RE: R.I.P. John Madden

eYe met coach John Madden at St. Augustine's Catholic church in Pleasanton CA, 1974 during my senior year of H S.
Currently, His book,; one Knee Equals Two Feet, is on yonder table here at McBob H Q...
...a quirk of fate..) I almost got to work on his pool in them 90's...up there in Blackhawk where only millionaires tread.
Just 2 daze ago @ " Save Mart", I asked a Raider Fan about John Madden...cuz I had presumed he passed away...thank you for posting.

RE: Mandate by Dictatorship.

Democracy part 2..
..see Manifesto of Communism, Chpt. 2..
" The first step into Communism is to win the battle for Democracy. "
.. McBob. ) Communism & $0cialism were born in the Blue Lodge. The Communism of Marx, Lenin, $talin & Mao were NOT possible without WESTERN CAPITAL.
East minus West = Zero
Naked Capital ist
Naked Communist.} Both by C Skousen, FBI.
Wall Street & the rise of Hitler. ) A. Sutton.

Democracy is the politics of bedlam.- Fisher Ames, 1789.

RE: Mandate by Dictatorship.

Here's the NUMBER..

..McNote.) guestimated income from MEDICARE
In 2020 ..( till today ? ) Amerikas Hospitals.
$0URCe..) various watchdog groups who are as puzzled as anyone else ..{ but moi.*
As to who ACCOUNTABLE..!!!

* $ee Rumsfeld & Pentagon budget circa 9/10/01.

RE: Mandate by Dictatorship.

Pardon. I usually don't make mystakes like the one above, but Omicrok is in the Air.
Should have written...

McNote. ) Anyone 33 & up... should be able to figure out what Obesity is good for. Or do you need a motion picture ?
It's good for ...[ . ] ...?..
He ] blinded me w/ $cience./ Dolby
Dr. My eYes / Browne
20 / 20 .) The graveyard.

RE: Mandate by Dictatorship.

Hot buttered noodle Fuch ! That's good shooting, $oldier. - Ripper, the Empath.

RE: Mandate by Dictatorship.

Amerika became a " DEMOCRACY" over Time*'s Founders opted for a Government of laws- not psychbabblers. { See art.4 sect. 4 , Republic
... putting this thought up for adoption...
Co- morbidity. That is, on 3/10/20...24 hours before the Plandemic & fear porn went over the Top, the average Amerikan had 2 things essential to morbidity from influenza
A.) Diabetes
B. Soda pop, Aspartame addiction
..and a 3rd...drop dead ignorance of who is large & in charge of Medical practice.**
* See fed reserve Act, Woody Wilson , Nelson Aldrich, J P Morgan, Rocky Fellers et al...1913ish.
** I swear by Apollo, healer..) opening stanza of the Hippocratic Oath. This segues into mythology & Apollo first brings PESTILENCE
Prior to rolling out a "cure".
PANDEMIC / comethazine
Corona / minutemen
Chinatown / destroyer { hint. Apollo, look it up.
A R ] No Hope / the Vaccines.

RE: Omicron variant appears to be ‘super mild‘ mutation with Covid death rate not jumping

Hmmm, the fact that we have essentially reached agreement has caused my Omicrok infection to wobble & wane....wink

RE: Omicron variant appears to be ‘super mild‘ mutation with Covid death rate not jumping

Better yet watch Dr. Fauci & Trump circa 03/2020*
..and recall what they were saying BEFORE the US
Was put under lockdown by those 50 cases of covert Infections.
* you can do this by surfing the channel, Shaking my Head.
Cliff notes.) Fauci, Trump..NBC or FOX-- just script reading Liars for global Control.

McBob. } Now that everyone I know, including the Bobster himself has the OMICROK variant, here is what Logic has learned us..) 6ft distancing, testing, lock downs, quarantine, relentless hand & face washing & especially warp $peed Vaccines have all been a collective Psy Op of typical Government performance: read, WORTH LESS.

RE: What's Your Favorite Music Video?

It's a little hard to find...but worth it

Note.) A music video about music ) specifically, the band called RUSH.

