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What's it LikeDuring my profession as an accountant in a CPA firm for half my life I observed many things in the lives of many people just by doing their taxes once...

UnFayzed1376Jun 9Jun 9
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Stop thinking wrong

Stop thinking wrongDoes man think wrong? Yes there are many who think wrong.Thinking wrong it make peaceless and lead to sin and to suffer. Thoughts have greatest powe...

starrayfil53-Jun 9Go to Last Post

The Word of God: Evidence that Scripture is Divine...............First, I believe the Bible is the Word of God because of its scientific accuracy. The Truth of the Word of God tells us that God “hangeth the earth up...

bcjenny18116Jun 7Jun 9
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Knowledge Determines Destiny

Knowledge Determines DestinyDoes knowledge create destiny? This was my first priority in life until now. Our informations about how we see the world around us and what is our ab...

Zarathos1102Jun 8Jun 9
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Physical work...good stuff...My family of origin is of peasant stock, so from an early age, all were exposed to physical work. So much so, that higher education was somewhat frow...

Vierkaesehoch1400Jun 9Go to Last Post
what everyone has been waiting for America at her knees

what everyone has been waiting for. America at her kneesAllow me to inform you. not all of us are on our knees. women shaving their heads to accommodate terrorists. i will not shave my head. Demo politi...

cryptorchid80651Jun 5Jun 9
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The winged insect.Some years ago, the exact number of which presently remains unimportant, not to mention eludes me, I walked out onto my veranda only to see a centimet...

Wrinklylove1098Jun 6Jun 9
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State botanist rescues hunting dog from 80-foot hole in HawaiiWhen a 1-year-old hunting dog named Orange fell 81 feet into a shaft in the Lihue-Koloa Forest Reserve on Kauai, it was a state botanist who came to h...

Willy3411792Jun 8Jun 8
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"CREATION"..("DUST OF JUSTICE")..(165)Yeah I'm Here............... To Do What I Want To Do.................It Doesn't Matter What You May Think....Nor..Do I Care.......Because I Am Not Th...

namaron1025Jun 6Jun 8
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Why?It’s probably my own fault that I don’t know the reason why. If I could be bothered to actually read the entirety of the blogs it might possibly give...

HarbalEsquire1,06691Jun 7Jun 8
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Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil......Wow, Wow, thank you for your powerful letter you send to the President Trump. Billy Graham's son complimented Trump for standing up for God by that...

bcjenny49315Jun 6Jun 8
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Batteries...Too often batteries are the issue in things needing to be replaced. Years ago, I had cellphones that the user could change out a battery when it no lo...

chatillion1365Jun 2Jun 8
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Rage-quitting and a job.I am in the middle of completing The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt on "Blood and Broken Bones" difficulty, which is hard. I am almost done with the story,...

Philipsen940Jun 8Go to Last Post

Second Witness Says Bill Clinton Was On P.edophile Island With Epstein Contradicting Clinton's ClaimWhat we know: *Jeffrey Epstein owned a private Island in the Caribbean where he regularly held illegal orgies with underage girls and other adult m...

Dongg23621Jun 7Jun 8
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7 INCREDIBLE FACTS ABOUT HELL I think we have had some misconceptions about hell. when you listen to this video you may know the true meaning of hel...

stringman46746Jun 7Jun 8
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Longing...I settle for seeing you, even for an instant… I am content to look at you, just for a moment… To take away with me… The nuance and the contrast… T...

Melody1671314-Mar 24Jun 8
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A World Without Racism

A World Without Racism?A world without racism? Have you ever been stopped from doing something because of the colour of your skin, your background, or the way you live your...

Bearwoman640Jun 8Go to Last Post

Gun control invades Looney TunesLooney Tunes Cartoons, the new series of animated shorts released exclusively on the HBO Max streaming service, will not be "doing guns," says series...

Willy34111114Jun 7Jun 8
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New zealandIs now at level one Thank you all for your help and support... And please respect our borders...

Nice2meetyoutoo1030Jun 8Go to Last Post

Big trouble for us fascist, racist, allophobic Republicans...Last week, sniffy, creepy, confused Joe Biden said it all. He said he was going to beat Joe Biden in November. Big worries now. Goddess help us all....

