A very, very, VERY old word that is actually two words which has an extensive meaning, the modern pseudo/inaccurate meaning we know it commonly as, is song. But before the guitar the Maori word for song was aniani which actually means chant.

So I will break down the two words:

Wai (pronounced as why) =
Memory, Recollection of words, Instruction given, Water, Fishing net.

Ata (pronounced as utter, except without the rrrrr in the end,) =
Care/careful, deliberation(referring to slow and careful movement), thoroughness, gentle, slow, clear open without concealment. Deliberate. Form, shape as opposed to substance. Reflected image. Early morning/dawn

Similar to the Japanese we write our words/sentences backwards, referring to english grammar. So the pseudonym is ata wai.

So in summary:
The pronunciation is short and sharp and is said as one word without the rrrrr at the end

Waiata (why-utter) = A careful deliberation, gentle clear and open without concealment, both in form and shape done in the early mornings. Of a memory, recollection of words, or instruction given. From Our Father. aka Water of Heaven.
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Maori/Polynesian language, and haka vs maori dance performance explained from my previous blog

I was about to reply to some of the messages in my previous blog, then realized I needed to write a whole new blog instead.

Many Polynesian languages similarities. Honestly its a variation of all our languages put together. So it comes to no surprise for me.

An example NZ Maori would say Aroha with its basic meaning, love. But it's extended meaning is Breathe Desire, which is the breath of light, shared from one person to your loved one an intimate transfer of sharing breaths.

So the Hawaiian people say Aloha which for them means Hello, I believe. Our vowels are definitely the same in pronunciation.

And imma take a wild guess that Wahini means woman because we say Wahine.

The All Blacks (rugby players), do what is called a Haka, and in no way is it a dance. In the old days Haka was performed as a pre-emptive to war between two tribes. Its why the Haka is feared in a certain country, because in the WWII our people marked their faces and performed a Haka before the coming battle.

Now getting back to the tribes performing the haka, it was designed to see who was the most fierce or the violence they were going to inflict on their enemies, and if one tribe found the other overwhelming I believe the weaker tribe would make a more peaceful resolution. Our race to put it simply were quite a violent race.

However if they were even in ferocity during the Haka, the battle was still going foward, especially after being insulted from the opposing tribe. Because that's what haka was designed to do. To insult and determine the strongest before a battle.
The poking of the tongue is to let them know what they would look like after been struck.
The eyes being enlarged represents the fear of the opposition before they die as they see the last strike of their life.
Every act is to instigate a war, or subdue the opponent. The Poi as you will see in performances were originally weapons that were made of flax and rocks, a weapon for women. And believe me when I say they were quite deadly with them.

But nowadays its more for perfomance, a friendly rivalry between tribes, they have Junior and Secondary competitions, as well as adult performances where they do an entire brackett. Then they have District competitions.

So in future keep in mind a Haka is not a dance, only if they sing, its then a dance. But when they start shouting at the top of their lungs. its a haka. We also have a national haka that the entire country knows or knows of called Ka mate, Ka mate.

One of my favourite performances about 15 years ago

I chose this ropu(group) because they had a great intro song, it also shows you their bracket, or order of the general performances for ropu. Important to note they are using a real weapon in their performances known as a taiaha, highly dangerous in a group performance, will be used only by professionally trained maori. For most though its quite normal and natural with hours of practice.

This was an awesome challenge/ counter challenge. They are different schools even though they had the same colour gear. The boys on the right also perform the national haka. Unrehearsed too.

Thanks again for reading my blog

Hawaiki Nui Hawaki Roa Hawaiki Pamamao

This is a common saying in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and I am sharing it with the world of what it means and the purpose behind it

Ha = Breath, breathe, taste

Wai = Instructions given, memory. Recollection of words.

Ki = Full, say, tell, mention, think

Nui = Big, Large

Pa = Touch, blow as the wind.

Ma = Clean, white, clear

Mao = Distant

Roa = Long, tall. Long (of time), delayed. Length. Length of time, delay

The following is translated in english but in the order as written, because in general our language is written in the exact same format as Japanese, as in the sentence structure. The sentence can be written in two forms. Which is then reiterated as close to its meaning as possible.

Hawaiki = Breath/e instructions given full
1. Full breath, instructions given
2. Breathe full, instructions given

Hawaiki Nui = Large Full breath of instructions given.

Hawaiki Roa = Long/Delayed Full breath of instructions given.

