Striking the first blow...

Often... maybe too often, when you have people commenting on a blog who have a difference of opinion to other comments on the blog, will say something to inflame another person... be it the OP or another commenter.
Sometimes it's intentional or sometimes harmless words that are are misconstrued.
Political orientation, religion, ethnic background are hot topics where one person will 'strike the first blow' in an attempt to start a confrontation, often with name calling or words intended to put someone down. Usually, the first blow won't be the last and whenever the opportunity exists, it's like pulling off a scab and allowing the wound to bleed again... striking another blow!

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Guitarist Jeff Beck (1944-2023) released an album in in 1975 titled Blow by Blow.

One of my favorite cuts was the first song on the 2nd side titled "Cause We've Ended as Lovers"

Here he is in a live nightclub performance:

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