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Florida Bloggers may have to register to write about Ron DeSantis... or face fines.Florida state Sen. Jason Brodeur wants bloggers who write about Gov. Ron DeSantis, to register with the state or face fines. "The republican’s proposa...

chatillion1813Mar 3Mar 11
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THIS BLOGGERS CORNERhas developed into bloggers telling us all what to do, how we have done wrong, how to better ourselves most on here are older folk and if not le...

EXRED362721Feb 27Mar 11
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The lesser of two evils...Months ago I stated that Florida Ron DeSantis was grooming himself for a run at the Presidency in 2024. Having received 10 to 1 political campaign mai...

chatillion1594Mar 11Mar 11
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Just Passed My Drug TestMy dealer has some explaining to do...

Track162334Mar 4Mar 11
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Jan. 6 probe: Trump did ‘everything’ to overturn election"WASHINGTON (AP) — Chairman Bennie Thompson opened Thursday’s prime-time hearing of the Jan. 6 investigating committee, saying Donald Trump as preside...

socrates4484929Jul 2022Mar 11
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A beautiful song

A beautiful songSharing a beautiful song on a beautiful Saturday....

tatami1578Mar 10Mar 11
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Two Icons Tour...In music news, Stevie Nicks has teamed up with with Billy Joel for a nine date concert tour. They kicked it off in Los Angeles last night (Friday Marc...

chatillion1060Mar 11Go to Last Post

The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XVIIITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XVIII. “The woman who has truly learned to love is wise, even for the most reckless man, for she kn...

the_mirror159-Mar 11Go to Last Post
Treasure hunter uses his fathers hand drawn map to find buried silver

Treasure hunter uses his father's hand-drawn map to find buried silver...........................80 years after his Polish family buried it in remote forest while fleeing WW2 invasion. A priceless treasure hoard buried by a family...

Willy34111532Feb 20Mar 11
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Whilst I have followed Tommy EmmanuelI wasn't really aware of his older brother Phil who died young...

FargoFan2271Mar 8Mar 11
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AgingI want to write a poem But I'm not sure if I should It's about the process of aging And the effects which are not so good Anyway, here I go and...

socrates4445127Feb 27Mar 11
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I am I am i think I am

I am I am ......i think I am :)One of the good days it was today.... a day of light and happiness no shadow formed against me shall prosper... ....and if you say what to that then...

realdeal8901521Mar 10Mar 10
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THIS IS MY FIBBING BLOGI do believe in God and hate everyone who does too. I love all wars non are wrong at all I hate freedom of speech because you just get the t...

EXRED344127Mar 9Mar 10
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RepentingDo you know what helps you to not go in hell? Is repenting. Repent and sin no more and so keep good. hell is place of torture and suffer so r...

starrayfil95-Mar 10Go to Last Post

self healingIn many diseases, our body has the ability to heal itself. When an animal falls ill, the first thing it does is to stop eating. I have been observ...

Decent_Love1815Mar 8Mar 10
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Tulsa King

Tulsa KingThis is a series on Paramount starring Sylvester Stallone. The premise is that Stallones character was released from prison after 20 years and sent to...

Unknown970Mar 10Go to Last Post

LifeAll when life gives you reasons to break down and cry ?? just cry because crying help relase stress n depression...

shandeen293118Jan 10Mar 10
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Robert Blake dead at 89...Emmy award-winning actor Robert Blake has passed on at the age of 89. I remember him from the TV series Baretta and he was back in the news when tried...

chatillion1200Mar 10Go to Last Post
inspired by marry me blog

inspired by marry me blogHuge changes are coming, this is the new normal. Its apparently going to be lawful for a woman to betrothe a man for every month up to 10 men/10 mo...

Lukeon40315Mar 5Mar 9
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treaty of the high seaswell now this is a global agreement, a thing surely rarely achieved, but it happened last Saturday.

FargoFan1917Mar 9Mar 9
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FriendshipsThe one who has a good friend,doesn't need any mirror...

