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Durnk so here goes the first one

Durnk, so here goes the first one...downing a nice botttlee of Malbec 2013, so let's get started. Viernes. 25 marzo 2011, a la(s) 11:57 Deja vù, the only thing I could think of ri...

WhatYouHadAndWha1287May 15May 17

My new webpageI've decided to start a new webpage to help others save money. It's called, 'Hey, go fund yourself !' Members can deposit money following a rep...

JimNastics1083May 16May 17

KidneysI bought a couple of kidneys this morning to cook for the dogs so I went on line to see how to cook them. I guess in America we don't eat kidney but...

UnFayzed23321May 9May 17

AwkwardBoss is being cool. I’m being invisible. I’m embarrassed that I was friendly after he clearly was disappointed about my age. A saving grace. Loolllol...

Palmfrond1494May 16May 17
The doomsday clock

The doomsday clock...... is currently reading 2 minutes to midnight the same time as during the " cold war " So what better time than now to play this...

OIdblue1172May 16May 17
In other news

In other news...Yesterday I agreed to meet my customers on my day off. After I realized that I might only have enough fuel for work. I was racked with worry. Two week...

Palmfrond1391May 16May 17

My point is.....“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen” Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of t...

usha12371679May 12May 17
Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its whats on the inside

Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its what's on the insideTrying to find someone down to earth honest fun about no games its on the inside what counts...

Trucker163144May 2018May 16

"AKA"editing to get the one sided narrative across best economy since 1969 based at 3.6% unemployed rate which was last that low in 1969...

Bentlee19910Apr 30May 16

Human NatureMan what an industry advertising has become. Good marketing can make you think their product is something you cannot live without. Men who love too...

UnFayzed15711May 15May 16
Viernes III

Viernes IIILast one of the Friday series. Now I have to stop because the memories are killing me. This is killing me, slowly and painfully. But it will all get...

WhatYouHadAndWha530May 16
stringman37029Apr 18May 16
Im back

Im backFrom handing the keys over to a beautiful Chevy Silverado. Im over the moon. I came in in my day off but it was so worth it. I love my job. I cant re...

Palmfrond20112May 15May 16

the selling of a 2nd smoking gunRepublicans, with Trump as leader, and Israel's Netanyahu backing up, are selling us another war, Iraq still burning, Afghanistan is burning, what the...

methuzelah71-May 16
Viernes II

Viernes IISo here's the second one. this one had a commetn from my best friend, who died two years ago, so i'm back to crying like a bastard. i need some closu...

WhatYouHadAndWha480May 16
Track161062May 15May 16

My best diplomatic skills.....gleaned from years of great errors. Many of us have been there. Male friendships have been a challenge for some aaltarboys, ya think?!?!----but it doe...

Vierkaesehoch1620May 16

5/16/2019 NOTICE of ABSENCEChecking into psych hospital in morning. It is the only place with resources torest, eat decent, healthy food and the one I hope to go to has decent...

LincolnsCousin1233May 15May 16

The Enneagram StructureWhat is the point of understanding personality types? Since everyone is unique, the idea of cramming people into categories seems odious. And even if...

tame97690May 15
stringman1042May 13May 15
A car that runs on nanoFLOWCELL salt water technology has received approval for testing on Germany

A car that runs on nanoFLOWCELL salt water technology has received approval for testing on GermanyA car that runs on nanoFLOWCELL salt water technology has received approval for testing on German roads. SEA WATER “A car that captures the energy of...

needyoubyfastway863May 13May 15
Diamond_Rain42323May 13May 15

Festival time is almost here!I just noticed that there is one month and 1 day left until I am going to be a volunteer at a festival. Copenhell, is the name of the festival, and my...

Philipsen671May 15May 15
Game of Thrones S 8 E 3 spoilers maybe

Game of Thrones, S 8 E 3 (spoilers maybe)Am I the only one who feels cheated at the outcome of episode 3? How did she get there not noticed? Nicely done 'Mexican Border Shift' of the blade...

Ken_1927313May 1May 15

Now in yet another retirement,surveying possibilities for another gig. Hardly wealthy, but certainly comfortable, and was able to help others in many regards, over the years. So wh...

Vierkaesehoch3002May 14May 15

The "Illusionary" World We Live InAre we living in a Computer Simulated Reality programmed to experience living, emotions etc..? If so, what could be the reason for this? Today, I...

daniela77762978May 10May 15
Still dont dare

Still don't dare.To let it all out. I just found my notes,my diaries and all that. But I can't. The feeling is so strong my legs shake and weaken. I've just cut my...

WhatYouHadAndWha740May 15
Buy it in bottles

Buy it in bottles...Stuck on a mind train, and I’m stuck in a bad frame...Give up, bet no way you know how to stop...and I’m made this way yeah....

WhatYouHadAndWha760May 15

Rain, rain, go away....Friday I played softball in the rain. It wasn't too bad and I went 3 for 3 at the plate. Saturday was cloudy, but no rain. However, it was my da...

JimNastics12811May 13May 15

Eurovision Song Contest (1st semifinal)I watched the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. The place it is held, is in Tel Aviv, Israel. 17 countries competed, but only 10 are...

Philipsen600May 15

Tidbits of HumorQ: Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall? A: To make up for his miserable summer. Q: Why couldn’t cavemen send cards? A: The stamps kept fa...

Gentlejim1196May 14May 14

Doris Day (97) R.I.P.Today famed actress and singer, Doris Day died of complications from pneumonia. The following is her obituary from the NY Times via Reuters; B...

JimNastics1297May 13May 14

It's all 'fun & games'......until people start dyingTalk show guest died by suicide after failing lie-detector test on-air and being dumped by his girlfriend Albertina Lloyd Entertainment reporter...

JimNastics1181May 14May 14

Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock...BREAKING: AG Barr Appoints U.S. Attorney To Investigate Origins Of Russia Investigation Attorney General Bill Barr has appointed a U.S. attorney t...

Willy34111183May 14May 14

Surprise visit!A few days ago, my friend wrote me, and told me that she was attending her half-brothers birthday, and she wanted to know if she could spend the night...

Philipsen1861May 13May 14

Buzzzzzzzz about StingFrom Wikipedia; Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner was born on 2 October 1951, in Wallsend, Northumberland, England, the eldest of four children of A...

JimNastics1238May 12May 14
Track16952May 14May 14

Here it is - the more semi-complete redacted Mueller report It does contain some damning information regarding the president and his campaign with regard to Russi...

JimNastics1987Apr 18May 14

HaloWhen sailing past St Vincent on the 3rd of May we saw a halo around the sun. It was really beautiful. Im not sure why its caused or what i...

lshtar51348May 7May 14
A sticky business

A sticky businessThis is all new to me. As i mentioned, i sold a truck to a retired man. I agreed to have a coffee with my client. In other news, my manager wanted to...

Palmfrond2229May 11May 14

Checkout scamsA young man is shopping in a supermarket when he notices that an older woman seems to be following him, staring at him in a sorrowful manner. He moves...

bcjenny1352May 13May 13
old dog vestibular disease

old dog vestibular diseaseWednesday she was fine - she's old, a little wobblier in the mornings than in years of yore, but lively, greedy, healthy. Yesterday morning very w...

Elegsabiff36530May 10May 13
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