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Age and mileage please

Age and mileage, pleaseI’m looking for a specific kind of vehicle, and suddenly noticed a certain familiarity about my list. See if you can spot it. Not too young - the...

Elegsabiff1,00490Jul 27Jul 30
Profiles of Chinese

Profiles of ChineseIt is very hard to distinguish the different ethnic origin between British, German and French by look. There is no discernable three dimensional and g...

nowayjose1506Jul 29Jul 30


Track161003Jul 29Jul 29

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(121)"It Suddenly Dawned On Me About Life....My Surroundings Were Closing In.... Like A Vice....With The Handle Being Turned To The Right.........And Here....

namaron193-Jul 28Jul 29
Todays the day

Today's the day.It's rainy and windy and yes I know it's only July, but I'm going to bake my Christmas cakes. Yes plural, I've nine to do, well it was nine until I w...

emmy125216Jul 29Jul 29
this lady made him HIT

this lady made him HITKris Jones, his daughter made him a star and made him pursuit his dreams! loved the connection between father and daughter!...

imbackagain34936Jul 27Jul 29
trashing the Republican Party

trashing the Republican PartySen. McConnell and Trump and Trump's Brown Shirts are trashing the Republican Party, as well as the citizens of our great country. Brown Shirts, yo...

studecar50536Jul 2Jul 29
This is not a funny Blog

This is not a funny Blogyou have been warned... This is a very interesting video on Human Origins ,based on the work of Zecharia Sitchin ......

Dedovix1693Jul 29Jul 29
Sitting by the fire

Sitting by the fire.....That killer white pine, leaning toward some bedrooms, is now in burnable pieces. Got a fat insurance Co. check to replace the roof damage she, her b...

Aaltarboy1675Jul 28Jul 29

President Trump hates thugs? But, who's really the true thug on this earth?President Trump to police on handling suspected criminals: "Please don't be too nice" when handling "these thugs." Who are these thugs, he's specifica...

NewYorkcitylove120-Jul 29
Moonbat professionals

Moonbat "professionals"....Glad I really don't need the extra income. Will help with girls' university costs, though. But this extra rental space, now that the twins are away, i...

Aaltarboy1625Jul 27Jul 29
all i need is love

all i need is love....yeah, once when I have my safe comfort zone, when I'm willing to share it with you, but only if you tick the majority of my boxes. ....including...

bloodyawfull40513Jul 26Jul 29

United States dollar BEING REPLACED BY WORLD CURRENCY.President Trump is about to sign for a Gold back currency.Malaysia could have theirs as soon as mid August. China calls for New World currency. This i...

NewYorkcitylove106-Jul 29
A magical love song

A magical love songHearing songs like this makes me feel love is magical.....

tatami1387Jul 29Jul 29
Holiday in Spain

Holiday in Spain .Hi My trip by car begins from Riga end of September for two months . Female co-driver place free . Driving license is a must . Non smoker . English...

Tomsona2030Jul 28Jul 28
All those beautiful faces gone

All those beautiful faces.......gone!!Well it seems to be a trend that many or our beautiful female bloggers have decided it's time to not show their face I've thought the blogs wer...

robbyreal47630Jul 27Jul 28
Verdulagas Or keeping Moms memory

Verdulagas. Or keeping Mom's memory!When I first moved to my little apartment in Bullhead City I was amazed by the fauna. I wrote a blog on it. But I did not mention "verdulagas". The En...

Ed19411566Jul 27Jul 28

Today in Hip Hop History: EPMDToday in Hip Hop History: EPMD released their fourth album Business Never Personal July 28, 1992 without question one of the greatest groups in the hi...

NewYorkcitylove100-Jul 28
I would love to live in a world

I would love to live in a worldWhere we found as much justification if not more for compassion, as we do for war. Where we valued ...... more than we do ........ Please...

nonsmoker930104Jul 26Jul 28

Those Who love The Truth about Jesus Christ (Yahawashi) Will Welcome This With Open Arms.His name in the Paleo Hebrew is Yahawashi. He was a so call negro from the tribe of Judah. Jeremiah 14:2 Judah mourneth, and the gates there of lan...

