RE: A COVID breathalyzer: Ohio State researchers develop new test for coronavirus.

Congrats my man ! 51% of what you just typed is the Truuf.

RE: Senility and clownery's Candyman. Promise to be more careful in future posts. Mistakes are costly in this line of work.

RE: Senility and clownery

FY eYe...
...the A game is to be found @
Featured De Crypt | Candyland [ 1999
..the question. How many Trumpenstein Easter eggs
Do you people need to see before $cienter Dawn's
On you ?

RE: A COVID breathalyzer: Ohio State researchers develop new test for coronavirus.

Imagine a disease so frightening & deadly*
You have to TEST for it...due to the legions of Asymptomatic shock troop superspreaders !

* MCNOT. Tom Hanks, Mrs. Hanks
Agentbob & D J Trumpenstein...all survivors of COVID...just like 99.86% of others the media has no interest in reporting. 90% of COVID victims also had co-Morbidity issues.

RE: Sleepers

Part 2..) 15 daze to Flatline the Flat Global Plandemic.
...the scoreboard would indicate that none of the pro Vaxxers will be coming over to our sanitary hospital.
They prefer the Infectious hospital waste & a deeper mix of C0 two in their collective hive of murder hornets.
Aside.) My recent visit to Casey's channel yielded a nugget in the comment scroll by Bob Mcgivern [!
"It made no sense to me that I was in danger because someone on the other side of the world ate a bat.." the way... smallpox- reCharged & deadly serious is in the wings...per my Intel. Vine.

RE: Sleepers

One more time Marine...
..stuck here in the 70s..eYe am only able to guard the post with my Collegiate assortment of Scienter.

You have state of the Art cruise missiles & bee stings at your disposal in the Armory...viz.
Enterthestars Reloaded
...Casey is doing with film, what eYe am doing as Dee jay. And the ONLY reason Casey survives on YouTube,
Is a brilliant & intrepid Mys Pronunciation of words to thwart the village Dunce: A I....) ka peace ?

RE: Husband killed by Vaxx. Docs Don't want to acknowledge

Take note. } Scienter + Script = Plandemic
.3 ply film school ) with 100 in the wings
Candyman [ 1999
Set in 2020 : Apollo* brings the $ting.
..b.) Contagion [ 2011...beyond 0bvious **
.c.) Cats & Dogs [ 01...Fauci's heinous experiments

** Enterthestars Reloaded. ) Best in the business of de-Cryption of Scienter.
* Trump's penthouse suite on 5th Ave. NY NY a
.. Monument to Apollo / Nimrod
D.) Stargate..f. Kurt Russel aka $nake Plissken
..the key to opening the GATE was a Re arrangement of ancient that the action word
T R U M P ...was $PELLED OUT...shortly after passage 'Daniel' references 5th Ave not Once
Hint. } The Great Scot, Trump, a Gemini, Lives in Trump tower @ 5th Ave.

RE: If you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get COVID

Why ?.. too many people { in their view
See GA Guidestone$
..then take virtual tour of the Denver Airport murals
Which $PELLS* everything out in Art.

* as in magic spell.

RE: Instruction manual....mentioned in my profile..

Per your request. If I write, it will be on the 7th day.
As we are about the same age, but be advised..
Your Reporter is locked in the 70's...
And comes & goes in the Name of Yah.. in..Eliyah, Yeshayah, halleluyah...
Jewish by choice...not by birth. Shalom


RE: Instruction manual....mentioned in my profile..

Wing Command | angel
..eYe am now navigating over to your page.
Personal mail from Wing Command is the highest honor that a Coed could ask for on the PepsiCo Intercontinental skynet web machine. Standby.

RE: Antivaccine activists use a government database (VAERS) on side effects to scare the public,

The great story none of you full time anti-Vaxxers are interested in : in 2 parts
Note to Riz ( big surprise, fella !
A.) Huge batches of the warp speed Vaccines are safe*
B.) Some-- not all- of the Masks made in China are laced with toxic Morgellans.

* True Uniformity of vax would mean my double vaxxed Landlord & my double vaxxed new pool client would be dead-- as they are both 87. In one case, you folks will know right away when my Landlord goes per hot law 2.
Sum vaxxes are semi $afe..
Meaning, if you have a steroid or Aspartame addiction, you are in danger of a serious complication.

RE: If you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get COVID

Empath part 2.
..that wonderful computer software firm that learned us the way of periodic UPgrades to protect us
From ..the um, spamdemic viruses.

Slaughterhouse of the soul / at the GATES
Infectious hospital waste / Dem Hammer
Who made Who [ ? / AC- DC
..A R ] A Legal Matter / the WHO *

* World health Obviously.

RE: If you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get COVID

Reporting from the Volcano
..and in my official capacity as Empath for NJ Jim


RE: FACT: "Vaxx" Leaves One More Vulnerable to Covid

He just gets right to the family point...laugh

And Ladies, eYe also am here with dual citizenship. other name is Ripper the Empath.

