A World Without Crime

Can you imagine a world without crime? A dreamworld? Don't be so sure. Let's think about how it will affect our lives and the environment. wow

For starters, all the police stations will be converted into information centres, each manned by an old lady with a sweet smile, which would put millions of police officers out of a job. Not that it would matter here in my country for they're a useless bunch, corrupt and only fit to assault drunks in the holding cells. sigh

Hmm, and the security companies, prisons and the courts of law and every other crime preventing institution will have to go as well, leaving millions more out of work. If you consider that waging war is also a crime, all defence forces will become redundant as well. And all the criminals will also be without work. Not just those in organised crime, even petty criminals. scold

Then we did not even discuss the loss of income to insurance companies, manufacturers of security products or military hardware, and the likes, not to mention what the loss of spending power will do to the world economy. wow

Whether you like to know it or not, we will always have crimes in our society because all the unemployment will lead right back to crime. Crime is probably the largest employer on the planet. professor
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Eradicating crime could be a financial problem for the US, for sure - inmates are put to work at far lower than minimum wage, producing goods. According to Wikipedia the federal minimum rate of pay (varying up or down from state to state) is $7.25. According to Business Review Berkeley (BRB) prisoners earn under $2 an hour - in a 2020 report, some as little as 25c an hour.

According to CareerAddict, top US companies using prison labour are Walmart, McDonalds, Compaq, Wendy's, Starbucks, etc. They all insist their programs are voluntary and provide skills for life once back outside, fair enough. Win win, and who wouldn't want to learn how to package holiday coffees, for instance. Time-consuming, labour-intensive, and who else in the country would do it so cheaply?

I don't have a problem with it per se, since I can't imagine anything worse than enforced idleness and nothing to do but plot how to be a better criminal once released. Break rocks or offer a useful service? However it is a bit thought-provoking that the US, running prisons at a profit, has the highest rate of population in prison AND more people in prison overall - over 2 million in 2023, compared to China, vastly larger population, with a mere 1.69 million. (Before I'm accused of blurting again - )

While I'm all for tapping a valuable resource, that's a lot of prisoners at one step above slave labour. Eradicate crime? That wouldn't go down well.

The money prisoners earn is pocket money. They get full board accommodation and privilages they choose to avail of at no cost.
You need to compare your pocket money after paying all living expences to theirs.
that we know of!
I must tell you that I'd be the last one to complain about forced labour for prisoners. I cannot see why law abiding taxpayers should pay for a criminal's rehabilitation or punishment.

Btw, I sure I know you.
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That's right. It costs fortune to accommodate prisoners. Over and above free boarding and lodging they have privileges like TV and pool tables that millions of poor people cannot afford.

It is too pleasant in jail. That is why they're full.
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Hmm, the Chinese are not exactly known for their transparency. But then it may be true. They are fairly fond of shooting protesters, so who knows what can happen to inmates. Who will know.
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Didn't intend to derail your blog, just to say there's not only a lot of employment through crime, as you said, but actual profits being made which would be lost if crime was eradicated. laugh

Also didn't intend to offend other readers. US facts and figures are transparent where other countries aren't, and a solution is a solution. I did say I didn't have a problem with it as a solution. My bad to also comment it could be abused. Should have left that to be pointed out.

Born with my foot in my mouth. foot in mouth only open it to change feet. sigh

Oh, but you did none of that.dancing wave
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
And I'm sure you do too.

Just think: Mimi, Molly baby, Mountainman and Spain.


If crime is eradicated then too the politicians making all those sometimes idiotic laws must go too.
Right!!! Just give them the opportunity to scrap all those laws before we shoot them. Without laws, idiotic or otherwise, nothing is illegal, so no crime. doh

I must therefore conclude that lawmaking politicians are the cause of all criminal activities.professor
Everyone knows why a fence is put up and usually somewhere along the fence is a gate.
To climb over the fence is illegal but going through the gate is perfectly legal.
To use the 'gate' its required from you to fill in forms a,b,c (red tape) which is the application for the key that opens the gate and approval to the right applicant is guaranteed not to exceed 3 months. On finally receiving the keys after 5 months you find that the keys don't fit the lock to the gate.
I strongly refute claims that I'm a criminal but I do make an effort to climb over the fence at times.
With no intentions of inciting a crime or encouraging damage to property, may I humbly suggest cutting a hole in the fence? cool

It will simplify repeated crossings.professor
Or, if it's milk you're looking for you can milk a cow through the fence. grin dancing joy
True but somehow I don't think he's after the milk.

As I said earlier, I'm not trying to incite criminal activities but It's more likely that the cow will get more attention than a mere bucket of unpasteurized milk.
cheers wave
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