Movies and TV Shows titles that sond like porn films

Where is my Mother Tongue
Big Daddy
My Mother and her Guest
Freaky Friday
Not without my daughter

Movies and TV Shows titles that sond like porn films

Field of Dreams
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Movies and TV Shows titles that sond like porn films

Sorry the title is meant to say "Name Movies and TV Shows..." etc

Movies and TV Shows titles that sond like porn films

It cant be reiterated like star balls, has to be actual titles examples like:

Freddy got fingered(movie)
Malcolm in the Middle(tv show)
Big Bang Theory(tv show)

Just continuing from another msg board, ty mister_whippy

RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

You forget utube, and if you think its not going to happen give it time.

The Advocate Vs The Fallen One

One way or another that war will end and it will end with literally eternal darkness, or eternal light.

This war will rage for 3 days at least in darkness and the ONLY Ones that can still see beyond the dark are the two fighting. One town will be at the epic-centre of it all, keep in mind also that even though the fallen one is disobedient and rebellious in no way is he dark or evil.

Because if he was, then he would be burnt where he stood the day he turned against the Father.
Because he would not be in purgatory,( time out room/jail cell), to be given time to reflect on his past choices, and hopefully change his choice of the rebellion against Father.
Most importantly and information that no one realizes or knows is WHY Father lets him get away with a lot of his rebellions. He was known as the bringer of light for a reason, it is a station like that of The Holy Spirit, The Saviour, The Advocate. The Mother heart beating . So the fallen one was highly regarded in heaven, because his service to All of Us.

Sadly history tells us, that he can hold a grudge for a very long time. So his hatred and desire to de-throne Father is still there. And he will burn/kill/manipulate all who stand in his way, he has a way with influencing others, even the most devout christian, will fail against his intellect. After all he is Father's son, he is extremely clever and charismatic, and only a few can see through his bs.

Out of 7.5 billion a few is less than %1 of the human population.

However the Advocate, even now is preparing for the fallen ones return, because like in the old days satain was quite the manipulator, he could create like Father with a fine tooth comb, is the best I can describe how clever and knowledgeable satain is, creating from Nothing.
He change any given person/object and imitating it with acute detail.

So the Advocate is ready for all his tricks, because he has to be. Learning EVERYTHING about the basics of how to create/conjure from nothing. how to heal and counter heal should the need arise. Possibilities are endless, in the creating department with many subtleties.

Lets take a single strand of hair on your own head for example, you can change it to short, long, white, black, curly, straight, you can make it 1 inch(25 mm) long or 1000 miles (1609 kms) long. and thats just the basics. You can make engravings along the strand of hair thats 1 inch long, that could go for miles in normal size font.

All this(mentioned previously), both the Advocate and the fallen one can do, in a matter of seconds.
which is why I am adamant that many of you will follow the fallen one. This is a pity of epic proportions. Because the consequences of your choice will affect you in the most painful way in one way or another.

Some of you will never know who it is you serve, until it is too late. And Father is Unforgiving to whom ever decide to follow him knowingly or not.

And yet should he win the coming battle, we will see only darkness until you either commit suicide, or escape the darkness, which I might add, can only be done through the Advocate.

So I suggest you, dear readers learn about the Advocate or From the Advocate, should you be given the opportunity.

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

Bright morning star is also known as the Devil's Star and satan was known as the bringer of light which has nothing to do with the morning star. Completely different topic.

he was the commander of the old system, and Christ became the source of the new system of bringing light. which in turned saved EVERYONE from being killed, as the parable of the weed and the wheat depicts.

Had it not been for Christ to Advocate on our behalf we'd all be dead and in eternal darkness. Which is why he is also known as the Prince of Peace. Because right now even as we speak and sin, and believe me when I say many sin on a daily basis without even knowing the Laws of Heaven, he is keeping the peace by being the literally the middle man between Us and Father.

Just so you know its far from over as well We are going to be whipped for all our sins, but Christ will be whipped most because he allowed it to happen, and yet he still lets us sin. If that isnt Great Love, aside from Mother and Father creating Us and our souls, what is?

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

...I am the root and descendant of David, the bright morning star... Revelations 22

Hell is derived from the Greek word Helles which means Hole in the wall, or hole in the ground, depending on the version of your dictionary. The earlier a dictionary is the more accurate the definition will be.

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

Then you would know that the gates of Hell and the Gates of Heaven are the same gates and that before you even enter, the guardian of the Gates, will determine whether you follow the Path of Light or dark.

But wait there's more...

There are two paths to heaven before you even reach the Gates. They determine if you are taking Fathers path or Mother's path of Heaven. This also determines whose traits you favour, follow or are born with.

