Mad and dangerous

Donald Trump said the US election will be “liberation day” for his supporters and “judgement day” for his enemies in a high-octane speech ahead of winning the South Carolina primary.

The former president, 77, vowed his second term would mean “revenge” for his opponents as he promised to “fire” Joe Biden, 81.

In my opinion

Mad as a March hair

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Crazy as a skunk

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And as dangerous as a cornered rat

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Which one? da dangerus Don and all..,
half america right wing extremists that wanna hang all colored people
in the gallow next to Mike Pence, that way dangerous you mean?
I have til date only seen peaceful Trumpets.

Still Hillary predicted doom and gloom for the upper enchilada she is part of
"if that bastard gets elected". Well looks like he gave her a pass, so we'll see.

He wish to clean up the deep swamp, but can he? Only time will tell.
If Trump is elected you can say goodbye to the US, he will become another Putin, locking up his opposition and those who disagree with him.

He will spend time making sure his court cases are thrown out rather than spend time rebuilding unity across the US.

He will give free reign to Putin to attack and create a new USSR causing untold deaths and putting the whole of the EU under the threat of annihilation.

So let's welcome the first US dictator.

Anyone who cannot see this is naive beyond belief.
I'll copy that and keep it for later just in case... he actually gets 4 more years.
It won't happen, though I would very dearly like to see the Communist Party in America aka "Democrats" destroyed even though I'm not a strong Trump fan. I am not a Republican, but I am strongly anti-Democrap. Have been since JFK..
Maybe the redneck states will break away and form a new republic with Trump as their living God.

Much like China and North Korea

The 'United States' are for sure gone and I suspect forever, whatever the outcome of this election. Now it is a question of waiting to learn who was behind the whole debacle and will step in and take over once chaos is absolute.
Well colour me naive then because that sounds far too much like hard work and would seriously interfere with his golf.

I agree that it wouldn't be comfortable to be in opposition - that precedent is already set, opponents vanish or die.

Sorting his court cases for sure will take precedence over rebuilding unity. But then rebuilding unity has never, ever, been on the agenda. Ask any follower. They want humiliated silence and impotent resentment, not rapprochement. No fun being a winner if the other guy isn't suffering having lost but is instead being offered a friendly handshake and an offer to talk and find common ground.

Putin, new USSR, annihilating the EU, sheesh, no. Yes the dictators will eventually carve up the world between them and I don't think that can be avoided, it is in the manipulated inevitable future. Democracy is tearing itself to pieces chunk by bleeding foam-flecked chunk and Trump is a useful front man to cram the idea down horrified throats in what is left of a democratic world, but these slightly farcical dictators are the cannon fodder. The real sharks are still positioning themselves.

Which is of course JMO.
The Handmaid's Tale a novel about a dystopian theocratic regime in America, is coming true if the religious right are allowed to dominate the Republican party.
Trump is their vessel with no problems dismantling democracy as he likes or admires dictators and has no problems with using minorities as scapegoats.
So who are the real sharks?
More like USA and the Confederacy 1861-65

[ .please enjoy the bonus round of dark history month. ]
Super gremlin. ) Kodak black
Rolling blackouts. ) The go team
No more color. ) Coroner.
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