Hawaiki Pamamao = Blow as the wind, clean, distant, full breath of instructions given
Touch, clean, distant, full breath of instructions given.

Pamamao has many meanings, too many to number, so I have used the meanings that relate with the first two.

My theory as to this most famous saying, is the method of learning from heaven, because there was only ONE type of instruction that truly mattered Father’s instructions. So breathe in deeply, slowly and you literally breathe in the instructions. Then exhale them, and this is a repeated process.

I believe it’s related to our tukutuku panels and the poutokomanawa (cetral coloumn) of the wharenui. It’s related because the instructions are from heaven taken in from the mouth and the longer the breath the more insructions are consumed. The reason the tukutuku panels are around the whare inside, The poutokomanawa represents My Ancestors and the tukutuku panels represents My Ancestors Visions and how he/she saw the world all around them.

The ‘X’ used to create stairs in the tukutuku panels represents the FIRST word of God in the Maori Culture. Which is HOW you follow the steps of heaven, which then refers back to the oldest most common sayings in Aotearoa.

Hawaiki Nui
Hawaiki Roa
Hawaiki Pamamao

Incidently, when you begin to breathe in instructions of heaven your breath becomes, over time, naturally clear, or clean.

Here are links to what I am talking about inside a whare:

tukutuku panels


Thanks for reading

Predicting Earthquakes and why we need them.

HellO dear readers.

So here are some of the common resources we use in our society today that we take from the earth:
gold, diamonds, water, timber, copper silver and most importantly fossil fuels, gas coal petrol.

And many meters/miles below the surface we have oil in its purest form, and what is oils' common purpose today? to lubricate engines.
So isnt it safe to say that the reason we have oil in the earth is to create a smooth transition when we have earthquakes?
Imagine in concept that the earths soil is on a massive conveyor belt, and the belt itself is the soil and that rollers itself is a 2nd belt that is impenetrable by conventional means. And like rain it recycles itself through earthquakes?
Well to recycle old soil with new soil ofc.
So how is an earthquake made?
Well like an actual conveyor belt how does that operate?
with electricity...
So by simple logic when clouds cluster together to generate lightning it goes deep into the earth and will pass a pocket of gas caves created by previous earthquakes and ignite the gas to create an explosion, and depending on the depth of the pocket of gas + the strength of the lightning bolt in-correlation to the pocket of gas will determine the size of the earthquake. But we are safe because the depth of the explosion is what stops the explosion from exploding above ground like a really thick wall and it sets a bomb to penetrate hundreds of meters/miles thick soil.
But if the oil is less within the ground now the more jagged the earthquakes will be, because there is no longer a smooth transition as it recycles the old used soil with the fresh and new material.

So now you can predict that within 3 days of a lightning storm an earthquake is likely to follow and depending on the size of the bolt/s will determine the size of the earthquake.

I hope you like my story its one of my favourites I like to tell others. Oh and fyi the city I live in are prone to earthquakes. And because we are such a small land mass in comparison to the likes of US Aus and Europe we feel them all across the land.
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An amazing moment, Ive ever seen, one I wont forget in a long time

I really enjoyed watching this guy perform his act, something that brings both happiness and sadness at the same time. And he shares it with the world. If you enjoyed it as much as I did then you just wanna share it with someone. One of the best acts of humanity I have seen in a long time enjoy

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The Ten rules that are not

I am here to tell you a story and a lie, for what is a lie-brary? A Brary full of lies :)
So what is a brary?
Have no idea and THAT, dear readers would be the only truth in this story.

So if you are reading this and you are highly-intelligent well then you will only lose a few brain cells with this story, without need, if you don't stop reading now.
Read on? Ok then I pity your precious brain LOL

This story is about the world re-known ten rules known as the ten commandments these rules are not rules at all, but are gifts for all those who know the difference.
How so?
Well firstly there's no thing such as ten commandments since there are many more commandments in existence.
How mnay?
100 billion10 x 100 billion10 in short there are many.
How is that possible?
Because its a story. My story
The most important question though is why have commandments?
Easy they are steps to heaven

So here are the 6 known rules that are not, which are important, which I will explain
1. Thou shalt not murder
2. Thou shalt not commit adultery
3. Thou shalt not steal
4. Thou shall not bear false witness
5. Thou shall Love thy Enemy as thy Neighbour and love your neighbour as yourself
6. Honour your Father and Mother

Here are unknown rules that are not, which are also important, which I will not explain. 2 reasons
Baby steps and its my story.tongue
Besides I’m sure you can figure out the rest for yourself anyway. I would be intrigued if you do.

