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Time to play L O A

Time to play L. O. A.So again, I shall put out my intention to the yoUniverse. I am requesting a new partner here. I will take care what I wish for, I will be specific:...

ZuniMayan108-Aug 8
Life skills vs mental function

Life skills vs mental functionWe are all born with a brain, new ,clean and unused ,like a blank page or a computer hard drive... We are exposed to stimuli be it nuture or nature a...

oldblue5438515Aug 5Aug 8

todayin order to put my last blog to bed-alone, i will post about my day. I had a very good interview. I should know something by the end of the week. T...

freehand36339Aug 7Aug 8
Chat APP

Chat APPI am back again... Good day to you first! There are so many different Chat app around world nowadays, and which are easier for us to connnect w...

July012132-Aug 8Aug 8
Area 51

Area 51Ok I'm interested if anyone has had any actual contact with alien visitors ? I have a burning desire to be "probed" so if anyone has any first han...

oldblue5431120Aug 7Aug 8
A serious back up singer

A serious back up singerI just wish I don't have a stage fright like him/her...

tatami772Aug 8Aug 8

McDonald'sIf you take your children to McDonald, especially if you order a “Happy Meal” for them. You should be held unaccountable for child abuse. The box and...

NewYorkcitylove102-Aug 8
stringman1484Aug 3Aug 8
there are so many false people

there are so many false peopleFor the last two weeks I have just felt like there are so many false people and or Im one of the few who keeps it 100...

jarred1120-Aug 8
Maratika Tour A tour to experience different

Maratika Tour - A tour to experience different.Maratika Tour is a Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Maratika cave is situated in the eastern part of Nepal namely in Khotang district. In and around the Mara...

ramailogarula700Aug 8
Track161355Aug 7Aug 7
non s*xual cohabitation vs living together

non s*xual cohabitation vs living togetherI have been thinking about things lately. I'm in no way an expert. I have spent years of personal research and I have come to a sort of philosophy a...

freehand1,529-Aug 6Aug 7
FLYJAMES881Aug 7Aug 7
how america became the apotheosis of antintellectualism

how america became the apotheosis of antintellectualismif cornell west is a black intellectual, i am a genius. i have read ovr 100 ariticles about the dub idiots of america males and females. at once peopl...

inafunk44033Jul 14Aug 7
The Mysterious Hitchhiker part 4

The Mysterious Hitchhiker part 4While I checked my GPS to confirm the destination, Slim belched while saying "excuse me" in a long, guttural voice. He then broke into laughter. I c...

freehand1518Aug 4Aug 7
Speed dating

Speed "dating".......The awesome, award winning, Camden Public Library, just a bit down the coast from the world renouned, vastly expansive, large servant staff assisted b...

Aaltarboy1498Aug 7Aug 7

BagpiperI love this story. Lay down what’s bothering you, breathe in the fresh air and LISTEN to this story. Time is like a river. You cannot touch the...

Gentlejim1174Aug 6Aug 7
I totally believe that

I totally believe that ........Yes I certainly believe that the moon is made of a creamy cheddar cheese...

Lukeon22215Aug 6Aug 7
NewYorkcitylove89-Aug 6
I must say goodbye

I must say goodbyeHello everyone. Thank you everyone for being so kind. Also for supporting me. Being here for all my ups and downs. All the laughter happiness and als...

Jao19612335Aug 5Aug 6
Times a changing yep

Times a changing....., yep.CD's and audio cassettes. Home land lines. Desk top computers. On foot electric and water meter readers. Paper love letters. Human being cashiers. Lo...

Aaltarboy1759Aug 6Aug 6
Track161212Jul 14Aug 6
The story of a Transgender giving birth

The story of a Transgender giving birth. Wow, what a story. I used to say, our role...

lindsyjones30712Aug 4Aug 6

NegationDoing the wrong things but, wanting to get the right result(s). I have come to believe in a principle that one can make progress in error. But, this i...

Paololuv933Aug 6Aug 6
hello guys

hello guysWhich nice loving, romantic down to earth man can come n take me n a date n just come n take my breath away along time I don't go out I can't tell whe...

shandeen292233Aug 5Aug 6
NewYorkcitylove65-Aug 6
Random Question

Random QuestionWho believes there is other life in our universe?...

Track1625522Aug 6Aug 6
portrait artist

portrait artistI did my first session as portrait artist for the gallery. It was a nice day and the sun and breeze made me very sleepy. I am awake now, after a lon...

freehand1877Aug 5Aug 6
hmmm who am i

hmmm who am ihmmm who am i for me to know and for you to find out....

jarred155-Aug 6
YOU make the photo caption 5

YOU make the photo caption (5) !You make the photo caption (5) ! ....... 'Yet, an otter thief, caught by camera !' Or you make the caption for the following photo;...

JimNastics1795Aug 5Aug 5


Track16830Aug 5
Its Official

Its OfficialI'm old. Big party/music fest happening tonight in my community. Part of me wants to go but I just can't deal with a drunk crowd of people....

Track161377Aug 5Aug 5

"THE PROTESTERS"Of Course You Have The Right To Protest...Well...In Most Countries ....You Do..... Anyway.....Maybe Its A Wrong You Are Protesting....And You Want It...

namaron46835Jul 29Aug 5

"FAILED ACTIONS OF YESTERDAY"After All This Time That Has Passed...Im Still Left As To The Wonder Of You............That Magnectic Grasp... That Always Seems To Pull One Inward......

namaron970Aug 5
if today is tomorrow

if today is tomorrowif today is tomorrow. tomorrow was yesterday. when is today. never ...... tomorrow. never comes an yesterday has been an gone.many times. today is now...

jarred156-Aug 5

My Homemade Kefir - I´m Finally Making My Own!What is Kefir? It is a cultured beverage that originates from Russia. It is a fermented, enzyme-rich food resembling yogurt filled with friendly ba...

daniela77764212Jul 26Aug 5
International Kissing Day

International Kissing DayHow did we miss this? Have you kissed someone today? This is a pretty iconic kiss. Who would you like to kiss today? What celebrity /...

Elegsabiff89689Jul 6Aug 5
People do not care whether you live or die

People do not care whether you live or die.People do not care whether you live or die. The truth sucks but it will set you free.?...

jarred191-Aug 5
how we are being dumbed down

how we are being dumbed downI have not even given this a lot of thought and I do not even know if there is a point to this. I think perhaps it is just to stimulate possible post...

Johnny_Sparton58852Aug 4Aug 5


Track16934Aug 4Aug 4
Disabled Comments Blogs

Disabled Comments BlogsA lot has been written about “Disabled Comments Blogs” lately. My suggestion re the same is that the viewer should be informed up front that such...

socrates4427119Aug 3Aug 4

"IN SOLITARY"When You Put Certain People Into Solitary Confinement..For Whatever Reason..You Are Not Helping Him/Her............ And I Understand That Some People...

namaron26016Aug 4Aug 4

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