RE: Who wants to get married ?

So you found a guy, but he doesnt know you want to get married to him, if in the distant future he finally asks you. Heres a tip make no vowels to each other of any kind and you will have a relationship that will last for years to come.

RE: Why do long relationships sometimes breakdown; your opinion of the #1 factor?

Pleeeeease marriages were doomed to fail. There are so many tidbits of NO noes in marriage that completely destroy the reason why you fell in love in the first place.

First and foremost the new age ceremony of marriage is so far off the reservation to the ORIGINAL purpose of marriage that its like a slap in the face. In fact someone tell me here who knows WHY men get on one knee to propose marriage to someone you are in love with? Anyone?

Second, you challenge the Father Himself by trying to break one of the great laws of Heaven itself. Father clearly stated, with emphasis I might add, that NO ONE swear oaths:

You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you have sworn.’ But I say to you, Do not take an oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, or by the earth, for it is his footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. And do not take an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black Matthew 5:33 - 37

That means any promises at all and what do you go and do?
You make a sh#t load of promises in under 60 seconds, wtf is wrong with you people? You got a problem with these take it up with the Family Trio.

I am ending it here because I am getting worked up for no reason at all. Peace

To get to heaven you go through hell

Ofc not wouldnt expect you to. I gain Nothing if I convince you to believe, I gain Nothing when I share my story. But it brings joy to my mind when I tell it.peace

To get to heaven you go through hell

Believe it or not you go through hell, to enter heaven and that there are 9 gates of hell you access and all done with The Mind. You dont go through trials and tribulations to enter the kingdom of heaven but you go through ancient scripts, to do so and I say again all done with The Mind.
But before you get to this stage you have to gain the gate keeper's approval and the guardian to the gates of hell, and the guardian is what the Egyptians referred to as the cat, which is in fact a lion, who is 5 times the size of a normal lion from Earth. He will eat your head right then and there if you are found unworthy to access hell.
Oh and it gets more difficult, the gates of hell is a massive labyrinth the size of our planet(at least) and you will definitely get lost(which is exactly the idea) inside just one gate, and there are 9 you must contend with. Also, while you pass through any of the 9 gates you do this with a heart of love, which is part of being a Worthy One one you face the the guardian of the gates.

Do you know any of this?
Do you think it is made up?
Have you been to heaven yourself?
What do you know about heaven?
Can you say for certain what you have been taught is accurate and true?

Food for thought ENjoypeace

RE: What's the difference between the forums and the blogs on CS?

The only difference you can use the quote as a referral

RE: What do u collect - if anything ?

I collect Nothing, nothing is somethingpeace

Scariest dreams tell us

Ok he won that one hands downgift

Scariest dreams tell us

Giving violent people a heads up respectthumbs up give em something to think dream aboutgrin

Scariest dreams tell us

Tell us sounds interesting

RE: Earth quake in Wales

We had an earthquake here in Wanganui NZ, about 30 minutes ago it was a massive jolt but only lasted seconds shook the tv pretty hard.

Scariest dreams tell us

Mine was when I tried to wake up for fear that if I didn't wake I never would. So in the dream I would beat my head against the wall repeatedly then I finally woke up only to find I was still dreaming. True story.

Whats yours?

RE: Sleep

4-6 hour comes from an instinct due to a certain train of thought

RE: Are there really any decent guys out there?

Dont know if Im decent do know im spoken for.

RE: Is there such a thing as healthy jealousy in a loving relationship or does it just cause conflict?

Jealousy in small amounts(very small) is perfectly healthy. Anything more than this will consume you and destroy what you have already. You cant overcome it you can only re-direct your train of thought, but the deeper the seed that harder to re-direct yourself

Quotes that made you laugh or smile

(or shovel) depending on coun

Quotes that made you laugh or smile

If you find yourself in a hole drop the spade

Quotes that made you laugh or smile

Kids in the back cause accidents, accidents in the back cause kids

Quotes that made you laugh or smile

If you know the name of the person add that to the quote also here's one of mine

"Is it gay when a male fan blows you a kiss, and you catch it?'
Kevin Hart

Bread of Life

I can read a book without applying their practices or practice their beliefs

Bread of Life

Dont need a prayer only a book about the Muslim religion, but that's not important to me... yet.

Bread of Life

I have yet to read about the Muslim religion, but I will to have an understanding of their structure of their beliefs. In the meantime I only care about myself and what's important to me.

Bread of Life

I suspect that if I washed your brain with Holy Water you would still reject it regardless. I am completely aware that this is a dating site, but with the extra advantages of expressing oneself so that others may know who you are or what you are like in general, which the creators of CS purposely designed with that idea in mind.

The only mockery here is your assumption on my education in Christ and the- only one screwing with anyone's head is the individual's mis-interpretation of all that's been said here.
I say again you have not bothered to read or understand or even considered to explore what I have said is valid, fact or fiction all you have done is accused and assumed. Judging what I have written to be anything but unholy is mockery.

RE: ….Have women fallen in love with their mobile phones?

well moblie phones do vibrate so ofc they are.laugh

Bread of Life

Lady there are two types of messages:
Fact and fiction

Fact 1:
Your minds are already screwed if you cant see the obvious, which is that Christ IZ talking about bread, the Bread of Life, which you can only get from Heaven, through Christ, from God.

Fact 2:
Clearly you haven't done your homework about this thread let alone about God's prayer, or the new testament. Because if you had bothered to read any of my replies to every comment in this thread. It was in sharing my faith in Christ.

Fact 3:
I called this thread 'Bread of Life' to show you what is and what isnt

Fiction 1:
Bread is an analogy or symbolizes anything else except bread

Fiction 2:
That your priests, pastors and reverends can teach me about the in-house joke within Gods prayer

Fiction 3:
To claim you know me from reading only but a few messages from the entire story

RE: Whats been the highlight of your new year so far.

I started one a long time ago which created a lot of controversy, but certainly a lot of attention. In the Blogs cat. but my downfall in that was I did not continue what I started because I was more interested in gaming,
I really enjoyed that strategy game until the computer broke down permanently.

It was called Adams ribs

RE: Whats been the highlight of your new year so far.

To start an awakening through my messages.

RE: Password Trust

If you are asking this question then you do not trust your significant other based on two basic driving forces, paranoia or instinct.

Bread of Life

I read Daily Bread every day[/quote

From earth or Heaven? as in humand made or God made it Himself?

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