This is one procedure that people avoid. Doctors often recommend everyone start around the age of 50. I have a cousin who retired to Florida a few years ago. He's in his 70's and has an active lifestyle. Having his very first colonoscopy 2 weeks ago, the biopsy revealed cancer. He's scheduled for an MRI today and said he will probably require surgery.

Don't put off the exam!
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In the UK it starts at 55 and I my test done and they found a polyp which looked it was the type which could have turn cancerous.
My first in Hornsby hospital maybe 35 years ago, I asked the doctor if I could read during the procedure... having little humour he didn't laugh - nor did I during the business, which could not be completed/tolerated - no anaesthesia. Next time counting down from 100 I didn't reach 90, North Sydney hospital, but I left alone afterwards and managed to get home likewise, only 20 minutes walk. Colonoscopy is by no means a risk free procedure, there have been bizarre colonic gas explosions ...
They can detect cancer when it is only the size of a tiny dot made by a pencil or pen.

They can also make mistakes like when they blew up my Mom's insides and had to her guts come out and lay in the outside of her to heal before they put them back in. That was wild and awful for Mother.

For me a piece of cake, had done 3 times and each time when I wake up I am surprised to find out the procedure was done already. That amazes me.
Once, never again.
I have Melanoma and stage 3 since 2001.
Next time I get a tumor, even one on my pinky, just meds and die on my bed at home watching tv.
DL, sorry to hear about your cancer.

It runs in/on my mother's side of the family.
One uncle was a presser in the garment industry and though he smoked, they believed his lung cancer was a result of the asbestos hotplate the iron rested on. My guess is other pressers also got cancer the same way.
FF and Fay, I hate to imagine what a botched procedure could be like.
Cancer was simple. I worked in a factory in the late 80's.
Hit my head and had a concussion. It was not the first time I had hit my head in my life.
Factory sent me to their doc. In the waiting room I started feeling angry.
f*cking doctor said it was because my fellow employees saw the cut on my forehead!
Six bucks an hour and before I was thirty.
I spent a year in a deep cold depression.
I have all those wonderful symptoms associated with head injuries.
After I had been sick I decided I could independent study to get a degree. Sit with one professor, no problem.
WELL, I would white knuckle through picturing grabbing a pencil and stabbing them in the eye. No completion, no blood imagery just the impulse.
The child abuse probably didn't help.
Cancer was a breeze.
The thing about Cancer is it is a tornado, doctors,surgeries, possibly five years to live. It takes control of your life.
Then it is gone.
Just nothing.
You still have cancer. I hate survivor it wasn't a f*cking plane crash it is something you will always have with you.
But compared to what the head injury left, and the surgeries left a LOT of damage, Cancer is nothing.
Head injury before thirty and Cancer before I was fifty.
Child abuse all my life.Honestly my life reads like an action film all the strange and wonderful crap.
I was also a blackout drunk and drug user.
Gave up all drugs, except script, cigarettes and booze when I turned thirty.
Honestly I think it was the head injury.
f*cked me over on music. I used to love it now I hit about a half hour tops and it becomes annoying noise.
Surgery affects your entire body. My left side if I step down I just drop the leg, boom, no normal step like the right. As I get older I have to be aware of my body and how it moves. Ankles and knees.
No doctor will ever tell you how your body changes.
It took like three weeks to raise my left arm over my head. And that makes me dizzy. Missing massive amounts of muscle and if I try to reach too far on either side I cramp up in my chest.
No warning about that.
I did learn to be an informed patient and ALWAYS question doctors. They don't like it BUT they only make money when you go to the office.
Pump you full of meds you don't need so they can profit.
I have honestly earned the rank of a**hole and fully accept it. I wear it proudly.
I never feel sorry for all the crap that happened. I know there are many people worse off than me and struggling harder just to get by.
Sometimes they drift my way and we talk.
I accept all but the pretentious. I know I have done worse or known worse people than the ones I speak to.
I have no bucket list. I did everything I wanted and had a magical time full of adventure and wonder.
My Cancer was a cluster from chemicals leaking into the well ground water at the airport. The guy up the hill had Prostate Cancer, his neighbor kid my sons friend died of Leukemia.
His wife has breast Cancer, well he is dead heart attack, his neighbor had some kind of Cancer and my mother had some blood Cancer that never triggered.

Perforated intestine?
During mine I felt the poke and woke up, naturally they put me under but they came that close to puncturing the intestine.
But the people to truly fear are Anesthesiologists.
They will kill you. Most run like three or four patients at a time.
Really set the values and go to the next room.
I'll pass. They say polyps are the cancer risk. They think. Husband had some removed. He had the last one and I had a heck of a time to get him over it. Then he died of his MS six month later. I should have told them no more.
Girlfriend had a few after they removed polyps. She got Parkinson's. She had issues and Docs said the meds, change them. Again. Oh, just the Parkinsons. She got sick, in hospital and DOA in a week. OF..colon cancer!very mad doh
I have heard of the punctured guts by idiot Docs. I am old. I will die of something. After I do..they can tell me what it was. Mom had heart issues. She said they weren't going to torture her to death and steal her money. She was right. Autopsy showed benign uterine fibroid she never knew and heart damaged as a child with no repair possible. Docs would have had a field day butchering her up.mumbling
Had one when I was 50. It was an awful experience the night before...laugh

The procedure is fine though. I am about to do an at home colon test. It should be done every ten years.
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