Do people act differently knowing there's a camera recording their movements...

A few years ago was my first experience of management having cameras installed in their business. One at the front door to the showroom, one at the back door of shipping/loading and a few around the office that included work stations to cover design department, sales and production staff.

Maybe it's important to see who enters the building or what materials leave the warehouse, but I always thought there was a high level of paranoia to constantly observe what the workers are doing... possibly to include suspicion the staff were conspiring against the boss.

Take for example, when 2 people had a meeting, the boss 'mysteriously' appeared to listen in on their conversation. That happened often.

Some places a video is needed, like the one where airport security spotted an agent removing cash from a travelers wallet passing through the scanner BEFORE it hit the camera. Why before? Should the traveler declare the money was stolen, the replay of the video would show an empty wallet. If the money was taken after the scan, money would have been inside the wallet, incriminating evidence to the security worker.

So my thought today is: Do people act differently knowing there's a camera recording their movements?
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I have video camera, get some stupid shit that across hall neighbor son in law fingers up, drinking , just acting up cuz knows it a camera so I made a complaint to neighbor, this is like always be aware of motions by the door,
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