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DRONEon 2..."... Having a drone fly overhead, and I think nobody knows much more about technology, this type of technology certainly than I do. Having drones and...

chatillion1025Jan 3Jan 6

fictioni lay down my words like brush to paper no need for edits one cannot edit life as it unfolds the imagery is by memory as permanent as an etching...

Palmfrond1214Dec 12Jan 6

Bucket listHaving read eks blog on life got me thinking about a 'bucket list' the problem for me is I can only think of one thing to go on it, yes I've had a go...

emmy140734Jul 1Jan 6

RelationshipsA man who choose to use his relationship as his weapon,(says it's over 2x in a 2 month period) because of assumptions or judgements, very defensive,...

dinidee2433Aug 20Jan 6
Bearwoman482Jan 5Jan 5
Romantic Strolls In The Moonlight

Romantic Strolls In The MoonlightAre you one of those who enjoy a romantic stroll on the beach with your sweetheart? Then you better make use of it while you still can. The Moon is ab...

Catfoot38529Nov 7Jan 5
This is sad This quote I read today

This is sad.This quote I read today.:(The sad truth is so many people are in love and not together.So many people are together and not in love....

Bearwoman19920Jan 4Jan 5
Track16600Jan 5

Imaginary friends....If an adult, and actively have and interact with them, there may be issues. But many healthy children have them all the time. They usually are gone we...

Vierkaesehoch842Jan 5Jan 5

Relationships, problems with the family and being single!All around me (are familiar fac..), no.. All around me, people get into relationships. I have five friends, who each found their new love a few days i...

Philipsen681Jan 5Jan 5

Employed but homeless in the US: The 'working poor' who can't afford to rentEmployed but homeless in the US: The 'working poor' who can't afford to rent...………....

jarred163-Jan 5

Lost in translationI'm not a native French speaker but can hold a conversation. Working in the village library they took it into their heads to show a film by an Irish p...

emmy122814Aug 25Jan 5
Hans471132230Nov 8Jan 5
Found a new State Park in my area I found these photos and information on the resorts FB wall

Found a new State Park in my area.I found these photos and information on the resorts FB wall.I'm very thankful that I was exposed to nature in my childhood years by my parents.Hopefully I'll be able to visit there one day and probably during t...

Bearwoman21726Jan 4Jan 5

How Wolves Change Rivers - By Adam EastIn 1926, there were no longer wolves in Yellowstone, once the natural habitat of this species. Between 1977 and the re-introduction in 1995, we have r...

Willy3411764Dec 28Jan 5

WetThe start of the New Year and I've had to hit the ground running, with orders for photos. I'm always pleasantly surprised when people ask for copies o...

LadyImp20224Jan 3Jan 5

Downright Balmy TodayIt is 2 degrees C here. That is really warm for this time of year. Its snowing but not heavy, tomorrow there is actually some rain in the forecast whi...

Track16360Jan 5

SlaveryAlthough I do not enjoy mood altering substances it is my belief that others should be free to do so if they wish. There is so much control being put...

befree5518314Dec 25Jan 5

Lord have mercy! This could have been written for me!................ Lord have mercy! This could have been written for me!...

jarred139-Jan 5

My subconscious had a garage sale and I wasn't invited.I’m not exactly sure when it happened. It wasn’t like I woke up one morning and thought “Hmm, well, this is nice.” Rather, I think it’s been a gradual...

TokyoRogue34442Jan 4Jan 5

Magog Rising the final battle....

stringman610Jan 5

took me awhile to get these........................ took me awhile to get these...

jarred142-Jan 5
Track16701Jan 5Jan 5

"CREATION"..("COME THE DAY")..(130)And............. As Always....................... He Shall Fill In The Space That Begins.................................... And Can Be Read Before Ev...

namaron70-Jan 4Jan 4
Child Labour Laws are Ruining this Country

Child Labour Laws are Ruining this Country.Ok I'm just on for a second to vent. A transition year student has joined us for work experience. Despite details instructions, my car is cove...

Still_notaDoctor923Jan 4Jan 4

Welcome 20192018 was a very good year but it ended with my heat/AC unit going out five days before Christmas and two days later the plumbing broke. Welcome to ho...

UnFayzed11811Jan 2Jan 4

the master baiters...Somewhere in the world a retailer is selling mattresses at 70% off. They are the whores of the furniture business. Placing an online order is easy, ex...

chatillion984Jan 4Jan 4

A good bit of crazy.I’ve a seven foot tall uncle who used to roller skate around his city wearing a three piece suit while holding an open umbrella above himself and his...

TokyoRogue27836Jan 3Jan 4

what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life................. what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life...

jarred156-Jan 4
Finally LOL

Finally LOLI found out last night that I'm going to be a Grandma.I was so excited I forgot to ask when the due date was.Opps...

Bearwoman20222Jan 2Jan 4

DRONEon 1...There are few public parks with model aircraft flying sites provided by Palm Beach County - Parks & Recreation where people go to visit and fly airpla...

chatillion15411Jan 2Jan 4

the slavery CROOKS................ the slavery CROOKS purchased this boat from a man who name this boat Jesus...

jarred133-Jan 4

wake up all.............. wake up all...

jarred158-Jan 4
What happened to real love

What happened to real love??Writing here to let out my frustration i guess. What ever happened to sticking with a person through good times and bad? Let my story begin: Last...

Handymanaturserv28715Nov 19Jan 4

NespressoMy Nespresso machine finally came For anyone not familiar, its basically an espresso machine you use at home. I just had a cup of glorious wonderful...

Track161447Jan 3Jan 4
Existence of God

Existence of GodBefore any thing was created,God was alone existing.He was breathing in his own and was complete, Nothing missing,nothing adding, was perfect and c...

starrayfil48-Jan 4
No Games

No GamesI love it when I look at a profile and I read "no games." You ask 'em what that means and they say "you know, the games people play." The game...

RaisedByWolves963Jan 4Jan 4

The ancient Greeks knew.... andthey were the foundes of our forms of self governance. Yes, some find it tedious with so much political talk here. But our wise ancestors knew better....

Vierkaesehoch1937Dec 19Jan 4

I'm living with an Amazonian goddess.I’ve been house sitting for a family member these last few weeks with fourteen days of that time sharing the place with Alice, a school teacher friend...

TokyoRogue58042Jan 2Jan 4

"CREATION"..("ITS FOR YOU"..2)..(129)Its Time To Fill In The Beginning Once Again...............................As Its Hard....................... For Me To Lay Down Phrases.................

namaron149-Jan 2Jan 3

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(187)This Blog Is For Everyone That Reads It....................................................There Seem To Be Problems On Here Between Some People........

namaron121-Jan 3Jan 3

A strong start to 2019!This year is three days old, but I have started it on a strong note. I am performing well at work, and I have been told, that if I keep this up, I wil...

Philipsen611Jan 3Jan 3
Juneau: "Famous Legs!"(meet us in the quizzes)

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