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Love me like I love you

Love me like I love you.Love me like I love you.

jarred162-Dec 17
Sail On The Wind

Sail On The WindSail On The Wind...

jarred155-Dec 17

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("FANTASY")..(74)When The Bad Talking.... Bad Guys.......... Come On Board ...............................They Can Be Seen... Flocking To The Area Thats Being Occupied...

namaron102-Dec 17
Meeting up

Meeting up ...Purely by what I have read on the public blogs, there are men and women who meet up with the much-discussed intention of serious zoobie zooms*. There...

Elegsabiff877101Dec 15Dec 17
Another BirthDay single

Another BirthDay single. ..Cheers ?? to myself for surviving another year!???? Giving thanks to the Almighty;couldn't have made it without Him! ?????? I remind myself every ye...

NickiX20171698Dec 15Dec 17
why girls like bad guys

why girls like bad guys.?I don't apologize, I don't make excuses, I don't care what people think about me... and I don't have friends I use as wing men. I'm still not sure why...

jarred170-Dec 17
Seeing Your True Self

Seeing Your True SelfSeeing Your True Self...

jarred169-Dec 17
when it comes to a relationship with women i like romantic intelligent amazing classy women

when it comes to a relationship with women i like romantic intelligent amazing classy womenwhen it comes to a relationship with a women i like classy romantic intelligent beautiful women i'm a southern gentlemen to the ladies...

colbyc281263Dec 17Dec 17
The art of giving back

The art of giving back...Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love the build up, the anticipation, putting up the decorations and using my creative mind to think of gift...

Roughroadergirl277-Dec 17
Anyone else awake

Anyone else awake?Lying in bed with the van door open drinking coffee and roaming the smartphone for anyone else awake. Nearly 9 am in Spain. I seem to have the world...

Elegsabiff1,861192Sep 25Dec 17
How do you keep an Idiot in suspense

How do you keep an Idiot in suspense?The poster of the most witty retort to my joke Will be the Winner. So come on get posting. Sorry it took so long ! I didn't notice I had comments di...

nonsmoker44536Dec 14Dec 17

quoteHi all A scorpion was walking along the bank of a river, wondering how to get to the other side... when suddenly he saw a fox. He asked the fox to...

nighty701526Dec 14Dec 17
Penny for your thoughts

Penny for your thoughts?I Made a man happy this week .... and because I did, he looked at me in a way no man has ever looked at me before.... and because of that look, I ha...

itchywitch64621Nov 16Dec 16

"A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE"A Five Year Old Little Girl...By The Name Of...Helen Berence Reyes Cardenas..Was Told By Her Mother ...That Christmas Was Not Going To Be Very Good Th...

namaron3184Dec 2016Dec 16
Why is Pornography the Biggest Thing on the Internet

Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?...

jarred176-Dec 16

textI listen to a song and think, she is lucky I think I want someone like you Over the horizon, maybe there's someone like you sadness mixes with hap...

freehand1352Dec 16Dec 16
Folks I have some bad news

Folks, I have some bad news...I just had a long talk With Santa...on Viber ... He told me that this year he wont come to CS ,apparently after decades of prizing good girls and...

Dedovix33429Dec 16Dec 16
How to Become Silent

How to Become Silent? -How to Become Silent? -...

jarred171-Dec 16
What feeds us the most

What feeds us the most?Many have their perceptions and ideas of what feeds them emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Yet, by simple observation we see so many here see...

Akeldama4027214Nov 25Dec 16
Freedom Of Speech

Freedom Of SpeechFreedom Of Speech...

jarred157-Dec 16
A dry spell

A dry spellAs you know, I was indoctrinated into the swinger life and my swinger went monogamous on me. Now, I don’t know where to turn for some real pork and b...

Palmfrond1695Dec 15Dec 16
Ash Come back

Ash, Come back!just read your blog, I didn't knew you're a Jew, sorry!... Are we in High School here?! FFS, if you can't accept another's opinion about USA...

Crazyheart3888863Dec 15Dec 16
For chessplayer ONLY you need to know how the game works at som point preferred 1900

For chessplayer ONLY! ( you need to know how the game works at som point ).... ( preferred 1900 + )This blog is for chessplayer,that know´s how to play ( +1900 and op ) My question is this. ( and I hop, that there is som chessplayer, that is better...

benthansen810Dec 15
I love a good peni nsula

I love a good peni....nsula........The beauty of nature........our glorious world........

Roughroadergirl37136Dec 15Dec 15
Track161478Dec 4Dec 15

CREATIONA man said to his wife one day, 'I don't know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time. 'The wife responded, 'Al...

Gentlejim1143Dec 15Dec 15
The wave of life

The wave of life.In quantum physics one of the ways to describe a particle is by drawing a diagram of a wave. I am no expert in quantum physics, but as I read, I lear...

Johnny_Sparton20322Dec 15Dec 15

Another Hair Raising SubjectThe Most Secret Of Society... Something to ponder over Following my blog last January about long hair – for women and men – I was sent the follow...

daniela77739741Dec 13Dec 15
You Dont Understand Us

You Don’t Understand UsYes, I know that we have given up trying to understand women a long time ago but that does not mean that you have to give up just as easily. We are mo...

Catfoot47048Dec 15Dec 15
Track163914Dec 15Dec 15
Here comes BAD Santa Claus

Here comes BAD Santa Claus!Here comes BAD Santa Claus!...

jarred162-Dec 15
Yikes Im Still Here

Yikes! I'm Still Here...What happened to my blog? Who grabbed it ?! Was looking for my blog before I logged in and didn't find gave me a bad feeling, a real bad...

Crazyheart3888781Dec 14Dec 15
A Blog To Please Everybody

A Blog To Please EverybodyI have been thinking very hard to find a topic - and a view on it - to please everybody but to no avail. It will be such a welcome change to produce s...

Catfoot1,659124Jul 2014Dec 15
Track16841Dec 14Dec 15
The North Star just put up my Christmas lights

The North Star..... just put up my Christmas lights....I’m following a theme....they look great....the whole village has been out to see them...

Roughroadergirl29935Dec 14Dec 15
Track16660Dec 15
stringman1905Nov 29Dec 14
Best answer of following question

Best answer of following question?How does research help a student to develop his or her analytical skill? If you are doing research what situations you wil never use telephonic...

only1life1347Dec 14Dec 14
My First Impression Of CS Male Bloggers

My First Impression Of CS Male BloggersI believe that first impression lasts. Just like most people, I base my first impression from what I see in a person's face . Some of that changed w...

Crazyheart388,872319Aug 2015Dec 14
Is it me

Is it me...or are you folk out of fresh ideas for a blog if i may suggest ...get wasted and start typing ... show how creative you can be...

Dedovix31824Dec 13Dec 14
But Daddy Trump says he has one of the highest IQs and the best words

But Daddy Trump says he has one of the highest IQs and the best wordsBut Daddy Trump says he has one of the highest IQs and the best words...

jarred178-Dec 14

CS BACHELORS AUCTION NightLadies, listen up...tonight is the night for these men I've been blogging here for so long, surrounded by these gorgeous bachelors and from time to...

Crazyheart382,478148Oct 2016Dec 14
rita101: "Do we match up"(meet us in the quizzes)

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