Is this my fate, or this is my fate...

Both of my cousins who relocated/retired to Florida are musicians. The one who is 4 miles from me is active for small events, parties as a soloist on keyboards with some programmed electronic drum tracks. When possible, he hires out as a trio with a guitarist and bassist.

Several times we talked about his bass player going through some health (and personal) issues that is affecting his wanting to gig and if I'm interested should his guy decide to leave the trio. I said yes, but I'm no where 'up to speed' to play 40 songs at a gig. I'll need more time. He knows, I've got several bass guitars and amps and can 'rock & roll' at a moments notice... well, assuming I know the songs. But I want to be 100%

He's booked a local gig at a club in downtown as a duo because the club owner didn't want the trio. The bassist was offended and indicated it might be time for him to move on... I'll go to his gig, not to play and no expectations other than getting the experience of seeing them perform live, so I can make a few recordings. That way, I can fit in seamlessly and be an asset to the group.

I've been asked to provide some photos of me, the bass and me playing the bass along with a short write-up of my musical background so he can include it in an introduction sheet of the members with some list that he emails people who would be interested in hiring the group.

Doubting I can make this happen quickly, he's heard some of my demo tapes from years ago and said it should be no problem. He feels really good about this and said "Don't worry cuz, this is your fate."
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Your a born again Rock Star Chat.. head banger dancing
You're probably not going to be slash at the first gig, but you'll eventually find your feet.
I want to hear.
Post it on CS. wave
I passed the audition... thumbs up
We did our first 'jam rehearsal' and my cousin stated I have a better 'feel for improvisation' than the bassist who left the group.
thumbs up

He's allowing me to copy his song lists with lyrics, notes and chord changes. That will help me immensely as more than half of his material are songs I haven't heard... like this one:

Well done, old chap. yay
My cousin was rehearsing with the guitarist yesterday when I stopped by to copy some of his music sheets. He's got a book of song lyrics with chord notations and programming notes for his drum machine.

The danger is... it's mostly hand written and it's his only copy.

I'll scan the entire book and make PDF's so if the book 'goes missing' ten years of music transcription isn't lost.

Sometimes, he plays gigs outside and the notes have to be clipped to a music stand so they don't blow in the wind. We talked about putting in on a tablet. I've got one with a 10" screen and will see if that's suitable. Alphabetically indexed so it's easy to find when there's a song request.

I see lots of suggestions are needed related to stage presence, organization for cleaning up wired connections that will make things go smoother.

thumbs up
Many thanks to YouTube for posting tutorials and backing tracks to quickly learn songs, like Sunny in the key of A-Minor.
That's one more to my list!

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