The HIGH cost of supporting Trump...

Big news topic this month are the dollars pouring out of supporters wallets and into the hands of Donald Trump. I read that while the money was intended as campaign donations, the bigger portion is being used to pay his legal fees. Reported yesterday, that number has exceeded $50 million and expected to go higher.

Alina Habba wasn't good representing him for the E.Jean Carroll case, the jury awarded
Carroll $83 million and Trump is seeking a new legal team to represent him for the appeal.

Hotelier Robert Bigelow stated that a few weeks ago, gave Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump $1 million for his legal fees.

As a kid, we used to enjoy caramel-coated popcorn that came in a box, sold under the name of Cracker Jack. The lure was a prize inside. It didn't take long to figure out the prize was at the bottom of the box, so all you have to do was turn it upside-down, open the package and get your prize. Usually it was some worthless plastic (fits all) ring that got tossed aside, leaving you with a box of popcorn.

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My thought here is when will Republicans come to the realization that all that sugar is on puffed up corn with a useless prize. Like Herpes, is this the gift that keeps on giving?
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"My thought here is when will Republicans come to the realization that all that sugar is on puffed up corn with a useless prize."

They realize that already, and that's what they want. The election was stolen. Jan 6 was fake news. The judges are corrupt. And on and on.
I bet you vote for Mitch McCo... what's his face rolling on the floor laughing
@ OP can you verify what and when 45 can spend money sent to him by those who love this country and him?

if any Republican is spending money foolishly these days I hear the chairwoman of the RNC is do that.
I think the 'love him' part precedes love of this country.

I don't have to account where he gets his campaign funds from, but as stated in the video, he's required to disclose the source of campaign funds. I think it's due this week.

From recent news, Trump has been warned about using campaign funds to pay for the E. Jean Carroll case.

Two examples:

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel isn't on my radar... does she need to be?
On that note, I think there's trouble brewing for Trump for possibly using a fund raised for his election fraud allegations to instead pay for lawyers in the cases against himself.

If that's the case, Trump trying to claim the civil and criminal cases against him are all part of the same conspiracy as his claims of election fraud, are unlikely to impress any judge, jury, or appellate panel. The rule of law is not like the court of public opinion, in as much as it requires evidence.
Even if many Trump's supporters are happy for him to use donations any which way he pleases, the law stipulates that funds raised for a specific purpose must be used for that purpose.

It's so you can't raise funds for orphans and then use the money to buy yourself a Rolls Royce. That would be fraudulent and that should be patently obvious.
"I bet you vote for Mitch McCo... what's his face"

You bet wrong. Offhand, again, would you happen to recognize the name of his last opponent? Sadly, neither did most of the voters.
What a load of crap
If he uses the money in any way that will benefit the chief contender of the presidency then its legally spent.
Buying the Rolls could be listed as transport used exclusively for anyone involved in the well being and reliable transportation of anyone that has an active roll in the orphanage.
There are many loopholes to get around what the law states and its completely legal. Illegal is forging ballot box papers.
I had no idea Trump was paying people to stuff mailboxes...

jac? jac... did you know this?
I see this trait in many democrats. The nearer it gets to Trump becoming POTUS, the more they try and ridicule members that support righteousness. Most of democrats display a sense of entitlement. thumbs up
Rape is about entitlement.

There is no righteousness in supporting someone found legally liable for rape.

It's about as righteous as claiming you can grab women by the pu**y, or calling a female attorney a c*nt.

And I don't give a thruppeny bit if that's ridiculing your egregious and sickening attitude, especially on a dating website. It doesn't get more ridiculous than that.
From 2019:


"Donald Trump has been ordered by a judge to pay $2m in damages for illegally using funds intended for charity to boost his 2016 presidential election campaign.

The US president admitted to personally misusing the money, according to New York’s attorney general, despite having previously denied any wrongdoing.

The humiliating fine adds to Trump’s woes that include several investigations into allegations that he is using public office for self-enrichment, as well as an impeachment inquiry by the House of Representatives.

The attorney general in New York filed a lawsuit last year alleging Trump and his three eldest children - Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric - broke campaign finance laws in 2016 by using the Donald J Trump Foundation’s tax-exempt status “as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr Trump’s business and political interests”.

There was “a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation – including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more,” the suit argued."

I see the same old supporters of Trump are here...I find it interesting that people are not appalled by his (Trump) lack of empathy...he basically called women c*nt but when I said it to was made into a blog a "huge" deal...made by some Trump supporters here on

Some of those have departed - a Lindsay**** who was perhaps one of your buddies (not) has disappeared. Overall I'd say bloggers are dwindling.

I used to be friendly with LJ but then she started going off the rails so to speak...not a fan at all...laugh
It seems that many are missing...just finished a 6 month course and have time on my hands now...not in the books studying...
It's good to see yo back! applause
"It's about as righteous as claiming you can grab women by the pu**y, or calling a female attorney a c*nt."
More proof of how powerful msm is with feeble minds. Wake up.
Donald J. Trump has been found liable of battery in the civil suit brought by E. Jean Carroll. However, he was not found liable of rape, a charge Carroll had levied against Trump in her lawsuit.

