Mega Million hit a billion...

Tell me it ain't so... Mega Million rolled over again and the jackpot has reached a billion dollars. The lure is so great the lottery website is lagging with response.
Personally, having a billion jackpot wouldn't make me want to run to the lottery booth any more than 100 million jackpot.
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The jackpot has been reduced to 20 million... there appears to be a winner in Michigan!
flyme1, go take your medicine. You're not allowed to post on my blogs.
I,m too clever for you.
If I make a new blog Telling new poeple what a dung beetle you are.
You won,t be able to delete it.
Clearly f has become unhinged. He should seek mental health, rather than inappropriately lash out at others, who have not been unkind to him.
In the past he has demonstrated a good sense of humor. It's a shame to see him as a mere shadow of his better days. I hope he seek help in restoring his character to a more healthy exchange of dialog. sad flower
I wonder if the bloke is single.

I can give him MILLIONS of loving. laugh laugh
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