The Hotel California lyrics trial...

In the music news, Eagles band co-founder Don Henley was in court this week over a case where he clams handwritten notes used to craft songs from the 1976 album HOTEL CALIFORNIA had been stolen and sold at auctions. Three collectibles dealers Glenn Horowitz, Craig Inciardi and Edward Kosinski are on trial in this case.

Valued at more than $1 million, the defendants knew the materials were stolen, manufactured false provenance, lied to auction houses, potential buyers and law enforcement about the origin of the manuscripts.

This all started with author Ed Sanders, who had been hired to write a biography of the Eagles, were he allegedly had stolen them in the late 1970's and is said to have sold the manuscripts to Horowitz in 2005, who then sold them to Inciardi and Kosinski.
In this case, Sanders has not been charged with a crime. However, the means by which Sanders got the notes is essentially the question at the center of the case.

Henley testified that he gave Sanders access to his handwritten notes, but he never gave the writer permanent possession.

The attorney who is representing Kosinki, stated the defense rightfully owned the material and therefore were free to sell the papers. He claimed that Henley voluntarily provided the lyrics to Sanders.

The defendants opted to forgo a jury trial and the trial is expected to last for several weeks. The verdict will ultimately be decided by the judge. Obviously a lot at stake.

Hotel California is listed as the third-best-selling album of all time, certified platinum 26 times by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) having sold more than 32 million units worldwide.
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Well, I hadn't heard this and read it all the way through so yup interesting thumbs up

But sheesh, the value put on some things is a bit eyeboggling. wow
Agree... if you have a buyer, the price isn't crazy.
If I recall various original Beatles manuscripts had gone up for auction fetching amazing prices. Those were legit.

Hopefully, Don Henley wins his case and recovers his original documents.
I then wonder if photo copies will appear on eBay!
I heard the case was dropped...something about Henley using manipulative tactics.
Thanks for the tip. I'm reading a few stories now that have slightly different explanations.

It ain't over till it's over (who wrote that lyric?)

“As the victim in this case, Mr. Henley has once again been victimized by this unjust outcome,” Henley's lawyer Dan Petrocelli said. “He will pursue all his rights in the civil courts.”

Some links:

answer: Lenny Kravitz
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