It's been an expensive day today, plus I broke my chair

It's almost Christmas, so I have been out buying presents today.

I forgot how expensive that is. I'm happy it's Christmas once a year.

All in all, I have spent 1700 kroner, or $250/£200, and I am not done yet. I still need to buy three gifts and a bottle of champagne, so it's gonna be a very expensive next few weeks.

Speaking of expensive..

For the past few days, one of the wheels on my gaming chair have shown signs of failure. The chair is just over a year old, so there's still warranty on it. Today, the wheel broke off completely, so I have written the company to say that their product is faulty. It looks like the welds snapped.

I haven't abused it, and I haven't exceeded the weight limit either, since the chair can support up to 150 kilos. I am not near that weight, so I'm guessing it's a production error. According to the Danish Sale of Goods Act of 2003, any product purchased comes with a 2 year right of complaint. That means if anything breaks under normal wear and tear within those two years, the company I have purchased the chair from, can either refund me the complete amount, or send a replacement item. I might just go for the money back and buy a different chair somewhere else. But for the moment, I am sitting on a chair with 4 wheels instead of 5.

We'll see what happens..
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I suggest you stack a few books adjusted to the height of the missing wheel.

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When I replaced my previous computer chair (at a cost of $700+) I insisted they supply a set of 5 replacement casters. The previous chair of perhaps 10 years the casters broke and there were no identically sized casters available, Apparently the spindle part is called a stern.
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