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Alotta Fagina Ivana Humpalot and Felicity Shagwell

Alotta Fagina, Ivana Humpalot and Felicity ShagwellNo, this is not that list of previous lovers that Dedo asked for the other day. Although these women are no more real than James Bond’s Pussie Galore...

Catfoot39118Dec 22Dec 22

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEARMerry Christmans & Happy New year to all my CS users. Hopefully'll find my life partner in 2018 on CS....

HandsomeMikki830Dec 22
Is it Christmas yet

Is it Christmas yet?Is anyone else here too tired to enjoy the season? I can’t think of anything else. Just waiting for the spirit to kick in....

Palmfrond1042Dec 21Dec 22
Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Beyond Reasonable DoubtAll over the world innocent people occasionally end up in jail; even in the USA. That has to be so because most states in the US (about 29) have set g...

Catfoot64571Dec 20Dec 22
Go on

Go on,Its Christmas time. Treat yourself, You know You deserve it !...

nonsmoker46153Dec 18Dec 21

Anti-Pervert LeggingsThis is your answer ladies....

Track161201Dec 21Dec 21

inheritanceShould passing down an inheritance be not allowed? I heard a person on the news make that suggestion, inheritances should not be passed down to the...

Johnny_Sparton38043Dec 17Dec 21

ROBOTS AND THEIR IMPACT IN OUR LIVESThe popular science magazine headlined like this: What if your new next best friend is a cute and irresistible robot? There's no doubt about it....

lindsyjones60043Oct 2014Dec 21
Jingle Bells is rooted in racism

'Jingle Bells' is rooted in racism'Jingle Bells' is rooted in racism...

jarred177-Dec 21
Track16873Dec 21Dec 21
A Politically Correct Holiday

A Politically Correct HolidayThis time of year we remember those persons who are no longer viable; we welcome those newly viable persons to celebrate their first season to be joll...

Mapmaker50663Dec 20Dec 21
The time has come and long overdue

The time has come and long overdue.......I joined here back in Oct 29,2010 and over time I got to know some nice people and enjoyed myself here. I said that I wasn't allowing anyone to ch...

Ccincy99-Dec 21

INSTANT GRATIFICATIONINSTANT GRATIFICATION. That is the biggest problem of our generation now. We are so used to getting things instantly that we don’t have any patience....

vowsofsilence1698Dec 20Dec 21
These ladies told the truth

These ladies told the truth!Glad someone is speaking truth!

Jada_Bella25710Dec 20Dec 20
What NOT to eat this is difficult to believe

What NOT to eat..this is.difficult to believe............Did you know that there are at least 6 destrucftive chemicals hidden insde of the food you eat daily? Turns out Butane isn’t just for lighters anymo...

britishcolumbian1153Dec 19Dec 20

wishesmy wishes from santa is a man to cross oceans for me these Xmas holidays... but I can see I am left out I don't see snow where I live neither t...

hatelies1473Dec 14Dec 20
This is one Sad Christmas story

This is one Sad Christmas storyThis is one Sad Christmas story for Herbert and Audrey Goodine who reside at Victoria Villa Special Care Home in Perth Andover, NB. I wanted to shar...

jarred174-Dec 20
we talk too much

we talk too muchoh, not here on CS. Generally. Money may be the root of all evil but it is only when we talk about it that people get really het up. If you don't...

Elegsabiff53357Dec 18Dec 20
stringman33317Dec 15Dec 20
Naughty and Nice lists

Naughty and Nice listsJust checking.......twice..... to see who belongs on the naughty list and who belongs on the nice list. Be honest. Which list do you belong...

JimNastics1827Dec 19Dec 20

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(139)To The People Out There............ All Over The World............Going About Their Daily Routine Of Just Trying To Survive..............................

namaron960Dec 19
The table cloth a beautiful heart warming Christmas story

"The table cloth" a beautiful heart warming Christmas storyAt Christmas time men and women everywhere gather in their churches to wonder anew at the greatest miracle the world has ever known. But the story I l...

britishcolumbian1157Dec 19Dec 19
CS look alikes

CS look alikesCaly Johnny...

itchywitch4,947229Oct 2016Dec 19
Track161131Dec 19Dec 19
Acceptance of Death

Acceptance of DeathAcceptance of Death [/im...

jarred170-Dec 19
Most People Dont Even Realize Whats Coming

Most People Don't Even Realize What's ComingMost People Don't Even Realize What's Coming...

jarred176-Dec 19
Ask me anything

Ask me anythingI'm here to help you in anything you want help with, I've been told by many that I'm good with giving advice and I'm a good person to have a conversat...

Alanique_Ali1,341146Dec 10Dec 19
Track161290Dec 19

FRIENDS ARE NICE BUT NOT NECCASARYMy family is going through a difficult time right now, my mother which is 89 years old and just lost her husband back in May has found out that my bro...

wenever34532Dec 9Dec 19

TrumpI heard on the news this evening that Trump's disapproval rating is the lowest of any U.S. President in history, it is 63%, according to the " Pew Re...

studecar40924Dec 8Dec 19
We remember

We remember....the twelve dead and other victims of Islamic terrorism in Germany, one year ago today. Just one of many such attacks. On Deutsche Welle here in my hot...

Vierkaesehoch900Dec 19

I love your ........I love your ........ I love your lips when they touch mine I love your lips and they taste really fine. I love your eyes they just sparkle and sh...

skaligsm740Dec 18

This Really HappenedThis really happened, keep his face in the public spotlight for the rest of his miserable life.

Track161704Dec 11Dec 18
Better days

Better daysBetter days is what we all want, "well I need better days," where I am in a good job, a great family and wonderful home to go to everyday. Its not ea...

Syndilee4961Nov 29Dec 18

"DYNASTY"Im Sorry To Rag On About This.................................................................................................But The Facts... Are The...

namaron1020Dec 18

Hallelujah (Aleluya) To finish this year with a positive energy, I wanted to share this beautiful version of the Hallelujah sung by Il Divo...

daniela77719622Dec 18Dec 18
stringman30026Nov 24Dec 18

Royalty . .Is it that the times are changing and so are the royals ? the queen of England must be senile , anything goes . Prince Harry to wed divorcee ? since t...

Annleerose25217Nov 29Dec 18
a question for the guys

a question for the guysi'm making a scarf for a guy who's in his 30's. Should i put fringe on it or not? i should finish today. thanks...

freehand17512Dec 18Dec 18
Track161171Dec 18Dec 18

MARKETING PRINCIPLEQ1. "Wants and demands of all people are not same". explain this and give one example? Q2.what are three factor of Cultural factors?. Q3....

only1life13415Dec 18Dec 18
Track161192Dec 17Dec 17

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