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My final blog for today

My final blog for todayJust having some fun. No insults intended. I stand firmly in my delusion that this is a dating site. Have fun debating social injustices....

Palmfrond1333Mar 11Mar 11

CommunismIs when everybody who isn't married or related by blood live together as one family. They usually wear jeans, plaid shirts with the sleeves rolled up...

Palmfrond1719Mar 11Mar 11

LENTthe Bible does not mention Ash Wednesday or Lent, and the early New Testament Church did not observe these days. Here is how the BBC Religion page des...

stringman811Mar 10Mar 11

In days gone by, when was the man who would lead, no? Saw my eye doctor today. Bright, grounded, nice, real blonde, tall, gorgeous, and so on. Around half my age, and ou...

Vierkaesehoch1224Mar 11Mar 11

communismNikki Haley 2020. She'll kick out all the communist from WH. Nikki Haley, she will kick Trump's chauvinism out of WH Nikky Haley, she's a real p...

methuzelah1013Mar 11Mar 11
Dispite Some denials

Dispite Some denialsNew witness states that lush lawns deplete the earth of necessary water for hydration of twolegged critters even though sprinkler systems are used cas...

Palmfrond893Mar 11Mar 11

So yesterday was interesting, kind of, maybe..My friend's mom flew in from Napal last week with a big luggage bag full only of native spices (most of them easily obtainable at any American Interna...

Ken_19982Mar 11Mar 11
During the cold shower

During the cold showerI shook and my teeth chattered. It was horrible. My hair dripped, sending shivers down my back....

Palmfrond1237Mar 11Mar 11

during the cold war...communism meant Russia. today, cause Trump brought communism to WH, with his friend Putin now, to be a communist is alright...

methuzelah551Mar 11Mar 11

Ahh.... DSTI'm okay with Daylight Savings Time and wouldn't mind it year round....

chatillion742Mar 11Mar 11
Blogging couples

Blogging couples...Anyone else noriced that people blog as couples or as a soon as a blog pops up the same people jump on sometimes within minutes just like a c...

Onthcrestofawave86658Feb 22Mar 11

No responseHow many chances do you give a guy/gal to respond to your mail? So you're chatting with someone, who reads your last mail, but don't reply, even thoug...

myssmyss22715Mar 10Mar 11

WhyWhy can you change everything in your profile after it has been created except your user name...

Onthcrestofawave1504Mar 11Mar 11

Dear Ann Landers'Dear Ann Landers' column from years ago....

Willy341118914Mar 10Mar 11

Don't worry the doctor tells the patient, the goodnews is.....................An American tourist goes on a trip to China. While in China, he is very sexually promiscuous and does not use a condom all the time. A week after...

bcjenny832Mar 10Mar 11

happy this, happy that.......and other lies.......... I'm such a compassionate person, have lot's of friends, sending them the best wishes or deepest condolences .........

bloodyawfull23011Mar 9Mar 11
Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dustRegarding my other blog, it didn't go very far. I made inquiries about what the other party wanted. I explained that had he comprehended my profile de...

Palmfrond57057Mar 8Mar 10
I wasnt going to blog but

I wasn't going to blog butJesus christ, must everything be about Trump? I could say something completely random and someone will find a way to mention Trump. It's f*ck ridicul...

Palmfrond31526Mar 10Mar 10
Buy sell or trade

Buy,sell,or tradeThought CS should have a buy,sell,and swap section Be a great way to get members to meet with perhaps financial gain for both. So I thought I would...

Onthcrestofawave35617Mar 6Mar 10

Drama, What Drama?Yesterday I deleted my blog because someone said something that offended me. Today I think I will hide my profile; possibly reinstating it tomorrow b...

Harbal62646Mar 2Mar 10
Signet 3

Signet [ 33078. Yahu will establish ...01. Ab, 3).. Father, founder, Intel. } peak strength 3079. Yah is rising.......... ) .. ) ... ) . radio net. .. Of wha...

