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Has feminism damaged relations between men and women in modern day society

Has feminism damaged relations between men and women in modern day societyGood question about modern society and I wonder what other folks think? Has feminism divided men and women? Has feminism created Misandry? Has fem...

Freedomofspeech91,869-Aug 5Aug 23
Angry White Males

Angry White MalesThe blogs here have a certain negative quality as of late... Men calling other males manginas, or putting women down because we now have more cont...

loulou7749835Aug 22Aug 23
One packing problem sorted

One packing problem sortedHow long does bubbly last, anyway? I found six, count them, six, bottles (so far) waiting to be packed. I don't even remember who gave me the first fe...

Elegsabiff57275Aug 19Aug 23

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(64)Of Course They Care...After All....If They Didnt Lay Their John Hancock Down... Along With Those Words Of Concern... As The Others Like Them Did On Th...

namaron1303Aug 22Aug 23

The Enigma of WomenAlthough I adore women, they are an enigma, no guide books or code breaking machines are yet capable of deciphering or understanding what these beauti...

Mapmaker80676Aug 21Aug 23
the world turns

the world turnsAll my life I have wanted this Rotato. I have long dreamed of it; I am beside myself thinking of the moments it could make possible. Sometimes I dre...

eeejay18310Aug 23Aug 23
All That Matters

All That MattersAll That Matters...

jarred141-Aug 23
I am write pen pals now

I am write pen pals nowI like to write to you as a pen pal now . I sit here all alone and like to write back and forth to you . Come and write to me...

ladywhisper1231472Aug 23Aug 23
Time Gets Better With Age

Time Gets Better With AgeRead it through to the end, it gets better as you go! I've learned that I like my teacher because she cries when we sing "Silent Night." Age 5 I...

Gentlejim893Aug 23Aug 23
After Every Mistake

After Every Mistake…..After Every Mistake….....

jarred150-Aug 23
Track16980Aug 22
NewYorkcitylove56-Aug 22
Two Ants

Two AntsTwo ants wandered into a large-screen TV. After crawling around for hours and hours the first ant started to cry. “I think we’re lost! We’ll never...

Gentlejim1365Aug 22Aug 22
Premonition Are You Ready To Die No Thanks

Premonition...Are You Ready To Die? No, Thanks!Given a choice when that big day arrives, how would you like to die? I surely wouldn't want to die after being a burden to my family for a long tim...

Crazyheart3858166Aug 21Aug 22
Fake news BBC PRIESTS allegedly fathering children

Fake news BBC....PRIESTS allegedly fathering children......liberal pandering never in short supply with editorial support from the vastly overpaid higher ups at the new Bush House. Today we hear that an Iri...

Aaltarboy1293Aug 22Aug 22

I'm BoredWho wants to have skype sex? JOKING. Cold here tonight, summer almost over here, pretty soon it will be coloured leaves and cold wind's....

Track161735Aug 19Aug 22
We hide our demons so good

We hide our demons so goodWe hide our demons so good...

jarred151-Aug 22

Just had a hot steamy dateI saw her across the room, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, she came closer, I could smell her scent, I smiled, she seemed to smile back, my heart...

Mapmaker38336Aug 21Aug 22

MGTOW Pt IIHow to tow an MG. Before you start, you must determine what kind of MG you have. Is it an MGA, MGB MGTD or a variant of same? It could be an MG M...

ooby_dooby1053Aug 22Aug 22
Isnt it Ironic

Isn't it Ironic?That a man who goes by the name of "freedomofspeech" would ban anybody from commenting on his blog?...

ooby_dooby27014Aug 21Aug 22
Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse.....joining family tomorrow on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park to enjoy this rare 2 minute astrophysical phenomenon. But I also marvel at the a...

Aaltarboy1366Aug 20Aug 22
Dont Change Yourself

Dont Change Yourself….Dont Change Yourself…....

jarred154-Aug 22
Same person different profile on different dating sites

Same person; different profile on different dating sitesI had spotted what appeared to me to be an absolutely beautiful, clean, well dressed young woman on a dating site several years ago. Within a day, sh...

NYYankee46430Aug 15Aug 22

"ALL YOU NEED IS ONE""Sung To The Tune"...("All You Need Is Love") "Theres Nothing You Cant Do If You Have One" "Theres Nothing You Cant See Under The Sun" "Every Day...

namaron3806Oct 2016Aug 21

dreams and goalswe all have dreams and goals, i hope. i hope and dream that we all have dreams and goals. after all, those are what help motivate us to get through...

freehand45662Aug 21Aug 21
RIP Chester

RIP ChesterI was in my late teen when i first heard this song on my dad's old casset recorder + radio.. i waited for a number of days listening to the radio to g...

AmyC20171010Aug 21
Red dress blue dress

Red dress, blue dress.Getting ready for a posh dinner party: Your wife comes down the stairs wearing a red dress and asks if you like it - you agree in the affirmative. The...

ChrisJWood78818Jul 21Aug 21
Choose your partner wisely

Choose your partner wiselyI have a friend a guy from middle east (22 years old) who knew a local woman 37 years old (a widow with one daughter 5 years old) online for 2 years t...

Davinadia35812Jul 5Aug 21
Everyone has their own boat

Everyone has their own boatEveryone has their own boat...

jarred144-Aug 21
NewYorkcitylove81-Aug 21
non relationships

non-relationshipsI would like to discuss non-relationships. What is a non-relationship? I don't know. It's something I have just invented and I hope to figure out w...

eeejay23016Aug 20Aug 21

A Drunk Woman Is Watching TV And Yells"Don't go there, don't go into that church you dumb b*tch." Her husbands asks "what are you watching?" She replies "our wedding video."...

Track161555Aug 20Aug 21
Be thankful

Be thankful…Be thankful…...

jarred150-Aug 21
stringman1316Aug 20Aug 21
Track16841Aug 20Aug 21

The Mysterious Hitchhiker EpilogueAnd that is the brief story of Slim and I. I never got his real name. I suppose the name given to one as an adult might be more fitting. In this ca...

freehand28728Aug 19Aug 20
Women through the ages

Women, through the ages....Watching a series of lectures produced by The Teaching Co., as part of their Great Courses Series. College level presentations, for the most part, on...

Aaltarboy1807Jul 20Aug 20
The ongoing saga of the rental units

The ongoing saga of the rental units....OK, statistically, my sample size is tiny. So my whine here is anecdotal. But I'm wondering if other changes in civility, honesty, responsibility, ab...

Aaltarboy862Aug 20Aug 20
Can President Trump following all the

Can President Trump, following all themany executive orders of his affirmative action predecesor, B Hussein O,, pull for service evaluation, the broadcast licenses of so-called public medi...

Aaltarboy20110Aug 19Aug 20

A perfect startI arise, dress and stroll through the quiet crime free streets to the local coffee bar. Its only 6:30am and the sky twinkles with stars. We are...

Mapmaker44842Aug 20Aug 20
Its A Choice

Its A Choice….Its A Choice…....

jarred160-Aug 20
Yet anothe gender bender blog

Yet anothe gender bender blog...The joys of faceless blogging... Not only can you hide your face but you can also hide / change your gender ... And if you can't find anyone you can...

oldblue5430119Aug 20Aug 20

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