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To the ones who sit on their blogs and throw stones

To the ones who sit on their blogs and throw stonesDay after day alone on the hill, The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still, But nobody wants to know him, They can see that he's jus...

Sparky24v2284May 20May 21
Stop Blindly Following Other People

Stop Blindly Following Other PeopleStop Blindly Following Other People...

jarred197-May 21

"Virtual" Jail in the CS World....Have you ever been in one and how would it affect your life? For some, it seems to be the end of the world, or "virtual" world, as if their li...

daniela77783287May 19May 21
What lays behind the mystery

What lays behind the mystery?Who doesn't love a good mystery, I think everyone does.. or should I say DID (people are too smart/intelligent these days to believe in any such th...

itchywitch27417May 19May 21

suburban safariYesterday, we took an exciting suburban safari. We caught glimpses of wildlife and the flora of the desert landscapes of Southern California. We dis...

freehand16210May 20May 20

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(107)Okay...Its Not Hard To See... That I Wouldnt Get Very Many Votes For ..."Sheriff Of CS"....Its Always That Way Anyway... Especially....When Someone W...

namaron23427May 20May 20
Willy341122013May 19May 20
What a great day

What a great day,...Just got home from our national stadium Wembley home of football after watching my beloved Millwall win the play off final and get promotion to the Ch...

Unknown32641May 20May 20
Late night in Rotterdam

Late night in Rotterdam Its so far spendind the weekend at my dauther, In the morning or later today thay are having a gard...

FLYJAMES1337May 20May 20
Late spring here in the USA Northeast

Late spring here in the USA gardens just in. Bees requeened, where needed. Today, our first yard sale---a Maine tradition. Great stuff, often for dimes on the dollar. But the...

Aaltarboy1064May 20May 20
Track16910May 20
The No Complaining Rule

The No Complaining RuleThe No Complaining Rule...

jarred1104-May 20

If I CouldI would trade my musical abilities for a satisfying life with someone to share it with. Have you ever found yourself wishing you could change some...

Track161315May 20May 20
Question of The Day

Question of The DayHi CS bloggers. Long time no chat. As I sit in my room, listening to the rain and alternating between smoking and cups of tea, I started to thi...

_Danny___25719May 18May 20
Forced Assimilation

Forced AssimilationIt certainly seems that despite the violence and prejudice in the history of the Americas regarding other cultures...assimilation is still seen as a n...

loulou7758075May 18May 20
We Live In A Completely Fake World

We Live In A Completely Fake WorldWe Live In A Completely Fake World...

jarred1161-May 20
Chis Cornell

Chis CornellSuddenly Gone. The most powerful voice in recent music industry....

posolet97-May 20
Advice me

Advice meIm supposed to go to the airport nd pick up a guest tomorrow , well she s actually a Woman I met online and she s coming to visit me, spend some time...

Dedovix30820May 19May 20
a night on the town

a night on the town...Well...inspired by another person having a night on the town right now Last night a buddy of mine Nick and I went out to the big city....a city...

Johnny_Sparton40267May 19May 20
Do sheep only obey their Masters voice

Do sheep only obey their Master's voice?Do sheep only obey their Master's voice?...

jarred1113-May 20
Who has been jailed like me at CS Anyone

Who has been jailed like me at CS? Anyone?Ok, let's share each other's experience. Maybe, about the treatment, food, bed, etc.. Lol..can anyone give any opinion, in case you'd be jail...

lindsyjones40634May 19May 19
Knowledge about Finland

Knowledge about Finland.Something you should know abouth Finland and northern countrys. Finnish peoples like to show that we are sivilized northern country. We take here ref...

Tomppa6724611May 18May 19
Crazyheart3831827May 19May 19

"SOME PEOPLE"..("ASSUMPTION")If You Take A Quote.... That Youve Seen Somewhere.......And You Say It On Your Blog?....It Wont Be Long..(In This Case For Me)Before It Is ...That I...

namaron67454May 18May 19

EvolutionWalk bare foot in the rain, Smile do some thing for your own gain. Let the world know yes I was broken and no I am not fixed. I have just evolved I am...

1r1shmale1192May 19May 19
Track161699May 19May 19
whoever guesses how old I am

whoever guesses how old I am,whoever guesses how old I am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, without looking at my profile will have five years of good luck?...

jarred1104-May 19
Most common lies

Most common lies ...I'm single I'm not in a relationship Yes that picture is recent My internet is too slow for video chat I wasn't flirting with him/her What you re...

oldblue5480049May 18May 19
Dump Trump Hence Pence

Dump Trump? Hence Pence?Some news folks are claiming that the impeachment/resignation of President Trump is becoming ever more likely, if not inevitable. Posted a few hours...

miclee41636May 17May 19
Believe in Yourself

Believe in YourselfBelieve in Yourself...

jarred1105-May 19
GRUMP TIME Copy Paste News

GRUMP TIME - Copy/Paste NewsIt's interesting to see how news providers are nowadays filling their column inches, or whatever the monitor, tablet or smartphone equivalent is - col...

Grumpywriter23327May 6May 19
A typical CS Hour

A typical CS Hour...Scream for no reason, slander libel, shout, fick, feck, fock, fack, blame, lie, pout. Mispel, bs, shout some more, annoy, criticise, blame the new wor...

Grumpywriter34919May 10May 19
How to Stop Caring What People Think

How to Stop Caring What People ThinkHow to Stop Caring What People Think...

jarred1112-May 19
YES yes YES yes

YES... yes...YES...yes...Just yesterday, blogs raised concern about arrival of our dear hummingbirds. Here this morning, the Mrs. and Mr. arrived.Aa....

Aaltarboy1526May 18May 18
what is the point

what is the point?Of pointing someone(s) activity on the blogs? We are all human beings with our own individual perspectives. Are we trying to stop them from what t...

Johnny_Sparton50147May 17May 18
Track161051May 18May 18
Coffee time

Coffee timeOkay, stop with what ever you`re doing, make yourself a coffee,pull up a chair and lets chat.... or just show me your tits and shut the fook up ,.....

Dedovix28335May 18May 18
Create Your Own World

Create Your Own WorldCreate Your Own World—What Has Normal Turned Us Into...Live Free!...

jarred195-May 18
Track16991May 18May 18
Contrails chemtrails

Contrails (chemtrails)?Over the years I've seen the comments. I've seen the articles. It's a subject I've avoided because I don't want to get sucked into the whole topic o...

chame1eon_again24219May 17May 18
Wannacry virus computer damage world wide

Wannacry virus, computer damage world wide My daughter warned me about this...

lindsyjones25612May 17May 18

ManueveringPonder and deliberate before you make a move. .......General Sun Tzu...........

posolet126-May 18

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