LadyinRed552365Mar 7Mar 9
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XVIITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XVII. “I have known, indeed, True Women; there were not many, and every one of them is in my memori...

the_mirror152-Mar 9Go to Last Post
Panic in D C Garland Tells Whopper of a Lie Proving Why Tuckers J6 Coverage Was So Important

Panic in D.C.: Garland Tells Whopper of a Lie, Proving Why Tucker's J6 Coverage Was So ImportantWe’ve been seeing quite a lot of panic in D.C. with all kinds of freakouts in reaction to Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 video coverage. Adam Kinzinger ha...

Willy341118612Mar 8Mar 9
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Adidas: Lose, lose, lose...Late last year, Adidas had a falling out with Ye aka Kanye West and now they have warehouses stocked/stacked with his Yeezy shoes. Talk of donating th...

chatillion1362Mar 8Mar 8
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Share a photo of your petThis is my adorable (and cheeky) little lady - Sal. She was bought for me for my 40th birthday and I got her (coincidentally) as the initial lockdowns...

chancer_returns71619Jan 2022Mar 8
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MiscegenationAbhorrent word - what think you? North & South: Book 1, North & South S1E4 watching the movie, white woman married to escaped black slave? Was that...

FargoFan2189Mar 8Mar 8
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Willy34113244Nov 19Mar 8
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Track165111Oct 2015Mar 8
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Beautiful WorldLets makes this world the most beautiful place on earth There is enough sunshine for all of us. Everyone can enjoy the sunshine and life to the hig...

LadyinRed552712May 2022Mar 8
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ImpersonationsA lot of people can impersonate different people, while a few can't (or they don't want to). They say satire and/or impersonating someone else is the...

SHAWNTHOR45218Nov 14Mar 7
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Gator one, iron fence zero...Weatherman Matt Devitt, submitted a short video of an alligator in Florida pushing his way through a wrought iron fence. Those bars are usually 1/2" (...

chatillion1863Mar 7Mar 7
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Lukeon754-Mar 5Mar 7
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Thinkers & FightersThere are two types of people in the world, thinkers and fighters. Each think they don't need the other and often society tries to separate them. T...

Track161984Mar 5Mar 7
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A parrot or a dog

A parrot or a dog??????A parrot or a dog a parrot reports and shites on command......A dog stays with you for life accepts you 4 you and is as loyal as.....well if your a do...

realdeal8902185Mar 6Mar 7
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XVITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XVI. “The Ancient was intertwined with the Classic, so that the Boy meeting the Girl, their destini...

the_mirror150-Mar 7Go to Last Post

dissespace of disse Not sure if a malfunction in the space of disse is the reason so many people here have such "shitty" livers...

OIdblue3178Mar 6Mar 7
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Drunk HistoryI stumbled across this series - hell's bells, 6 seasons! Can I last this out? Well after 20 hour-long episodes before Poong touches the hand or chee...

FargoFan1160Mar 6Go to Last Post
The origin of COVID Did people or nature open Pandoras box at Wuhan

The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?A look back. By Nicholas Wade | May 5, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives the world over for more than a year. Its death toll will soo...

Willy34112378Mar 5Mar 6
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XVTHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XV. "What is a True Woman to me? Everything. The Human Being that entirely completes me. I am incom...

the_mirror154-Mar 6Go to Last Post
Any CS Chef

Any CS Chef?I started learning how to make it as my Giant loves it. But I have no clue what's going wrong. Why it has holes..??...

Kalpataru49523Feb 20Mar 6
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Beer Snake

Beer SnakeA beer snake, or cup snake, is the stacking of numerous plastic beer cups to form a "snake." Beer snakes are most commonly found at sporting events th...

Willy34112454Mar 5Mar 6
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Predicting the next Rockstar to fall...The passing of Guitarist Jeff Beck took us by surprise, yet others who lived a life of drugs and alcohol are still with us. Taylor Hawkins of the Foo...

chatillion2163Feb 7Mar 6
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