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DESOLATION OF UKRAINESo the dirty war in Ukraine goes on. Who is going to stop Putin ? By now Putin will know that the People of Ukraine does not want him in Ukraine....

FLYJAMES73771Mar 8Mar 19
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meaningless random thought about warWhat if war is a human test of will. A test of God...or a test of our Maker(s) soon as people choose to refuse to kill other humans....we pass...

Johnny_Sparton33323Mar 4Mar 19
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The swamp that Trump is drainingNOTE: IMPEACH Trump? Yeah good luck. A friend of mine sent me this and it is very logical and it might change our US political system forever. D...

lindsyjones5,036168Sep 2018Mar 19
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Did you know 4Did you know, the only difference between " In-laws and Out-Laws" is the out-law is WANTED...

Nandelangelvega800Mar 19Go to Last Post

Monster fish: Huge ‘living dinosaur’ sturgeon weighing 600lbs caught in British ColumbiaThis is the moment a stunned fisherman reeled in a huge 11-foot “living dinosaur” fish weighing a whopping 588 pounds. Yves Bisson was fishing in t...

Willy34111634Mar 18Mar 19
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For plumbers who are for denazification of something or other

For plumbers, who are for "denazification" of something or other:Moscow police beat and torture women after anti-war protests " ... The girl did not answer any questions. Then the man decided to forcibly phot...

Tulefell32718Mar 13Mar 19
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People against Putins army of cybermonkeys

People against Putin's army of cybermonkeysWhat to do if you want to contribute to fight against Putin's propaganda:...

Tulefell1000Mar 19Go to Last Post
United States Military

United States MilitaryI would like to take this time to give thanks to all the men and women of the United States Military who put thier lives in harm way to protect our gr...

atomicdeb2,367163May 2009Mar 18
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2maybe1549Mar 17Mar 18
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From my 15 year-old high-school student in Kiev this morning via SKYPE:Hello, how are you doing? I with my family moved to Central Ukraine. We moved because the village near ours was totally demolished we used to spend a...

FargoFan1190Mar 18Go to Last Post

my detachment going to start very soon...."Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." -Confucius. "Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." -Ralph Waldo...

teenameena1452Mar 18Mar 18
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Did you Know 3Adam and Eve ,were the first to ignore Apples terms and conditions !!!!...

Nandelangelvega1121Mar 18Mar 18
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Explaining about Saint Patrick...Saint Patrick's Day. Today was a big day for Irish musicians both professional and amateurs. They had a day of gigging like no other day of the yea...

chatillion1233Mar 17Mar 18
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Would you accept a gene edited pig heart in your body to survive

Would you accept a gene-edited pig heart in your body to survive?To survive? If it's between living and dying. When I read the story about a man getting a heart transplant from a pig it made me incredibly hopefu...

ysabeljhen55952Feb 11Mar 18
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laurak1,56027Jul 2008Mar 18
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Did you Know 2Did you know, in the recent Spider-Man movie " NO Way Home" ,the movie was over in the first 10 minutes, the rest of the movie is just " filler" ??...

Nandelangelvega1000Mar 18Go to Last Post

Now scientific factThe world seems now to have more fat bottomed people of both sexes than ever So my question is the earth now spinning faster

Bluekiwi1213Mar 17Mar 18
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The Top US general has some things to say

The Top US general has some things to sayYesterday in New York Magazine; July 14, 2021 Top U.S. General Said Trump Preached ‘Gospel of the Führer’ By Ben Jacobs General Mark...

JimNastics36010Jul 2021Mar 17
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The other side of the fence

The other side of the fenceWho invaded whom? That's irreverent. The most relevant question is, can this lead to the world war? My observation is, that is infeasible. Simple...

iotaoo1985Feb 27Mar 17
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"HIS NAME WAS"..(EDWARD BRONSTEIN")"It Was Just Two Months Before The George Floyd Incident...................That A White Man In Los Angeles California............Who Was Stopped Becau...

namaron1805Mar 17Mar 17
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Close Call blowing upMy son and d-i-l are getting their new house ready to move in. I got a video the other day of the empty house and awesome yard with a salt water pool...

