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Points to ponder #6The duel ... Never bring a sword to a gunfight... Never duel when drunk Never use someone without honour as your "second" Do your crying b...

Onthcrestofawave1833Aug 12Aug 12

life is wonderfullife is wonderful ..............

jarred152-Aug 12
Why I want someone Christian

Why I want someone ChristianIt is difficult for people to understand why I want a Christian for a lifetime for myself. These are the things a Christian can never do: 1)He wi...

Jiyagill2,13781Aug 2017Aug 12

I wanna know your thoughts..Hi I want to know your experiences of life and your thoughts on , how can we live a happiest life.....

Mahesh221016413Aug 11Aug 11

The superstition of Opal gemstones...You can easily Google up a bunch of websites telling stories about Opals that bring people bad luck. Some people are superstitious about things like t...

chatillion1147Aug 11Aug 11

WaitingI've got approx an hour to wait and nothing to read. An hour is too short for some things and too long for others. Ways of filling time? (Othe...

Elegsabiff24034Aug 11Aug 11
Why have society turned a blind eye

Why have society turned a blind eye?Or have you all given up? is this want I have to look forward too down the road? life begins at forty bullshit, you just give up on your dreams by the...

knowledgeantruth1012Aug 11Aug 11

cancer...An associate of mine lost a daughter to cancer. He is about to lose another one. Nearly each month he would fly out of town to visit and check on her...

chatillion17414Aug 10Aug 11

thought to ponder #5social vs antisocial after reading the blog asking why do you keep coming back/what keeps you here ? and a comment on one of my blogs saying " I a...

Onthcrestofawave96276Aug 9Aug 11

Men and with exes....Seems there is a big difference between the sexes on tolerance for this. In fact, even if one is in non-item, healthful, sensible coparenting contact...

Vierkaesehoch880Aug 11

Cooking BaconIn case you forgot how to cook bacon, one brand offers instructions.

Willy34111064Aug 11Aug 11

The Book of DestinyI saw this quote from Dedo from last year on another blog, and it struck a chord with me. "What would happen if you had a glance in to the book of...

mollybaby1,09194Aug 7Aug 11
Theory Women should be clear men should not

Theory: Women should be clear, men should notScenario - They are watching TV at his house. Woman rubs her shoulders, mmm, I’m cold. Man nods, yup, it is quite cold, and carries on watching TV. Ev...

Elegsabiff61073Aug 10Aug 11

Women and men..... How we think of "hot'...When I try to recall my hormone drenched, skirt chasing youth, it seems this had only one main dimension. Does age change this for us? Do we now look...

Vierkaesehoch1444Aug 10Aug 11

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(163)This Blog Is For Some Of You People.........................................................................Most Likely.......... You People That.Dont...

namaron833-Jul 31Aug 11

Merhaba!...For some strange reason...i 'opened' CS...and checked out acouple blogs/forums... guess its the first evening in 4 months...i'm feeling bored!... ......

Jazz5373747Aug 10Aug 11

s*xual prowess and seductioni have been giving some thought to writing a cringe-worthy blog. s*xual prowess seems to be something i'm more familiar with over the topic of politi...

Palmfrond27736Aug 10Aug 11
Cringe Worthy

Cringe WorthyDo you ever read a blog and actually cringe? Maybe even feel the bile rise in your throat? I have read a few....ones where someone, in my mind, is...

Gypsytramp1,08593Aug 10Aug 11
Back From A Long Journey

Back From A Long Journey.Ah, it is so good to see all you old geezers again. I’ve been travelling a bit during the last few months and in the process I visited a lot of cities...

Catfoot830110Aug 9Aug 11

HelloJust say hello. Just say hello....

Daniel1980523112Aug 9Aug 11

mendingso, i had a bad breakup and felt guilty. unsaid words and unfinished business, i'm sure you know the feeling. knowing i shouldn't force "like", i knew...

Palmfrond1392Aug 11Aug 11

DJ...A co worker received a big package the other day from FedEx. MacBook Pro that he intends on using for his moonlighting gig of Disk Jockey. With the ex...

chatillion731Aug 11Aug 11

Zman!! You share the same birthday as Singapore!Happy Birthday, Zman! From Art and MiMi P.S Does that shawl look familia...

MiMiArt45341Aug 9Aug 11

Get the APP...The list of companies who want you download their app keeps growing. Application Software or in the case of Mobile Apps, is software designed to run o...

chatillion480Aug 11

you can never do everything 100% well that everyone agrees with............ A father and his son are traveling and sitting on a donkey. Then they meet people they hear saying, "Look at that. Sit that father and...

jarred158-Aug 11

Information System KnowledgeAt start ABC Company (online company like Kaymu) used to supply their products to the clients with online transactions only within the country. Now th...

only1life962Aug 10Aug 11

Seriously, who needs you ?Look, I can do this without you. You are just slowing me down. I know how to do this and win. Just watch me. Apparently, it's not all t...

JimNastics1493Aug 9Aug 10

One mans trash is another mans treasure...I replaced a refrigerator last year. Wheeling the old one to the front for trash pick up, I realized I forgot the bottom grill. The time it took to wa...

chatillion1557Aug 9Aug 10
Street Photo Virgin No More

Street Photo Virgin No MoreYesterday I headed into downtown Vancouver to shoot some street photography. I've never done it, as the rest of the group hadn't, and we had lots of f...

LadyImp19415Aug 9Aug 10

This is for the Hildebeest loversFirst published on November 2, 2016 Hillary Clinton is crooked but she is worse. She is a criminal in more ways than one. Here is a list of h...

britishcolumbian29220Aug 6Aug 10

Photo Caption Contest - Lion rideCreate your own photo caption(s) for the following photo, if you like. My first entry is; For lunch Leo opts for tourist takeout. Here's...

JimNastics19415Aug 9Aug 10
Little Miss Cautious

Little Miss CautiousGood day CS. I haven't wriiten in a while. but now, i have something I want to talk about, so here I am.. All my life, I've always been so carefu...

Unknown27916Aug 10Aug 10

HelloHi. , Who are viewing this blog i hope she or he will definitely contact to me .....

Mahesh2210973Aug 9Aug 10


jarred1319-Aug 10

The Virgosign on abortion.Let me make my position clear on this - I am not for killing unborn babies. Or living ones for that matter! But I also believe in Truth, Freedom of Ex...

virgosign1398Aug 9Aug 10

Men or women....Self protection....Wonder if some scummy violent home invaiding repeat criminal perp should worry more about one sex or the other when breaking into a home, occupied by...

Vierkaesehoch1726Jul 24Aug 10

E-mailWe keep an eye on our inbox all day long, because imagine that you miss an email....

jarred164-Aug 10
Melania Trumps parents naturalised as American citizens

Melania Trump's parents naturalised as American citizensSo many questions surround how Melania Trump's parents received US green cards, as President rails against 'chain migration and now they`ve just becam...

single_again4u1242Aug 9Aug 10

Hi everyoneHi there I hope everyone is doing well.. Life is all about happines, joy, fun.... So just enjoy don't waste time ....

Mahesh221025515Aug 8Aug 10
was not and still not after viewing

was not and still not after viewingI did withdraw my ulterior blog no I was not looking for scoring on viewing I do feel better now as I made a bit fuss about it no need to thi...

nozeal1105-Aug 10
Track161251Jul 19Aug 9
Track161163Aug 9Aug 9

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