Agentbob742Mar 10Mar 10
stringman801Mar 10Mar 10

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich1. Collect your ingredients. 2. Spread peanut butter evenly onto one slice of bread using a knife. 3. Spread jelly or jam evenly onto the other slic...

Willy341116711Mar 10Mar 10

Time for a smile this morning before we lose a hour sleep, moving the clocks ha haI WAS DRINKING AT A BAR SO I TOOK A BUS HOME. THAT MAY NOT SEEM LIKE A BIG DEAL TO YOU, BUT I'VE NEVER DRIVEN A BUS BEFORE. I THOUGHT GETTI...

bcjenny12710Mar 9Mar 10

Country life..againEverything done and I'm ready for an afternoon of rugby but first must just check the chickens, big mistake, took a few bits of salad stuff with me ch...

emmy121232Mar 9Mar 10

Actor Jan-Michael Vincent...I see in the news yesterday that Jan-Michael Vincent had died at the age of 74. What I find strange was he died a month ago and the stories are coming...

chatillion811Mar 10Mar 10

I have been atrained First Responder and I have rendered First Aid to/at car accidents, stabbings and gun shots, dog bite victims and kids who fell out of trees no...

Ken_1919513Mar 7Mar 10
Ferraris Lamborginis Just a rant

Ferrari's & Lamborgini's-Just a rantI do not study these cars but a Ferrari or a Lamborgini are cars that belong on a race track. It makes sense that expensive sports cars that women go...

Zitos1979Feb 27Mar 9

Corbyn Vs. Omar, And The Battle For Anti-SemitismWith allegations of anti-Semitism swirling within the Democratic Party, many are comparing the increasingly radical American Left with the Labour Part...

Willy3411831Mar 9Mar 9

There are words...There are words to describe people who... Park in the handicap access and walkway to a medical center. Park so tight in the handicap zone that...

chatillion1467Mar 8Mar 9

Ash Wednesday...I had forgotten about Ash Wednesday, but a coworker came into the office with marks on his forehead. One of the Jewish guys asked what that was about...

chatillion810Mar 9

Closing sermon........funnyClosing sermon A preacher was completing a temperance sermon: with great expression, he said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and...

bcjenny1084Mar 1Mar 9
Signature 2

Signature [ 28 4 5 1. torah [ the instructions - 5374. neriyah ) ) lamp of Yah } strong radio net. 3 0 7 7. Yahu knows ) a whole helluva lot ! .. W A G I N G...

Agentbob580Mar 9

Drive-By-Wire... part 2I've been putting off car maintenance for a long time. With a shopping list of things that needed to be done, I arranged car rental and the mechanic g...

chatillion752Mar 9Mar 9

My Favorite PositionI usually don't blog about things in my life, especially things of a personal nature. Thus, I am quite hesitant to do so now. I certainly don't want...

JimNastics1545Mar 8Mar 9

Something odd at No.1 Main StreetThe building firm I used to be with did a lot of work for a country estate. There is a village attached to the estate and its old stone buildings are...

Harbal1273Mar 9Mar 9
Willy3411813Mar 8Mar 9
I just love it when

I just love it whenMen b*tch once they start they make me and other bitches look like saints I just love it when someone tells you not to say/spill anything...

itchywitch41112Mar 5Mar 8

SUBJECT GRASS STAINS AND SKID BURNS ON KNEESyep I watch a footie match and when a man scores a goal, he runs towards supporters and skids on his knees, hands up high. Rugger players a whole...

EXRED925Mar 8Mar 8

It’s Cheaper To Buy Every American A Ferrari Than Fund The Green New DealFor the cost of implementing the Green New Deal, the federal government could buy every American a brand new Ferrari luxury sports car, according to S...

Willy3411973Mar 7Mar 8

What Is the Great Tribulation? given what is going on in the world today this is an insight into what is coming in the near future....

stringman1538Mar 7Mar 8

International day of the woman.............Brings so many questions to mind. Since a fetus is ony 50% of them, why insist on control of "their bodies", when it comes to CFM? OK perhaps to...

Vierkaesehoch2670Mar 8

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