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George and Kellyanne are soon to divorce...After 22 years of marriage and 4 children, George and Kellyanne Conway have decided to call it quits. Both republicans, have different political views...

chatillion1450Mar 4Mar 5
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I didn't know implants could grow...A decade ago, Miami based fitness model Angeline (Angie) Varona became an instant celebrity when her sexy photos were hacked and distributed across th...

chatillion4140Mar 5Go to Last Post

Locks in the forums...I see several long-time forum threads have been locked/archived because they are too long and creating problems with the website operation. It's inte...

chatillion49813Mar 4Mar 5
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The people are easier to fool Than to convince them theyve been fooled

The people are easier to fool , , , Than to convince them they've been fooledMark Twain said this all the back in 1871 and nothing is closer to the truth than that statement even up to today The problem is that people are eit...

Outdoor_Lover1261Mar 5Mar 5
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Flip-off police, run a red light, get hit by a truck...I left out speeding and attempting to run away. Several motorcyclists in Florida were driving recklessly Friday night when police told them to pull ov...

chatillion1311Mar 5Mar 5
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Manky old sock

Manky old sockAfter reading red's blog about "itchy feet" I found a pair of my old socks and thought I would donate them to the blogger who makes the most noise abo...

OIdblue2816Mar 4Mar 5
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Richard Adams and James Fallows in a tribute to President CarterJimmy Carter: Unlucky president, lucky man James Fallows was the chief White House speechwriter for former president Jimmy Carter. In writings about...

FargoFan1892Mar 5Mar 5
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Gearing Up

Gearing Up.The conflict in Ukraine is far from over or resolved but it seems the next planned proxy war is already in the making. The Pentagon said on Wednesd...

Lukeon544-Mar 2Mar 5
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SHAWNTHOR1571Mar 4Mar 4
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XIVTHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XIV. "No, it is not surprising to me, how Friendship, in these times, becomes a Betrayal, while Aff...

the_mirror121-Mar 4Go to Last Post

Interesting study, don't you agree?SYDNEY, March 2 (Reuters) - China has a "stunning lead" in 37 out of 44 critical and emerging technologies as Western democracies lose a global compet...

FargoFan2097Mar 2Mar 4
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:)A man goes to bed one night and falls asleep. The next thing he knows, he is standing at the gates of heaven with St. Peter. He says "where am I?" St...

Track162243Mar 3Mar 4
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Not just good, but good for youJuly 1 — To paraphrase a great old slogan for Guinness beer: Sex isn’t just good, it’s good for you! Okay, so maybe there’s some wishful thinking...

SHAWNTHOR4915Dec 2019Mar 4
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Do hiccups ever take you overmake you do what that is, the involuntary spasm of the chest?...

FargoFan2169Mar 3Mar 3
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All that glitters is not gold

All that glitters is not goldMy name is grace am proud woman of color lol ?? sorry I have to point out that!! being brought up by a single mother who sacrificed her happiness for...

Gracebanks39811Feb 4Mar 3
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XIIITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XIII. " The man who knows himself, easily embraces the recognition of the Woman at its truest value...

the_mirror134-Mar 3Go to Last Post

Stupid MicrowaveI bought a new microwave today and I wanted to try it out so I put a potato in it and pressed the pizza button but when it was done, it was still a po...

Track163178Feb 28Mar 3
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Some images just spell certaintyHere is one such, a 'like' today. I wonder why CS doesn't pick up these obvious fakes....

FargoFan1703Mar 3Mar 3
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eine baden-württembergische Frau mit riesigen Titten ...eine baden-württembergische Frau mit riesigen Titten sagt, sie mag mich! A woman from Baden-Wuerttemberg in possession of a huge pair of boobs has 'l...

FargoFan1555Mar 2Mar 3
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Mom rips despicable Biden for laughing at blame claim for sons fentanyl deaths

Mom rips ‘despicable’ Biden for laughing at blame claim for sons’ fentanyl deaths’A Michigan mom whose two sons died of fentanyl overdoses has slammed President Biden as “despicable” after he laughed off the false claim that his adm...

Willy34112414Mar 2Mar 3
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Do opposites attract?I really don't know if opposites attract or not. I've had both types as far as being totally different than each other, to like most of the same stuff...

