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brett kavanagh has been voted into the Supreme Court

brett kavanagh has been voted into the Supreme CourtIt was a real circus created by the LEFT…the mob tried every dirty trick in the book, the man was out of control, the slander by mainstream media was...

LeeCharming1255Oct 7Oct 7

Regarding the protests ongoing at this moment on the Capitol stepsTurn it up, turn it so loud It don't ever stop No no no no Turn it up, makes me so proud I believe in this feeling Well you've lost all the thing...

JimNastics65356Oct 6Oct 7

Does Justice exist? It's my opinion that it doesn't.I often follow a particular website where there are discussions in regards to many different topics.I found this reply from a poster on that site........

Bearwoman1409Oct 7Oct 7

Many folks have kindly helped me.....From time to time, in less halcyon days, which I have known. So to truncate the Karma, I try to do the same. Today, took a friend to the station for q...

Vierkaesehoch1372Oct 6Oct 7

‘The Democrats’ Crazed, Hysterical Attempt at Left-Wing Mob Rule Has Failed’Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) released a statement Saturday after the Senate confirmed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying the Democrats' "craz...

Willy34111036Oct 7Oct 7

So so True.Some people create their own storm and then get mad when it rains. Some people just have to have their drama to know they exist. Yes they do !!! & t...

Bearwoman41519Oct 5Oct 7

Spending a million bucks to look like a million bucks...I have some wealthy clients who know a healthy diet and exercise doesn't always 'hold back the years' and they resort to a little 'nip & tuck' (read:...

chatillion962Oct 7Oct 7

i have no problem.......... i have no problem...

jarred194-Oct 7
Hes back

He's backwalks and kills again By far Michael Myers was my scariest of horrors so much so he turned me off watching scary movies for life. W...

itchywitch26125Oct 6Oct 7
Track161332Oct 6Oct 6

Old Documents...My brother has been doing genealogy for as long as I can remember. He's got photos and copies of birth certificates probably 6 or 7 generations dating...

chatillion1504Oct 6Oct 6

Kavanaugh Confirmed50-48 Now Justice Kavanaugh. More to come. Riots will ensue....

Willy341124315Oct 6Oct 6

Nutthin' to FRET about...Stringed instruments have been around for thousands of years. Typically, all have a neck where the musician can press up or down the smooth fingerboar...

chatillion18411Sep 15Oct 6

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Or that things that happen as the result of ourDo you believe that everything happens for a reason? Or that things that happen as the result of our own choices? Most often than not we stri...

ysabeljhen28331Oct 4Oct 6

Confirmed...Some people don't work on Saturday, but today The Senate confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court....

chatillion730Oct 6

Morning Wake & Feel GoodMany times I've written about how my body like to wake up oh it can be anywhere after midnight and it doesn't matter if I fall asleep early or late....

UnFayzed1347Oct 5Oct 6

been there, done thatThe love of my life, each one at their time......some for months, some for years. Yes, they were. What is it that i want this time? ...that i did n...

bloodyawfull2498Oct 6Oct 6

Jst'ce Ginsburg/Sen Collins On Political BickeringAnd Grandstanding During The Confirmation Proceedings Of Judge Kavanaugh... Justice Bader-Ginsburg... GOOD ON...

miclee30719Oct 4Oct 6

Nope.....I do care about a very few................. Nope.....I do care about a very few.... https:/...

jarred199-Oct 6

Senator Susan Collins' Finest HourTammy Bruce: Susan Collins' speech tells us a lot about the GOP and America In the midst of the debacle over the Senate confirmation of Judge Brett...

Willy34111764Oct 6Oct 6

The Kavanaugh setup becomes clearWith each passing day and with each bit of information that seeps out about Christine Blasey Ford, it is clearer and clearer that what the Democrats h...

Willy341128515Oct 5Oct 6

i don t care..... ..... i don t care...

jarred1108-Oct 6
Track161331Oct 6Oct 6

That tingle down my leg.....Anticipating good news soon for the brilliant and honest (and sober) Judge K. Next, after Ginsburg fails to wake up from one of her regular sleep spel...

Vierkaesehoch33226Oct 4Oct 6
The purpose of the Ephod

The purpose of the EphodOne of the most interesting stories of the Bible is the story of the Tabernacle. We begin seeing it in the book of Exodus and it keeps popping up in...

Ken_191042Oct 5Oct 5

SPUTNIK...On October 4th, 1957 Russia launched a satellite into Earth's orbit. Named Sputnik, this satellite transmitted beeping radio signals that could be det...

chatillion1104Oct 3Oct 5

WOULD U MIND PLSSome sites like CS are awesome because bloggers do share their own ideas in a well mannered way.It is nice reading because the interactio...

ysabeljhen81751Sep 2Oct 5

My homey Susan.....Is it true that I knew before almost everyone else how she would vote? Does she smoke cigars with me and a few friends Friday's at 2 PM? Most of us pr...

Vierkaesehoch1273Oct 5Oct 5

I need time for myself. To recharge my batteries.............. I need time for myself. To recharge my batteries. ht...

jarred1113-Oct 5

Wanted - Dimwit incapable of learning anything.One of the most common phrases I see on profiles is " No Baggage" Ok we none of us want a person so laden down with baggage they can't move especial...

zmountainman83966May 8Oct 5
Wood woof

Wood, woofVery simply.....just because a woman crys Wolf, doesn't mean she's Little Red Riding Hood. Each incidence should be decided on facts and evidence, and...

DRCOCTAIL11604Oct 4Oct 5
Looking Back

Looking BackChildhood memories is the best memories I always loved to reminisce . At age 5, I had to to woke up like 4am as that's the time where my father used...

ayoneq811Oct 5Oct 5

just a weird drunken thought....Back in the day...when I was but 13....the Parish Priest invited himself into the house...who was I to deny Him. I was home alone. He launched into a...

oldaussiebloke891Oct 5Oct 5

Beware......So you won't experience things like this....... ..????: Am referring to the viewers and scammers too..:...

ayoneq1062Oct 5Oct 5

Oh man, this is going to be wild................ Oh man, this is going to be wild...

jarred1100-Oct 5

Selfie DeathsToday in USA Today More than 250 people died while trying to take selfies, study finds USA Today NetworkBrett Molina, USA TODAY Published 7...

JimNastics18828Oct 4Oct 5
Womenfor Dummies

Women…for DummiesThis short but concise guide will help men have a little more understanding on women and how to deal with them. Women have been around for a very l...

Mapmaker1,223141Oct 2Oct 5

TRACES: Steve Perry...Steve Perry best known as front man for the rock group JOURNEY from 1977 to 1987 also spawned a solo career in the 80's and 90's and left the music sc...

chatillion1142Aug 19Oct 4
what would jesus do

what would jesus do ?if half the world knows something must be done about the things that are wrong with the world ... is folding our arms and looking at each other in dis...

THELEMAGE1503Oct 4Oct 4

Judging a judge...I'm holding back on all the blogs and news stories about Kavanaugh. There isn't anything I could say or do that would influence another persons opinio...

chatillion25914Oct 2Oct 4
See this page

See this pageIts Mine Go get your own ~~ --...

InstincThis751Oct 4Oct 4

Dr. Blasey-Ford's Links To The CIA -Is She A Deep State Swamp Creature? I just now (Oct. 1) heard this referenced on another program... That's a bri...

miclee87165Oct 1Oct 4

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