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your worst hell on earth

your worst hell on earthFor me, right now, that’s noise. I can’t imagine anything worse, as three weeks of clattering banging drilling and shouting roadworks are culminating...

Elegsabiff71876Oct 2018Mar 28

MaybeI think I have maybe changed my mind about not looking for someone anymore. That causes a lot of problems so will have to think a bit more before I de...

ekself83365Apr 2018Mar 28
This man knows the secret

This man knows the secret!I was just on another site looking at some "stuff' and I ran across the story of a very big star's upcoming divorce. In the comment section this ma...

Ed19411,18013Jul 2012Mar 28

Crazy In LoveWhy can't the mind and heart agree in love? Have you ever loved someone so much that even if your sanity thinks it's wrong, the heart has a mind...

lindsyjones1,74282Jun 2014Mar 28
man or dog

man or doglately I sees lots of women mostly out walking their doggies ....they treat them like babbies dress them up in little suits .and call them my babie...

johnjjm55336Jun 2017Mar 28

CoregasmJust got back from an incredible 3 week trip around Ireland. I finished chatting with an old friend on the phone and decided to get back to my exercis...

lshtar1,23288Jul 2018Mar 28
Perceptions people

Perceptions, people.Don’t even think of responding until you have read the bottom line. It was created by someone with Asperger Syndrome and is, in its own way, incredi...

Elegsabiff44529Dec 28Mar 28
Become famous upset people Its so today

Become famous - upset people. It's so today.There’s a post on FB doing the rounds – the average Brit pensioner gets £79 a week, the average asylum seeker gets £350 a week, a free car, luxury hou...

Elegsabiff53239Jan 11Mar 28
Young kids nowadays

Young kids nowadayscan identify any number of corporate logos cannot identify leaves from trees in their own garden Of course their future progress will depend m...

Elegsabiff92998Jan 4Mar 28

06 January -Singles DaySeemingly, 06 January is the busiest day for online dating. Whether being sick of yet another Christmas alone, made a New Year's resolution to fin...

mollybaby1,122107Jan 6Mar 28
Too Tired To Touch Myself

Too Tired To Touch Myself!Working a lot these days...exhausted when I finally lay in bed at night, no time to think nor do anything else, just sleep and drag myself out of bed...

Crazyheart3867152May 2017Mar 28
Youve slept with HOW many people

You've slept with HOW many people?Hundreds. HUNDREDS. Oh, I know you wouldn’t dream of having sex with a stranger without a condom. But what happens when they aren’t a stranger, an...

Elegsabiff1,45368Nov 2015Mar 28
Absolute no nos forbidden fruit

Absolute no-no's / forbidden fruitWe know the obvious ones: don't date your boss or your assistant. Dipping your pen in company ink is never going to end well. (Apparently after th...

Elegsabiff1,68043Aug 2015Mar 28
Graduating from CS school

Graduating from CS schoolCS really is like a school - all the way from kindergarten to graduation. Okay, an odd one. We have no idea how long we will be here, that first day -...

Elegsabiff2,478126Feb 2016Mar 28
Haggle for love

Haggle for love?So - I finally got my salary offer for relocating - let's call it 15% on existing salary. Thanks, I said, but no thanks. Manager instantly said okay,...

Elegsabiff1,434102Oct 2016Mar 28
CS soap opera

CS soap operaCatching up on CS after a couple of days is like a soap opera - what have I missed? Marriages births deaths boasts cries for exciting advice? You'...

Elegsabiff1,73432Oct 2015Mar 28
How long is too long

How long is too long?When we get involved with someone we graft them onto ourselves. Ripping that graft away is not only painful, it leaves scars. I hate pain!and I don’t...

Elegsabiff1,47145Jul 2015Mar 28
My Dirty Dozen

My Dirty DozenI’ve been on CS two years now, met 8 people in real life, and talked to another 4 enough on skype to know they are real. 7 men, 5 women - if I hadn’...

Elegsabiff2,452117Mar 2016Mar 28
Youve changed

You've changedEvery serious relationship you were ever in, changed you. Men change for women and yes, women really do change for men. Did you keep the changes o...

Elegsabiff73563Dec 11Mar 28
Reasons not to get married

Reasons not to get marriedHere's a couple, not young (knocking 60) in a really good relationship. One was very happily married, then widowed, and believes marriage is important...

Elegsabiff1,22668Sep 2015Mar 28
Normal people

Normal peopleDo normal people exist? First you have to define normal. Take yourself. Are you normal? YAY! Find someone like yourself. YAY! If they really...

