Big-time insurance fraud...

The stories I've read about people committing insurance fraud is amazing. After COVID hit, the government was offering salary compensation for businesses. A guy in Miami bought some expensive sports cars with the money he claimed through his fake business. Lots of people were doing that, some got away with the scam and some didn't.

I watched a video where insurance companies send out investigators for people who are collecting large sums of money in personal injury claims. One guy was getting compensation for a back injury claiming he was unable to work, when they video taped him doing electrical work changing ceiling fixtures while standing on a 5 gallon paint bucket. He shimmied his weight to 'walk' the bucket along the floor from light to light. He lost his benefits.

A viral news story came up this week where a 36 year old woman in Ireland claimed her car crash in 2017 was so severe, she was unable to work for 5 years, carry her children, finish basic chores or lift a heavy bag. Claimed that, at times, she needed her medication to be brought to her in bed due to the pain. She had sued the insurance company and had an $823,000 injury claim pending.

What do you do with your Christmas tree after the holiday? You toss it... literally.

In January 2018, she entered a Christmas tree chucking contest... and won!
Her photo of the winning event made it to a national newspaper. The Judge having seen the photo threw out the case and remarked that the “very graphic picture” of her tossing the tree had helped her make the decision.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a picture is worth $820,000.
I didn't see how far she actually tossed the tree, but one of the comments stated it would be challenging for a healthy fit person do do what she did.

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