America's bleeding ulcer...

You may think, how is it possible for a country to have a medical condition like a bleeding ulcer. Read on... we can talk about it.
In the 70's it seemed like many of my friends had a parent who had a bleeding ulcer and they complained profusely about it. Lots of them were smokers, heavy drinkers taking medicines and being on restricted diets, but that didn't work. Eventually, doctors figured out a combination of antibiotic and bismol that made ulcers go away. No ulcers... no complaints.

I did a blog last week about building a wall (across the Mexican border) to stop illegal immigration. This has been going on for decades. Yeah... decades. Lots of talk (read: complaints) but no action. Republicans continue to complain, many directly blaming Biden for the situation they faced before he became president.

Trump ran a campaign on building a wall to stop immigration but was unsuccessful in doing so. Why?

Conservatives didn't like Roe versus Wade and constantly complained about it. Trump installed a few conservative supreme court justices and eventually the law of the land had changed with Trump claiming credit. That essentially stopped the complainers about the issue of legal abortion. They got what they wanted... except they need to find something different to complain about and to use in their campaigns.

What we have now would appear to be a history first... Democratic president Joe Biden has been instrumental in getting a bi-partisan bill directly aimed at resolving the immigration problem. He's doing it without a wall. No catch & release, faster processing, ability to block illegal drugs from entering our country. This is not a small step in immigration reform. It's a giant leap.

House speaker Mike Johnson is killing the plan. It became obvious that approving a deal like this in an election year would be making Biden successful and taking away from Trump to use illegal immigration in his campaign. Essentially Mike doesn't want Biden to cure a bleeding ulcer.

All the news media realize it. The republicans have stopped the progress to literally end their complaints about immigration... because it's an issue that Trump needs to campaign on.

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It still looks like the People are doing what the US govt doesn't want to do Chat, the US southern border is a national security issue and should be taken more seriously than backing Israel or bombing the crap out of Iraq and Syria..

There's something wrong with the priorities of US govt Chat, i hope you guys can get a handle on the situations of border and govt...
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