It's almost New Years Eve, and I have mixed feelings about fireworks

Earlier today, something dawned on me!

It's almost 2024!

Well, when I say almost, I mean in exactly two months. Soon, it's Christmas, and one week after that, we're having a New Years celebration.

I, as usual, am not doing anything other than play video games all day long, because I don't really have a desire to attend New Years Eve parties. I would much rather stay home, eat some good food and play some video games or watch movies. Last NYE, I did exactly that, and it was fantastic. I can go to bed whenever I want to - I am not forcing myself to stay awake because someone might find me boring if I go to bed at 1 am.

New Years Eve brings out the topic of fireworks, and why I think it's troubling.

The whole concept of fireworks in private hands boggles my mind. Who in their right mind went "Ah yes, for one evening a year, regular people are allowed to get blindingly drunk while handling explosives.."? Because that's exactly what is happening: People getting drunk while handling small bombs.

If it was up to me, fireworks should be banned from private hands, unless they have a fireworks license or an explosives certification. Also, every time I see something shoot up into the sky and blow up, all I can think is "There goes 500 kroner. There goes 200 kroner.."..

Here's a thought that I share with a few others: Fireworks is a waste of money. You might as well just set fire to your money. Back in 2021, there was a story about some guy who spent 24 grand on fireworks, about $3388, because he thought it was nice.. Back in 2021, they estimated that the Danes spent 450 million kroner on fireworks. 450 million.. That's the equivalent of $63.4 million. If we divide 450 million with 5.8 million, which was the population back in 2021, on average, each Dane spent 77.5 million kroner on fireworks that year, or about $10 million - each.

Surely that money could be spent better somewhere else..
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I really like fireworks, but they're exceeding environmentally unfriendly and scare the bejesus out of animals.

My last rescue dog was a 30kg Lurcher who tried to hide in the 2cm gap under the fridge the first Guy Fawkes night (5th November) he lived with me.

I think there's a growing trend for laser, or other light displays to replace them.
When we were kids we'd pick lemons off the neighbors tree, punch a hole in it with a stick, insert firecracker, light it, then throw as far as we could, Yelling.... " INCOMING" .
Fun times!
It's a constant surprise to me that any boys growing up in the middle of the last century survived into adulthood. laugh
With all ten fingers no less! laugh
Guy Fawkes night was part of my childhood as were the annual eye and hand injuries, house fires and fear maddened dogs - I think we used to have a bonfire every year until I was about 10. Roman candles and Catherine wheels and penny bungers. Somewhere around the 80s fireworks were totally banned for private consumption here. Yet crazily I see some member of parliament is trying to get them permitted again. Guy Fawkes is scarcely relevant here in Oz, is he? What a grizzly end he and other plotters came to!
November the 5th in England, the burn a catholic day, and all done in the best possible taste.
Nothing can replace real Fireworks!professor
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