Being found liable in a civil suit is not the same as being found guilty in a criminal case. In a civil case, the standard of proof is lower than in a criminal case, and the penalties are typically monetary damages rather than imprisonment or other forms of punishment. After Carroll could not supply a shred of proof (not even the sperm soaked dress) anyone could see that Carroll was only seeing $ signs like a typical Democrat and was not seeking justice at all. She knew she had at least 5M bagged with the dem judges in charge.

Of course the greed did not stop there but continued and with the dems in charge, what's 83M?
Fortunately for her Trump is a kind hearted generous man always trying to help those that need help and he obliged.
Not saying that the wheels of righteousness won't prevail but time will tell. Thank heaven that there are still men out there with this caliber of decency.
I recall the thrupence, the smallest silver coin we had up till the 60s. I distinctly remember the smell of the pennies and ha'pennies but after Federation (1901) Australia never had the farthings.
Sorry @OP just an excursion down 1950s memory lane.
The case to a large extent was demonstrated via two other women independently describing s*xual assaults by Trump.

The accounts were so strikingly similar to each other and Carroll's independent account that the 'similar fact evidence' lead to a jury finding Trump liable for s*xual assault.

The jury did not find Trump liable for s*xual battery (as you erroneously claim above) on the technical point that whilst the other two women had been sexually assaulted by Trump, they managed to get away from him and had not been raped.

It was Judge Lewis Kaplan who clarified that Carroll's testimony, having been so accurately corroborated by the other two witnesses was found to be reliable and resolved that Carroll was indeed raped by Trump in the common understanding of the word. He was quite clear for Trump not to misunderstand full extent of his s*xual assault liability.

And yes, liability is based upon a lower bar, not because the rape didn't happen, but because the defendent cannot lose their liberty via a civil suit as you quite rightly pointed out. The proponderance of evidence from this civil suit indicates that Trump is a sex offender many times over.

This is the man you support, make excuses for and deem kind-hearted and decent. Perhaps it's your bar that needs to be raised.

By the way, it was Alina Habba who failed to provide a DNA sample from Trump in time for the dress to be submitted into evidence, much like she didn't check the box for a jury trial in the civil fraud case and then whined about the unfairness of a bench trial when Judge Arthur Engoron made his summary judgement. That doesn't come from msm, it comes from assessments by trial lawyers who have been tracking the paperwork, including Habba's/Trump's defense choices. All the relevant papers filed are in the public domain, so you can put your strong and forceful mind to checking that for yourself.

The dress was a double-edged sword at the time, anyway. Given the passage of time, DNA from the dress may have degraded. Had Trump provided a sample, but his DNA wasn't found on the dress, that would have helped him enormously.

On the other hand, if his DNA was found on the dress it would have been absolutely damning. The dress and DNA evidence was a risk for both of them, but it was team Trump who chose not to take that risk. hmmm

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I remember using a lovely, shiny, brass thrupenny bit on the bus to school in 1972 just before we decimalised. I still grieve for their magic and beauty, such was that little treasure's impact upon my unclouded mind.
You beat me to it Jac definitely brass

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And you're talking about it still rolling on the floor laughing

Getting away with calling me a c*nt in here, must of been the highlight of your life comfort

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

None of them were in any measure 'silver', but 3p/6p/shilling/florin were collectively referred to as such.
In fact 50% silver for the 3p.
@OP apologies...
Alina Habba wasn't good representing him for the E.Jean Carroll case, the jury awarded Carroll $83 million and Trump is seeking a new legal team to represent him for the appeal...

Habba said she'd rather be pretty than smart.. flirty
Trump only picks the best...,and he represent him. (See: Giuliani).

Anyway, attorneys are not representing themselves. Habba and the rest, have the interests of their client in mind when making decisions. Do you really think Trump was not consulted when she checked the judge box and not the jury box (see what I did there?)? Trump gets exactly what he wants. His appeal will be headed by a team of expensive bozos who he will lambast when he loses the appeal. Consider all the hired - then fired chiefs of staff; secretary of states; legal advisors and former hired supporters of the former ex- waste of breath pu**y-grabber in chief.
Donald Trump paid more than $2.3 million in donor money to law firms helping Ivanka Trump with her legal problems last year.

A political action group controlled by Donald Trump paid
millions to law firms representing Ivanka Trump

Two firms representing her in the Trump Organization civil
fraud trial got $2.3 million last year.
Another law firm repping Trump family members got more
than $5 million.
A political action group controlled by Donald Trump has spent
millions of dollars on law firms representing his adult children for
their personal legal problems.
The Save America PAC spent a combined $2.3 million in 2023 for two
law firms that represented Ivanka Trump, his elder daughter,
according to a Business Insider review of Federal Election
Commission records.
The PAC spent an additional $5.3 million on the law firm Robert &
Robert, which represented his three eldest children — Ivanka Trump,
Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. — as well as the Trump
Organization in an array of lawsuits that have no apparent relation to
Trump's campaign to retake the presidency in the 2024 election.
Trump founded Save America shortly after he lost the 2020
presidential election. He's used it as is primary fundraising vehicle,

This sounds like Trump's "The Save America PAC" should be renamed to "The Save Trump's Children PAC"

You need to send him money for full support... Nothing less will do.
BIGDADDY... I found the PERFECT way to support BILLIONAIRE Donald Trump:

Stand with Trump and donate to his GoFundMe account.
Intended to raise $355,000,000 at the time of this posting already has raised $265,066.
One guy already donated $5,000.

thumbs up

Open your wallet and show your support.
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