..why would God stop at us, so flawed as we are? Perhaps there are dozens and thresholds of aliens. we are aliens to them! Perhaps they are worried about the threat of nuclear war...which would rent a hole in time across the universe. A nuclear bomb stops time when it exploded......perhaps the aliens are here to help ...or laugh at us in our backwardness...only time will tell...if time isn't stopped..


That could be true, he's brave at least!

RE: Watch the Water

I drink bottled water but got covid...

RE: Hello

Hey, there!!!!

RE: Birds of a sign.

I am like a triple best loves have been Aquariansbanana

RE: Songs I don't get tired of hearing...

10,000 Days, Tool.......................


Actually the bible does state he will judge a man by His heart-not if he is a mormom, or a christian, or a muslim, or concentrates in what man teaches him, not by trying to become still and listening to God and let him actually tell you.

RE: luckily for CS, or not

I have two horses, but my Dr. Said don't ride Till I get my knee fixed or my femur might shatter when I jump off....

RE: I just love upseting people

I agree with you, then there is the "sheeple" who think its a war of the vaccinated against the unvaccinated....the blind leading the your eyes and awaken sheeple....oh wait, you'd rather be surprised....doh

RE: Nationwide Lockdown of Unvaccinated People Ordered

My son was vaccinated and is sitting with Covid right now? contagious or not? lol

Who you really are......

Hey Jac the Ripper of blogs, Don't post on my blogs if you think you can run around spewing on everyone's blogs-Don't spew on mine-I thought we were friends once but apparently you have become a mean spirited person in my absence. Just go away.

Who you really are......

PS, Celtic and Dan are natural beauties anyway

Who you really are......

lol, Oh Jac-I caught you on a good day!! One person told me that I would never meet them so it didn't matter! I even wanted to, the horses...a--! Thank you for your comments-only making a blog...I try to envision myself in a white cocoon when people get upset with me and say-Sorry you feel that way-I pretend I am bouncing off their head-converting negative energy into positive- and I step outside myself and think-where is this attack coming from or why-Still I say-Sorry you feel that way-I neither agree nor disagree with them...thus not losing any of my energy and react with emotionsbanana banana banana

Who you really are......

Everyone is guilty??dunno

Nothing Exists outside of the Point of Observation-

dan777...I guess I will have to teach u sometime then

RE: Is Fear the Real Virus?

Fear controls the masses! Make sure yall give em your guns!

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