Death by Spaghetti

A woman in Italy accused of murdering great-aunt with spaghetti

A woman in Italy is awaiting trial after allegedly murdering her great-aunt — with spaghetti.

Paola Pepe, 58, was arrested after she allegedly force-fed Maria Basso the pasta dish at a restaurant in Sicily in December 2022, Nine reports.

The 80-year-old, who was susceptible to choking, died two days after eating the meal after it became lodged in her airways.

A police investigation was launched after Pepe changed Basso's will to name herself the sole beneficiary of her great-aunt's estate in the days prior.

The NZ$823,420 inheritance was to go to charity before it was amended.
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BAD timing, since I'm fairly sure there's a waiting period re changes to wills anyway. I know several countries where deathbed marriages, even to long-term partners, are successfully contested by the family of the deceased and therefore have dodgy legal standing.

I do know a guy who is incoherent with shock that he could be charged with murder for allowing his wife, who had MND and therefore also at high risk of choking, to eat chips (aka French fries, not crisps)

Wonder if there would have been an investigation if the will hadn't been changed. "forcefeeding an old lady pasta, in a restaurant" sounds a little OTT. It could so easily be 'helping frail 80 year old eat nice soft food when they were out for a treat night out" - better to have waited a few months, then fed her chips.

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