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DeceptionWho has the time for it? I know I don’t. What a waste of time. To bullshit is to prolong disappointment. We have so many hours in the day. Why f*ck a...

Palmfrond3238May 4Jun 6
Fatberg in some of our fishing lakes

Fatberg in some of our fishing lakesIn parts of my area there is a issue in bodies of water which have been experiencing something which is referred to being Fatbergs in our lakes. h...

Bearwoman1212Jun 6Jun 6

Intimate friendshipIt seems to me those two words partially define most 2 lovers involved with each other. While there can be periods where one is without an intimate f...

JimNastics892Jun 6Jun 6
Bentlee1604May 7Jun 6

Thanks ...I saw this today and blinked and read it again and hello? Although this isn't a blog likely to generate the kind of chat I like, I thought maybe you t...

Elegsabiff31716May 3Jun 6
so what all women in this site doing the same

so what ???!!! all women in this site doing the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am72 yr-old woman seeking man, 72-82 Located inKilleen, Texas, USA Your message cannot be sent, because you do not fit Cheynate's Mail Settings T...

needyoubyfastway27712May 24Jun 6

Post-election - now what?Yesterday saw the biggest shift in Danish politics - ever! One party was effectively halved, making it VERY difficult for them to get pretty much a...

Philipsen882Jun 6Jun 6

Concealed truths/facts ....When a woman applies for a job, at her interview fails to mention she is pregnant..... when after being hired her employer later on finds out she is...

itchywitch409-Jun 2Jun 6
Intimate friendship

Intimate friendshipWhere are is enough people left in World who still have friends that that are intimate friendship I've never found it anywhere in the world...

Kenneth68443212Jun 1Jun 5

I HEARD it and FELT it This really touched my inner heart...and I dropped tears . He...

ayoneq1522Jun 4Jun 5

20 year anniversary since the release of the second most popular pop song in historyOnly Chubby Checker had a single that sold more copies. This song enabled Santana to win 3 Grammys and is now frequently played at weddings and still...

JimNastics1302Jun 5Jun 5

Summers outNot that we ever get much of one but my most reliable good weather-fore cast man has warned no sun for Ireland this summer My life, my proje...

itchywitch213-Jun 4Jun 5

"CREATION"..("STORY UNTOLD")..(140)Oh Yeah Thats Right.....................I Almost Forgot That I Have To Fill In The Heading ....................Before I Can Actually Write ..............

namaron1485Jun 4Jun 5

HDMS Absalon!I am going to write a few blogs, describing some of the ships that the Danish Navy has at its disposal. Let's start with Absalon. HDMS (Her Dan...

Philipsen852Jun 5Jun 5
Theyll get you in the end

They’ll get you in the endThey say you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. A way round that might be to take the water to the horse and just wait for it to give...

Harbal58862Apr 22Jun 5
I want Louie back

I want Louie backLouis CK. You may love him, hate him, or not know who he is at all. He's mostly known as a comedian and a pervert. This shouldn't really surprise anyo...

BadlyDrawn14011Jun 5Jun 5

deathcan corruption buy death a woman who had her father rich got away with it while she had 2 men fighting with knives in her bedroom and they killed e...

Genuis1488Jun 5Jun 5
Groomed and Brainwashed

Groomed and BrainwashedIt would be interesting to know exactly what is behind the onslaught of rabid and mainly right wing blogs here, and to a lesser extent, the wacky, en...

Harbal94072Jun 4Jun 5

Breaking News - Trump's last HopeThis is today 6/4/2019 from Reuters; Ex-Trump aide Hicks agrees to hand over campaign documents to Congress By David Morgan and Steve Hollan...

JimNastics26024Jun 4Jun 5

When Paul became Paula...I was hired to work as a draftsman for a cabinet manufacturer around 1977. This was right after a housing market slump. The company downsized to survi...

chatillion19513May 27Jun 5

Voting done and other things!Today, I woke up at around 8 am, and I slowly got out of bed. I am not really worth anything in the morning, so it takes some time for me to really ge...

