Hawaiki Nui Hawaki Roa Hawaiki Pamamao

This is a common saying in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and I am sharing it with the world of what it mean...
987Dec 11

Predicting Earthquakes and why we need them.

HellO dear readers. So here are some of the common resources we use in our society today that we...
853Nov 24

An amazing moment, Ive ever seen, one I wont forget in a long time

I really enjoyed watching this guy perform his act, something that brings both happiness and sadness...
1510Apr 27

The Ten rules that are not

I am here to tell you a story and a lie, for what is a lie-brary? A Brary full of lies :) So what i...
35621Feb 19


If you know these 2 games which is your preferred game, I'm a Dota2 man myself. Its a map I recogni...
1610Feb 11

Laws Vs Commandments

Who here knows the difference? Can you give an example of this? What are the laws?...
3539Apr 2017

The greatest number in heaven

What is it and why? I am curious to what your imagination will come up with the reason for the numb...
35119Mar 2017

Adams Ribs

Why did the Father take a piece of Adams ribs to make eve? Because its his mid section, again it do...
43629Jan 2017

Story Teller

I love telling stories, in fact I am telling one right now. A story about me lol but stories that a...
39310Jan 2017

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