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You look a lot like...I haven't seen her in a while and recall she made a few forum posts. I'm talking about a woman on CS who's only photo looks like actress Liza Minelli...

chatillion3473Feb 12Feb 25
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FargoFan1910Feb 25Go to Last Post
Unknown38220Feb 19Feb 24
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GETTING HIGHThis my first ever blog.. I have read some of the blogs on here, and some of them are very good, and some are not so good. alot of the comments are...

areodine1,5353Sep 2007Feb 24
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Warning Be careful my American Ladies

Warning: Be careful my American LadiesMy dear ladies, I like to warn all my American ladies to beware of the disgusting International scammers who prey on our feelings and intentions to...

Unknown8423Nov 2022Feb 24
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Public Service Announcement For Air Fryers

Public Service Announcement For Air FryersIf you have a Cosori air fryer please read the link to see if your model number is on the list. If it is fill out the registration form to have the co...

secretagent092465Feb 24Feb 24
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Morning Meanderings

Morning MeanderingsIt is 5:20 A.M. and I am in a motel room in Jacksonville, Fl. and I have been wide awake for nearly three and a half hours. I am here to go through or...

The_Kansan1,4706Nov 2007Feb 24
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - VIIITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) VIII. "The heart of a true Woman is like that of a nest of Love, this through humility acquiring th...

the_mirror238-Feb 24Go to Last Post

F A R . }Tag : fire ...aim. . Ready [ really. Minor kudos for democracy now ! ..on the breaking story of OH. They went directly to the $cienter of the prog...

Agentbob27310Feb 15Feb 23
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - VIITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) VII. "The real Woman is not a chaos in the Man's world, and the real Man is not a storm in the Wo...

the_mirror162-Feb 23Go to Last Post

Blogging when you have nothing to say. ............ : ..........0........ ......0.............).............

Agentbob1,66154Apr 2021Feb 23
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New York street smart...I worked with a guy who had lots of common sense but barely made it through high-school. It wasn't that he couldn't do the work, his mind was elsewher...

chatillion2523Feb 22Feb 23
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Positive mindA relaxed mind,a joyful spirit,a healthy body,and a heart full of love.All these are my prayers for you today...

LadyinRed551260Feb 23Go to Last Post

The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - VITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) VI. "When the Woman recognizes herself at her true Value, everything in her world acquires Purpos...

the_mirror168-Feb 22Go to Last Post

But what is a fourier series!?Here I found a brilliant and wonderfully clear youtube for which you do not need to know the actual maths to understand what is being illustrated: So...

FargoFan3239Feb 11Feb 22
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The Word of God: Evidence that Scripture is Divine...............First, I believe the Bible is the Word of God because of its scientific accuracy. The Truth of the Word of God tells us that God “hangeth the earth up...

bcjenny66317Jun 2020Feb 22
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Dog fires rifle and kills man...I'm not sure how the 2nd amendment plays out for dogs, but owner negligence definitely comes to mind. Two men on a weekend hunting trip in Kansas when...

chatillion37617Jan 25Feb 21
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Jenny's oldies.......... How George got his revenge......................Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several members did...

bcjenny3955Apr 2020Feb 21
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Just our luck

Just our luckArt booked flights to San Antonio somewhere in Nov 2021, thinking that it’d be nice for us to be in SA in late February. Boy was he wrong! For so...

MiMiArt260-Feb 21Go to Last Post

PeoplesWe don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason...

LadyinRed552743Feb 18Feb 21
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This is knot what I had in mind...Last night I was watching some exotic wood creations on YouTube that went into some specialized woodworking tools. This morning, YouTube served up som...

chatillion1920Feb 21Go to Last Post

Balloon Dog...A female art collector at a contemporary art fair in Miami accidentally shattered a $42,000 sculpture by artist Jeff Koons. Witnesses at the annual Ar...

chatillion1822Feb 21Feb 21
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - VTHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) V. “As one unique among all the women I could find, thou art blessed one, woven by my dreams, in...

the_mirror124-Feb 21Go to Last Post

P o W. } . physics of Waste.Tag. ) .real numbers from Constitution loving folk.. ....the Congressional $ampler of 2022.. [ . courtesy of Internet, row 1. Cube 001. ] Appropria...

Agentbob3674Dec 2022Feb 21
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Still jet lagged

Still jet-lagged :-(Been back in Omaha for 11 days now but I am still suffering from jet-lag. Thankfully, I don’t need to get back to work and my Spring classes at the C...

MiMiArt251-Feb 20Go to Last Post
Lukeon999-Feb 16Feb 20
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Do mRNA covid vaccinations permanently change our DNA?Well the answer to that is NO It seems some here are addicted to anti-vax hysteria, and the pleasant (to them); resulting melodrama... Sorry to...

lovecanbereal1,32941Dec 2021Feb 19
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - IVTHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) IV. “Thou art blessed, noblest one of my heart, Woman! - I will tell the one who understood the sma...

the_mirror154-Feb 19Go to Last Post
Raquel Welch dead at 82

Raquel Welch dead at 82Breaking News...

Unknown3623Feb 15Feb 19
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PeoplesWe don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason...

LadyinRed552241Feb 18Feb 19
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So Bruce Willis, too, earlyWell yes, it happens, the lottery of life. I happen to be watching Sin City (2005) as we 'speak' so to say. Pulp Fiction was his best I think, but t...

FargoFan3126Feb 17Feb 19
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A lesson not just for a cat

A lesson not just for a cat.There was a cat with fancy taste, Who only mingled with rich feline race, Purring with joy in their luxurious space, And snubbing the others with haug...

Meinyourgarden2383Feb 18Feb 19
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Unknown1870Feb 18Go to Last Post

Liar...I was working from home on Friday... well, that's what I told people. My goal was to finish some wardrobe drawings to a project I measured on Thursday...

chatillion2592Feb 17Feb 18
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - IIITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) III. "I miss a True Woman. One like that, she's rarer than the diamonds and jewels of the world, i...

the_mirror156-Feb 18Go to Last Post
unknown phenomena 2023

unknown.. phenomena..... 2023call it my insights or astro..... this blog is about... 2023 and April.... What is April famous for? April is known for warmer weather, A...

teenameena65315Dec 2022Feb 17
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Women tearing other women down

Women tearing other women downNow why is it that a lot of women tear other women down? Watching Nikki Haley making it official today with her run for office in 2024, and then se...

Unknown41716Feb 15Feb 17
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - IITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) II. "I haven't known yet, the Woman who truly loves, and only as only as Woman truly knows how...

the_mirror146-Feb 17Go to Last Post
when theres a storm an earthquake may follow

when theres a storm an earthquake may followNZ was recently hit by Cyclone Gabrielle and if my theory is correct I am certain an earthquake isn't far away. Heres the latest news: ....

tame973534Feb 14Feb 17
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The voice of a Black Woman...This blog is not about politics. I've been formulating the idea for this blog in my mind for months. No big hurry, but two things happened this week t...

chatillion3094Feb 16Feb 16
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Super BowlLVII Feb 12 2023 Along with Super Bowl Commercials

Super BowlLVII Feb. 12, 2023 Along with Super Bowl CommercialsI'm pulling for K.C. to win. I'm not a fan, I just don't like Philly. My prediction: K.C. 27 Philly 20 Feel free to give who...

Unknown52912Feb 12Feb 16
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - ITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) I. "I feel spiritually unfulfilled, but I have a fulfillment that I keep for the humble Woman, shar...

the_mirror192-Feb 16Go to Last Post

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