Angel of death is real and is unwaivering

There is a backlog of a few billion of humans, animals, mammals and insects alike, the first stage is a war, not like war between the Jews and Arabs, but a much larger one where it makes the war between the Jews and Arabs look like child's play.

I have nothing grounded to base my theory on this incoming war, or the angel of death. But I did request that a certain person to be left in peace. The reply was are you sure? Without thinking I said yes.

Then another person took his place, and I wept so painfully, later realsing its the price of saving one person another must take their place. The price of helping another. Someone I barely know. I did that for love, which was not reciprocated.

I have noticed a paattern, where people who have died, that did or said something grievous without facts. Like eye for an eye, I have been threatened and accused or both, An example I was with someone toxic, where her aunty accused me of something and threatened to kill me, if she didnt end it with me. In doing so the x accused me automatically.
BOTH lost their moms about the same time.
But heaven being heaven gave me an opportunity to prevent that for at least 1 of their moms,
One of these two died a horrific death, I knew something was seriously off for this person, I didnt know that it was this. Didnt help that her partner also threatened me, in fact the only reason why she lived for the year maybe two that I knew her was because of the x who is her daughter.

I have been threatened by a gang that they will end me and I moved INTO that suburb in which they reside. It just turned out that way lol.

But all the deaths I have been aware of in life, had significant meaning, aside the fact that the AoD exists. But that the AoD is governed by rules, one in particular, NEVER take from me the ones I love most.

An example ofthis was when the old lady (whom you would call a mom), accused me multiple times and would come to close deaths multiple times. One of which I remember distinctly, one time we were parked up at a highway in which the old man had a Ute on a trailer for parts, in which I was to drive back while he drove the V8. At one point a truck was coming and with a blaze' attitude the old lady, arrogantly decided to get off the main road at a leisurelyy pace and had only seconds to get in the V8 and shut the door. She was so close that the jandal she wore came flying off as she reacted fast enough to not get hit let alone the car door being swiped off.
The jandal hit the truck and flew down the road.
Its interesting, because some ppl have an instinct for their mind spirits who see and know whats coming, they appeal to me without me or them realising. These sensitive ppl had the desire to save someone they love. I find it hard to help, what they ask of me has a price.

But so much exp. leads me to believe in the AoD. so much so I started wriiting this blog.
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