Traitors And Deserters

Yes, that is what they are. Anybody who leaves his country for another because his own country is in bad hands is a traitor and a deserter. Buggering off to find a better living elsewhere only strengthens the hands of those who are mismanaging the country. scold

The irony is that migrants do not always find a better life. A large proportion end up as cheap labour or in crime or prostitution. And then too many of them lose their lives en route to their Utopia. Something need to be said about the host countries that allow such exploits. sigh

And then, after a few years, comes the disillusionment when things do not work out as expected. That is when you get the problems that France currently face with their migrants killing teachers and destroying goverment property. frustrated

If you cannot make it in your own country it is unlikely that you'll make it elsewhere. Stay where you are and fix the problems. Once you start running you never stop. mumbling

If storming the Bastille is the only way forward, then storm the effing Bastille. You don't run away when your country needs you. professor

I'm quite aware that people migrate for many other reasons. This blog is not about them, it only deals with one aspect of migration.mumbling
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Yeah, I think you might be missing some of the reasons why people flee.

I don't think name-calling holds much of a candle to it.
the Gripper Griping again?laugh
No, nothing missed. I'm quite aware that people have other reasons for leaving their countries but this blog is not addressing those. Here I'm dealing simply with those who seek a better life. So instead of trying to add other topics to my blog, why don't you post your own blog about the other reasons for emigration. But even so, fleeing will not topple a rogue regime. The right way is to stay and flight them. Running away is exactly what they want.

No name-calling here. I merely described them and those two words best describe them.

Anyway, you're entitled to an opinion and you have aired it.
mumbling uh oh
rolling on the floor laughing
Unfortunately yes. My greatest fan.doh
I wonder... Maybe she's got a cru... Oh shut up Catfoot!!!
I'm an Ex-Pat, I decided many years ago that the Philippines was a great location for travelling around Asia.

I have now retired here in Phils, my pensions go further than in the UK, the weather is always hot, and the people are some of the friendliest in the world.

I loved being able to attend lectures all over Asia when I was working the lecture circuit.

I love being able to fly to Hong Kong or Macau to visit friends, in less than 4 hours.

I love living on a tropical Island, with papaya trees and coconut trees in my front garden overlooking the sea.

One wonders if some have ever even left their birth town?
Thanks for submitting your CV. Unfortunately we have no vacancies at the present. Rest asure that we will keep it on record should a post become vacant.

Don't wear a shoe that does not fit. Your situation is not referenced in this blog so there is no need to be defensive.

And keep wondering. Thinking may be a new experience.
Oi, sunshine. You say in your profile you're a 9th generation Huguenot. So if your ancestors hadn't realized the persecution rampant in France at the time was destroying their futures you'd be blogging in French now - or never born, because certain key people in your family line had been snuffed out. At a guess they struggled big time at the start in Africa but did they do it so that 9 generations down the line you could call them traitors and deserters???


(Quite often here on CS I make brilliant debate responses (I know, modesty too) but instead of a response, I cease to exist so far as the baffled debaters are concerned. Forever more. Is this totsiens, meneer? Say it isn't so! rolling on the floor laughing)


rolling on the floor laughing
I was a tad offended by the topic, seeing as I'm living in my 4th country so far and generally to avoid those mismanaging the first 3 countries. God knows Spain isn't perfectly run but on the bright side I don't understand a word of any political arguments. dunno Sure as little fishes I could not have changed things by staying, one small voice in the wilderness, and I knew it would be tough as hell moving away from the familiar and comfortable and I gambled I had enough grit to make a new, safer, more secure life by going.

Except for the well-funded it is NEVER easy and it is ALWAYS a gamble and it is ALWAYS because things are bad and look as if they are getting worse.

That said I do think you're maybe talking more about refugees than migrants. I'm a serial migrant, if a migrant is someone who moves on by choice and not at a flat-out gallop with the dogs of Hell War and Persecution snapping at their heels?
Glad you finally made it home, Riz, although your heading still says "NOT in etc etc". You had to spend quite a while in That England when trapped by That Covid.

You did make the move for comfort reasons, I think, rather than to leave your countrymen in the lurch ...
If the person is in a position to help build his or her country in any way possible why leave? Either you don't like being ruled by certain people or you think your life might be in danger if one stays. I love everything about my country and I'm not afraid of dying. Thats SA I'm talking about... laugh

Now lets take Gaza ... hole hole hole super super super

Anyway if I did decide to leave, I'd do so for my own personal reasons and won't care 2 hoots who sez what.

As for the country, it's more beneficial for that specific country in the long run that those that feel they don't 'belong' leave..... asap.
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
I wondered if somebody would make the connection. But you cannot blame me for what my forefathers did, now can you?

Actually, they fled for their lives. Madame Guillotine was looking for them. My forefather who came here lost his parents to Madame Guillotine twenty years earlier when he was only one year old.

My blog is not about this, it refers to people running away when they cannot make it in their own country. Hardly a description of you or my forefathers.
hug wave
I thought of you when I wrote this blog and I wondered if you'd be offended. After debating it for about 29 milliseconds. I concluded that you would not take offence. I was right.
hug wine

rolling on the floor laughing
uh oh
Where is Gaza? Is it one of the former Soviet republics?
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Stirred up a hornet's nest again.
cheering rolling on the floor laughing
You look cute when annoyed.
I bet, you were thinking about my heritage My story is almost identical to Germanshpitz wink
In short, curiousity killed the cat, and there is no sutisfaction to bring her back.

