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No strings attached...I haven't played guitar in a few weeks. The last time, one string had popped. It was high E and I only had a spare B string so I put it on. I know it...

chatillion1104Feb 28Mar 1

Deep Dark WebJust an interesting part of the www. If you've never heard of the "deep web," there's a good chance you'll never come across it. But it's growing i...

Lukeon1538Feb 28Mar 1
The porpose of lithe

The porpose of litheAs we are now pre listing proposed blog titles and the meaning/ purpose of life Has been done to death 10,000 times here I'm calling dibs on this...

Onthcrestofawave2039Feb 8Mar 1

Joke of the night - Why !Real Friendship A man brings his best friend home for dinner at 5:30 pm without giving his wife prior notice. His wife begins screaming at him,...

JimNastics1123Feb 28Feb 28
stringman58715Feb 24Feb 28

"Becoming The Flower"Recently. I posted a series of blogs on the topic: "What Is Reality?". It was a particular experience that I had, which I have attempted to describe...

socrates4420125Feb 24Feb 28

Return to senderSeems whilst we've been talking about the return of the ISIS bride this is just the tip of the iceberg a tweet from President Trump - “the caliphate...

zmountainman1,723171Feb 17Feb 28
Track16790Feb 28

What is Trisomy X syndrome?AH wow I still shocked I have it...Well technically I have do chromosome abnormality test to find out what else I don't know find out if transferrable...

LuckyDuck2018670Feb 28

58 National Security Officials Debunk Trump's fake border crisis.58 Former National Security Officials Debunk Trump’s National Emergency Claim Ryan Bort Rolling Stone February 25, 2019 Earlier this mont...

JimNastics18815Feb 26Feb 28

For future 2020“Bread for all, and roses, too!” — Md. scholar forms a socialist party to challenge Democrats If you look it up the quotes you probably find it. M...

LuckyDuck2018440Feb 28

Anti TrumpThere are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplo...

lindsyjones9,892567May 2018Feb 27

More of the best tactics by the alt get a disbarred scummy ex attorney, soon headed for a stay in the Big House for, inter alia, lying, not only to congress, but to banks, the FBI...

Vierkaesehoch1005Feb 27Feb 27

The Methodist tradition.These kindly folks have just wisely voted to prohibit those whose s*xual choices are abnormal, happily in the vanishing minority, and can be unhygieni...

Vierkaesehoch1368Feb 27Feb 27
A Tribute to my Mom on my birthday

A Tribute to my Mom ~ on my birthdayIt was against the odds. She was 46 and already had 4 adult children and 1 still at home. A new relationship, after a scandalous affair had ripped...

Kaylana042599Feb 15Feb 27

Giving upWhat made you decide to give up on the dating game ? How liberating does it feel ?...

NOSTRUS28911Feb 5Feb 27

Which Type of Blog do You want to see?From observing, people appear to like: Love (This is a dating site) Banter Food Music Politics etc If you tell us all what you would prefer t...

smiley96328920Feb 24Feb 27

These Senators voted to allow executions of living babiesThe following Senators are guilty of allowing the murder of living breathing heart beating babies. It's a shame what this country has become. Tammy...

Willy3411964Feb 27Feb 27
Onthcrestofawave2399Feb 25Feb 27

To help you better understand the impending Mueller report on TrumpIn the NY Times; The Mueller Report Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect. A concise report will probably act as a “road map” to investigation fo...

JimNastics76279Feb 23Feb 27

Reparations for Negroes.......Lots of alt lefty POTUS wannabes are jumping onto this ridiculous band wagon. Totally impractical/unjust/anachronistic tree top self loathing white...

