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nasty???I got a message from a user on here they seemed to act nice at first, then went all nasty when I said I would not meet someone who was in a relation...

IVORYCOAST23913Jun 1Jun 2
Is Sex an Adiction or Intimacy

Is Sex an Adiction or Intimacy.Friends, what do you think about sex, is that an adiction or an intimacy or something else. Do you think having sex with same person is enjoyable than...

Unknown41721Dec 2013Jun 2

"KAYLA MUELLER"..("AND OTHER STUFF")"Somewhere ........................In Territory That Was Under ISIS Control................An American Aid Worker 26 Year Old... "Kayla Mueller".......

namaron19714May 30Jun 1

All things made from COTTONI remember the slogan: Cotton, the fabric of our lives. It hasn't died and this morning I see there's a website with that name connected to Cotton Inc...

chatillion1246Jun 1Jun 1

Sunscreens - are they safe ????They are applied to the skin. But it turns out that they don't stay there. While the largest organ we have, skin is composed of layers of a semiperm...

JimNastics21824May 8Jun 1
Rolling Stones

Rolling Stoneschilling... Beast of Burden...

Crazyheart381676May 23Jun 1
Why oh why

Why oh why?Why do men keep asking questions like these: am i single, do i have kids, what kind of relationship i'm seeking for, where do i come from etc. All the...

mariann0185124Jan 2015Jun 1
Why Men Incessantly Flirt

Why Men Incessantly FlirtWork the logic backwards to see the point. The survival of the human race depends on reproduction. Reproduction depends on relations between men and...

Diamond_Rain38222May 6Jun 1
tatami2139May 29Jun 1

ProgressIn this world of male domination, I have sold 7 vehicles in 3 weeks. Not bad for a beginner. My managers call me their "ace". Not sure what that means...

Palmfrond23512May 28Jun 1

A Young Music FanMost animals love music - some like high pitch music, while others prefer deep tones - and the horses I work with are no exception. They definitely...

daniela77732845May 30Jun 1
4 months on

4 months onJust dropped back for a quick look And I'm not seeing many new faces or new topics so it seems like here as in my own life nothing changes...

Nice2meetyoutoo1781May 31Jun 1
tatami530May 31

The most popular game in condo life...I hear sirens again this morning... that reminds me they have lots of amenities at this condo. Games... golf, tennis, 3 swimming pools, shuffleboard,...

chatillion1245May 31May 31
ricardowho the feck is ricardo

ricardo?who the feck is ricardoIt was a cold december day some 50 years ago,the street was quiet now, but before it was full of the screams of childbirth, and expletives, wheres tha...

elricardo3354Feb 2009May 31
Today was my day to take physical therapy

Today was my day to take physical therapy.I walked further today with a cane .I'm beginning to get better on my feet.I took some leg exercises and could walk much better. Yeah for me....

Bearwoman1225May 31May 31

Too old to gymI HAVE to join one, simple as end of..... but I'm very conscious of my age, how does one act like they are someone when they feel their past being t...

itchywitch1,039-Apr 27May 31

Beer tasting vs. wine tasting............CS input. You all will be able to figure it out. Thanks....

Vierkaesehoch920May 31

"NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN"It Is Probably Right To The Day Of Him Leaving...........................And It May Have Been A Few Years Ago........... But I Firmly Believe ..........

namaron20716May 29May 31

"CREATION"..("NIGHT AND DAY")..(138)In The Beginning Of The Beginning..............As Has All Stories Began...............There Was That Very First Word That Started The Whole Process......

namaron1557May 29May 31

I presume that few would know better lolI saw an ad for this book Here's the synopsis; Our feline friends have spent eons observing, napping, pondering, napping, and taking n...

JimNastics1206May 30May 31
BadlyDrawn1536May 30May 31

Song Remakes...I listen to a local classic rock music radio station that has a few hours of talk show in the morning and music at 10am. One day, they talked about li...

chatillion1,091102Aug 2018May 31

Paper People...It's been referenced on CS and other places that those of us who grew up using a pencil and paper have a higher rate to remember/retain things we've r...

chatillion15010May 29May 31
Why Obama Targeted Trump

Why Obama Targeted TrumpDwight D Eisenhower on his exit speech from the White House relayed an important message "A Warning" Beware The Military Industrial Complex And The Go...

My_Lover33821May 28May 30

Mankind's greatest inventions...On April 10, 1790 the federal government of the United States enacted the fist patent statute. It was a concise law defining the subject matter of a U...

chatillion23315Mar 18May 30

173 Eggs...I would love to have a job torture testing products to see if they are safe for consumers or if the manufacturer's claims are correct. Some people on...

chatillion1153May 2May 30

The swamp that Trump is drainingNOTE: IMPEACH Trump? Yeah good luck. A friend of mine sent me this and it is very logical and it might change our US political system forever. D...

lindsyjones2,770164Sep 2018May 30

Mood altering substances 1Ways in which people are being offered the enjoyment of cruelty by victimizing me: For example virtually all of the wall paintings (murals) from ancie...

BSC45829511Apr 18May 30
Bearwoman1797Apr 23May 30

We celebrated Michael Phelps’s genetic differences. Why punish Caster Semenya for hers?"For about a decade — a time that Olympic historians may someday classify as “the Michael Phelps era” — I’ve been reading about the unique genetic ble...

socrates4424621May 3May 30

Good morning Mister President...I have a routine each morning that involves checking to see what new (bogus) profiles were created while I was asleep. It's a hobby. Some people colle...

chatillion1597May 1May 30

Do you know you?I mean, how could you really? The typical American has an 8 hour a day job and sleeps 8 hours a day. That is 16 hours, leaving 8 hours a day for y...

Johnny_Sparton927103May 23May 30
Flying Bugs and arse wipe

Flying Bugs!!!..and arse-wipe!!!Why can flying bugs fly into one's home and cannot figure out how to get back out? Shiet, you got in so why can't you get out? Is the open screen door...

WildWJR1762May 29May 30

Surgery Today.This surgery is a matter of time...literary. I have went through this once before in my life and as expected with any surgery, I did not enjoy it....

Johnny_Sparton23530May 29May 29

Robert Mueller frustrates a small part of societyAndy Borowitz's column, a timely response to Mueller's only press meeting, which happened earlier today Today in The New Yorker; Satire from T...

JimNastics760May 29
Thank you

Thank youI just want to thank each and everyone for your hospitality , words of encouragement , making my stay comfortable and most of all commenting on my bl...

Annleerose1604May 29May 29

Well, here's a first !An honest Republican ?? in Congress ??!! Quote of the day - " When loyalty to a political party or to an individual trumps loyalty to the Consti...

JimNastics16916May 18May 29

Do you ask questions within 'blogs', despite it being against blog rules ?If so, Connecting Singles would like to direct such offerings to the FORUMS section, where they belong, instead. For those who are unaware; Bl...

JimNastics59155May 29May 29
Lukeon1098May 28May 29
JimNastics21413May 28May 29
Stones stones more stones yeah

Stones stones more stones yeah.Spiritualized. As it seems there's some kind of connection between cold and home. Between love and the serotonin fabricated in my brain. We'r...

WhatYouHadAndWha550May 29

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