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In The Dutch language For an apple and an egg means it is cheap true story

In The Dutch language; "For an apple and an egg" means it is cheap..... true storyA wel known store in Holland, were displaying a beautiful man's suit during a nation wide sale. The sign said: "This suit for an apple and an egg" A...

britishcolumbian660Dec 30
How you could become a millionaire like this guy true story

How you could become a millionaire like this guy...........true story...This guy placed and add; I became a millionaire and I could make you one too. For $9.95 I will tell you how I did it After you send the money his...

britishcolumbian1607Dec 30Dec 30
There is only one topic of conversation in Canada The weather how cold it is Brrrrr

There is only one topic of conversation in Canada, The weather, how cold it is. BrrrrrSome cities record it being colder than Alaska.... Hello? Many celebrations are cancelled for tomorrow night or going indoors. Right now I should...

britishcolumbian662Dec 30Dec 30
Charter II

Charter IITo; Johnny-Sparton. Native American Wisdom is Deep, Profound, Simple and True. is been passed from the Elders and is very perintinent to the time...

eagle55201621712Dec 28Dec 30
Really Ting Tong Do I

Really Ting Tong, Do I?!?A girl wants to marry, Why do male not want to marry and refer to concentrate on working. Does the girl not on his favor to spend his life ? And o...

pineappl3chic2077Dec 29Dec 30
hmmm some women

hmmm....some womenOut just the other night. A friend and I meet up at a local bar. We both have a few drinks....sitting around talking and such. Another person we bo...

Johnny_Sparton1,145140Dec 27Dec 30
Hilarious church bloopers

Hilarious church bloopersHere they are: The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.. ————————————— The sermon this morning: Jesus Walks on the Water. The sermon to...

britishcolumbian16913Dec 26Dec 30
Whenever you missed these no no not going to go to the river

Whenever you missed these, no, no, not going to go to the riverHilarious church bloopers Lol being told that I need to add words now okay will talk to another minister about dumping alcohol...

britishcolumbian903Dec 29Dec 30
Another Quiz

Another QuizPick the right answer. In which country sex ratio or too much sex count in a day? 1- South Africa 2- Thailand 3- Spain 4- Italy 5- Brazil 6- I...

only1life1104Dec 29Dec 30
What does the J mean that people always use to close an email

What does the "J" mean that people always use to close an emailWhat does the "J" mean that people always use to close an email (or ask here)? In the last few days I receive emails from different people who conclud...

jarred192-Dec 30
Track161691Dec 24Dec 30
On message yet

On message yet?You shouldn't read this blog, I'm in a moody ranting mood and feeling terminally irritated with the Three Big Subjects. Tis the season to be jolly, tr...

Elegsabiff31313Dec 26Dec 30


midikid1676Dec 29Dec 29
What a waste of manpower the cost is astronomical

What a waste of manpower, the cost is astronomicalWhat a waste to have record security for New Years party. To stop terrorist? Like they would choose this time to do something knowing security is h...

britishcolumbian18811Dec 29Dec 29

YOU ARE POISONA story of two young lovers who can't live with each other and can' live with out each other. A young couple starting out just having to be with each...

wenever19422Dec 28Dec 29
married for ten years

married for ten years,If a newly married man looks happy, we understand why. But if a man, who is married for ten years, looks happy, we wonder why....

jarred193-Dec 29
HOOPONOPONO And The Power Of Forgiveness

HO´OPONOPONO And The Power Of ForgivenessHo?oponopono is a wonderful forgiveness method with deep roots in the beautiful spirit of the Hawaiian culture. "The Four Steps to Forgiveness is...

daniela77725918May 2017Dec 29
Soap box derby

Soap box derbyStand on your box and write complete sentences. Try to incorporate more letters than punctuation marks...

Palmfrond1906Dec 27Dec 29
Let it snow

Let it snowSnow on the way People want to keep warm...

