Stale Bagels...

I went out for my morning walk and see someone had dropped 2 bagels in the parking lot expecting to feed the birds.
Some black crows were picking, but strangely no takers.
The reason why... the bagels were stale, as in hard like stone.

I started breaking a bagel into small pieces and throwing out to the birds who quickly ate them up. A squirrel wanted in on the action, so I threw a few larger pieces his way. He grabbed one, climbed the tree and returned for another.

To my surprise, some white birds with long bills came and chased the crows away. They had some difficulty with the size of the pieces I was breaking off for the crows, so I pinched them in 'pea' size chunks and they began to fight over them, eating as fast as I could toss them to the group.

I could see other birds in the nearby tree waiting and after the white birds left, they came over and started feeding. The whole event was more than 30 minutes and both bagels were gone!

I didn't get much walking this morning, but the birds got breakfast on me!
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I enjoy feeding the wild animals myself.
The squirrels wait for me in the evening for their peanuts.
That's a chore I would enjoy.
Cool. laugh
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