Vierkaesehoch2041May 31Jun 8
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I'm lookin' for a junkie...I've seen lots of profile photos where the member has smoke billowing out of their mouths/nostrils and in their description they are looking for a rel...

chatillion1132Jun 7Jun 8
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endorphinsDo keyboard worriers or warrior's produce the same "feel good" chemicals as your body produces during a joggers "high"...

Nice2meetyoutoo891Jun 7Jun 7
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Hold your ownWhen time pulls lives apart, Hold your own. When everything is fluid and when nothing can be known with any certainty, Hold your own. Hold it...

MetaMaus1193Jun 6Jun 7
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Update on my job interview yesterday!About 5 hours ago, at 4 pm DK time, my phone rang. It was from the job I applied for the other day. "Sweet! I can't wait to start", was my immediat...

Philipsen24614Jun 4Jun 7
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HOW DO I FIND THINGS TO MAKE ME HAPPYFirst, by being honest about the things that do make you happy. Most of us lie about what would really make us happy due to what others may think abou...

Pearl7942Jun 7Jun 7
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"D-Day"..("JUNE 6TH 1944")"Though The World Has Been Going Through Some Very Dire Times Lately?.......We Still Must Remember All Of Those Brave Young Men.....Actually?...Most O...

namaron24817Jun 5Jun 7
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tout not your dogmatout not your dogma nor stand before me to spout before me this or that that I will surely scoff politely if I can knock not on my door to pr...

FargoFan1619Jun 6Jun 7
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Changes during the era of the Virus...A few have blogged here about this topic. And the focus has often been on how folks seem a bit kinder. Sharing food with the needy, visiting infirm el...

Vierkaesehoch1251Jun 7Jun 7
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We the PeopleThe first paragraph of the US constitution reads :: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ins...

OldeGuy19917Jun 4Jun 7
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I met Iggy last week...Iggy was hanging out in a tree on the canal by the warehouse. It was a sunny day and he was enjoying himself. Out of range for my camera to take a cle...

chatillion23813Feb 28Jun 7
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28 August 2020, a day to mark28 August 2020, a day to mark The family of George Floyd will lead a march on Washington to mark the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s fa...

MetaMaus1838Jun 4Jun 7
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MSM reporting of US COVID-19 mortality rate: An exercise in 'How to Lie with Statistics'A book published 66 years ago and still in print is an essential reference for understanding most of the data that you see about the pandemic afflicti...

Willy341134632May 26Jun 7
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Who understand truth who know God

Who understand truth,who know God?There are many unbelievers and many christians who think understand Truth,but they don,t understand.And so they know not God. Only those who obey T...

starrayfil64-Jun 7Go to Last Post
Dongg79826Nov 26Jun 6
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stringman30013May 20Jun 6
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Stunning Disappointment For Democrats As Trump Economy Is Restoring People's Jobs At Record PaceTHE UNSTOPPABLE TRUMP ECONOMY DOES IT AGAIN! ONCE AGAIN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE "EXPERTS" WAS WRONG AND TRUMP WAS RIGHT ! The US economy comes ROA...

Dongg54548Jun 5Jun 6
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You Will Know Them by Their FruitsBeware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather...

HarbalEsquire99884Jun 5Jun 6
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I'm an alcoholic...Please don't misjudge me. Up until last year I was pretty normal but this year things have gone hectic. I get in my car and I put a few drops of alcoh...

chatillion31016Jun 5Jun 6
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ParaprosdokiansParaprosdokians First time I heard about paraprosdokians, I liked them. Paraprosdokians are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sent...

Willy34111374May 28Jun 6
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Lukeon1596Jun 6Jun 6
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Soonyuleknow15614May 17Jun 6
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Archbishop Vigans powerful letter to President Trump Eternal struggle between good and evil

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evilThe archbishop has been on the run since around 2018 since he denounced antipope Francis in re: to the coddling of Cardinal McCarrick with his guilt i...

seaworthy104-Jun 6Jun 6
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