Continued from P 9...
It was 5am and still quite dark when we reached the side of the railway track. Open fields led to a road some distance ahead, but before that was an old run down building situated in a wooded area and adjacent to a small lake.
" If that place is unoccupied, we could make use of it later," I suggested.
" Sounds reasonable," said Alicia.
We crossed the field and approached the house. I pushed open the door. It was empty, but in not too bad condition.
" Let's find a place to eat and get cleaned up first. I'm starving," said Alicia impatiently.
They found the road and after a short walk saw a large red and blue flashing neon sign. 'Jenny's all night diner.'
They entered the diner and found a table.
Look after my guitar while I find the rest room. Scrambled eggs with toast and coffee for me.
The waitress took the order. I tried not to look round and draw attention to my self, but focused on the menu. When Alicia returned, I left for the men's room. The meals had just arrived when I rejoined Alicia. The juke box was playing a Tim McGraw & Faith Hill song called, ' It's your love.'
We ate in silence for a while and then I spoke about how the day had developed.
" Do you realise that those killings would have happened regardless of me? I just happened to be there without the knowledge of the driver. He would still have filled up at the gas station and been shot. But I saw the offender and I am the only one that can identify him. If I hadn't escaped from the prison, no one else would have seen him. And, if I hadn't drove off in the van and boarded the freight train, we would never have met."
"Yes, that's true. But are you saying that you are glad we met?" She stopped eating and her eyes were fixed on me.
I looked away and paused, and thought maybe I shouldn't be so quick to reveal my feelings. I looked at her. " You probably think I'm stupid, but I feel comfortable with you, and what is there not to like about you. Sometimes people connect quickly and they don't express their feelings. They regret doing so and drift away. I don't want that to happen."
She put her hand on mine. "Thank you for being honest and expressing how you feel. I don't think you're stupid. We have met in really difficult circumstances and I know the problems ahead. I want to help you, not just because I believe you are innocent, but because I also like you. And yes I feel a connection too. Let's see what happens. We'll get to Memphis and then Nashville and try to sort ourselves out. We'll find a clothing store and get you fixed up with different clothes. Maybe a western hat too. I'll get the same. Let's leave the diner now. I'll pay the waitress. I know you're without money."
" You're an angel Alicia. I'll make it up to you soon. I'll get a job in Nashville and help you find a singing venue."
The waitress was paid and they left the diner for the derelict building discovered earlier.
As they left, the juke box played another Tim McGraw song called, ' Just to see you smile.

To be continued........

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