SHAWNTHOR35213Feb 5Mar 2
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XIITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XII. " In order for you to understand, my dear Woman, that you do not know what Man is at all, and...

the_mirror91-Mar 2Go to Last Post

My take on Sockpuppets and Trolls...Sockpuppets aka Socks, are additional profiles created by the same person. They could be deceptively used to increase views and comments to a blog (or...

chatillion76419Sep 2019Mar 2
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Love and Hate

Love and HateLove heals, love free you from hate. Hate is which make you sick and suffer all things. You need love God with all heart.., and love your neighbours...

starrayfil110-Mar 2Go to Last Post

Members with multiple profiles...Medical research has confirmed that dating site members with multiple profiles often do this due to a traumatic experience in their childhood. Be it m...

chatillion52022Feb 26Mar 2
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A surprise tonightThe woman beside me at the local club On the phone was speaking German and I could understand quite clearly 60 years ago in high school I had stud...

FargoFan1940Mar 2Go to Last Post
MMMMM has atheist blog

MMMMM has atheist blogsnuffed it i wanted to reply to someone. ??????? Luken glad your God looks after you good. I have not found mine yet you know the washer uppe...

EXRED336921Mar 1Mar 2
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mutual understanding in relationshipThe importance of silence: When the discussion between couples starts turning into an argument then one should immediately become silent. The silence...

Decent_Love1968Feb 27Mar 2
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Biting with teethmarksThis is one of the things I like in a woman. Her wanting to bite me, and leave teeth marks on me. Her way of marking me for her own. Her clamping d...

SHAWNTHOR3073Feb 28Mar 1
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Nintendo Switch attack...Last week, a Florida student attacked his teacher over a confiscated Nintendo Switch. He's 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 270 pounds and became upset...

chatillion2218Feb 27Mar 1
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The APIARY - Chapter I - LANDSCAPING: (Fragment) - XITHE APIARY Chapter I: LANDSCAPING (Fragment) XI. "Man and Woman are like two soul gardens. If you, Woman, do not take care of your own garden, h...

the_mirror146-Mar 1Go to Last Post
Aliens amongst us

Aliens amongst us!They abduct us at night probe us and implant microchips in our azzes how bizarre there leader is a red faced chucky doll called Donald trump..........

realdeal8902765Feb 28Mar 1
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In remembrance

In remembrancelet's not forget the abandoned ......

CelticWitch6449915Feb 24Mar 1
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Is gouging ending

Is gouging ending?Another word for inflation is gouging. When stores and companies get wind of issues, they use it as an excuse to charge more. Well! Everyone else is d...

Orzzz1699Feb 28Mar 1
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The Multiplication of Wickedness

The Multiplication of WickednessWhilst chatting with CW, she commented on a book which discusses why many people seem to lack Empathy. The author of the book examines the effects of...

Didi737127Feb 25Mar 1
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Interesting lesson todayWith my Russian-speaking Middle Eastern/Central Asian Canadian student. She had occasion to take her daughter to a doctor today, and trying to get hi...

FargoFan1471Mar 1Mar 1
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Sonys Virtual Reality 2

Sony's Virtual Reality 2I Received mine on Feb 22. Not as good as I expected but the video resolution and emersion are fantastic. hard to stop play. Spectacular graphics in...

Unknown871Feb 28Feb 28
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The Mystery case on the train

The Mystery case on the train.If you found a suitcase left behind on a train and took it home and after you opened it you discovered that it was full of sex toys and brand new ling...

Meinyourgarden2905Feb 18Feb 28
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Why does god feel it necessary to create Bad Eggs?WARNING: Contains dark/disturbing material. There are some fervantly religious people here; who continually post blogs on Christianity/Catholicism,...

lovecanbereal4,596313Mar 2021Feb 28
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How long will I love you?How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you And longer if I can How long will I need you? As long as the seasons need to Follow thei...

teenameena2567Feb 27Feb 28
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Man in wheelchair on bus refuses to move for mother and young daughter

Man in wheelchair on bus refuses to move for mother and young daughterA woman who described herself as a 32-year-old female wrote on the platform that she and her five-year-old daughter boarded a commuter bus "at a busy...

Willy34112729Feb 25Feb 28
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Newfoundland StoriesThe old fellas had a hard life here before we were dragged into the 21st century....

Track161140Feb 28Go to Last Post

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