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Towards the end of the year, all the healthcare providers attempt to get my business as it's the season for Open Enrollment. TV advertisements, mailers, emails, Billboards and radio ads are everywhere and they claim they are the best.

I used to be with a large company 'Florida Blue' that had a huge network. Four years ago, when I moved 40 miles north into a retirement community, I was approached by a woman who was an agent for a smaller company that offered lots of benefits... most of them I didn't use. The 'out of pocket' expenses were less, so as long as I'm healthy... they had better pricing. Do you see the humor in that? Cheaper than the others as long as you don't to go to the hospital.

My insurance plan is an HMO and years ago, I did a comparison to a PPO that some claim is better, but at that point in time, I stayed with the HMO. I need to do the research again.

More important than the plan, is the provider and the size of their network. What I don't like about my current provider is the limited network. Primary care is 6 miles away. That's okay, but one cardiologist in 200 miles. One pulmonologist in 50 miles. X-ray, MRI and blood work lab 2 miles away and they service all the major providers. Recently, I found a neurologist for back pain that's 10 miles away.

I'm in a large city, so It's all doable. I would hate to think of a rural environment where the closest sign of life is an hour drive!

In the mean time, it's HMO or PPO... but, I don't know which way to go!
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I turned 65 last calls, emails, and mailbox (which I only check once a week), were full of how they were the best thing since fried rice...and how they could save me money...I ended up, with Medicare and a really good supplement....Plan G...vey little out of pocket..

I am staying with what I have...supplement went up very little...Prescriptions...I pay zero now...Ended up saving a little each month...

I made too much last year....since I did widow’s was always a take time off..and get company insurance before I reached early retirement age...I had to down to working only 2 days a week...because I made too much...

I am going back to 3 days a week next year....

Be very careful with the non Medicare plans..I work with someone who thought they were going to save money...and, ended up paying much more than they said she would.
The ads on TV and in the mail are bad enough. But, I get a ton of scams from India. I swear, hang up, lead them on with hillbilly voice, tell them I died..oh...and the spiel goes on anyway.doh
I have a medigap equal to plan F. No restrictions, pay the medicare deduct and everything else is paid. $448 every three months for coverage I have no intention of every using. Wisconsin has senior drug plans that cost me $30 a year.
Advantage plans are a rip. Turn control of your medicare over to private insurance companies with loop holes up the ying yang.. Oh, sorry, medicare doesnt allow, neither do we. Guess you should have asked if that anesthesiologist was in your networks before you went the $1500 please. You MIGHT be eligible for these extras. IF that company says so. Restrictions apply..oops. tongue You can get two cleaning a year, free frames and cash back to SS. Dont mind that the premium costs so much that you are in the hole. And remember our plans change, sucker. Oh, that doctor you have..not in our network, you take this one instead.
I switch medigap once. Ended up company did not do as said and ended up back with first. No more! At least window for that is only a month in spring. Insurance is big business and they fight for advantage plans. Leave me alone already. NO!very mad
My ex has medicare, not assigned to any plan. It's working for her.
I do have Medicare...but I also have a supplement (which pays for what Medicare does not cover and the remaining balance..) Many of the Advantage not accept the doctors of your choice...

I learned when my late husband became ill...that having good insurance helped make one less to be stressed about...

Medical bills ended up to be over 750,000...we paid 3000...

I watched as many people paid for chemo treatments with 3 or 4 different credit cards...

I just made the next appointment.
I haven't checked to see when open enrollment ends, but I'm getting 3 emails per day from Medicare and the other providers, so it's probably coming up soon!
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