Part 2. ) REM. / Man on the moon. Diner scene is brilliant, suggesting the power of mind control that has been in place since Edison & Farnsworth.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

Part 2. ) Giving this up for consideration's Scienter
The Album | phone power
The band .} They might be Giants.
.. check out the track list. Scientiferous & cunning.
Part 3. ) My .33¢ } airport Confidential
Bird flu / M I A
The timing / jets Overhead
Facts of life / blk box recorder
..the fact is, the dispersion of fine nano Dust, along with the initial crew / passenger travel to the military games @ Wuhan are essential to the Plandemic.
Without a dust jacket, the flu bug is dead on contact with UV light/ heat. The fine dispersal of metal chaff is an ongoing reality here in the food belt of Amerika..carried out weekly by KC 135 tankers and visible in plane sight.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

Let me interrupt my Omicrok quarantine to posit a few points..) for my friends...
2 movies ( among the 100's )
Larry Crowne...& OMICRON.[ Italy,1962
1 Rawhide | incident at Red River Station,60ish. covert infection of July 2020 came & went like several flus of bygone daze. Of course there were trolls here who would not accept my witness.
But maybe logic will work a spell on you. If you can comprehend FEVER, then per Adventure you know that heat represents death to the mcFlu...the bodies first response to the infection.
Now then, if Sean Connery as 007 is not persuasion enough-- be reminded in English that NO Medical thing is - as yet- $uperior to 120F° sauna in speedily eliminating a covert flu. 007 brought this to our attention* in film sans lecture..) ..of course, I'm special in that eYe would not presume to doubt Bond on sum thing so physically & easily observed.
Quenching the artificial heat at approx. 10 minutes with Quinine & Elderberry was alluded to in another film in 1976 that eYe dun covered ..long time ago.
$cienter. } The willful intent to wage Evil. When will you dummies learn ?
PANDEMIC / comethazine
Infectious hospital waste / Dem Hammer
What did you expect from the Vaccines ?/ Vaccines
.A R ] $0cial cues / Cage the Elephant.
Slaughterhouse of the soul / @ the Gates.
* That would be Goldfinger or From Russia w/ love..
.. currently having a Omicrok Biden moment..

RE: cannabis

Here in Chinafornia, the PSA'$ & spam for CBD are at PANDEMIC strength. Today will probably be another 3 hour tour of Hannity on the Radio.) . ) Preceded by 3 hours of buck Sexton..). And you will hear ad Nauseum that CBD cannot get you high..
..along these lines, eYe am taking this opportunity to inform you that the post office will not deliver your mail without postage.
..standby. ) . .

RE: If you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get COVID

Just sayin. } The past 2 months have revealed another grim $tatistic..over yonder @ enterthestars..
Namely OMICRON [ All the time
& Scienter go back to 1963 in the movie of the same name.
But what is truly shocking is Scienter & La Palma
And the current deployment of weather weapons.
Select Volcanoes are being artificially stimulated.

RE: It's almost the end of the year!

Also nearing the end of an Era.) Pisces..
..into Aquarius.
...the Bobster is working the Program. standby. ).


Scientiferous 67
H Q. / The Monkees
Evolution / the Hollies
More of the Monkees / ~

...04....{ addenda

Thank you for asking. I was partial to p. Floyd & Little River band in the day.
Now, with the new Order, eYe serve as Dee Jay of Future Shock, and Engineer of ball point Radio.
Flame is the great Underrated LP of Century 20.

Fresno [ next exit

Just real eYesd sum Thing
Zero hour / Paramount / f. King
Escape from NY
Con Air..
Mad mad mad world...) All referencing the big F.
..all using Airplane [ the Vector
All indicating a degree of Scienter.
For multiple airplanes became the Vector* of the covert infection at the Wuhan bat-Fish wet market
Event 201 military games of 10/2019.
* That is, each military plane, loaded with Elite soldiers from the Competing Nations.
.. China Town / destroyer
The timing. } Jets Overhead
Stressed out / 21 pilots
..A R ] singing in the wreckage / blk box recorder

...04....{ addenda

For the record..He is
The husband of Joe Biden
The Democratic Caucus
The U S Olympic Delegation
The incarnation of $atan.
El presidente .. hecho En China.
Bona fide Knight of Malta
Roman Catholic
..$0 he has a few things going for him on the
..way to the majek 33% Approval rating.

RE: Big Pharma's Media & Pols Push Mass Hypochondria Over "Super Mild" Omicron

EXACTAMUNDO my distinguish Ed Mcblogger..

Logic alone dictates the HEALTHY ( Est.
Pose [ 0 ] threat to the UN healthy.
..but Fear & NotLogic with mindless TV
Is a great part of the game.

Now wash your screen, your hands, & put your mask on..- Dr. Fauci.

Warp 3 [ project Sign

The history in hiding is @
Yasher, book of. [ aka Jasher
1 Enoch.
...both available ON line. Hollywood & Paramount reference this history in a quick byte; the 100th anniversary of Paramount pictures video.
The Leslie Nielsen film Canon
Hermons Head
Due South
Naked Gun 33.3.[ final insult. Lt. Frank Drebin.

