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Sacrifice"Unless you can enjoy yourself you cannot help anyone to enjoy. Unless you are really contented with yourself, you cannot serve others; you cannot hel...

Swami21523Oct 7Oct 8

Waking up Tomorrow Morning as a Man or WomanImagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and you were the opposite gender? How would you handle it? How do you think your experiences would di...

mollybaby1,877189Oct 4Oct 8
How Can Laughter Change Someones Life

How Can Laughter Change Someone´s LifeIt is said that Laughter is the best Medicine...Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict.. The ability to laugh easily and fr...

daniela7771,94045Oct 6Oct 8
I Am The Best

I Am The BestI Am The Best...

jarred156-Oct 8

cookiesI am used to dating, beauty, travel, health..... cookies as i open CS. Since lately, i've got jesusonline, four steps to god and convert to islam o...

bloodyawfull1601Oct 7Oct 8

"CREATION"..("AWAITING AWAY")..(94)"No I Dont Think That.... Youre Ever Going To See".............................................................................................. "All...

namaron131-Oct 7
The blood of 58 people are on the hands of Wayne Lapierre VP of the NRA

The blood of 58 people are on the hands of Wayne Lapierre VP of the NRAThe shooters blood can be used to flush a toilet. The NRA's Response To The Las Vegas Shooting Is Deafening In Its Silence

ooby_dooby91058Oct 2Oct 7
Chat up lines from the ladies

Chat up lines from the ladiesOk give it your best shot ladies and try chat me up Or embrace me with your femininity and charm...

Freedomofspeech925232Oct 5Oct 7
Love is a spiritual phenomenon lust is physical Ego is psychological love is spiritual

Love is a spiritual phenomenon; lust is physical. Ego is psychological; love is spiritual.“People think that they can love only when they find a worthy partner—nonsense! You will never find one. People think they will love only when they fi...

Swami20311Oct 7Oct 7
So is it just me or is something really wrong with the world

So is it just me or is something really wrong with the world?Who actually thinks the world is getting better? you think charities are helping? CHARITY = an organization set up to provide help and raise money for...

Heartbeatfast00737335Oct 4Oct 7
Lukeon30213Oct 1Oct 7
A thought for all to ponder

A thought for all to ponderA man and a woman from two distant lands set out to find the truth of themselves As they set out upon their journey they went from city to city count...

Akeldama4020715Oct 7Oct 7
Fruit Of The Spirit

Fruit Of The SpiritFruit Of The Spirit...

jarred159-Oct 7
Being Unfaithful OSHO Talks Part 1

"Being Unfaithful" - OSHO Talks - Part 1Question – Osho, I know for sure that my wife is utterly faithful to me, but still doubt goes on lingering somewhere inside me. What should I do to ge...

Swami1163Oct 6Oct 7
How far would you go for love

How far would you go for love!So what is love? a feeling in you're heart or your brain? and once your in love is there nothing you wouldn't do for them? what would you do if someon...

Heartbeatfast0071897Oct 6Oct 7
Scammers continued

Scammers, continued.Well the check for the boat was good---in fact it was for much more than my asking price. Turns out though, buyer expected me to arrange shipping with...

Aaltarboy1180Oct 7

PERFECT WOMANI have heard about a man who remained unmarried his whole life, and when he was dying, ninety years old, somebody asked him, “You have remained unmarr...

Swami1656Oct 7Oct 7

SacrificeCould you give one day to God ? Just choose a day any day that you want all up to you , and reflect on all the wonderful things that God has done for...

Annleerose1274Oct 6Oct 7
Track16961Oct 7Oct 7
i want to dating with a girl

i want to dating with a girlhey i'm dhameera ,this is my hey i want to dating with good women , i don't care about age or other things i want to girl...

roshan952208Oct 2Oct 7
Do you exercise before seks

Do you exercise before seksand what do you recommend ... lots of Schnapps 10 mile run swimming lifting weights with your shlong ......

Dedovix24225Oct 6Oct 7

LETTERS TO THE SCHOOLS VOLUME 2 15TH DECEMBER 1981A school is a place of learning and so it is sacred. The temples, churches and mosques are not sacred for they have stopped learning. They believe; th...

Swami780Oct 7
Biff moving out of the van

Biff moving out of the van*****breaking news ******** *****read all about it! ****** My offer has been accepted, the deposit has been paid, and soon, hopefully re...

Elegsabiff69648Oct 3Oct 6
Love these rain drops

Love these rain dropsLove these rain drops...

jarred170-Oct 6
Exercise made easy

Exercise made easyWhen you want to say your working out but in fact your just .......

oldblue541222Oct 6Oct 6

LadiesHow do I look?...

Track16910Oct 6
Being Unfaithful OSHO Talks Part 3

"Being Unfaithful" - OSHO Talks - Part 3The story is told of Mulla Nasruddin, who got married and spent a pleasant honeymoon with his bride. But one day he came to the office with a rather g...

Swami15011Oct 6Oct 6

WAKE UP PEOPLE!Have you noticed the way there is never a shortage of foreign smokes in Dublin and the whole of Ireland and perhaps the whole world this i have to che...

Heartbeatfast0071330Oct 6
stringman22110Oct 5Oct 6
Being Unfaithful OSHO Talks Part 2

"Being Unfaithful" - OSHO Talks - Part 2In dreams you are free and private. The magistrate is not there, the policeman is not there, the wife is not there, nobody is there. You are again fre...

Swami850Oct 6


Track16894Oct 6Oct 6

scammersThe scammer is only as powerful as the victim's gullibility. Unfortunately, the scammer is the only one to be penalized. I think the victim has some...

freehand39522Sep 25Oct 6
Time for a laugh

Time for a laugh!An old woman walk into a pub and says! witch one of you own that pit bull outside tied to the pole? And a man with tattoo's all over him said! I do wh...

Heartbeatfast0071100Oct 6


Track161044Oct 6Oct 6
Why do a lot of women wear high heels

Why do a lot of women wear high heels?I often wonder the reasons why women wear high heels, because it is a proven fact, that they can cause a lot of feet problems. Heels look bad, are...

Freedomofspeech967172Sep 29Oct 6
Please Explain

Please ExplainPlease explain to me how does gun laws make good people out of bad people? How does that work? So banning guns is going to eliminate all the evil in...

Willy341142836Oct 5Oct 6
Autumns blog

Autumn's blogI met a panther chameleon for the first time the other day. They are truly amazing, and beautiful lizards. I've had quite a few pet lizards growing up...

ScarlettAutumn35615Oct 3Oct 6

BrexitFor all those who voted in the referendum, knowing what you know now would you still have voted the same way?...

emmy128512Oct 5Oct 6
Fake Messages Empty Mailboxes

Fake Messages, Empty Mailboxes!Earlier today someone under the online name of truluve29 pretended to have inboxed me a message that I never saw; i didn't even see a profile on CS un...

TheAgnostic581191Oct 5Oct 6
Addictive Personalities

Addictive Personalities!How far back can you remember I was always quite as a child I had...

Heartbeatfast0071334Oct 5Oct 5

Breakfast .Sade roti with steamed and fried potatoes , we call it alou in my country and slight pepper . It is very delicious , together with tea but some hav...

Annleerose1357Oct 5Oct 5
I Am A Lesbian

I Am A LesbianTrapped in a man's body.................................................

Track162359Oct 4Oct 5
"Do You Scare Easily?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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