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Dogs and fireworks / thunder / gunsDogs don't like fireworks, sure, we all know that but reactions range from flinching to outright hysterics. Why? We know hunting dogs cope with th...

Elegsabiff42350Jun 8Jun 9
LeeCharming353-May 20Jun 9

Your Beliefs Don't Make You A Better Person....The other day, one of my friends posted the following on their wall: "Your beliefs don't make you a better person - your behavior does." For me, t...

LadyImp68268Jun 4Jun 9

Imagination & Mural of Love"Paint me a picture, Mommy" she demanded. And so I painted one. A huge mural that stretched forever - a mural of words. Words that spun tales like my...

LadyImp1199Jun 9Jun 9

A Rich RewardAwake early this morning, I headed out for a bike ride, not too sure of where I was going to go. Deciding to ride along the dike by the river, I was a...

LadyImp16410Jun 7Jun 9

Dont be fooled!The games they play are rough one, extremely rough tackles. And why do they get away with it? because you allow them to. How about making sure that...

tovack22815Jun 8Jun 9

It is a scamIf you come on to this site and present yourself as single but in reality you are married, you are committing a fraud. Period. You can be on this s...

lindsyjones2,51695Mar 12Jun 9

Life couldn't get much better...ever think that??? Then suddenly it does Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend... I've just had the best...

itchywitch1,02443Apr 29Jun 9

Maria MarcelaA fallen Angle..... or so that's how she seemed to me, and if anyone remembers her or her most previous blog will know I've chosen my description of...

itchywitch2,955-Jun 8Jun 9

Men and women...the monthly, Red hat, friend, period, etc. Now THERE'S another difference between the sexes. A natural cleansing health process, linked to reproductio...

Vierkaesehoch1495Jun 7Jun 9

WITH MONEYWITH MONEY................ Can you buy a house But no home Can you buy a bed But no sleep Can you buy a watch But no time Can y...

jarred160-Jun 9

Reflection for 50's.Reflection for 50's. If we have, for a while, 50s (as they now call us, no longer seniors or elders), want to reach the age of 100 years, we must...

jarred163-Jun 9
Age differences

Age differencesWhy are young women contacting old men and why are older women looking for someone much younger, lets be realistic aren't we just setting ourselves up...

48jojo75136Dec 2014Jun 9
Is this true and if so why

Is this true and if so, why?I heard this today on the news. It is most likely fake news, but what if it weren't? It was reported that the Department of Defense pays the NFL...

Johnny_Sparton1658Jun 8Jun 8
A working mans knife

A working man's knifeIn the United States for 5 decades the standard knife of the working man was of two basic types. One either carries a multi tool which is similar to...

Ken_1924421Jun 6Jun 8

If God created the banana.....I guess Satan must have designed the coconut....

Harbal20218Jun 8Jun 8

facesi do not know why but there seems as this site claims to have 1,000 of men and women on this site so how come i get the same faces each day even if i...

doreen12797May 22Jun 8

The Superbowl Winners to meet with Mueller lolI'm not sure if you have been following this situation, or not. But Dirty Don Trump started a whole big to do, because several of the black football...

JimNastics59472Jun 5Jun 8
Harbal1,02476May 7Jun 8

The Theology Of Daniel Boone -"Love and fear God, Believe in Jesus Christ, Do all the good to my neighbor, and myself as I can, Do as little harm as I can help, And trust on G...

miclee1074Jun 8Jun 8

Road kill would you ...Hit a rabbit yesterday morning and while I was checking to see if it was dead, a guy stopped and asked if I wasn't going to take it could he have it.....

Onthcrestofawave37528Jun 7Jun 8

Please add on yours..........................Not actors but real people........... I am married to my husband. (Oh really) The rain came down (down? How strange is that) CAN I help you? ........

britishcolumbian1112Jun 8Jun 8

Being around the elderly.....I socialize with a group of octo---nonagenarians here at Mickie D's, where I get the endless java for a buck, and the decent wifi. They have a grand t...

Vierkaesehoch1799May 30Jun 8
When your neighbor is a Demon

When your neighbor is a Demon.Police in Springfield, Massachusetts observed a male driver (40 year old Steward Weldon) striking a woman passenger. They also observed him changing...

Ken_1922110Jun 6Jun 8

How Bored Are You?You tell me you are bored and there´s nothing going on...? Well, I´ve got news for you... There is never nothing going on! We’ve all experie...

daniela77748956May 25Jun 8

"OMG ! You'll never guess what !"or add your own photo caption....

JimNastics1717Jun 7Jun 7

Going To Be Interesting TimesWell, I done it. I finally gone mad. Finally lost my marbles. I am going to quit smoking pot, at least for a while, maybe forever. I have been s...

Track1635631Jun 6Jun 7
In my area

In my areaHey guys. I will only take seriously the emails,cards, and what-not from my area(south west tn)if you don't know where scotts hill is I'll tell you. I...

Unknown6453Jul 2010Jun 7

"CIRCUMSTANCES"Thats Right.............................When One Puts Up A Blog About....................................... Something Or Someone Youd Better Be Able...

namaron321-Jun 6Jun 7

"TRUDGING ON"And Yes...............................Once Again......................I Have To Fill In The Heading......................Dont Ask Me Why.................

namaron99-Jun 7
Time is on my side

Time is on my sideI noticed yesterday when I just got to work I was already thinking wow I wish it was 8 and I would be off work. Well that didn't happen and you no wha...

wenever18424Jun 7Jun 7

Trump's Former campaign manager likely going to jail for a long timeFrom Newsweek; Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort to Be Jailed for ‘Stupidest’ Case of Witness Tampering: Ex-DOJ Official Newsweek Gillia...

JimNastics890Jun 7

The marriage comes with a life long warranty...Terms and conditions apply! Cost effective replacement is guaranteed. Go through the agreement carefully....

iotaoo22721Jun 5Jun 7

Maybe my inner fire has gone out ?I survived Europe at -20C in t-shirt and jeans Now it's +7C in NZ And I can't get warm WTF ?...

Onthcrestofawave25412Jun 7Jun 7
Would you

Would you?Would you tell a woman that you know has a boyfriend and you have heard her complain about him in the past..."If you are ever looking for a new man, I...

Johnny_Sparton1,706200May 30Jun 7

?, ., , .........Are they half literate, lazy or in a hurry? Is it their artistic freedom? Is it a freedom of writing? That is what comes to mind when i see a blog...

bloodyawfull49034May 8Jun 7
Love or sex

Love or sex?What follows is highly opinionated and hypothetical. If I were you I wouldn’t believe a word of it. Would you choose a lifetime of love and no sex;...

Mzark41216Aug 2016Jun 7

Men and women.....Who knew?...... Very few sex specific behavioral and emotional traits many find annoying. NOT. Wide range of controlling styles. Here's one. You two...

Vierkaesehoch1248Jun 6Jun 6

Gotta askBut by any chance does anyone here think I owe them an apology???...

itchywitch41617Jun 5Jun 6
My blog yesterday about apologies

My blog yesterday about apologies....I wrote a blog yesteday about apologies, it came from my heart, it was about a woman who has been my friend for 60 years, since we were 5 or 6 year...

goldengloss31137Jun 6Jun 6

The Tribulationthis explains it really well.

stringman1303Jun 3Jun 6

Good morning fellow bloggersWhat a beautiful day in summer. Happy Saturday everyone....

lindsyjones45652Jun 2Jun 6
"PLAY NOW: Snake"(meet us in the games)

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