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ForgivenessWhat forgiveness is about? Man in angry ,he don,t forgive,is too hard to forgive if he is hurted so much from him who done bad.But God said if you do...

starrayfil61-Mar 16

"No One Is Perfect" Therefore We Supposed To Make Mistakes!( By falicia's Own Experiences)So Do Not Worry If You Do Make Mistakes! Just Learn from Them! And Try Not To Do Them Again! Do Not Let Any one To Disrespect You, Because You Di...

falicia1967Mar 12Mar 16
Ive been away for about ten years and now Im back

I've been away for about ten years, and now I'm backWhere are all the hot sexy Blondes hiding...

aJester221000Mar 15
My Austrian Girl stood me up last night

My Austrian Girl stood me up, . . last nightYep, . . .she probably got intimidated, . . by the pic of Bearnice I was supposed to meet her in my dreams, . . .and she never showed up, . ....

aJester221,60635Oct 2010Mar 15
How do you feel when you see youre ex out and about

How do you feel, when you see you’re ex out and about?I have seen my ex out and about…since we split up and early stages I was thinking about becoming just friends with her, but I decided not to do this…a...

LeeCharming1114Mar 15Mar 15
Is it being old fashion or simple courtesy and respect

Is it being old fashion or simple courtesy and respect?I agree, modern times have distorted our approach to courting. A door being opened, dressing for an occasion or pulling a chair out. I try to pra...

Palmfrond27328Mar 15Mar 15

I respect my parents but...I feel owe them and I did have means to pay back I would and every venture I tried come up with; hydroponics would been something pays us back and...

LuckyDuck2018650Mar 15

i am sorryits the only way I know how basic education I just FEEL I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING this is the very worst that's german spelling I have ever been on peo...

stinger11423513Mar 15Mar 15

Terrific timely book....In the Closet of the Vatican, by French open homosexual, F. Martel. Fits nicely in with the hypotheses I acknowledge in the memoirs. In particular, th...

Vierkaesehoch25610Mar 14Mar 15

In the Closet of the Vatican.........more dirt. This author claims, with believable, but probably anecdotal evidence, that the stronger the dissing of gays by these Church functionari...

Vierkaesehoch1400Mar 15

Voy a mi bolaMove along please folks unless you can help me with some Spanish colloquialisms because I suspect my leg is being gently pulled ... not going to say w...

Elegsabiff29133Mar 14Mar 15

So it is a boring nightMy solution is to type in the names of 10 countries I never visit in search, then send likes to the first 10 ladies in each, followed by love poetry t...

Ken_191125Mar 10Mar 15
Track161445Mar 13Mar 15
Track161125Mar 15Mar 15
I just love it when

I just love it whenThe red shirted fool on the hill gets a big b*tch slap reality check from one of his groupies and deletes not just her comment .but the whole blog......

Onthcrestofawave72024Feb 28Mar 15

Hollywood College Scandal - Question I Have.....By now most have been aware of the massive Hollywood College scandal involving celebrities paying to have their children accepted into universities th...

Willy34111216Mar 14Mar 15

How was your day, anything needed to bring on a smile?I was in the six item express lane at the store quietly fuming. Completely ignoring the sign, the woman ahead of me had slipped into the check-out l...

bcjenny17011Mar 12Mar 14
Games people play

Games people playNo, really, games, like video. My tennis partner invited me over for a match last week. After, he showed me a video game he was playing. In this ga...

Palmfrond1429Mar 14Mar 14

Sailing dreamLife changes constantly . Boys are moving out this Sept with the new school year and I've decided I want to go sailing. I've always wanted to go sa...

lshtar58236Jul 2018Mar 14

DISAPPEARING BLOGGER ????Its D day today for our Brexit and thought I'd bump zman up can't find him on this very important day. Hope he has not been handcuffed no n...

EXRED26818Mar 12Mar 14

UghWhy is here so boring? You mesaage people, they read your message but no reply, it sucks....

Rol1211396Mar 13Mar 14

Was Obama a Manchurian Candidate?Was Obama a Manchurian Candidate?.... i say yes.... millions and millions of dollars spent to keep all of his records sealed. If there wasn't anything...

Willy341126922Mar 13Mar 14
stringman1044Mar 13Mar 14
Stop Scroll no Further

Stop, Scroll no FurtherI was surfing online women. I come across a profile the title is, (Stop, Scroll no Further) It is true because of her beauty at her age stopped me...

timotie26217Mar 7Mar 14

Paul Paul Paul...It looks like Paul Manafort got off easy with only 47 months of prison for tax and bank fraud. That's only one hurdle as he awaits sentencing in DC w...

chatillion23118Mar 7Mar 14

Some things to think aboutThe paradox of our time in history is: We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; We spend more...

bcjenny12810Mar 13Mar 13
Track16981Mar 13Mar 13

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp reportedly down for users worldwide.BREAKING: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp reportedly down for users worldwide. 10:48 AM - 13 Mar 2019

Willy341119012Mar 13Mar 13
The show must go on

The show must go onI tuned in this morning and got involved in an altercation with a blogger who I (to hide his identity) will call "snowflake" He was calling a femal...

Onthcrestofawave229-Feb 1Mar 13

The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - This should scare ALL Americans, Democrat or RepubThis is not about Republicans or Democrats, this is insight into a new political movement that will scare you....The Justice Group; created by the You...

Willy341124318Mar 11Mar 13

The Firing of a weather ladyThis is a local news item in my town and it involves a television station that I was employed at from 2002 through 2013 so this in my mind is blog wor...

Willy34111666Feb 12Mar 13
Data and other junk

Data and other junkThe death of a device. My laptop died the other day. A bunch of stuff locked in a box i can't access. It's like a time capsule of sorts. Now,...

Palmfrond2069Mar 1Mar 13

Despite Trump's denials, new witness states that hush money was paid for political gainOriginally Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal had the same lawyer, who negotiated with Michael Cohen. But Cohen did not make a timely payment, which n...

JimNastics22518Mar 11Mar 13

Valentines Day bluesThis is quite a month long late blog. It really started a week before Valentines Day. The Japanese line leader(Note that I just started in that factor...

tatami1135Mar 13Mar 13
Track162015Mar 9Mar 12
Lukeon17314Mar 12Mar 12

Want/need to lose weight? Then this is for you, simple, easy and cheap.............As I was washing my hair in the shower this morning, I read the label on the shampoo bottle and I’m still in shock! The shampoo I use while showering...

bcjenny1805Mar 11Mar 12

AI, and just what goes on in counseling......Individual adult therapies, groups for children, families, couples, even our dogs. Most folks would be surprised to learn of how the various progra...

Vierkaesehoch1602Mar 12Mar 12

Could Brexit be the catalyst to finally unite Ireland ?All signs point to a "no Brexit" exit from the EU for Great Britain. Opposition from conservative members to some of the major issues - including the...

Willy34111122Mar 12Mar 12

Robby the robot is our friend!I'll just say this: The torch has been passed to, and firmly grasped by the next generation.... "workers should be "excited" about having their jo...

BadlyDrawn18511Mar 11Mar 12

Dangers to marriage.....are many. The divorce stats agree. We read that, apart from adultery, money issues may form the biggest threats. Of course, there are many more, and s...

Vierkaesehoch22412Mar 9Mar 12

Cover songsCover songs can be good or not so good depending on your taste in music and the quality of the song being remade. A friend of mine yesterday put this...

Willy34111018Mar 11Mar 11
EXRED: "PURE SURVIVAL"(meet us in the poems)

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