Elegsabiff1,31518Sep 2015Mar 28
Moving Forwards Going Backwards

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.Tell me I'm not the only one that sits and wonders where their life is going , anyone? While I'm quite happy being single and practically living th...

MysteriousGirl8018619Mar 27Mar 28

The "I don´t deserve you" SyndromHave you ever had someone telling you “I don´t deserve you”, “I´m not good enough for you”, “You´re too good for me? If they do, they usually mean it...

daniela77781571Sep 2018Mar 28

PROPHECY! Election of Pres Donald Trump Prophesied in 2007, Impeachment Attempts Prophesied in 2014PROPHECY! Election of Pres Donald Trump Prophesied in 2007, Impeachment Attempts Prophesied in 2014

stringman1423Mar 26Mar 28
Willy341120013Mar 24Mar 28

Journalists...or merely activists with a platform....?The court dismissal of racist, scammer, gay blade JS's case, with the judge sealing all records, surprised even me. Telling, however, was the reaction...

Vierkaesehoch21914Mar 27Mar 28

Define Existence?In recent blogs, some people have been - in their opinion - arguing about what exists and what does NOT exist. Also, someone questioned her own exi...

daniela7771,652173Dec 27Mar 27

The Hunter Or The Hunted?From my personal experience and observations, I have known quite a few people – men & women – who tend to be only interested in those they cannot have...

daniela7771,229131Feb 20Mar 27

YOU Vs Rules & RegulationsQuote of the day: “To study you must learn the rules. To create you must forget/ignore them!” My inspiration for writing this blog came to me as...

daniela77748849Jan 29Mar 27

Music For Blind Elephants RehabilitationMusic seems to be a universal language for communication with all living things, especially those that have suffered a lot. The power of classical m...

daniela77753049Dec 15Mar 27

Return To My Childhood´s PursuitsAs I have now gone beyond my previous activities such as: figure ice skating, skiing, horse riding, martial arts, dancing, and other energetic activit...

daniela77745044Jan 20Mar 27

All Good Things Come To An EndATTENTION PLEASE! NEWS UPDATE... For many years now, I have noticed something which seems to be a phenomenon: that is, when visiting supermarkets...

daniela77760548Oct 2018Mar 27

"CREATION"..("IN RETURN")..(136)For Every Action There Has Ever Been In This World?..............................There Has Always Been A Reaction To The Action That Has Been Taken......

namaron128-Mar 26Mar 27
Take A Second Look At Canadian Ladies

Take A Second Look At Canadian LadiesApart from Middle East and Australia I believe, in terms of beauty, brain and look Canadian Ladies are the best. May I know if I am wrong....

Unknown1,2772May 2007Mar 27

Define "TRUTH"Following the recent blogs about "Existence" and "Reality", a further question arises..... What is Truth? How can it be defined? Many will have...

daniela77794376Jan 12Mar 27

Did CNN just admit they are 'Fake News'?CNN’s president confessed that it’s reporters don’t investigate stories. I still can’t get over this. What an admission. CNN prez Jeff Zucker: "We...

Willy3411962Mar 27Mar 27
Mar A Lago Splendor

Mar-A-Lago SplendorThe President must love this country a lot to spend time in D.C. when he could be here ALL the time. He didn't have to run for President. He could'v...

AmpleCurves24526Mar 26Mar 27

Spooky as hell....VERY spooky...Many believe our loving pets have sixth senses, as we humans probably did, before the noise of technological modern life killed it off for most of us....

Vierkaesehoch1982Mar 27Mar 27

I am no long in the market as Leader or President of the United States for health reasons1. If I cannot collect one dollar of the $250k fund for my whole campaign then there is none I respect enough to lead in the USA. 2. I plan to fre...

LincolnsCousin126-Mar 27

THE LAW OF ATTRACTIONGiving Love and Kindness is not something you ONLY give if/when you receive. It should be given without any conditions attached. Remember the sayin...

daniela77726022Mar 22Mar 27

A blog to offer your knowledge/findings of cover-ups that continue to evolve, to the surfaceThis 3 part series finally gives up the reasons why Laos was near a hush hush operation. Get diggin into your local history and share what you foun...

Bentlee942Mar 27Mar 27
My fall

My fallMarch 2 of this month I fell inside of a Walmart store and broke my right hip and spent some time in a Rehab program.As of today I'm finally at home...

Bearwoman30240Mar 26Mar 27

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