Life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last...

I started my weekend YouTube marathon on Friday. Some videos were about guitar repairs and the others were mostly music videos (like the worst cover bands) when I caught an interview with Matthew Fink aka Dr. Fink who is a multi-talented songwriter, record producer and made his fame playing keyboard synthesizers for Prince and the Revolution band joining them in 1978. He's the guy wearing surgical scrubs and a stethoscope.

It's funny, Friday, I was telling my cousin (who also a keyboardist) that around 1968-69 I was in a 3 piece band playing keyboards and the guitarist's father was in hospital isolation. He had lung cancer and not expected to live long. We were allowed to see him but had to wear hospital gowns. When leaving the hospital linen area, we stole some scrubs, masks and hats.
We often performed at parties for college med student fraternities and made a big hit coming to the stage dressed in surgical scrubs... about 9 years before Dr. Fink!

The lyric "Life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last" was sung by Dez Dickerson who was the lead guitarist for Prince's band on the song 1999.

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Sound check/rehearsal from the 1991 Special Olympics.
The woman with the big hair is Rosie Gaines who toured with Prince and the New Power Generation. Rosie comes from a musical family and did some solo work after leaving the NPG band. Her bio in Wiki stated she had some health issues with diabetes and mental decline. Sadly her daughter found her in a homeless shelter.

Singer and percussionist Sheila Escovedo aka Sheila E recorded and performed with Prince. Here she is with her own group.

It's hard not to notice they have cloned many of Prince's dance steps.
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