Darkness lost yesterday - next year will be better!

Last nights Halloween party was fun! I went all in with the makeup, the mask and the costume, but it was apparent that it was a cheap afterthought, and not something that would last in a cosplay competition.

I was really only there for the food actually, which was excellent, if I do say so myself. My food of choice was an Alabama-inspired pork chop, sausages stuffed with cheese and some chicken. Lots of meat, and it was absolutely fantastic!

Also, remember that vote that was held yesterday? Where the best costume won a prize? Nobody voted for me. Remember that I was worried that the kids would be scared of me? Well, they weren't.. Good won over evil - this time.

Next year, I WILL go full on horror theme! Because that's what Halloween is all about! I'm thinking a clown - but horrific. Kind of like this

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Maybe I need to take up cosplay making..
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