UnFayzed1532Mar 17Mar 17
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Red Is The RoseFor A Wee Lass Who's A Wee Bit Irish. She Knows Who She Is - Right, Li'l Darlin'? ......

miclee1686Mar 17Mar 17
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Hush...The Republicans are quick to talk about the Biden administration but they have been hushed about 'anything negative about Trump' which is strange as h...

chatillion32317Feb 18Mar 17
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Did you know!!!!A group of dolphins is called a POD, and a group of falcons is called a cast...So when Americans are watching the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons ,...

Nandelangelvega1182Mar 17Mar 17
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Lock the Clock...On the radio this morning I heard that over 50% of the people polled disliked changing the clocks to DST. Tonight, there is a news story from Washi...

chatillion1263Mar 15Mar 17
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ALEXA and it's creators (programmers)Have you read and or listen about Steven Crowder and its analysis of the tendencies of the gadget called AEXA? "The results included Alexa declarin...

lindsyjones83322Dec 2018Mar 17
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UKRAINIANS ARE SHRINK-WRAPPING LOOTERS TO ELECTRIC POLES, SOMETIMES ... WITHOUT THEIR PANTSWhile men are taking up arms and grandmothers are making bombs, some in Ukraine have been looting. As we've seen in this country, sometimes people use...

Willy341138514Mar 2Mar 17
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The Russian peopleHave a dreadful time ahead. I know Ukrainian people have it right now, but it is also happening day by day in Russia. I worked today on a job/emigra...

FargoFan990Mar 17Go to Last Post

WEST LEADERS ARE WEAKBiden, Johnson, Macron, are pathetically weak in the challenge of Putin. Putin continues to increase the use of bombing of residential areas in Ukrain...

CROWNAFFAIR2189Mar 12Mar 17
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“There are only two ways to live your life. ...Albert Einstein > Quotes Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them. The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people wh...

teenameena33416Mar 16Mar 16
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Is WAR the ANSWER!!!If you ask me WHO SANG " LOW RIDER" it is Haha ,just having fun with the blogs....

Nandelangelvega1261Mar 16Mar 16
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A Thoughtful Discussion On The Russo-Ukrainian WarAnd The Cause/Nature Of Modern Perpetual War In General - Well Worth The Watch! Mr. Hedges Absolutely Knows the subject and provides a perspective...

miclee24114Mar 9Mar 16
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Ukraine NATO and Russia

Ukraine, NATO and RussiaNATO and the US and Russia scheduled a sit down this past week to discuss the Ukraine, but 'through an oversight' forgot to invite Ukraine. Ukraine h...

Ken_1993561Jan 12Mar 16
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Old Times Sake

Old Times SakeI just saw old photos of mine, screenshots of some mails that I got on here years ago. Then, I realized how different this place is from it was before...

missChelli1724Mar 15Mar 16
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Willy3411801Mar 16Mar 16
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DO YOU WANNA DANCE?I have taught American line dancing for many years and though I never bothered about real dancing when I was much younger, I was so glad that I discov...

CROWNAFFAIR1212Mar 16Mar 16
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From Garrison KeillorBut our nation is divided as it was not in 1940. I wish Joe Biden will show mercy to individuals who got caught up in the January 6 riot and without a...

FargoFan14410Mar 16Mar 16
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China warns of worst consequences

China warns of ‘worst consequences’Beijing says nothing will stand in the way of “national reunification” with Taipei China has warned that no foreign powers or militaries will succe...

ontheroadagin948-Mar 13Mar 16
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Thought I'd find myself a meme maker .Then I found this guy , a walking talking meme maker

epirb3333Mar 2021Mar 16
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Hitlers and Stalins......Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin... ........

teenameena5525May 2015Mar 15
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Russian TV news protester on live TV news broadcastRussia state television employee Marina Ovsyannikova, who ran on to the set of a live broadcast shouting: ‘Stop the war. No to war’, also made a pre-r...

Willy34111839Mar 15Mar 15
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