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William Barr - dishonest unpatiotic AGToday in USA Today Nancy Pelosi: AG Barr 'lied to Congress,' that's a crime Maureen Groppe and Bart Jansen USA TODAY•May 2, 2019 WASHI...

JimNastics31424May 2May 29

Humpy Day...Sometimes my wife travels with me to visit projects I work on. She gets to hear me BS with the security guards at some of the gated communities. One p...

chatillion1194May 15May 29

we can choosewho or what we want to be, call it a legacy, call it what you want, perhaps even sleep on it. all my life I HATED HIM I took him by the ear once and...

Bentlee24524May 26May 28
Bentlee28518May 4May 28

Into hell he burnsThe wick finally burnt out yes my dad just died this past 12th hour, who was he to say how good or bad was he was an a**hole filled with nothing mo...

Bentlee44535May 24May 28
Bearwoman12119May 26May 28
The fastest way to forget a guy

The fastest way to forget a guyWhat is the fastest way to get over a guy and a relationship.....

Kasih40422May 26May 28
Global greed

Global greedHow does this work ? I recently purchased a camera adaptor for $45 plus $7 postage from an online store... I needed another and as the last one...

OIdblue21712May 27May 28

CSThis is a great site, for many valid purposes. Sure, some shortcomings are here, but to me, these don't involve the choices of the discussions. The va...

Vierkaesehoch2323May 27May 28
stringman21819May 24May 28
Embrace age

Embrace ageIf one wants to accomplish something, let not age or gender or looks prohibit one's desire. At what point must we lose the scared-y-cat mentality? I...

Palmfrond2118Apr 27May 28
A British Classic

A British ClassicEveryone has one you know...

My_Lover1152May 25May 27
Melania in Japan

Melania in JapanShe is beautiful and intelligent. I’m very proud of our First Lady. Such grace. it is so nice to see a first lady look so elegant and refined! I p...

AmpleCurves26213May 27May 27
Tender Loving Care

Tender Loving CareOn May 12, 2019, International Nurses Day 2019 will be celebrated. It is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, The Pioneer of Nursing. The Interna...

ysabeljhen21124May 22May 27
What makes something funny

What makes something funny?We know when something is funny, but, if asked to explain exactly why it is funny, we would be hard pressed to put the reason into words. Not everyon...

Harbal68469May 25May 27

"WONDERING MAN""In The Old Way............... It Used To Be Here When Sending Messages? ...........The Only Thing That Could Be Seen After One Sent A Message?..........

namaron790May 27

"THE WAY IT WAS"I Know Where Youre Coming From My Friend.....................................Only I Turned The Hate Into Sorriness..(If Thats Even A Word)...............

namaron17317May 26May 27

_-----_-----------------------------The Devine kiss of goodbye As seen Reflected on other's lips Mirroring new love In Love's most transient form...

Palmfrond1136May 27May 27
stringman1669May 12May 27
Diamond_Rain74633Mar 15May 27

Number two!A kaleidoscope of fantasy! As I slide my fingers through your long black hair, Caress your shoulders and kiss your neck, I care, Your body yield...

ynot17720111May 24May 27
People will judge you

People will judge you::::In the end…people will judge you anyway, so don’t live your life impressing others, live your life impressing yourself. ~E. Infante...

Bearwoman1176May 27May 27

Should i be settling down?Am i a catch? Am i too relaxed? I'm 39 and fussy Should i be considering younger female specimens since they have more years to bare children a...

chancer_returns28825May 25May 27
Soledad mi estado de nimo secreto

Soledad, mi estado de ánimo secreto.A storm in Heaven. I can't believe I'm still alive as I watch the giants passing by so close to me. But of course I always smile gently at the bu...

WhatYouHadAndWha530May 27

StuffI was at the Wal-Mart yesterday buying some dog and cat food. As usual, there were limited cashiers. It was a traffic jam in the lanes. Several tim...

Palmfrond23115May 26May 27

Robert Part IIRobert always has these fantastic romantic episodes that always seem to have him left leaving with his tail between his legs at the end. I know how h...

Johnny_Sparton627120May 25May 27

'A Ladies' Man' (Oscar Brown Jr.) (Poetry/Lyrics & Music)A Ladies' Man Back as a boy, I longed to be The fellow women loved to see And have them all consider me A Ladies' man I dreamed of Jeannie wi...

JimNastics720May 26

How Is Your Day Going?My day is going quite nice. I got a new pair of sneakers (finally), a little blue tooth book shelf stereo for quiet times and I decided to invest in a...

Track1628318May 10May 26

Marge - Veterans' StoriesU.S. Army Nurse Corps - WW II. I know Marge personally - she's 97 years old, the most senior member of her Vets For Pea...

miclee1073May 24May 26

In Tribute and ThanksA very special tribute and sincere thanks for all those, who have risked it all, and especially those who sacrificed it all, in the call to duty in...

JimNastics22525May 25May 26

Silent Key...Shortly before 4am I jumped out of a strong dream. It had to do with someone gifting me several boxes of electronic gadgets and musical things from a...

chatillion821May 26May 26
stringman931May 26May 26
chancer_returns23422May 23May 26

As usualYesterday afternoon I went shopping. When I step off the train on my way home, I noticed 3 young men holding full of grocery plastic bags on both hand...

tatami862May 25May 25

"DOUBLE STANDARD""On One Blog ...............................That Is Currently Up Here?...................On The Blog.............There Is A Video Of About A Muslim Gu...

namaron882May 25May 25
Back after a few

Back after a fewBeen busy. I love my job. I've sold 6 vehicles and enjoy this ride. I wish I did it sooner. Some advice, don't listen to others. Lol. Patience and lif...

Palmfrond1021May 25May 25

Virtual, or virtuous sx (add an e)So, some nice looking gal on here (No, I won't out her ), who is fairly local to me, asked me if I would like to have virtual sx (add an e) with her....

JimNastics992May 25May 25
Life without Love

Life without LoveLife without love......Is it possible?...Well I never thought so....What do you think?.. I am an open-minded and old fashion man in this matter. I wil...

Buddy4you3913Oct 2016May 25

Long timeHey I just want to say after long time Hello to my friends here in cs and wish them a nice weekend...

nighty70951May 25May 25

flyingwould you feel at ease on an aircraft knowing that the pilot was a 22 year old ????, why you may ask ,,, well after watching a documentary on budget...

edison32424725May 21May 25
Track161403May 24May 25

Raise your hand if...Raise your hand if you graduated Trump University. Raise your hand if you were a subcontractor to any Trump project and got paid-in-full at the compl...

chatillion952May 25May 25

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