Actually planing on going back to my motherland to be together with my country, mama,sister (who is in Ukraine for now) and my President
By the way that,s exactly what my father said (Traitor),when I was living. And he was right. I feel like traitor blues

I know how your father felt. I also have a child in Australia. First stop was England. I won't elaborate on the parting.sigh
So the parents who merely seek a better life for their children, like the right to an education for a daughter, they are traitors and cowards? You have a very narrow view. The Chinese who emigrate for a better life for their children, possibly not born, also traitors and deserters. Strange limits you place. You want to discuss people who emigrate for trivial reasons then do you? Like the right to youtube and google perhaps. Of course I totally disagree with you. Those of Afrikaner background (over 200,000) who came to Australia, they are likewise traitors? They didn't want the de Klerk government or apartheid or non-apartheid, whichever reason, all traitors were/are they?
I'm in my homeland fantaziya. British to the core but with a 7 year tour of Spain thrown in.hug
My understanding is that most of those 200,000 Afrikaners you speak of is POST 1994 when they were lured away by the Australian government with promises of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Its just a matter of time before these refugees and migrants in Europe, which are mainly young healthy men, take over completely.
I wondered when you would come to spill your poison here. barf
You must be a very unhappy old man to carry do much bitterness.
Of course using words like 'poison' when you in the title use 'traitors' and 'deserters' does not support your case, if we could call it a case at all. Nor do you reply to the idea of seeking education for female children as a genuine and even admirable reason for emigrating. Emigration, particularly to a country where one's first language is not spoken and qualifications are not recognised, is largely a sacrifice undertaken for the sake of a future generation. Your label of traitor and deserter is just absurd, and you are the one dishing out 'poison'
Absolutely disagree with your point. If nobody left their country and sat in country they born then such countries like Australia, NZ, North America , nor countries in South America and many others would not exist. People changing living place , migration happens all the time and not only for better living. Here are plenty factors that you dismissed.
Eish!! You're driving to bad women and cheap whisky. How does one get rid of you. Other people who disagree with me say so and go on with their lives but not you. What's the matter with you. Do you have an obsession with me?frustrated
Logic and reason are anathema to you. You do not have them, and are threatened and 'poisoned' (to quote your word) when confronted with them. Your assertion in this blog is utter nonsense, more so even than one has come to expect.
As I explained to somebody else, I'm aware that people migrate for various reasons. However, this blog deals with only one aspect of it. But, you are entitled to an opinion and so am I. Your difference in opinion is wave
Is there no end to you? If it is such nonsense, why do you waste you time here? I could do the same on your blog but I refuse to become like you. Unlike you, I don't delete unfavorable comments. You're just proving to everybody that you're a troll.tongue
Maybe some of these "traitors" you speak of could "desert" C.S.grin
I had the full count of the Three Stooges on this blog.doh

No they won't desert. But I will soon. Not for long though. We're going fishing for two weeks. It will give me enough time to think out more irritating topic for them. devil

It's just sorry that there is always a bit of collateral damage.
Jesus almightydoh
How difficult is to get the point here?!
Obviously a lot.
There's a difference in being a foreign pensioner in Spain or Bulgaria.
Looking for a job specialist.
And simply looking for an easier life without making the effort.
There's no place like home.
This is what I meant with collateral damage. Innocents caught in the crossfire. This is not about you.sad flower
You must be joking, right?
The countries you mentioned were already populated with people who had their lives the way they wanted before some idiots ruined it.
There's no pride in robbing other people's lives and land.
Who told you everyone wants to live your way?!
It amazes me everytime how arrogant and self centered people can be.
They believe their way is the only and the best way.
roll eyes
This from a man who totally ignores rational arguments on his own blogs rolling on the floor laughing I no longer bother but a few times in the past I've made a strong debate point on a blog of yours and awaited a response with interest but in vain. roll eyes
Make me the King of Giza (geeser) rolling on the floor laughing
and it will become a happe cross between las palmas and monaco in 3 weeks provided my
buddy Trump can keep the ay-a-tall a bad guys at bay for me, lol.
So yea....
Aluminim-ak Bar with happy hour each saturday will be open for business all over the strip
and basically all needs wil be attended to.
After that they all lived happily ever after.
Ehm this is the PLO blog rite?

One more commet, if I may wink

I heard on the news Norway here has to receive 30.000 more from Ukraine next year.
And I was thinking to myself, do we have to?
Who decided this. Not me.
Funny thing, when I first joined CS I ran into two Aussie trolls and since then collided with another two. If I did not know so many very nice Aussies I would have thought that they're all such arseholes. Actually, I'm not sure if I believe his profile. I think he's feigning an education by hiding behind a good English vocabulary which is normal for a native English speaker.uh oh
hug wave
Yes okay. I'll tell her when I see her again.dancing
Goes with the territory when you have no internal borders. Thank the EU.doh
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