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I met her

I met a lovely angel the other night smitten
my God it felt so very right ! applause
Her smile melted my heart heart1
I felt her warmth right from the start.
She winked at me from across the room wink
and my heart resounded, boom boom boom heart beating
Oh, I greatly desire this lovely lady flirty
and I don't mean perhaps, nor even maybe scold
When her gorgeous eyes locked onto mine, wow
no jewels ever had a more beautiful shine.
They beckoned me to go and make my move dancing
and I felt that I was in a powerful groove. cool
I walked right over, smiled and said hello tip hat
while inside me I felt a powerful glow. thumbs up
All night we joked, laughed and did lightly touch hug
anything more so soon, might be too much. devil
We said goodnight after a long tasty kiss ! kiss
Will this be the beginning of forever bliss ? love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
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