The King of Coding (program language)

I dont mean what, I mean WHO.
Lets start with what you do know:
what are the common program coding used today?
C and C++

There are many program languages at least 700 all from C and C++

But these coding languages are nothing without computers..

Which is made of:
Hard drive Ram CPU graphics card mother board PSU and all other components that make upp a PC.

Now heres what you dont know:
Heaven is code program based.
Using Geometric programming code.
Lets start with the Letters 'A' and 'a'
IN Heaven the capital A is a triangle with the bottom line slid up near center of the two angled side lines. And the small a is just are two curved lines(partial circles) and vertical line combined

Embedded image from another site

These two shapes are a very simple concept of geometric programming but are built on rules of programing construction.

All geometric code is built on two basic forms. A straight line or a curved line. Which are the foundation of a Matrix of varying geometric shapes.

Lets take the letter A and apply it to the geometric rules of coding in Heaven
This A is different from that A why is this so?
Both are the same shape the same size the same color and yet they are still different? How?

They are in different postions of the page
Same concept is applied to the program system of Heaven.

In Heaven A is still a variation of a triangle and the a is a combination of straight and curved lines. or partial circles and straight lines. as is all letters of the english alphabet.

If you rotate the A 90 degrees i get a new triangle again. and a size 12' A versus a size 20' A is also different and creates a new result.

With that in mind the possibilities are endless. Lets make it super easy and design a 9 square grid and put one A in the top left and one in the bottom right.

Embedded image from another site

As you can see I placed an A at the top left large square inside of another 9 grid to demonstrate the complexity of how a single 'A' can be used. So as you havent realised a grid of squares is used to determine where on that grid you want to code with and it is also layered meaning that there is another grid within the A itself and that it is all transparent so u can see another layer below the grid I made. and those layers have no end like a bottomless pitt.

This is a basic introduction to geometric coding.

I hope this was as clear as mud, if not leave a comment or question.

So who is the King of Coding?
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Haldol rreveals it to be the head Seraphim known as Shaitan. He writes the codes for God to sign.
Thats a blasphemous statement Ive ever heard.
You're telling me that shaitan was born before The Father (who wrote code in the beginning phases of His Life). And that shaitan also wrote code that The Father has NOT written which means hes the more powerful god?

You are also saying that this shaitan is king of Heaven? Since there is only one King of Heaven. are you telling me that shaitan dethroned The King?

Because if you havent realised yet Heaven is geometrically encoded. With trillions and trillions by the power of ten trillion of layered encoding.

For the Father is King to ALL including coding

So whos the King of Coding again? lol
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