Warp 3 [ project Sign

He has Early Warning..he got Jew-jew eYeball.- Lennon
...we can discuss all the $ciences by proxy- in every instance- always quoting the resident Authority..
. hidden ] history of human race/ blood Incantation
..every body / Logic...[ wink
White blood cells / white stripes
A R ] a deeper Understanding / war on drugs
D N A / backstreet boys.
..."have you seen a Commie drink water, Mandrake ?"- ripper.

RE: Big Pharma's Media & Pols Push Mass Hypochondria Over "Super Mild" Omicron

These are surface notes. ) Glad you find them enlarging your comedic notions.
But Brandon has warned of dark Winter.. surely that will be a hoot.
..the Timing ./ Jets Overhead
..boom boom / animals
6ft. Under / gravediggas.
..A R ] fax of Life / blk box recorder

...regulars are aware the cadence of our Discovery is per law 1.) Continuity & conservation of E./work.
..and law 2. ) the system is rolling up & winding down. Entropy [ the bad time.

RE: Big Pharma's Media & Pols Push Mass Hypochondria Over "Super Mild" Omicron

Pardon my FAX..} fresno alpha X ray.

Now then, just off the bottom of the Vine..
From 2010 to 2019, roughly 50 million annual cases/ hospital stays for INFLUENZA in N Amerika. ( though, eYe could be wong here- in memory, it isn't like me to make outlines for all RADIO eYe frequent at midnight. } Then came wuhan 400 ..err, the fish-bat, wet market event 201 military games of October,2019.
...time passed as it usually does in McPhysics. The Witch shredded A 'terrific $peech' on Camera & on cue. The Wimp Pense did not hit the Witch with 3 or more bottled water s..) ..the Putin Empath, Trump then gave you warp $peed wimpiness with 4 majek moves. } FEMA 1$ FULLY ENGAGED.
TRUMPENSTEIN $et those [ white ] protestors UP. If you have yet to reach that finding on your own, sorry, but you've been out ] FOXED.
...this is McBob
And you will know we are Fresnans by our lively hot potato$.. ). .standby..
...influenza was basically wiped out in 2020..) a mere 2,300 cases / deaths ? Amerika
CDC report . August 2021..L A County | 10 COVID deaths...) general population. Ten McMillion.
....bird flu / M I A
. heathens / 21 pilots
.the airplane ate the sky..}
..jet propelled photo./ $0FT.machine.
..sum Time round 2400./ 8] airborne toxic event.
...early ON..eYe told my 3 coeds, the airplane / jet.
Is the vector in plane $ight for the spread & mutation of the covert Infectious hospital.
Airplanes / b o b.
helicopter / deer Hunter
Agent orange / rapid eYe move.
..A R ] Medicine / bring me the Horizon*
Infectious hospital waste / Dem.Hammer.
* Lit., Horus rising.

RE: Just who is Michael Baxter of Real Raw News?

A rare UN biased kudo to you... my friend & former Law partner warned..
" Do not believe everything you read on the
$kynet web machine." - Abe Lincoln.

RE: Perpetuating BS blogs...

eYe like the way you removed your face & your brain from your copy paste romper room simulation.

RE: NOPE! Federal Judge just blocked Biden’s Vaccine Mandate nationwide

Enjoyed the NBA clip !
..just a gentle reminder of better daze of yesteryear
Yes, Virginia, once upon a Time there was a team
Called the Washington BULLETS [ !

RE: tv shows

True Crime ?
Incident at Red River Station [ Rawhide, 1960

Starring Ramrod Rowdy Eastwood-- before he met Sergio & friends. The music intro is great-- but stick around for the drama & $cienter : Vaccine safety & procedure.

RE: New Study from Germany — Higher Vaccination Rate leads to Higher Mortality

As Dedo has pointed out { and Jeff Rense
There is a LARGE financial inducement for
Every claim of $tupid 19. OMICRON, the movie from 1963 is a good place to start on this delicate subject of $cienter: willful intent to wage Evil.
Incident at Red River Station { Rawhide,1960 a not so subtle Bytch slap, that new & improved smallpox & MARBURG are coming to further eliminate the anti-Vax "theorists".

RE: UK Cardiologist notes link between mRNA Vac and heart disease

sad flower ...very sorry... today's world, to come under the care of a physician [ those who swear by Apollo
Is to invite tragedy.

RE: We might get cut off for a bit - Solar Storms

McPhysisics | the X ray.
Set Controls for heart of sun / p Floyd
Headed for tomorrow / gamma Ray
Now your time has come / Tomorrow
. A R ] Corona*/ minutemen

* As in Coronal mass Ejection.

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