Flying high and going strong! 86-year-old becomes the world's longest-serving flight attendant

Flying high and going strong! 86-year-old becomes the world's longest-serving flight attendant after 65 YEARS of service in the skies - having started her career when plane tickets were hand-written and cost just $12.
65 years ago, Bette Nash landed a job as an Eastern Airlines flight attendant, and she has been pushing beverage carts and giving safety instructions ever since.
Bette, from Manassas, Virginia, took her first flight as a teen and quickly fell in love with the 'spiffy appearances and gracious manners of the crew members'.
When she started her career in 1957, things were certainly different - flights were $12, tickets were hand-written, and schedules were displayed on chalkboards.

Many things changed over the years, but there's one thing that stayed the same - the people. She said, 'They have the same needs - a little love and attention' . Bette, who now works for American Airlines, is most known for her 'warm hospitality,' and is said to 'greet every face with a smile'. The flight attendant has no plans to retire any time soon, with her explaining, 'As long as I have my health and I’m able, why not work. It’s still fun'. (By LILLIAN GISSEN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM)

PUBLISHED: 15:34 BST, 1 July 2022 | UPDATED: 16:12 BST, 1 July 2022

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That's beautiful.
If you love people this may be the right job.

Me... well... I don't know, maybe. Maybe not... lol.
Could you do this job Didi? I think maybe you could be perfect for it actually.
Image all the quizzes you could make then, if the pilot allow it :)

wave G, I don't think I could do this job, and certainly not for as long as she has been at it.
Many years ago, I had seriously considered becoming an Air hostess whilst engaged in formal swimming classes. Candidates interested in applying for such a job had to have achieved a certain level of marine life-saving competency, and, whilst I tried hard to do so, I wasn't able to. So the dream ended there.sad

I wonder what the training requirements were like for her, in those days?hmmm
Hmmm, on that you will have too google... but I remember the interview with the air stewardessess of the plane that landed on water in the Hudson river, well their training kicked in and came in handy. Same with other dramatique incidentes. Best they know how to herd a group.

Hi Didi,

Good for her & all women who rock the world!

heart wings
I saw that on the news. Good for her. thumbs up
That's amazing to me. I'm sure I don't have that level of dedication, nor staying
AWESOME!!! Thank you for this,
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