RE: Unvaxxed Refugy, Living in Mexico

Welcome to Corona Savages. You'll fit right in with me ..the Marine & the longshoreman.

RE: Patently False: The Disinformation Over Coronavirus Patents

$0 very glad I got the covert Infectious hospital thing just like Tom Hanks & 2020
... strange, I don't feel any need to McBlog on it..
Every hour of every day.
We call this...
...THE LIFE...


PS.) JUST THRILLS ME TO THE CORE can't fact check my Corona Ejection.

RE: When Will America Reach Peak Insanity?

Or there is Alternative 3.
Kill your Television & prepare for the kingdom of Yah-- being eternal. Among it's best features..
No Republican
No shit.

RE: When Will America Reach Peak Insanity?

Another fun fact from deepest Fresno..

Shoplifting now exceeds $1 million DAILY..
...experts like McBob & Columbo or Lt. Drebin
Unable to find any plan R fingerprints on that crime wave. Rather, Most Republican's ..ala Pense, McConnell have established their wimpiness.

RE: When Will America Reach Peak Insanity?

Still find it hard to believe some adults think voting ch-Changes anything ??!!
..Am eYe the only one counting bodies at the AZ Biden Rally.?? Didn't I also tell you, as an eYe witness, the 2016 Clinton Rally in Fresno did not even half fill a H S gymnasium.
81 million ppl voted for a corpse ? Puhleeez !

RE: Europeans gettin fed up with this Chit. We're not gonna take it.

We're going to change the world.- Will Smith

Say hello to my little friend.- Tony Montana

This is a live exercise. - Ripper the Empath.

RE: Things More Popular Than Joe Biden

Damn Proud of my 3% Approval rating.
Joe has a lot of falling down yet to do 2 play in my league....roll eyes
Funeral / band of Horses
Mental Autopsy / Obituary
Left hand path / Entombed.
..A R ] 6 feet under / gravediggas.

P S...11/25/21...will Mark the 58th year of transition of U S of A to Amerika the Bytch.

RE: Europeans gettin fed up with this Chit. We're not gonna take it.

And it all began @ 12) Ireland
..17 ) Germany.....50) US
..cases mind you..NOT DEATHS..[ !
..Be advised; circa 3/12/20....eYe became the 1st
Dee Jay to call for flags at half staff
..and the sackcloth & ashtree countenance..
Covert contracts / control Top
Relationship of Command / at the Drive-in.
What did you expect from the Vaccines ?/ Vaccines
A R ] $0cial cues / cage the Elephant.

Once again, held over by popular demand
Clint Eastwood in the short film [ 1960, seas.2
Incident at Red River Station...) Cattle drive interrupt US by the Vaccine mandate.

R a n g e ....07.

And yet Someone in NJ has a 9 foot lipstick applicator for this rabid Piggy.

RE: Precise, Concise and clearly described. The A,B,C's of the vials

So when you unwind later ON... remember
Red River Station & this lively + violent discussion of Vaccines circa 1868 in the middle of a Cattle drive.
... won't tell you anymore - but if any others tune in...
It should be impossible to NOT SEE
..the parallel to our own Lovely CStepford Lounge...laugh

peace ..FULL NIXON !

RE: Concert @ Astroworld so far 17dead......5G and Graphine Oxide needed vaxxed ppl

.. don't try & Understand em
Just Rope.. Throw.. n . Brand em...

( SOON we'll be livin in Quarantine..)

RE: Concert @ Astroworld so far 17dead......5G and Graphine Oxide needed vaxxed ppl

Season 2 | episode 14.

R a n g e ....07.

A game for 11/20...( Citizen Free press
Bwhahaa...Little girl Karate chops Biden

McBob.} Actually a karate block. All news media
..have suction issues.

RE: Anyone else encountered 'basket-ball-boobed J from Bremen'

Put this in your per Chee { and star it.

McBob.} You piqued my interest [ !
....part 2. ..story needs more scope.

RE: 11/21 PM - SUV Plows Thru Parade In Waukesha WI - Shots Fired, 30 People Down

Mc$hocked ! He had a rap sheet with depth.

Troll. ) Racist !

RE: 11/21 PM - SUV Plows Thru Parade In Waukesha WI - Shots Fired, 30 People Down

eYes only | Marine & Mic
....1 tablespoon of [ lethal ] information.
...M K - ultra...
McBob.} Let me break that down ... courtesy of a former deep state spook...
Manufactured Killer [ s.
..U tilizing L ethal T radecraft R equiring Assassin [ s.

McNote. ] The Texas Tower sniper's note to the police..." Check my brain, sum thing is wrong."
August, 1966.

Mcbook. } Programmed to kill / Dave McGowan.

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