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Love and forgivenessIf you love you can forgive also. You need love God with all heart..,and love your neighbours as yourself. You can forgive those that do against you...

starrayfil115-Feb 9Go to Last Post
SHAWNTHOR30027Feb 8Feb 9
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Manzanos are $2 a pound now...Whenever I go to the Asian market I try to get some bananas from Thailand. They are short 'finger size' and have a thin skin. Typically, it's best to...

chatillion1171Feb 8Feb 8
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Joke'sWhat's the definition of madness......?.......... the awnser is two bald men fighting over the last hairbrush in walmart.......... Whats the def...

realdeal8901472Feb 8Feb 8
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The drunk.. is. honestly the honest.The... Honest people are kind hearted people they won't think bad for others. “Honesty is important because it creates peace of mind and promotes r...

teenameena30113Feb 8Feb 8
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“Arthritis” ......Arthritis is very common but not well understood. Actually, “Arthritis” ...... is not a disease. This is an informal way of referring to joint pain...

teenameena48629Feb 3Feb 8
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Tough guy

Tough guyA tough guy walks with a swagger and stride, With muscles built from a life filled with pride. He's rough around the edges, but soft at the core, A he...

Hufieborg1351Feb 8Feb 8
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Party girl

Party girlShe walks in, all eyes on her, With a smile that could light up the room. She dances to the beat, never a blur, Her laughter, infectious as a tune....

Hufieborg1100Feb 8Go to Last Post
What tempted Eve

What tempted Eve.Slithering through the grass, A serpent moves so fast, With scales so smooth and green, It's beauty cannot be seen. It glides with grace so still,...

Hufieborg1290Feb 8Go to Last Post
SHAWNTHOR28911Feb 5Feb 8
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What to call it

What to call it ?I've invited a machine that would impress the ladies would likely be something stylish and technologically advanced, such as a high-end luxury car or...

Hufieborg1521Feb 8Feb 8
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Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh CitySaigon. An impromptu trip. Was not overly crazy over their food.

MiMiArt174-Feb 8Go to Last Post
Just to make her happy

Just to make her happyBring a smile to their face, With just a gentle embrace. A kind word, a simple deed, Can spread joy, that's all you need. Make them laugh, chase aw...

Hufieborg1030Feb 8Go to Last Post
Your glass is

Your glass is ……?The half-glass philosophy has been around for quite a few decades, and has been explored by many. It stimulates conversations based upon people’s in...

Didi733721Jan 22Feb 7
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My Malaysian holiday coming to an end in less than 24 hours

My Malaysian holiday coming to an end in less than 24 hours….Just like that….6 weeks gone! Bittersweet. Can’t wait to see cheeky Art again and my son but it’s breaking my heart to leave my daughter behind…...

MiMiArt199-Feb 7Go to Last Post

What defines beauty...I went to high-school with a girl who was 'scary ugly' and we made cruel jokes about her looks "She was so ugly, her parent's had to tie a pork chop a...

chatillion29914Feb 6Feb 7
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Hulk Hogan ‘paralysed from the waist down’ after undergoing 11th back surgeryIt's sad to read about this. I know Hulk Hogan has had a bad problem with his health over the years. I was a huge fan of his and Rowdy Roddy Piper....

SHAWNTHOR3229Jan 31Feb 7
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That little "like" button, and the trouble that it can bringA couple of nights ago I had a woman hit "like" on me. I get likes all the time, and it can get annoying. Well, I decided to actually do something I h...

SHAWNTHOR27615Feb 6Feb 7
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More than 2 300 people were killed and thousands were injured in earthquake in Turkey and Syria

More than 2,300 people were killed and thousands were injured in earthquake in Turkey and SyriaHarrowing footage emerged early Monday showing an apartment building in Turkey collapsing into a pile of rubble, sending terrified people running for...

Willy341128418Feb 6Feb 7
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Good girls...... Bad girls...... . I think.... mostly men like bad girls ..... because deep inside they know they are bad.... (mostly) .. Birds of a feather...

teenameena40610Jan 17Feb 7
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The importance of having a big duck

The importance of having a big duckHaving a big duck can be a source of pride for some people, but it's important to remember that possessions do not bring lasting happiness. It's bette...

