Joey Chestnut did it again...

Every 4th of July, Nathan's Famous (company) sponsors a hotdog eating contest in Coney Island. This year added masks. Defending his throne, Joey Chestnut gobbled down 75 hotdogs breaking his record of 71 from last year making 13 years of competitive wins. Second-place fell short of Joey by 30 hotdogs.

Congrats to Kiki Sudo who took first place again in the women's division by wolfing down 48 'dogs' making it her 7th win!
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I can't imagine how much hurling they do afterwards. dunno
While I'm sure I wouldn't win, I might consider competing for a while,
IF the food was lobster tails, sashimi, shrimp, or at minimum hamburgers.
But with hotdogs 2 or maybe 3 at most would be all I could stomach and that's only if they were all natural. laugh
Jack - At a BBQ I go for the fish, chicken, or hamburgers. Hotdogs are a last resort, if nothing else is remaining. laugh
Or ribs thumbs up
I've seen some of those contests and they often soak the bread with water as it helps 'go down the gullet' smoother. That's added weight.

I'm with Jim on this... lat resort to want a hotdog.

It probably doesn't matter, but Nathan's hotdogs are Kosher. laugh
I think it does matter. I don't think Kosher involves unnatural ingredients....or pork. laugh
Yeah, I'll go for things other than conventional hot dogs, I'm sensitive to the Sodium Nitrate and MSG. I haven't had Nathan's in many years, but lately I've bought uncured all natural Angus Beef hot dogs that taste better than any hot dogs made with pork, chicken or turkey.. smile
That's NOT a Hot Dog scold It's a reconfigured Hamburger.

^^^^^I've eaten uncured all natural Bison dogs too, now that's a tube steak.. wink
There used to be a place in Urne, WI that specialized in bison.
Not sure if it's still there, but I'm not sure it's Not.

If y'all are in the neighborhood, it'd be worth a look. ... cowboy

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