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Putting Paid To BBQ Fires

“Come, I want to show you something,” said the salesman as he parked the one-tonne demo model pick-up truck in the parking lot of a busy shopping center. He left the engine running. He led me to the back of the pick-up truck, took a coin out his pocket, inserted it in a slot on the freight deck, gave it a half-turn and lifted a panel to reveal a BBQ grid. confused

“See,” he continued while he produced a parcel with four mutton chops and a few pieces of sausage which he laid out on the grill, “you only need to flip this lever here to divert the exhaust gas through the heat exchanger below and you have enough heat to BBQ your meat.” blah

He fetched two ice-cold beers from a cooler box and we stood there sipping beers while the meat sizzled on the artificial fire and the shoppers looked at us curiously. Then the police arrived and a sergeant informed us that we may not make fires in the parking lot. The salesman proudly explained the cooking process to the bamboozled servant of the law. shock

“So what do you think?” the salesman asked me after the law had left. “I don’t know, “I said reluctantly, “I don’t need a pick-up truck with a built-in BBQ. I already have a truck.” dunno

“But it is not a truck with a BBQ,” he retorted, “It is a mobile BBQ capable of transporting goods.” idea

“That’s brilliant! I never thought of it in that way,” I said as I reached for the pen and the sales contract, seeing the new laptop I plan to buy flying out the window. heart wings

Then I hear the piercing noise coming from somewhere and as I reach out to silence it, I wake up and realize that I’m only dreaming. And I sat there rubbing my eyes while the insanity of sleeping ebbs out my numbed brain.yawn

Eish! The shit I can dream. And we never got around to eating that meat! doh
cats meow cats meow

Have a great day! wave

Comments (11)

Good morning, Catfoot. wave
I had a dream too last night.. a weird one. I couldn't remember what it was about but I remember how I felt scared in my dream. blues
Hi Kal,
When I sleep on my back I get weird dreams. There was a time when I was so hooked to weird dreams that I purposely slept on my back to have weird dreams.doh
wine hug
I bet that is how some great ideas come to pass is through dreams. You had a fun dream and lucky to remember it. Too bad you didn't get to eat.

I've heard of mutton chops in language but never seen or heard an American call anything a mutton chop? Would that be lamb?
Hi UnFayzed,
A sheep. Lamb chops are too small.

I once heard an Americans call a T-Bone steak a Beef Chop which is accurate enough. It was just a strange word to me. I cannot remember what part of the USA he came from.
wine hug
Are you two talking about steaks?
Oohhh I do love Salmon Steaks. smitten

The other day, I had three dreams in three nights in a row. In every dream I did the same thing but with a different man. shock
Talking about weird dreams, eh? laugh
Hi Kal,
I fear I'd not be able to comment on your dream until you're prepared to tell us what you did with three different men. Going to see the same movie with three different men can be rather boring while going bungee jumping with three different men will certainly be very exciting.laugh
wine hug
Your invention won't be popular in South Africa. There is no better place to drink than next to a fire. If there's meat involved, it is a. Bonus.thumbs up
Hi Not4
My Sentiments too but it could have some possibilities if you're stuck behind a pile-up on the N1. laugh
cheers wave
It looks as if you are the trend setter here. I noticed when you blogged about homosexuals it treaded the next day, then when you blogged about this site it treaded the next day and now insanity is trending. I suppose it is just my imagination.
Really, I did not notice. If you were correct then BBQs and funny dreams and or pick-up trucks should trend but I don't see any of that blooming anywhere.mumbling
By the way, you should disable that autocorrect. It makes you look illiterate.laugh

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