Philipsen620Jun 5

Tupperware never dies...I would think the entire word heard about Tupperware products. If you haven't... Tupperware is the name of air-tight kitchen storage products created...

chatillion15110Jun 2Jun 4

Enough Obstruction of Justice evidence to convict someone already contained in the Mueller reportToday from Reuters; U.S. May 6, 2019 / 5:54 PM / Updated 2 hours ago Mueller report justifies obstruction charges vs Trump: ex-U.S. Justice Dep...

JimNastics26421May 6Jun 4

Observant quick thinking deputy saves sleeping couple from venomous Rattle Snake in TennesseeImagine you and your significant other fall asleep on pavement in each other's arms. The next thing you realize is a sheriff's deputy awakens you to...

JimNastics1216Jun 3Jun 4

If you ride a HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycle...If you ride a HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycle... Happy Muthas Day to you....

chatillion1403May 12Jun 4

Election tomorrow!June 5th is Constitution Day here in Denmark. We celebrate our constitution, by giving people a half day off. This year, however, is a bit special, be...

Philipsen621Jun 4Jun 4
Talking to ourselves

Talking to ourselvesMe: I can’t have told you, I had some really good news about (insert topic here) DD: yes you did Me: Oh. You didn’t say anything. DD: I didn’t re...

Elegsabiff20018Jun 4Jun 4

Overexposure of politicians!It is election season here in Denmark. In three days time, we are either electing a new government, or we are "stuck" with the current one. Everywh...

Philipsen712Jun 2Jun 4

FridayI know I have a dinner to attend and instantly got a headache being reminded of it. I didn't say I was not coming. But I got the headache after...

usha12343741May 31Jun 4

Unable to sleep.These past few days, I have been unable to get a good nights sleep. I am not sure if the temperature has something to do about it, because I am used t...

Philipsen87-Jun 4

To Think, It's Just a HatMelania makes the hat look good......

hpylady_840Jun 3
Percy Turner

Percy TurnerThere’s a little butcher’s shop down a narrow street in the South Yorkshire village of Jump. You could drive past that little shop and never even not...

Harbal25933Jun 2Jun 3

Robert Mueller resigns todayToday in VOX; Robert Mueller has resigned because his investigation is over By Catherine Kim May 29, 2019, 1:40pm EDT During a surpris...

JimNastics87088May 29Jun 3
stringman22427Jun 1Jun 3

I've decided to join the Victoria Secret photograph them. Unfortunately, they have not yet decided to pose for me. Naturally, there are.... Excuse me, I'll get back to this bl...

JimNastics1101Jun 3Jun 3

DeadwoodIs BACK! Season 3 episode 0 ran last week. Same characters. The passage of time is in the script. Marshal Bullock now has children. Al Sw...

Ken_19580Jun 3

I have decided to join the army.Earlier today, I came to the realization, that it would be difficult for me to find a job, so I looked up some information on when it would be too lat...

Philipsen35522Jun 2Jun 3
My opinion on opinions

My opinion on opinionsOne purpose of the blogs is to express your opinion. Quite a few just post videos or cut and paste articles; which is not so much expressing an opini...

Harbal1,04193Jun 1Jun 3

AG Barr Wrecks ‘BOGUS’ COLLUSION CONSPIRACY THEORYSeems as if AG Barr is getting ready to whoop some A-ss AG Barr Wrecks ‘BOGUS’ COLLUSION CONSPIRACY THEORY If you think this Attorney Genera...

My_Lover1244Jun 2Jun 3
true story

true storya guy i worked with who was a religious person blurted out one day "black people are cursed" ! he had on occasion come out with such classic urba...

Nice2meetyoutoo870Jun 3

THIS IS NOT NORMAL as you know the southern states in the US has been hit hard with tornados and flooding....

stringman30617May 30Jun 2
ICC Cricket

ICC CricketAnyone watching/following the current world cup?...

Lukeon2945Jun 2Jun 2
Agentbob: "7.1 McPeeps !"(meet us in the blogs)

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