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The only good woman in a barThe only good woman in a bar is the one working behind the counter...and she goes home to her husband after work.?...

jarred174-Feb 25
Deciphering my poem

Deciphering my poemIntertwined thoughts about intertwined limbs ^^^ daydream fantasy of making love “intertwined limbs” to a sexy coworker Flash images like a mani...

Palmfrond730Feb 24
A quick question to the Americans

A quick question to the AmericansI've had such a mad crazy day and running round all evening like a headless chicken .. Haven't had time to drop in till now, but I'm not sure if I'm t...

itchywitch41927Feb 23Feb 24
stringman1052Feb 23Feb 24
Statements From Democrats

Statements From DemocratsGreat Orators of the Democrat Party - PAST: "One man with courage makes a majority." ~Andrew Jackson "The only thing we have to fear is fear...

Gentlejim26725Jan 14Feb 24

KFC says FCK it, runs genius apology ad for running out of chcknKFC says FCK it, runs genius apology ad for running out of chckn...

jarred1438-Feb 24
The Jewish ELBOW

The Jewish ELBOWA Jewish grandmother is giving directions to her grown grandson who is coming to visit with his wife. "You come to the front door of the apartment. I...

Gentlejim26026Feb 21Feb 24
Photo Caption Contest Hey Let me in

Photo Caption Contest - Hey ! Let me in !!"Hey ! What the hell is this cold wet stuff ?" or suggest your own photo caption for.........................

JimNastics19916Feb 23Feb 24

because nice is not real....80% of nice guys will become serial killers the rest of 20% they are already dead?. because nice is not real.... like ultimately genuine. the worl...

jarred167-Feb 24

ThePatriotic sarcastic circle jerking on the blogs today. I’m not sure this projectile vomit has made any difference. I’d say everyone is pretty set...

Palmfrond38043Feb 23Feb 23
Track16710Feb 23
Any members

Any members ........among our selective & distinguished concurrency? Let´s intoduce ourselves, I´ll go first Hi, my name is Crunia I do also believe The Earth...

Crunia717-Feb 22Feb 23
Dig deeper

Dig deeperAt first glance, CS is a dating site. I’ve not seen much in the manner of flirting, hooking up or romantic passions. Sure there’s this political p...

Palmfrond65768Feb 23Feb 23
Track16600Feb 23
Mens rules

Men's rulesMen's Rules: 1) Men are not mind readers. 2) Learn to work the toilet seat, you’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. You don’t hear us compla...

britishcolumbian1447Feb 23Feb 23
Donald Trumps Profile On Jewish Temple Coin

Donald Trump's Profile On Jewish Temple Coin. I was going to post this as a comment on Lee's 'Celebrating Trump' blog, but figured it was historic en...

miclee1111Feb 23Feb 23
Its always tea time

It´s always tea time...then I thought, ok maybe these people just need a little bit of sugar Here you are, a result of my patience & creativity.... No limits, you...

Crunia345-Feb 22Feb 23

Bullying........Complex topic. Quite important. I suffered a bit as a young boy till I began to fight back, where practical. Our twins got some, being a bit diffe...

Vierkaesehoch1585Feb 22Feb 23

I believe that humans will die out within 300 years.I believe that humans will die out within 300 years. How? We'll do it ourselves. Nature is not what will destroy us. It will be by a nuclear expl...

jarred162-Feb 23
Dangerous Words

Dangerous WordsEvery now and again I produce a blog that is completely misunderstood because of an innocent word or phrase appearing somewhere in the blog. I’m talki...

Catfoot73666Feb 18Feb 23
Order of Things

Order of ThingsEverything is useful. To a degree, of course. So don't celebrate anything above your breath, and don't mourn anything longer than you should. Joy and...

TheRevenant46-Feb 23
Drama Drama Drama

Drama Drama DramaI love a little drama, but it has to be entertaining. Been away from this place for a few months and within a short time of giving my opinion on a...

Gypsytramp1,494103Feb 21Feb 23
The spice of life

The spice of lifeSo, I met this friend who has the same curiosity as I. We both had the day off and he invited me on an investigative adventure. I felt like a over...

Palmfrond19710Feb 22Feb 23
Stargazer111140-Feb 22

Just A Few Minutes Walk From The HouseI ate a lot of Lobster's out of this harbor before people started giving a fk about things....

Track161347Feb 22Feb 22
Dedovix2265Feb 22Feb 22
Track16650Feb 22
The FISA memo

The FISA memoI can't wait for it to be completely exposed. Let's see what's up in the air. How disturbing and contemptible these activities are....

lindsyjones2,684265Jan 30Feb 22
Track16922Feb 22Feb 22
Very fake news

Very fake newsNever Trump staffers of Muller, lots of the FBI and Justice Dept., and Chief Muller himself, have finally been able to drool over their indictments. M...

Vierkaesehoch1949Feb 17Feb 22
Resurrection of Babel

Resurrection of BabelBabel meaning an idiom of confused noises came from the Biblical Old Testament when people tried to build a tower reaching out to skies, God scattered...

psiberite761Feb 22Feb 22

EvangelistsThey came to my house with two books. I thought they were giving it for free. Then they said the books cost 200 Rupees. They asked please help them to...

psiberite1113Feb 22Feb 22

EpiphaniesMy body is corpse of rotten flowers –my soul an angst ridden Sisyphus—Where’s warmth of a woman gone? When can I smell sweet Jasmine on your hair? Whe...

psiberite914Feb 22Feb 22
Dying wishes

Dying wishes.We all know about dying wishes, how they must be strictly followed and are sacrosanct. It is against all the laws of nature and various belief systems...

pat8lanips68062Jan 26Feb 22
Haiti Oxfam

Haiti / OxfamSpeechless with indignation.

Crunia572-Feb 9Feb 22
To my lady Ash

To my lady Ash .....Missing you these days. Hope everything is ok........

Crunia79-Feb 22
Do you believe in destiny

Do you believe in "destiny"?I do. Not all time I like what "destiny" gives me but´s a choice to learn how to live with anything we have and can´t change. I posted a song...

Crunia392-Feb 21Feb 22

Bi ploarI now find I can write again after being banned for some comments I made. I find now that I think I have bi polar as I,m in a down period.Since com...

flyme138817Feb 14Feb 22
Yayyyyyyyy I won USD1 000 000

Yayyyyyyyy!!!!! I won USD1,000,000!!!!!Well, some people just have the luck! Received this CS nesssage just awhile ago and I can't wait to share with my CS friends here!!!! I now nee...

MiMiArt1,121104Jan 30Feb 22
Thinking about names

Thinking about namesJust think about this , not for a minute Sleep on it These awful names I think they really tells you a lot about the person Think about th...

Annleerose1,40287Feb 20Feb 21
Track161097Feb 20Feb 21
Sill In The Monkey Mountain

Sill In The Monkey MountainAfter climbing a great hill ,one only finds that there many more hills to climb N.M. Working 10 hours a day not much time for blog city.. Gre...

FLYJAMES11311Feb 21Feb 21
Hed100: "lets see if we match"(meet us in the quizzes)

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