A stranger in Jerusalem

Wow!!! So many new faces and so few old faces. I have been away for too long or maybe just popped in at the wrong time.confused dunno wave
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The latter. laugh

Welcome back, but don't expect the world..: roll:
@ Catfoot,

Hi, some of us oldies are still on here, hope that you are keeping well, mate.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you... santa waving
Who is this strange man?
Hi Cat. welcome back. One of the finest bloggers from the past.... thumbs up

Now, alls we need is one from the present and one from the future......we all have it here on WWW CS......

Think A Christmas Carol... laugh
Hello Cat,

Nice to see you around again. thumbs up

Hi to all of you! Not really back. Just popped in to see what it's like on CS these days. Eish, so many missing faces. Anyway, merry Xmas to all of ya!

Maybe the new year will be less eventful so I can spend some time here again. Too many dear ones died in the last two years.
Catfoooooooooootttttt!! reunion

Art told me you’re back and I didn’t believe him at first!! We missed you. He has always enjoyed your blogs and so do I.

And look who’s here too! Hans! applause
Hi Mimi,

I'm never too far away.

I trust that you and Art are getting along well, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you both...

yay And a very merry Xmas to you too buddy.

And to everyone else stopping on your blog, I know there will be many.cheers
En die kat kom weer...

Cat reunion
Hello Cat!

Just great to see you visiting again! You've been gone, but not forgotten, haha.
All we need now is for Snookums to show! heh heh

Snookums (spikkels999) is back, she's active on the forums.

Hey Cat
Nice to see you around
Happy Holidays to youwave wine
Hi stranger! bouquet
I often read older blogs, and you are not only a familiar face from the better days, when bloggers were intelligent and funny and could bang on more than one drum, you brought out a few goodies from before who don't show up very often now. yay Please visit again rolling on the floor laughing

I'm pleased to see that my blog had solicited a response from some old faces.applause
I may just show my face again sometimes. It was great fun being here. So who can tell.wave
Well here's a blast from the past wow

Haven't seen or heard from you since the Dub blonde exploded on the blogs ...
never would of taken you for one to believe in gossip, but oh well, yesterdays news snooty
Hi Itchy, Scratchy here... wave

Happy New Year, Girl... cheering

What Dub blonde?,,, and what gossip? dunno

bouquet teddybear
Hi Itchy, thanks for decorating my blog with your good lookslove but I fear I don't know what you are talking about.confused I did not leave with bad feelings towards anybody. I will have to look back on my last few blogs to see what you are talking about... Unless if you care to enlighten me.
wine wave
@ Catfoot,

Itchy's comment was directed at me... conversing

conversing wave
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