Meinyourgarden27711Feb 6Feb 7
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What a Peach she is so why is she offended

What a Peach she is, so why is she offended?She is a Absolute Peach is a term that is commonly used to describe someone who is attractive, sweet, and pleasant to be around. The phrase is a compl...

Hufieborg2317Feb 6Feb 6
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A place of rest disturbed

A place of rest, disturbed.Went to the graveyard this afternoon, not been there since my sisters ashes went down with mother, in December gone. Plan was to remove withered flowe...

CelticWitch6448023Feb 5Feb 6
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Lazy Pusy

Lazy PusyOnce upon a time, there was a lazy cat named Whiskers. Whiskers lived a comfortable life, spending most of his days lounging in the sun, napping, and...

Hufieborg1912Feb 5Feb 6
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Would you date somebody that is less than half your age...that you are not exactly attracted to, but they just threw themselves at you? Let's set some parameters. You are hitting an older age where you k...

Johnny_Sparton1,28478Feb 1Feb 6
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Helping a coworker move went a bit.. Unexpected..I had an agreement with someone at work, that I would help him move today. 11 am meeting time, but I was there a bit earlier, because I wanted some fo...

Philipsen2225Feb 5Feb 6
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Dont be fooled by the size

Don’t be fooled by the size .Once upon a time, there was a small mouse who lived in a big forest. He was known for his bravery and quick thinking, but he felt that something was m...

Meinyourgarden1721Feb 6Feb 6
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Does USA in its version of Democracy exercise, observe, implement Separation of Powers?Usually these powers are described as Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. But the important point is on separation. I see the Executive branch rec...

FargoFan79436Feb 2020Feb 6
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A beautiful heartThere is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others...

LadyinRed553107Feb 4Feb 6
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Body cam... what a great invention.After a review of this body cam, Preston Hemphill gets fired from the Memphis Police Force having violated multiple department policies. Quick read: H...

chatillion35213Feb 3Feb 6
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Creature love

Creature loveHaving a love for pets is a wonderful thing! Pets can bring so much joy, love, and companionship into our lives. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, or any...

Meinyourgarden1290Feb 5Go to Last Post
Good together

Good togetherA good relationship is one where both partners feel fulfilled, respected, and supported. Some key ingredients for a healthy relationship include: C...

Meinyourgarden1080Feb 5Go to Last Post

Hugging the left lane...I see Florida lawmakers are proposing a bill that prohibits continuous driving in the left lane. We already have slower traffic to be in the right lan...

chatillion940Feb 5Go to Last Post
Not worth a share

Not worth a shareBut since I'm in the mood for sharing, I've decided to just the same Because I've often blogged and ranted about him, many here know my relations...

CelticWitch6451425Jan 28Feb 5
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Furball adventures

Furball adventuresFurball is sleeping. totally zonked, kaput, out of it. His little paws lie limply on his chest and his back legs sprawl as his little head falls back...

Unknown1,1694Oct 2007Feb 5
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Willy34111621Feb 5Feb 5
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Size...The phrase "size matters" has been a subject of debate and discussion in various contexts. In many cases, size can be a significant factor that influe...

Hufieborg2275Feb 5Feb 5
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The Koch brothers...I saw a headline today about the Koch brothers and thought... didn't one of them die? Yes, David passed away in 2019 with his cause of death listed as...

chatillion990Feb 5Go to Last Post
Jack and Sarah

Jack and SarahOnce upon a time, there was a man named Jack who had been searching for love for many years. He had tried everything from online dating to speed datin...

Hufieborg1921Feb 5Feb 5
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Drone ON...For years, I've been reading about Amazon making deliveries by drone. For the record, it's not perfected yet. Good idea or not, something on a large s...

chatillion1604Feb 4Feb 5
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How and who will finish us all

How and who will finish us all !It is unlikely that the Russians as a whole would intentionally end life on Earth. The majority of people, including those in Russia, value human life...

Hufieborg1270Feb 5Go to Last Post
This is why Im stuck on this rock

This is why I'm stuck on this rock.There could be many reasons why you don't travel as much these days. Some common reasons include: Cost: Travel can be expensive and you might not h...

Hufieborg1141Feb 5Feb 5
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