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Martes II

Martes IINever pissed off. I walk a different part of the city and I'm never pissed off. Why do people have to behave so f*ck weird in cities? But then agai...

WhatYouHadAndWha590May 22

Products that don't...Before internet, If I found a product that didn't live up to expectations (based on the manufacturers advertisements) I would mail a letter to the com...

chatillion1127May 21May 22
Reviews and why we read them

Reviews ... and why we read them ...There's the puff review - this is the best product / hotel / restaurant / book I ever came across while using this fake email address, FIVE STARS...

Elegsabiff248-May 20May 22
Bearwoman27325May 14May 21

"THE FIFTH FACE""We Have.... "George Washington".... On Mount Rushmore..............................."We Have... "Abraham Lincoln"..... On Mount Rushmore................

namaron16012May 20May 21

Kingsman: The Secret Service - A short review!So yesterday, I was down in the living room, and my roommate put on a movie. It looked fun, so I asked him what movie it was. "It's the first Kingsman...

Philipsen790May 21
Im a mover

I'm a mover..... I can't sleep at night. ???????????????????????????????????????...

WhatYouHadAndWha41136May 9May 21

I can tear a phone book in half...When I was a kid, it was a really big deal. You could see in newspapers and magazines photos of 'muscle men' advertising body building products and t...

chatillion1004May 1May 21

CFM---clinical fetus murder......Alabama and Georgia with their new bans on this deplorable practice are in the deep South. And that was the deranged frantic initial spin of the ueber...

Vierkaesehoch31614May 19May 21
stringman781May 20May 21
Asking to be spanked

Asking to be spanked?Depending on your outlook on life, being spanked regularly can be very rewarding. Seeking a dominant woman on a dating site is exciting...especiall...

Jason165032339May 20May 21

Does God Exist?For me a big yes. As a believer may I greet everyone a very Merry Christmas and peace to all as well. What a fitting time to celebrate the birth...

lindsyjones2,733186Dec 25May 20
Abortion Bans

Abortion BansAlabama and Georgia have passed stringent new laws that will ban virtually all abortions. PRAISE GOD EVERY STATE NEEDS TO FOLLOW SUIT!! Abortion i...

AmpleCurves1,378131May 17May 20
Martes I

Martes IBut if I knew that the sun will never rise like this, then I'd be really sad. Now morning has broken and solarized the very brown part, the dark...

WhatYouHadAndWha360May 20
Track161142May 20May 20

Termites...If you live in South Florida, at some point, you can expect any wood structure to be infested with termites. Statistically, after extermination, termi...

chatillion17818May 13May 20
stringman18718May 19May 20

Time for your aerobic exerciseThat's right. Get out of that chair and get down with your funky self tonight....

JimNastics743May 19May 19

LUNDAGUR IILUNDAGUR II 28 marzo 2011, a la(s) 19:38 Crowded. Buenos Aires. All of them. I could establish connection to almost all of them. I can easily soci...

WhatYouHadAndWha640May 19

Eurovision nightWho to win My monies on Ireland on a more serious note, can't say I payed too much attention to the previews ... nothing really caught me ea...

itchywitch212-May 18May 19

LUNDAGUR, HAHA.LUNDAGUR, HAHA. 28 marzo 2011, a la(s) 11:07 It's so f*ck annoying. Yeah I find it f*ck annoying. My Buenosairean friends surely noticed; it's f*c...

WhatYouHadAndWha620May 19

The Slippery Slope of supporting an amoral 'leader' - you end up amoralYesterday from the Huffington Post; Comey Tells AG Barr: Be A Leader And Stop 'Sliming' Your Own People Mary Papenfuss ,HuffPost•May 18, 20...

JimNastics12811May 19May 19

EVERY POLITICIAN MUST BE INVESTIGATEDImagine the result. Yes. Let's pull out all the records of every politicians. Who they f*ck and why....

lindsyjones63447Dec 9May 19
been thinking

been thinkingI’ve been thinking of analogies to soften the blow of the depreciation of a vehicle. So, you meet someone. You think they’re worth more than a million...

Palmfrond19612May 7May 19
JimNastics21522May 15May 19
stringman1151May 17May 19
Its payday

Its paydayAnd ive got wifi. Im warching Zac Efron as Ted Bundy on Netflix. Back at the ranch, a very slow week in car sales. Ive found my groove and that se...

Palmfrond1816May 17May 19
General knowledge

General knowledgeOk without the help of me google Name this plant...

OIdblue28510May 18May 19

"GET USED TO IT"Everybody ............That Are Not American Citizens Here ...................................Think They Know Whats Best For Our Country..................

namaron43426May 16May 18

Annabelle Lee...Probably 20 years ago, I took up learning to play Irish Uilleann bagpipes. It was hard for me as I had no understanding of Traditional Irish music wit...

chatillion781May 18May 18

Step 2 of Your body is no longer yours.From now on, bodily functions are under government regulation. The government makes farting, burping, sneezing, and especially hiccups, illegal....

JimNastics891May 18May 18

Sign of the timesWhen we ran out of milk last week, my son bought 2 milk boxes from a convenience store. I commented that they weren't tummy friendly and the following...

tatami19016May 17May 18

Which country has the most awesome military?I have always been a huge military buff, but I hate the conflicts that the military enter. War is hell, and I remember when I went to the draft, I was...

Philipsen44842May 16May 18

Men need GodThere are many men who say they need not God,but they are misleaded from evil by saying so. men are created from God therefore they need God,without...

starrayfil72-May 18

Help bust a scammer?469-856-8861 This is the real phone number of a real scamming outfit. It was actually included the the robo-call recording. So whenever I had a fre...

kornbluth18211May 16May 18

Blogs that go POOF in the night...All through the day, blog ideas pop into my head. Usually funny stuff about people and their quirks. I used to write these ideas on sticky notes and u...

chatillion1389May 17May 18
So what exactly is Truth

So what exactly is "Truth"?Is it one's own perception of reality, individually as men? Is it a lie carefully constructed to make us hate one another? Is it a hidden wisdom reser...

SwingOnTheSpiral13413May 17May 18

Newly unsealed Mueller report regarding Michael Flynn reveals more obstruction of justiceYesterday in Politico; Prosecutors: Person 'connected to' Congress tried to influence Flynn's cooperation with Mueller By KYLE CHENEY 0...

JimNastics611May 17May 17
Bentlee23117Apr 18May 17

"Donald Trump has failed us as commander in chief"Mueller report: Donald Trump failed us as commander in chief USA TODAY Tom Nichols 14 hours ago The president of the United States, like all el...

JimNastics20816Apr 22May 17
Another brick in the wall

Another brick in the wallImagine .... going to school in a class with a maximum of 20 pupils, no streaming, and the same teacher for 5 years. There are teacher aides to he...

Elegsabiff27528May 16May 17

Repubs Seek Closure With Dems.For decades there has been an understanding between the two major U.S. parties. The incoming party would ignore corruption & crimes that had been com...

miclee19812May 6May 17

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