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Mega Million hit a billion...

Tell me it ain't so... Mega Million rolled over again and the jackpot has reached a billion dollars. The lure is so great the lottery website is lagging with response.
Personally, having a billion jackpot wouldn't make me want to run to the lottery booth any more than 100 million jackpot.

Comments (9)

The jackpot has been reduced to 20 million... there appears to be a winner in Michigan!
flyme1, go take your medicine. You're not allowed to post on my blogs.
Chattyarse you,ll never win I,ll tell everybody in a new blog how you keep deleting my comments.
I,m too clever for you.
If I make a new blog Telling new poeple what a dung beetle you are.
You won,t be able to delete it.
flyme1, that's called an unprovoked threat.

If you think you can come to my blogs and spew profanities then complain when I delete your comments... and expect to get away with it, you are mistaken.

I've done nothing to cause you to come here unprovoked Obviously, you have some deep and dark personality issues that would make you lash out at me.

Look everyone... it's the dyslexic flight instructor who has a drinking problem and suffers from manic-depressive mood swings. Have you noticed he's been going around CS complaining to bloggers they are boring then tries to pick fights with them.

He now feels empowered to write blogs about me where I'm unable to delete his comments.
Clearly f has become unhinged. He should seek mental health, rather than inappropriately lash out at others, who have not been unkind to him.
In the past he has demonstrated a good sense of humor. It's a shame to see him as a mere shadow of his better days. I hope he seek help in restoring his character to a more healthy exchange of dialog. sad flower
Unprevoked attack read your last paragraf you hiplcrit.
Your attacking me calling me an alcoholic bi polar etc
Soll keep on criticizing your boring blogs.
All you do is talk about yourself and your so thick you can,t see it.
All you are Is .a self opinionated,self important prick.
Flyme up your arse.
flyme1, by your own admission you have stated on ConnectingSingles several times about your metal and physical condition. I have only repeated what you have said about yourself. How could you possibly consider that an attack?

I've lost count of the number of times you have come to my blogs and given me personal attacks that include profanity. You are in violation of CS rules and calling the attention to yourself.

While you think I'm ugly, that's your opinion and should be kept to yourself.
While you think my blogs are boring, I invite you to write your own blog on a subject you find interesting.

In the mean time, If you continue to abuse my blogs your comments will be deleted.

That's NOT a threat, it's a promise. You have become a liability to the ConnectingSingles community and I don't want you connected to any of my blogs.
I wonder if the bloke is single.

I can give him MILLIONS of loving. laugh laugh

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