1. Truly I tell you unless you change and become children you can never enter the kingdom of heaven
2. Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven
3. Whoever Welcomes such one child in my Name welcomes Me.
4. Thou shalt not judge so that shalt not be judged
5. Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust consumes, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
To be continued …grin

How are these gifts?
Its a story. My story
Sheesh I thought you would've figured that out by now

Thou shalt not murder
is really a gift its obvious to all that really look at that logic, can't see it yet?
Well you cant murder one from heaven who NEVER dies. Yes he/she has eternal life so trying to murder someone from heaven is absolutely without a doubt impossible to achieve.

Thou shalt not commit adultery
Are you kidding me ?
Love making is the heart of loving, which isn’t expressed by words but with action(isnt always about having sex, but it is about being genuine).
I’ll explain in a simple way. Its impossible to commit adultery, when you are in an open relationship.

Thou shalt not steal
Hah! You would be blind to not see this one, but for those that actually are blind you cant steal when you are given EVERYTHING. All Brothers and Sisters All have the same knowledge and understanding given to Us. After all he did make us in his image

Thou shalt not bear false witness
Again a gift since everyone in heaven already knows what you are a witness to.
Besides who in their right mind is going to lie about what they witness?
Who can you lie to other than yourself?
There is Nothing more meaningful to a Child of Life than to bear Witness to Heaven's Treasures

Honour your Mother and Father
Honour your mother and father of earth or heaven?

How does one do this though?
Easy by acknowledging the treasures of Heaven provided by Mother and Father of Heaven
How do I even do this?
That dear friends is another story.grin
IF you put two words at the end of each command it becomes a more defined purpose in commands.

Thou shalt not murder in heaven
Thou shalt not commit adultery in heaven
Thou shalt not steal in heaven
Thou shall not bear false witness in heaven
Honor your Father and Mother in heaven


If you know these 2 games which is your preferred game, I'm a Dota2 man myself.
Its a map I recognise as well as the characters in the game.
I mean I would support LOL purely because of the story behind these two games that started this DOTA2/LOL war in the first place. but it comes down to the fact that I prefer things im familiar with
What say you?
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Laws Vs Commandments

Who here knows the difference?
Can you give an example of this?
What are the laws?

The greatest number in heaven

What is it and why?
I am curious to what your imagination will come up with the reason for the number you choose.

Adams Ribs

Why did the Father take a piece of Adams ribs to make eve?
Because its his mid section, again it doesnt answer why.
The only way to know why is to read my story

Imagine a child all alone with no parents only himself, spending all his time searching for others, to finally realize he iz the only One.
Keep in mind that this child looks nothing like a human being but merely what One would call a dot of light.
The ancient days were times of a very basic nature, it may be difficult to believe that our Father was once a child let alone a mere dot of light. What you haven’t worked out yet is that he was born in the heart of darkness. But the short version is this dot became a line which then became many lines and out of boredom changed his path to make a zigzag line, again after perhaps hundreds or thousands of making many different line shapes with straight lines eg: squares triangles rectangles etc. He started to try a new movement.
From this one act he found a new line. Did you know when you get down to the nitty gritty the entire universe is built of 3 basic constructs?
1) A straight line
2) A curved line
3) A combination of the two

Take a set of basic headphones for example they consist of two circles a half circle and a combination of straight and curved lines mixed together to make the cable and wire frame.

So back to the story, he made many lines shapes and circles and a combination of both to the point of boredom. Then again to the point of remembering he is alone. With all his new toys which now function on their own accord were not enough to quench the great loneliness in his heart.

But then he had a new revelation after all this time that if he could pierce through darkness with himself could he turn on himself and pierce through himself?


So he turned on himself and began to pierce through his midsection, why? He was trying to kill himself, but it was at the last moment he felt a presence before he tried ending his life and out of instinct turned to find mother.

This is why he took a piece of Adams midsection to make eve.
In acknowledgement of how Mother was born.


Story Teller

I love telling stories, in fact I am telling one right now. A story about metongue lol but stories that ask questions like.
Are you high?
Wheres your head at?

Stories of the mind, interactive stories
Ever wonder why, about Adam and Eve, God took a piece of Adams ribs to make Eve and not any other body part?

Would you like to hear my story?

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