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The outcome of my dumped Black Kitten

The outcome of my dumped Black KittenI am aware many people hate Cats. However since I work voluntarily in Animal welfare, when a tiny little mite was dumped on main road outside my cott...

goldengloss36631Sep 2Sep 3
My Tao TOday

My Tao TOdayThe clouds above us join and separate The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns Life is like that ,so why not relax? Who can stop us from cel...

FLYJAMES813Sep 3Sep 3
Where has all the conflict gone

Where has all the conflict goneSince the debacle and witch hunt over the pros and cons of posting a graphic video blog land has reverted to the subliminal state just waiting for a t...

Sparky24v83949Aug 29Sep 3

RedexA post just for you

Track162038Sep 3Sep 3
Its an age thing

Its an age thingAlways had and loved long, its a girly thing i guess ... but these past few years, i tend to be looking for the shorter ones so lately, its shorter I...

itchywitch69741Aug 26Sep 3

World Hole DayHoles have been a part of our lives since life began, from humble cave dwellings Man (and women) have embraced these natural or man (or women) made or...

Mapmaker75882Sep 2Sep 3


Track161126Sep 2Sep 3
If It Is Really Important

If It Is Really ImportantIf It Is Really Important...

jarred167-Sep 3
The Great Escape

The Great EscapeHollywood loves to recreate history...the great escape happened during WW2 but was not depicted they was inspired by this hist...

loulou7727219Sep 1Sep 2
Is that the true American woman

Is that the true American woman?Hello, Recently many American women visited my profile...some initiated to contact me...sent me a messages...agreed to go ahead with email contact....

betterknowU30111Aug 15Sep 2
Houston underwater

Houston underwaterThe rain is awesome my neice reports. She still has electtricity and sanitation and running water, but I expect those systems to go down soon. Flood...

Ken_1926616Aug 27Sep 2
Doomsday clock resets

Doomsday clock resetsWith the recent rhetoric the doomsday clock has been set to 2 minutes 30 seconds from doomsday. Which side will fire first? Will they back down?...

Ken_1938332Aug 9Sep 2
The New Generation Specially Gifted Children

The New Generation - Specially Gifted ChildrenOver the last 20 years there has been an increase in children who have come to our world with particular talents. Unfortunately, they are not widely...

daniela77753844Aug 4Sep 2
I died last night

I died last nightThis is not a joke. While my spirit has carried on to inform you of what happened, I was shot 3 times last night and died. Last night I was organ...

JimNastics27617Sep 2Sep 2

"DOES NOT COMPUTE"It Says At The Top Of The Blog Page .....That ......There Are 54,794 Blogs On The Entire Site............................................................

namaron26214Aug 30Sep 2
The connection

The connection....To family We travel to say goodbye to them... yet we don't to say hello....

itchywitch31013Sep 1Sep 2

MacondoCS has become like kind of Macondo, if you have read the book you know what I'm talking about. Macondo is a damn crazy town deep into Colombia....

Duromojon28632Sep 2Sep 2
Meaningful Silence

Meaningful SilenceMeaningful Silence...

jarred1209-Sep 2

VisitorsHaving moved to a different country I feel very happy when my friends come to visit me. But sometimes certain ones take my breath away. A while ago I...

emmy117311Sep 2Sep 2
The Advantages Of Living In The EU

The Advantages Of Living In The EUThe European Laws Eighteen months ago my 7-month old Dalmatian pup was attacked in a public area, while on the lead, by a free roaming German Sheph...

daniela77750949Sep 1Sep 2
Forgivng is not always easy but i thought to have found the solution

Forgivng is not always easy but i thought to have found the solutionBelieve me it is not always easy to forgive. My sister had hurt me pretty bad again, and I had a hard time forgiving her. I heard a scripture in m...

britishcolumbian29821Aug 28Sep 2
Warning R18

Warning R18+This blog may contain s*xual or other objectionable material Please leave now or make sure your wearing your big boys pants Thanks for all the...

oldblue5447512Aug 31Sep 2
Win Or Loss

Win Or LossWin Or Loss...

jarred153-Sep 2
The victors rewrite history

The victor's rewrite historyYet it's a cut and paste but as I am semi-illiterate and a bastard to boot What more can you expect from me

oldblue542469Sep 1Sep 2
My Serentiy Prayer for the Blogs if they are to survive

My Serentiy Prayer for the Blogs [if they are to survive]Give us the strength to ignore people who offend others on their blogs. The Courage and enl...

goldengloss500-Aug 30Sep 2
Happy Eid Ul udha

Happy Eid Ul udhaHappy Eid ul udha to you and family May Allah / God bless you on all the ways of life Stay blessed Ali...

ali110894Sep 1Sep 2

"WITHIN THE SHADOWS"Though It Was Such A Long Time Ago....And Though The Official Investigation Says That Bobby Kennedy Was Shot And Killed By A... "Sirhan Sirhan"...A Ch...

namaron1001Sep 1Sep 1
A few jokes to make you smile

A few jokes to make you smileA Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he pushed it to 80 mph, enjoyin...

britishcolumbian1323Sep 1Sep 1
Take Your Time

Take Your TimeTake Your Time...

jarred178-Sep 1
all the same y

all the same yevery profile i read is almost the same as the next are we all the same do we think the same theres a good chance we do i dont know what to say on th...

sticktome2206Aug 22Sep 1
Todays Housekeeping Tips

Today's Housekeeping Tips"Always keep several get well cards on the mantel. That way, if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've have been sick and unable to clean"....

Gentlejim1077Sep 1Sep 1
Just Live Your Life

Just Live Your Life..Just Live Your Life.....

jarred165-Sep 1


Track161445Aug 31Sep 1
NewYorkcitylove106-Sep 1
from Quora

from QuoraEva Kor, Holocaust survivor and forgiveness advocate I have faced some very tough times. When I was 10 years old, my twin sister and I were used in...

bloodyawfull41824Aug 9Sep 1

tornado..I am asking anyone who can clarify this for me.. Can you please do so.. Was there a tornado I. Tulsa Oklahoma over this weekend? Please anyone...

georgie3929933Aug 28Aug 31
Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Liar Liar Pants On FireI loved the show House. Are you familiar with it? He plays a doctor who solves unsolvable medical situations. His mantra was, "everybody lies"....

Gypsytramp28228Aug 31Aug 31
Organized charities

Organized charities.....over the years, there have been reports of shamelessly high (20 to 35%), administrative costs of the money these take in from generous, caring donors...

Aaltarboy1184Aug 31Aug 31
Chocolate 101

Chocolate 101I love making chocolate confections. There is something about the glistening smoothness and dark rich color that brings all of my senses alive....

Gypsytramp34348Aug 30Aug 31
internet providers

internet providershave changed me provider back to telecom is ayr now service says 150 megabites ..old appartantly was under 3 ..just wondering what exactl...

johnjjm22821Aug 30Aug 31

MelaniaIs she a robot? Yesterday, watching the news Trump arrived to Texas, as always, Melania walking behind Trump like a robot. Melania is not a 1st lad...

Duromojon29728Aug 30Aug 31
Public access to our littoral areas

Public access to our littoral areas.....including river and ocean beaches, are mostly gone. The land was either sold outright, or abutting property owners have encroached it away, often unde...

Aaltarboy1232Aug 31Aug 31
"PLAY NOW: Galagian"(meet us in the games)

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