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When you are expected to pay for lunch or dinner on the first date offline. Online dating No.2Below follows, online conversation as part of online dating part no. 2, M: Be careful with eating if you don’t have way to spend all that food....

Stargazer11182745Jan 30Mar 13

How do you deal with people who simply talk too much?How do you deal with people who simply talk too much?...

jarred171-Mar 13
Track16761Mar 13Mar 13
Serious blog boobs

Serious blog - boobs.Is it even possible to write a blog asking about breasts, aka tits, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, boulde...

Elegsabiff1,896161Mar 2Mar 13
SAPIOSEXUALITY What Attracts You To The Opposite Sex

SAPIOSEXUALITY - What Attracts You To The Opposite Sex?After reading a friend´s poetry, I was extremely enlightened and have now found a name for my rather specific prerequisites about what attracts me to...

daniela7771,519136Feb 26Mar 13

DoveI found her Stretched out, as if she was leaping Her eyes, parted, still sparkled Her returning glance, stilled by death In shock, myself, still...

Palmfrond871Mar 12Mar 12
When your kids disapprove

When your kids disapprove ...Mothering Sunday in the UK, hope all the UK mums are being spoiled with, at the very least, a lie-in and a tidy house when they get up Not a word...

Elegsabiff30933Mar 11Mar 12

JUST TAKE ONE MORE STEPI am one that believes in life and a life of joy and full of love. I also know that life can bring so much hurt and sorrow. Have you ever been so...

wenever16222Mar 12Mar 12

YARD SALEI am having a large yard sale on Sat March 17th from 8am till 5pm. It's going to be a big event the whole community is going to be involved, we will h...

wenever48064Mar 8Mar 12

How To Make MoneyHow To Make Mone......................

jarred170-Mar 12
I find a dolphin a lot more sexy than that thing was said Malcolm Brenner shit

“I find a dolphin a lot more sexy than that thing was,” said Malcolm Brenner & sh*itWell, everybody is looking for something but 48 hours is more than enough. You could never said I didn´t follow "the procedure". Let´s get the party...

Crunia279-Mar 11Mar 12
My Kind Of Flirting

My Kind Of FlirtingIt's no secret here on blogs that I'm a flirt and a crazy tease from time to time. I chatted and sexted with one for more than 3 years, we aired ou...

Crazyheart3837134Mar 11Mar 12

PoemIntertwined thoughts about intertwined limbs Flash images like a manic slide show Thoughts made present on the face A mask falls away, briefly...

Palmfrond16615Feb 24Mar 12
What a good lover does

What a good lover doesHeaving and out of breath from strenuous activities I giggle and marvel at the person next to me Out of breath from holding oxygen hostage while...

Palmfrond1784Feb 28Mar 12
With sexism

With sexismHey friends. ..what you think about Internet live sex ? Is it really give us satisfaction. physical s*xual activities. ..? Or it's just a time...

dibash000720615Mar 10Mar 12
Flower power

Flower powerI was walking along a street near my home and my gaze was drawn toward the bright yellow flowers planted in the troughs at the side of the road. As I...

Bunyi8881164Mar 11Mar 12

meeeeeeeeeeeEverything i post on line is for attention. Otherwise, i would be chatting this in private only, but with those whom I'm getting on so well online, I'...

bloodyawfull47323Mar 9Mar 12
Track16640Mar 11
Track16812Mar 11Mar 11
How Do We Define Poverty

How Do We Define Poverty?I have recently read a description of indigenous people as living in “poverty”. So.... what is that poverty that we´re talking about? Do they ha...

daniela777785-Feb 24Mar 11
Keepers Creepers

Keepers Creepers!Speaking of vibes and creeps.... Are you able to sniff out the goofs? Do you get first impressions of people that you later learn were spot on?...

Gypsytramp65454Mar 10Mar 11

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(78)If It Isnt Someone.................................... With A Question In Their Blogs Title.....LIke.............How Do You Do This?.....................

namaron111-Mar 11
Kind humans

Kind humansWhat forces me to survive, sometimes when I don’t want to? The amazing things I’ve experienced. Some would call it God, guardian angels, magic or ran...

Palmfrond1499Mar 11Mar 11

Two Sides Of A Coin -Two Sides Of A Coin -...

jarred149-Mar 11
My bf still open his dating site profile

My bf still open his dating site profile..Lets just say i met a guy on a dating site, hes good hes great we click, all rainbows Communication is intense, we got into a dates, he shows his rou...

Kasih51634Feb 23Mar 11

The Truth About Making MistakesThe Truth About Making Mistakes...

jarred155-Mar 11
Mental health medications

Mental "health" medications....Just saw the film "A Beautiful Mind", which had great acting and directing, but fell a little short on the medical consultant input. Before the increa...

Vierkaesehoch700Mar 11
Does True Love still exist

Does True Love still exist ???Is there such a thing as real true love anymore, or does it just reside in one's wallet ..??? been single now for 8 years ..of which I haven't dat...

Buddy4you34722Feb 13Mar 11
Self Motivation

Self MotivationI wanted to start this blog to see if anyone would like to share their self motivation tips. I 'gave up' smoking recently and finding it hard. H...

Deedee123x58552Mar 8Mar 11
Track16840Mar 10
Track162089Mar 10Mar 10
stringman1,194114Mar 3Mar 10

"CREATION"..("THE REALM")..(99)"Those Words That Were Said?.......................For Some Of Them Here?.............."They Will Be Unable To Understand..............But.....There A...

namaron101-Mar 10

"THEY'LL PAY FOR ANYTHING"We Saw A Lot Of Cars.....................................That Were For Sale One Day...They Were All................................ Sitting in A Dirt...

namaron117-Mar 10Mar 10

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(148)Somethings Telling Me..............................................................................Its Not At All Anymore......................Or...Is...

namaron431-Mar 5Mar 10
Man Stabbed At Cincinnati Zoo

Man Stabbed At Cincinnati ZooA man was stabbed in the neck with a shank during an altercation with a couple of other guys. I hope the police apprehended them two guys-the zoo is s...

Magnet5802159Jul 2017Mar 10
Martin Shkreli Pharma Bro cries in court got 7 years should have been 70 years boo boooooo

Martin Shkreli, Pharma Bro', cries in court, got 7 years, should have been 70 years, boo booooooMartin Shkreli, 'Pharma Bro', cries in court as he is sentenced to seven years for hedge fund fraud Martin Shkreli's lawyer says he's disappointed w...

britishcolumbian994Mar 9Mar 10
stringman1162Mar 10Mar 10

HijackingWhy is it when a person has no interest in a subject or topic, with no real need to share/exchange points of view, they still come on the blogs all th...

itchywitch1,996102Mar 5Mar 10
The quiet wisdom of an elder

The quiet wisdom of an elder!Rebecca was driving home from one of her business trips in New Mexico when she saw an old Navajo woman walking on the side of the road. As the trip wa...

Gentlejim770Mar 10
See you on the other side switching off at sunset

See you on the other side - switching off at sunsetSundown March 9 to sundown March 10 is the national day of switching off the internet and reconnecting with real life. Wonder how quiet it will get on...

Elegsabiff1669Mar 9Mar 10
Further signs of vanishing civility

Further signs of vanishing civility.....Someone cuts you off in traffic, road rage incident follows with knives. Bullied in school, bring the artillery to school and kill a dozen kids and te...

Vierkaesehoch862Mar 10Mar 10
"Sitcom Characters Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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