As for the dark path there are many many roads, take your pick, but the worst one ... well its pretty obvious but you work it out. professor

RE: Why are some of the CS threads so silly?

There's a Method to my mad threads, with a hidden agenda, done with passion. To awaken a piece of you you didn't know is there.

Its like me throwing you in a pool and you cant swim, except your at the shallow end.

RE: Schadenfreude

Nah hes a puppet on strings who's doing the Kansas city shuffle grin

RE: List of Famous People With INTP Personality

I'ld also like to point out there are 3 types of kunts
A shit kunt
A good kunt
and A useful kunt

and we all know what type of kunt you are since you cant give good or useful advice laugh

RE: List of Famous People With INTP Personality

Well then you must be at the top of the list thenlaugh

RE: List of Famous People With INTP Personality

The book Im reading also describes our average to unhealthy traits of our personality types which have a profound accuracy for myself in its basic format.

RE: List of Famous People With INTP Personality

Just google personality type test and or these two can send you a link

RE: List of Famous People With INTP Personality

What I didn't like about the test I took were the vague questions, or how a small amount of questions define my personality.

I would have liked it to be more thorough. Which is why I am reading about a book that does exactly this using an Enneagram. And boy does it hit you on the nail, where for example you have 9 BASIC personality types and of those nine they are broken up into 3 groups known as the Enneagram triads which make up of the thinkers the feelers and the Instinctive triads. Then those triads are broken down into healthy average and unhealthy.

Its an invigorating read. For thinkers grin

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

Helps to know what it is you're quoting, do you even know what the definition of Hell is do you know its origins? Have you heard a word I said? Its not about what you say but having an understanding of what is written.

RE: List of Famous People With INTP Personality

I have an INTJ personality according to the test

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

Do your homework you amateur, you have no idea who the King of Hell is. Shit you dont even know WHERE Hell is.

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...


You're eating your own foot and not realizing. Such empty wafflings,
If your gonna waffle on in english (the least recognised language in both Heaven and Hell) then I'll take mine to go with maple syrup and just a dash of cream with strips of bacon, for breaky thanks
rolling on the floor laughing

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

Lol I said that already, I will repeat again that the Comforter or 2nd Advocate are one and the same person. As for the holy ghost there's no such thing. There is such a thing as a ghost full of holes, but not The holy ghost, never has been never will be, complete and utter bullshit. Tell me what is the Name of the Holy Spirit? or the name of this hol y ghost you speak of?

I will tell you now you try to even mention that at the gates of Heaven you will be banned for all eternity. Because it is of the greatest insult to The Holy Spirit of Heaven, who is The Heart of Heaven itself.

So be wise with your next post.

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

You just contradicted yourself weighing and measuring is altering something and more SIMPLY put stop feeding the brain and the body loses function cut a wire in the brain and you disable a part of your body that requires that connection through the cut wire.

In no part does it affect the soul in the way that you claim, for you have never seen your own soul nor have you used it to prove this as you said its imagination but in my paragraph above this is fact and common knowledge.

So claiming that the soul dies is like saying pigs fly. Sounds like youve been listening too much of the horses a** mate. And it is clear you havent been paying attention, or you have selective hearing, its about debating that my story is bullshit 100% and backing it up with facts. But you have decided to dig a hole for yourself. I recommend dropping the spade is a good start good lucklaugh

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

This is not a game of spot the difference, but a game of spot the Truth, and besides this is the heart of stories anyway, to pervert the truth in order to reveal it.

As I said its the good news bible, even though its not on the cover, its been written in the verses, constantly.

Here are the core messages in a nutshell

* Abide by the Laws of Heaven
* Follow the Commandments of Heaven
* Follow the Light
* Build up your Own Oil of Heaven to provide YOU Light
* Keep it Simple
* Decipher the parables
* Be aware for the coming of the Advocate. The 2nd Advocate.

I can not tell you WHO the 2nd Advocate is because I do not know, but those with a certain frame of mind and awareness WILL find his writings.

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

You know what happens when you miss the point dontcha?

Jesus is coming? Like Hell he is...

Comforter, Advocate, they are the one and the same person and its not us hes going to comfort or advocate on behalf of. Far from it.
Ah this is true for example the bible I have has no origins to speak of who wrote it until you start reading the verses and every now and then they put in the word "good news" into the versus lol. But the most important part is, the verses they should have changed, and didn't, have still remained, did you know they created an entire chapter just to cover up perhaps only half a page of manuscript?

Like Christ said, "I thank you Father of Heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants..."

So even though many different religions have written their own interpretations to the original script and revised them (means more changes) . The core of His message is still there, and to see that is to have the knowledge and understanding already in your own mind.

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