NewYorkcitylove161-Jul 28
You are so charming lovely gorgeous

You are so charming, lovely, gorgeous,You are so charming, lovely, gorgeous, kind, genius, alluring, appealing, cute, dazzling, delicate, fascinating, exquisite, elegant, graceful, magnifi...

jarred1112-Jul 28
RIP Charlie Gard

RIP Charlie GardMay you always be remembered, and never forgotten in how you passed....

seaworthy657-Jul 28
Same Old Same Old

Same Old, Same OldSo I sift through people here and I never find myself reaching out. Although I have had many reach out to me. I pick, what seem sincere to me, the o...

Cwizzy652015Jul 28Jul 28
Let me tell you story You can believe or not I practise my english skills

Let me tell you story. You can believe or not? I practise my english skills.There was young boy in small village. He was happy and love his parents. He was not different than other boys. He love to play football. He plays also...

Tomppa6729117Jul 23Jul 28
stringman24612Jun 18Jul 28


Track161060Jul 28
stringman1802May 16Jul 27
Inventory turn over is almost zilt on this site

Inventory turn over is almost zilt on this site.After over a year of observation as a male watching female profiles it can be summarized as: Overall less than 10 % of profiles are active in most...

nowayjose620Jul 27

Today in Hip Hop History: Fat JoeToday in Hip Hop History: Fat Joe released his debut solo album Represent July 27, 1993.ThIs album resembles the mafioso mind-state on Like Jay'-z Rea...

NewYorkcitylove74-Jul 27
prefrontal leukotomy

prefrontal leukotomyDare I say it I'm even missing the "Trolls" Where is the banter , the interaction , and the backstabbing ?...

oldblue5436113Jul 25Jul 27

A GLOMMY GLOW"Suddenly running with the herd you discover that the great creators of wisdom and beauty did not turn their backs on life but built their admirable w...

Huitzilopochtli1312Jul 27Jul 27
I dont mean to boast

I dont mean to boast...The other day I made barbecued pork with potatoes and onions, and it was very nice. Then to my surprise the following day, I broke wind and it was tot...

pat8lanips42039Jul 24Jul 27
just here to say

just here to saygood morning cs community.. wishing all a blessed day .....

georgie391496Jul 24Jul 27
Lukeon20110Jul 26Jul 27

IncogNitroWill they catch him/her in time? Who do you think it will be? I think its going to be the whingeing Pommy teacher....

pat8lanips2027Jul 27Jul 27
Youre Going To Die Anyway

You're Going To Die Anyway.My friend stop eating all flesh. Only veggies and fruits, nuts. He says, 'yes, am feeling so darn strong and healthy'. I don't need to see the d...

Unika_412076Jul 22Jul 27
Dating site is basically a joke

Dating site is basically a joke.After cruising months after months, I finally realized that finding a companion in this dating site is ludicrous fantasy. It is a joke or useless and...

regenerating2388Jul 26Jul 27
Resurrecting Old Blogs

Resurrecting Old BlogsTake this lightly please... I just don't see the point of resurrecting very old blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love reading old blogs and almost tem...

TheOne121025718Jul 26Jul 27
I Thought a Wheelchair Would be Restricting but Instead It Set Me Free

I Thought a Wheelchair Would be Restricting, but Instead It Set Me Free"There is no shame in getting some help, making your life easier and trying to get out and enjoy something you can’t otherwise do." There’s no need t...

wheelchairguy381333Jul 27Jul 27
Reading Comprehension

Reading ComprehensionWhat's the sense in you commenting on a persons blog if you don't fully comprehend it ? At the end of the day you twist and turn a blog to somethin...

Unika_4126813Jul 22Jul 27

Imperial Dreams ReviewJust finished watching a surreal film called Imperial Dreams. It reflects the plight of our people/Israelites in this land of captivity while trying...

NewYorkcitylove86-Jul 27

Life...and how we make it.Every now and then we're reminded of our humble fragility, like when we feel that falling down the abyss to nothingness is the only choice we have....

lindsyjones30025Jul 26Jul 26
Alex7: "Blessings Christmas ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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