According to some investigators on the pandemic, work at the Wuhan laboratory in China involved the genetic manipulation of a SARS virus at the request of the military, in order for it to be used as a bio weapon. It is also believed that a vaccine was being developed to possibly immunise the Chinese population against the produced virus. The COVID virus was not found naturally, but was completely new, which supports the possibility that it was deliberately produced and a leak resulted due to inadequate precautions. Staff wore a mask and white coat only in the lab.
This is just speculation, but many people still believe the virus was due to a leak.

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yeah well if you search for the truth instead of parroting a load proper-gander crap. You'd very likely find in 2017 Bill Gates in 2017 announced that he was going to rid the world of the flu. He borrows money from America's largest Supper Funds and set up Wuhan laboratory and indeed in 2002 Gates raked in US$200 billion from selling the product the changed the malica structure of human cells (DNA) rather than actually producing a vaccine,

.America earlier created another laboratory that produced the SARS virus not Bill Gates.

Believe what like go right ahead and delete my post I understand you don't bother guarding your mind and such up all the as I understand you don't bother investigating the views of others UK & US proper-gander so neither myself or other mindful members wont be at all surprised if you dodoh

In case you are for once seriously investigating :

Why Bill Gates thinks gene editing and artificial intelligence could save the world

Billionaire Bill Gates says this is the best investment he’s ever made

Bill Gates: My ‘best investment’ turned $10 billion into $200 billion worth of economic benefit
hello there!
i am writing this comment
because.... to some extent
i can always see.... the past
and future.... even though
i am not... siding china... but
feel sorry.... for... they got
manipulated through another country... (name
do not want to mention
here... though it starts with
(N) china is made a.. scapegoat)
first time anyone gets
covid fever... they will feel
it like fire burning in their
mouth.... because there is
reason for this.... jmowave
Thanks for your comments, but I am quoting what researchers have recently been saying after their investigations. They may have got it wrong, but it's best not to close your mind to all possibilities.
If you prefer to believe the Chinese government are innocent, and if that makes you happy and content, then stick to your views
One researcher made a comment which led to somebody concluding that there was foul play afoot.

Researcher, Chao Shao, claimed that he and his colleagues were given four strains to study and determine the most effective one for spreading.

In actual fact if you do some research you will find that the Wuhan lab was doing major research on Sars transfer from the Horseshoe Bats to humans.
They found that certain strains were likely to transfer and were trying to isolate the most likely one in order to come up with an effective vaccine, to save lives, not to kill people.

Due to this remark the Indian Scientists took the case.
So far their investigations led them to say that the Covid virus did not fit the criteria for a Bio-Weapon, but they want to be thorough so they recommend that full investigations should be carried out to determine for sure if it was to be used for a Bio-Weapon.

All this trouble thanks to someone trying to cause trouble.

Did you know that thousands of people have been arrested for promoting false propaganda about the virus pandemic on line. Makes me wonder about the disappearance of some known spreaders.

You have form here as a sensationalist yourself.beer
Freedom of speech and ideas is something to be protected. Not to be frightened to consider all possibilities. The alternative is to live in an autocratic state and accept everything you are told to believe. If that's your choice then I'm sure you'd be welcome in Russia, China, north Korea or Iran.
Also. Perhaps it would be so much easier to accept the story that it was the fault of bats in a market. No further investigation necessary. End of inquiry. Close the matter.
I prefer the one where I'm protected from shooting my mouth off...ie the right to remain silent. What you say on line is on public record, so go ahead be my guest, self-incriminate. rolling on the floor laughing
Did you know that during the course of their field research they found people in a remote village who had antibodies from being infected by local Bats with a similar strain of the virus.
Good show for the villagers. Were they exposed to any genetically modified strain?
By the way, I welcome difference of opinion, but not personal remarks. When you enter that area you put your comments in the area of the rat pack. Is that what you wish for?
All my logic tells me it's from a lab.
Then for the longest time they concluded it was from a meat market.
Now updated research indicates it was from the lab after all.

So- if the reaserch was clean (purpose to save lives not kill like in a bio weapon)
then why have they seemingly been hiding what was going on in the lab,
basically lying about it? Should they not have gone out saying "our virus that we worked on to produce an antidote escaped. We're sorry but at least we have a head start on how to create an antidote.
We're on the case and we'll triple ur efforts! Now let us tell you the public all we know about! "
No I smell rat.
Oh, and the lab is still open. Wonder what they research now.
That's my view too. I think China has so far escaped the blame. Remember the Chinese guy who first raised the problem and reported it. He was arrested, silenced and punished. When the whole matter was exposed and the seriousness of the virus became common knowledge, he was released and received an apology.
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