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On Halloween I decided to put my hair in in a ponytail. Never done this before and thought I would try it. Had a lot of good feedback on it. I tried putting a black hair tie in my hair, but had a difficult time trying to do this, so I had a co worker help me with this. rolling on the floor laughing

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Anyway, I tried to take it out of my hair after 4 1/2 hours into the shift since I felt it pulling my hair scalp since she wrapped it up pretty tied. She assisted me again on taking it out for me.

After that, I decided to try another way. Using a small black hair claw clip. Well, that worked a lot better. I wore that last Saturday.

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I found a two piece package that had a black and the other color was a dusty pink. Not wearing the pink one. rolling on the floor laughing

Just curious to know what your favorite hair accessory to use for a ponytail. This is for anyone that sports a ponytail.
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My hair comes down to my calves & im five seven in height..I have long legs like a giraffe laugh

Here are a couple of things I use..I use all sorts of gadgets to dress my hair in a high ponytail or I will weave a gorgeous silk scarf through a plaited high ponytail..I have all sorts of other clever things I dress my hair with..I won't bore you any longer

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Ever thought about trying a tiger scarf? That would be pretty cool. Btw, I like that claw clip you posted.
I haven't come across a tiger scarf..A bandanna would look cool on you
I haven't worn one of those since I was like 15 or 16 years old.
Buy one & take a pic
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