Vierkaesehoch37931Feb 23Feb 27

Does God Exist?For me a big yes. As a believer may I greet everyone a very Merry Christmas and peace to all as well. What a fitting time to celebrate the birth...

lindsyjones2,406185Dec 25Feb 27

EMOTICON LIBERATION FRONT (ELF) Emoticons For All!I've noticed that some of our bloggers, especially the newer ones, do not use emoticons. Which makes me Emoticon BTW. Some of these poor souls reso...

miclee1,47040Apr 2016Feb 27

Artificial WombsIf this were to happen in USA I wouldn't stop it, I so for it, there 30% of us who can't have children, some who can...because our dna if there was w...

LuckyDuck2018962Feb 25Feb 27

Remembering WWI's Hill 80Archeologists are gingerly and respectfully exploring what is known as Dig Hill 80 in Flanders, Belgium today. In 1914 invading Germans and Bulg...

Ken_19660Feb 27

I have a fat wallet...Having a fat wallet doesn't mean I have money, it means all the receipts from The Home Depot are building up. I need to get them out and put them in a...

chatillion14410Feb 26Feb 26

English is a silly language often not making any sense at allDefault ENGLISH IS A SILLY LANGUAGE...heres why... There is no egg in eggplant or ham in hamburger; neither apple or pine in pineapple. And while no...

bcjenny17417Feb 12Feb 26
namaron is going to start charging 10 cents per bag.god save the planet....

Bluesky6039333Feb 9Feb 26

Mimetic DesireThe Scicurious Brain You want that? Well I want it, too! The neuroscience of mimetic desire By Scicurious on July 30, 2012 ADVERTISEMENT I...

deedee123xo21413Feb 15Feb 26

Service Animals 2I'm unable to rely on my sense of smell which Is unfortunate since I'm simultaneously suffering from a gastrointestinal disorder. The severity of said...

BadlyDrawn25420Feb 23Feb 26
Track16780Feb 26

Let me introduce youAs I mentioned in my previous blog I had a dream. Well we found a sailboat in the Azores. Let me show you my boat. Cockpit and entrance Ga...

lshtar39134Feb 24Feb 26

Self defense is a criminal act in CanadaDefending yourself against a home invader is now a criminal offense in Canada, where “progressivism” means CRIMINALS are presumed innocent Defendin...

Willy341122314Feb 25Feb 26

Parents sue Planned Parenthood for failed abortion of their son, who just turned twoFebruary 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Imagine the following scenario. You are a happy boy, growing up in a middle-class home with your two siblings. You...

Willy34111083Feb 26Feb 26

What is holding you Back in Life?Lots of people will tell you things that will put the blame squarely on someone else's shoulders. Accept the blame yourself, and admit it to yourself,...

smiley9631418Feb 25Feb 26

Blogging Drunk...I did a PSA blog the other day and remembered a blog I did years ago. It was called Blogging drunk. Same idea, different dating/blog site. We all k...

chatillion27014Feb 2Feb 26

Dealing with frustrationWords do not adequately describe how annoying and frustrating it can be to even work with screws or bolts this tiny (shown on a quarter), much less dr...

Ken_1917914Feb 24Feb 26

Sayings or phrases that grate on my nerves...All righty now. That's your answer... cut & dry. Everything happens for a reason... Just sayin' I've got your back! When you get the answer... re...

chatillion73160Dec 15Feb 26

Susan Reed, The Body Snatchers.Has anyone heard of her or read her book? She makes some outlandish claims in it. It has recently been brought to my attention. Either she was p...

Johnny_Sparton1409Feb 24Feb 26

Businessmen have ALWAYS run this country. Only now, it's from the inside outI bought into the idea that a business man needed to be elected in order to straighten out our country's business. Our economy. How to spend our money...

Willy34111003Feb 24Feb 25

This day in historyToday is the 10,483rd anniversary of the invention of the wheel. It's creator, Ug was born in the village of Grot (population 15) and was orphaned at...

BadlyDrawn1448Feb 24Feb 25

Nature Photography - OttersOne of the many things I enjoy doing is exploring and photographing nature. So far, I've taken over 3,500 nature photos here in Florida, since I ar...

JimNastics1024Feb 24Feb 25
Friskyone: "U.S. college scandal"(meet us in the forums)

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