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Youre The Only Woman Ive Been Dreaming Of

You're The Only Woman Ive Been Dreaming OfOh baby Say, now, you You talk about the things I do But baby, I yeah, I'll try 'n' explain the reasons why 'Cause I've been thinkin' 'bout the...

LoveRanger521835Mar 4Mar 4
Forgiveness Forgetness

Forgiveness & ForgetnessSundays always have been kind of philosophical for me. As loneliness & solitude is a constant in my life I used to take this day for writing most of m...

Crunia685-Mar 4Mar 4
Bloggers are all writers so creating a story together should be a doddle

Bloggers are all writers, so creating a story together should be a doddleIt was a dark and stormy night, and Al was alone in his apartment. He’d only lived there a week, and there were still boxes to be unpacked, but instea...

Elegsabiff35829Mar 4Mar 4

KinThe beach where sticks and stones don’t break hearts Make love with waves of salt and sea Bring forth good memories Of a visit most importantly f...

Palmfrond1332Feb 4Mar 4
Bloggers are writers sidelong blog

(Bloggers are writers sidelong blog)(For comments that can't be added to the story blog, just in case one is needed) Blown AWAY guys can't wait to see what happens next!!!!...

Elegsabiff22418Mar 4Mar 4

StuffYou remind me of what I’m trying to forget Though genuine care f*ck over my imagination I toss my mane and squeal On darkest of nights, the Ill...

Palmfrond1312Mar 1Mar 4

Billboard Outside Of BarIf ever u feel overloaded by life, wife or work, Immediately go to the nearest "Biological Anxiety Relief" (BAR) center & place order for any 1 or mor...

Gentlejim1456Feb 7Mar 4

DEATH WATCH FOR THE PACIFIC?Our Largest Ocean is presenting symptoms of terminal radiation poisoning....

miclee21911Mar 3Mar 4

GOALSWhen 2018 started, I have vowed to pursue a less lazy life and try to be a more devoted woman who knows how to clean and cook. Ive mastered the cl...

BlueScrubs23519Mar 4Mar 4
Let Go and Relax

Let Go and RelaxGreetings friends hope all is well with you.. The cold weather and wicked north-east wind is no more.. I would like to share with you my Tao...

FLYJAMES858Mar 4Mar 4
Never Give Up

Never Give UpNever Give Up...

jarred152-Mar 4

Banks and Dual CitizenshipsRecently a U.S. bank which holds one of my plastic credit cards asked me if I had dual citizenship in a foreign country when I tried to go online and...

galrads1222Mar 3Mar 4
Track161090Mar 3
Peek A boob

Peek A boobSeeing its a new trend on the blogs and seeing I also have something to prove which is ( not all witches are cross nagging hags, some of us can be...

itchywitch46228Mar 3Mar 3

Imagine....If we could upload any image or gif in our profile to describe ourselves....what would you use? (please do not be vulgar or coarse or obscene) I´l...

Crunia688-Mar 3Mar 3

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(147)Here You Are............In This Room Full Of Strangers.............................................(For Thats What We Are Mostly....When It Comes Down...

namaron89-Mar 3
History repeating itself

History repeating itselfThere was a time when you'd come on the blogs and every 2nd blog was about bloody cats, gosh but this place and them all sharing stories and their lov...

itchywitch84355Feb 12Mar 3
Dont cry baby Join connectingsingles

Don't cry baby! Join connectingsingles!!!US"Singled out"On Jerusalem Vote At United Nations No fun remembering this or that day as the past is dead. 'option of joining the connectingsingles...

iotaoo2362Dec 22Mar 3

Has anyone heard from Ashlander?Haven't seen her on the blogs for months! She use to be on pretty much every day! Wrote good blogs and comments! If anyone has her CS address or...

Gentlejim28311Mar 2Mar 3

Bloggers...Been here for sometime and have gotten familiar with most bloggers way with words. If you have to pick just one word to give to a blogger... Mols -...

Crazyheart382,212213Mar 1Mar 3
The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution needs to be updated

The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution needs to be updatedIt was written several 100 years ago at the birth of the nation. It wasn't written by gods it was written by men. These men could best be described...

ooby_dooby59052Feb 27Mar 3
Lost Opporunities

Lost OpporunitiesI'm 45yrs old and I can't help wondering is there a younger generation of people who've lost out on the excitement of going on a date with a stranger...

Poitin1434Mar 3Mar 3
Real love making for real people

Real love making for real people!I hear so many women complaining about how unloved they are. How their significant others are clueless on how to satisfy them. Even more surprising...

kermitduell33011Oct 30Mar 3
Getting ready for my first date

Getting ready for my first dateGetting ready for my first date [/i...

jarred152-Mar 3

DISNEYI just love it when after watching the news with all of the negative and horrible things going on in the world you change the channel and there is a D...

wenever33146Mar 2Mar 3
Track16940Mar 3

MusicWhat is music in our lives? Is music humanity's drug of choice? What is the mysterious power behind it's ability to captivate, stimulate and keep us c...

Crunia302-Feb 28Mar 2

"DANGLING CONVERSATIONS"Yeah.............From What There Is For Entertainment Around This Place...............................................One Might As Well Take...... "Th...

namaron400-Feb 27Mar 2
Just window shopping

Just window shopping........... :'(Hey!!!! Seems like everyone is just window shopping on these dating sites.........ugh Does anyone agree????...

ursoulmate21716Mar 2Mar 2
Comments here please Thank you

Comments here please.Thank you.Considering: 1) We are all mature and educated people, the very best of our houses. 2) Opinion can be endured as long as truth is free to dissect...

Crunia745-Feb 26Mar 2
A Minute Of Your Time

A Minute Of Your Time?Can you give me a minute of your time? Of course not, you cannot save, give away, receive or spend time; it is just a figure of speech. And yet, there...

Catfoot40441Mar 2Mar 2

CriticismTwo questions: Why do we criticize? When do we criticize? My take is that if I, which is very seldom, criticize, it is for the purpose of imp...

lindsyjones37524Feb 23Mar 2
Political erectness

Political erectnessI really wanted to make a political contribution to the blogs. In lieu of the left and right... He had me kneel before him He raised his scepter a...

Palmfrond1363Mar 1Mar 1

"TAKE A FREE RIDE"I Have Nothing Against People .................................That Want To Make A Better Life For Themselves................... But They Have To Und...

namaron20020Feb 28Mar 1

ParaphiliaI learnt this term from a reader- comment on my writing. I had to look up at the dictionary. The dictionary states that Paraphilia is an abnormal s*...

psiberite1123Mar 1Mar 1
stringman1808Feb 22Mar 1
If You Are Happy

If You Are Happy….If You Are Happy…....

jarred183-Mar 1
Track161011Mar 1Mar 1
The Moon

The MoonThe crystal ball was out early, hanging as an immaculate witch in the sky…I gazed at her like a poetic ornament…I was tantalized by her reflection on...

psiberite822Mar 1Mar 1
The Absolute State of Ontario

The Absolute State of Ontario after watching this I believe all politicians are on drugs. or just immoral....

stringman1128Feb 28Mar 1
I am looking for a friend

I am looking for a friendI am Terri I am 60 years old I am retired I am looking for some one to talk to...

ladywhisper12330211Feb 28Feb 28

I can feel a good one coming on.I'm beginning to feel the need to vent and not hold back. I need some time to prepare. In the mean time I need to relax a little. Enjoy the video....

Miwagi1312Feb 28Feb 28
101Crazygirl: "do I need help"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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