Don't build the wall, Don't build the wall...

One of Trump's campaign promises for the 2016 election included replacing Obamacare with something that was much better and cheaper. He also said he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico and have Mexico pay for it.
If you remember in many of his rallies they chanted 'Build the wall, Build the wall' Remember?

He had 4 years to do it and with a Republican backed congress and didn't.

So now, Joe Biden in his last year of the 2020 presidency is attempting to get a bi-partisan effort to approve funding to block illegal immigration across the US & Mexican border.

While this is happening, House Republicans vote to advance effort to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Secretary Mayorkas claiming that Mayorkas has committed high crimes and misdemeanors for his handling of the southern border.

Mayorkas stated that “the problems with our broken and outdated immigration system are not new” and called on Congress to help provide a legislative solution to the “historically divisive issue.” He praised the bipartisan group of senators he has worked with for its willingness to put their differences aside to try to find solutions at the border.

So while Biden himself has announced they are working on a plan, I'm seeing stories that congress is actually working against him. Why?
Because Trump told them to kill the deal.

Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson was asked if he spoke to Trump about it and he said no. (1:08 seconds into the video) then he stated he has talked to Trump (1:33 seconds into the video) and that's a direct contradiction. Some people would call him a liar.

What we see here is Trump manipulating Republican lawmakers not to approve a bi-partisan effort regarding securing the border.

Now, Trump is in the news as it appears to be, 'don't build the wall' as I need 'build the wall' as part of my 2024 campaign.

No, I didn't say that... but his actions did.

Former President Trump, the current GOP front-runner who has railed against the bipartisan border deal for weeks, denied the idea of trying to block President Biden, his likely rival in the 2024 election, from achieving a legislative win by passing the bill.

Another case of Links, kinks and political stinks...

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For once let's try some impartiality here.
When Trump became POTUS, MSM shot down just about every word that came from his mouth. I have never ever seen such a campaign launched against a sitting president in my life.
Was disgusting to to say the least.
And suddenly people are worried when he plans some retribution?
I say he deserves to give some payback to certain liars and instigators. cheers
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