Sweetiechic1791-Dec 29
Feeding the birds Crows magpies Quails and the little ones

Feeding the birds. Crows, magpies, Quails and the little ones......Feeding the birds. Crows, magpies, Quails and the little ones....... Now that we have so much snow I bought bird food for them, as I do every year ....

britishcolumbian664Dec 29Dec 29
A high profile Texas attorneys first date on Saturday

A high-profile Texas attorney's first date on SaturdayA high-profile Texas attorney's first date on Saturday did not go as planned. In fact, it ended in an arrest. Lindy Lou Layman, 29, of Dallas is ac...

jarred185-Dec 29
Life is like a lottery

Life is like a lotteryLife is like a lottery: coincidental, random, capricious and incomprehensible....

jarred167-Dec 29

QuizPick the right answer. What does come in your mind when you listen the word " Bangkok" 1_Money 2_Sex 3_Shopping 4_Beautiful Place 5_Noting....

only1life18114Dec 28Dec 29
President Trump and Jerusalem

President Trump and Jerusalem.Still so glad he's our guy, considering the disasters of an unhealthy/untruthful/hubby in tow Hilary or Crazy Bernie. But while I'd personally like hi...

Vierkaesehoch43842Dec 6Dec 28
Track161163Dec 28Dec 28
It would be easiere if the perfect men glow in the

It would be easiere if the perfect men glow in thethis site is great i have been on other dating sites but connecting singles is the best i have met a wonderful friend here he is cool...

LADYLICIOUS58518Apr 2010Dec 28

"HOMELESS?"I Just Came Back From A Shopping Center.........Theres A Couple That Constantly Walk The Parking Lot...Separate From Each Other.... Begging For Money....

namaron61747Dec 24Dec 28

RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUALwhen I started to work for the company that I am employed with one of the 3 rules they insisted on was respect for the individual. I totally agree wit...

wenever53053Dec 16Dec 28

"WAR ON TERROR"Though A Lot Of People Would Differ To This Thought.......................Never The Less........................It Is True.... Though The United Stat...

namaron112-Dec 28Dec 28
Sunday Assembly Anyone

Sunday Assembly, Anyone?Last Sunday I got a "life-changing experience" at the Sunday Assembly held in Pittsburgh, PA at the Improv in Homestead, PA; unlike the traditional co...

Unitarian221860Dec 28
Track16821Dec 28Dec 28
To All of My Bloggers Friends

To All of My Bloggers FriendsMay all of you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!...

Gentlejim19716Dec 25Dec 28
a blue eye

a blue eyemy son got a blue eye from his girlfriend today

jarred182-Dec 28
Humor in the chuch funny me thinks

Humor in the chuch.................funny me thinksClosing sermon words A preacher was completing a temperance sermon: with great expression he said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it...

britishcolumbian1116Dec 27Dec 28
so many people lose their minds

so many people lose their mindsso many people lose their minds when they log in on the internet most do not see the difference anymore what is truth and fantasy nothing's real unti...

jarred181-Dec 27
Monoatomic gold Lemuria Atlantis or

Monoatomic gold, Lemuria ,Atlantis,or...Wednesday afternoon an*l seks during the iceage ... All very interesting topics for a serious discussion ,but this blog is none of the above ......

Dedovix1144Dec 27Dec 27
There is too much sadness in the world

There is too much sadness in the world:There is too much sadness in the world: at this moment more than 7 million people have sex and you are behind your computer ... that is so sad...

jarred170-Dec 27
Method behing the madness

Method behing the madness....Can't look anywhere but to see the fake news, biased, alt left media dissing our President, this time for Jerusalem. But speaking of deals, what if he...

Vierkaesehoch27118Dec 8Dec 27
I question myself

I question myselfI question myself. What would be the result of the death of the ego ? I mean the astral has a memory, a personality, a history and the mental being em...

jarred175-Dec 27
First Charter

First CharterThank You to All of You for That Warm Welcome. My Relatives Is Not About Been Lakota, Is About Been Part Of One Human Race. I believe that everythin...

eagle5520162348Dec 25Dec 26
Shopping frenzie many have gone way over their budget again

Shopping frenzie, many have gone way over their budget............againEvery year I am sensitive to be differents before Christmas. The spirit of giving is everywhere that is why many charities are right there to cash in...

britishcolumbian1166Dec 26Dec 26

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(138)Oh...........Thats Just Too Bad.................................................... Aint That A Shame?...........................................I Saw...

namaron34034Dec 16Dec 26
"PLAY NOW: Puzzle"(meet us in the games)

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