Stairway to Heaven(not the song)

Question, does ANYone know what the first step looks like?
The answer affects every person not just Maori, because every 1st step no matter where u are is exactly the same.
Question how many Paths are there to Heaven?
Yes there is more than one
Why did I mention Maori?
Answer: Because in their culture, answers the two questions above.
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I have to answer straight from what came to my mind here:
I know nothing about Maori but as a christian wannabe,
the first step would be to open the new testament.
Nope, the new testament are about hidden instructions to the Stair way to Heaven(not the song).
So what's special about your answer that makes other's wrong?
like Ozzie, I know nowth of Maori either dunno

As for the 1st step......
An open heart and mind paves ways to many a great things, so I would say WILLINGNESS would be the first step to such a stairway?
Perhaps not, but in my book I would see it as the ideal start to begin with.

As for how many paths....
I've no time on my hands at the moment so I'll have to get back to you later with my thoughts on that one Tame......gotta go
hes not wrong i just gave him a yes/no answer, and the reason behind it.
Thanks for the clarification. I'm always learning and I Googled the the possible answer but none I can find as I'm curious to find out. wave welcome to the blog world, my first time to see you.
Willing is a huge part of it but think of a physical step to heaven, rather than metaphorically

there are many paths, but the paths I refer to have a Deeeeep connection to our Mindss and souls.
I dont blog often, but when I do its usually something Im passionate about. like Heaven grin
The first step is learning. and enjoy life.
Prim my friend I absolutely agree with you. bouquet
You have asked a Question for which the Google duck payload is virtually stumped.
Nevertheless let me show you Hebrew to English physics with FM gain...
1902... music note.} .psalm 68:4
1166.. have Dominion..."...110
3068...yhwh...(.who was & yet is
2091...Au .| .gold
.977. good choice

... strong Concordance 1890, Madison NJ
..834.. Asher ).who, what, when, where...?
2234..ze'ra.)...seed; posterity
3068......)..who has believed our report ?.. Isa.53
Pop code Co Ordinates
.. heavens on fire .) .the radio department
.. always & forever .) .heat Wave*
C...yhwh. / U 2.
.2... stairway to heaviness ) landing Zone
1. Neon Bible ) .arcade Fire
..*.you will note that the 4 laws of hot have been invoked...and now law 2, trumped...
..also ran.) .past, present future | brain ticket.
metaphorically confused
did you just make that word up? because for the life of me, I just can't figure it out?
When I said willingness I actually meaning not thinking about it but doing it instead, which to me is a physical step.

As far as I'm concerned there is only one path and that is as a Christian believer, through Jesus Christ.

JMO wave
meaning meant doh
Understood Witch what you meant hug

Is it some riddle-(?) first step: get up in the morning.
So you're a morning man Oz roll eyes
Not really.... but (hope you can handle this one)... something is up roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing
Now Now Oz that is not what I meant scold
Ah yes the blind leading the blind...
The finest misconception in the world to day is believing taht is the path.

Jesus didnt come here to acknowledge Jesus...
Know this the questions I place before you I know The Answers to My Questions

And this is a game of Hot n Cold where right now your answers are like being buried in dry ice

You are reaching for darkness u can keep your expert opinion along with any who follow u.
Perhaps you missed it.
A re Reading of the instrument reveals eYe am only quoting the accepted [ gold ] .charts. hence your impulse to insult the logician.
Temple of the King ) . rainbow
Gold ) Adams..{ ..word #119, to show blood
.yhwh. ) .U 2.
.2...a legal matter ) who ) world health obviously
1. This time Long ago } .guess who ?

Pure physics.. perfect Logic.
Thus you also reveal the shallow Nature of your alleged "thesis".
..the beginning of wisdom is the fear of yhwh.
The name itself a function of Time.
Past.... present... Future.
Only the intelliget and wise would see my replay as an insult.

Still the answer is no, all the words in teh world will NEVER reveal the 1st step of Heaven like I Can. Fact...
If you keep this up you might end up the only one in that heaven tame97... wave
As is the nature of things of this world. But any expert that knows the answer is farcical, for it is hidden from them folk for a reason.
So after all you think you know it and yet you believe you're not farcical yourself?

What about I'm not interested in knowing what's in your stairs then?

Thanks for the entertainment wave
Jesus and his teachings is the path in my eyes and I stand solid on that.

Jesus didn't come here to acknowledge Jesus confused

sorry Tame but you've lost me there again confused
unless of course you're meaning he didn't come here to find himself but perhaps be found by others instead? resulting in them that found him, also found the light to the path dunno
Matthew 11:25
there are many things to this, they are instructions, nothing more. Hes not lost he is the Shepherd. We Are the Sheep. IF you heard the bell you would Have Heard it by now. in fact Im ringing it. It was never about Jesus and Christ testifies to this eg: I and my Father are One and the Same, for I am in him as is He is In Me.
Experts to the path of Heaven, is like a set of traffic lights, We are in our vehicles, but the lights are red, but the experts unconciously react to that as go. But a child knows it means stop,
An accident is certain, death is highly probable. Heaven is built on the same principles. He has an unforgiving nature to tthe so called experts who follow this logic.
I am responsible for everything I say, I am judged by the Judge Himself, whom is not Jesus. So am specific in my words, I am careful as I possibly can be. Brutal honesty about Heaven is my forte. With that in Mind I refer back to my first original
Perhaps I'm in need of a hearing test and pls God I'm not yet at that age where I need hearing aids sigh

though you've lost me completely with your way of thinking saying/explaining which is alright, its nice seeing a new face around .... hopefully we'll be seeing more of you on the blogs wave

Anyways time for me to hit the sack so gnite

I will break what said down for you CelticW.
Christ is a Shepherd, and he collects his Sheep into his Pastures with his bowed staff with a bell hanging at the tip of it. I am a sheep ringing that beelll to join me in His Pastures which is My Fathers Land. Not Jesus's land because what is Christ's is Fathers, and hes a rep on Fathers Behalf. This is HIs Teaching for all who Can Hear.
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