It appears that everything is a witch hunt...

I was busy last week and some of it spilled over the weekend into this week. I haven't had much time watching the news, but I see 80% of the news stories are about Trump. When he speaks in public, there is one common thread (he states) that everything against him is an apparent witch hunt. Have you noticed, this man can do no wrong... or so he says.

Run a crooked business and when the government catches up to you, it's a political witch hunt by Biden and those corrupt Democrats. Biden has nothing to do with him intentionally listing properties at inflated prices for better loans and deflated prices for taxes.
His 2 sons were in charge when he was president, but they had 'corporate amnesia' when taking the stand and asked about the accuracy of documents they signed stating it was the responsibility of the accountants... and not them. You have to backstroke when the NY pulls up emails stating otherwise. Small things, like not disclosing the recent $60 million deal Bally's paid for the rights to a New York golf course. Add that to the estimate $250 million penalty the court is seeking.

The court has already ruled that he committed fraud and what the findings are about now, is how much. Trump said the case should be “dismissed immediately” and denies any wrongdoing.

On Wednesday, Ivanka is scheduled to testify. It would appear there is a fine line of perjury versus throwing dad under the bus.
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Did you notice how, in the recent court case, he was laying a path of lies the same as the path of lies regarding the election he lost?

Trump appears to think if he can stir up enough emotional support he will be found not guilty.

He was hoping the judge would react to his outbursts, but the judge has intelligence on his side.

Trump is that stupid.

Trump has been given more leeway than anyone in the history of justice.
I agree.

In the interests of avoiding future claims that it was a witch hunt, that his first amendment rights were violated during his presdential campaign, or that holding him to account for his alleged criminal actions, he has been given more leeway than any other US citizen.

In that respect he is being allowed to manipulate the justice system to his advantage with his rhetoric and personal narratives.

On the other hand, as cunning as he is, he appears to lack the acuity to realise when he's being given enough rope to hang himself. As Judge Engoron pointed out, if Trump continues to avoid answering direct questions, he's going to assume the worst of him and in favour of the prosecution. That's fairly easy for most people to understand, so Trump either has an intellectual, or social deficit in this area, or he just doesn't want to pubicly admit the worst is in fact true.

It also appears that the prosecution failed to object during Trump's testimony on many occasions, a point which Judge Engorn raised with the prosecution. The prosecution allowed him to continue unabated, however, as it seems Trump doesn't have the sense not to incriminate himself when left to rant for long enough, either.

Apparantly, Trump's testimony was being used to grift off of his supporters even as he was on the stand boasting about how much money he had as a defense for his actions.
U guys.

So let me see if I got this straight.
Trump has done a lot of wrong in his buiness life,
making money for himself and partners. Illegally a lot of it.

The others (you know the clintons, bidens etc)
has done nothing wrong cos all that is hearsay or conspiratorial theories framed
by the basket of deploreables who are not only dumb
(hence the above labelling of them as a group)
but sore losers.

Did I catch the essence of it?
Aha... hmm... let me try again then:

"We'll take him down now as he is the baddest of them all,
and deal with them lesser of evils later" (never)
Getting any closer?
listen to music

If I didn't know any better I'd think you were all born yesteryear.

Chat why do you go after him?
Have you tried to analyze it.

Jac I see through so don't have to ask her, but what is your issue.
You're not even a hardcore leftie like the Riz/Fargo duo.
What's in it for you; to be against the working class of America like that.
When thay were lucky enough to get this billionaire as their spokes person.

I'm off this blog now.
The state of New York is going after him, not me.
They found that his corporation has been doing fraudulent business.
I see in a brief summary, with Mar-a-Lago he inflated the value.
Agreements made years ago that it's a country club, but he does and says what he wants with the property.


You'll be back...
Pease, do tell me what my issue is.
"Trump appears to think if he can stir up enough emotional support he will be found not guilty."

... And if not, and if he can drag this melodrama into Easter/Passover, try not to be surprised when this demon proclaims he's been "Saved." Get it? The Sacrificial Lamb? Should play well to the religious lunatic fringe.
For your information, I'm a paid-up member of the UK Conservative Party, I wouldn't vote for Labour if you gave me a million Euros.

Typical second-guessing by someone who has no understanding of the real world.
Ivanka makes it to court and has 'corporate amnesia' just like her brothers. The mother-of-three had argued that she could not leave her children in Florida during a school week.
I've seen family photos and none of the children were infants needing breast feeding.

"I wasn't involved in his statement of financial condition," Ms Trump said. "That would have been the company."

At one point state attorneys produced an email she wrote to then-Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and others about the loan rates.
"It doesn't get better than this," she wrote.
She said she did not remember that message.

Ivanka once served as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization before she became a senior White House adviser after Trump won the 2016 election, forcing her to step away from her role in the family business.

Obviously, she wasn't qualified for either position.

Some links:

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Ok, my bad.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Take it easy buddy, its just a matter of time before Trump becomes POTUS again. laugh laugh cheers
Making him President for Life and untouchable to any of our current laws. Sound right?
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