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stringman920Feb 16
BONER ever had an akward boner

BONER-ever had an akward boner?seeing that sex is the order of the day,i wanna ask the male bloggers, ever happened to you?...

Unknown18,41771Oct 2012Feb 16

This Is The Second Time..I found a man who changed his Ethnicity and Religion in just a blink of eyes.. from Native American to Pacific Islander..from Christian to Muslim??...

Kalpataru156-Feb 15
dating sucks its so hard

dating sucks its so hardfirst off no rude comments on spelling. I am a vary nice hard working man that is to nice for my own good so everyone says I know a polite way of sayi...

lonly5703039513Jan 23Feb 15
Track161282Feb 15Feb 15

"SEVEN...FROM HEAVEN"Well Now......Thats What The Title Of The Headlines Read...(Seven From Heaven)..........Since The Beginning Of This Century?............The Country Of...

namaron1566Feb 15Feb 15

The Trump campaign team - Russia connection plot thickensManafort bombshell deepens mystery in Russia probe Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Updated 7:24 AM ET, Thu February 14, 2019 Jeffrey Toobi...

JimNastics1807Feb 15Feb 15
Fending for Myself

Fending for MyselfAt first, I was daunted at the thought of living on my own. For the previous sixty years of my life I had no need of the rocket science necessary to...

Harbal55759Feb 12Feb 15
Things I cant explain

Things I can't explainIt's a great feeling on Friday night, knowing I don't have to get up on Saturday at the same time as I do in the week; yet I always do get up at the s...

Harbal34235Feb 12Feb 15

Trump prepared to sign border security bill, declare national emergency, McConnell saysPresident Trump is prepared to sign the border security compromise package to avert another government shutdown if passed by Congress and will declare...

Willy341119816Feb 14Feb 15

Abortionist: I Cut Unborn Babies’ Cords So They Can’t ScreamEvery now and then, abortionists will admit publicly to the horrifying reality of what they do to unborn babies. On Sunday, Leah Torres, a Utah abo...

Willy34111726Feb 14Feb 15
Happy Special Day

Happy Special DaySorry I forgot to wish everyone a happy special day, so here goes. To all my friends in committed relationships, Happy Valentines Day. ( sorry I'm...

Lukeon1679Feb 15Feb 15
Track161382Feb 15Feb 15
Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing...So I had a bad weekend, so what ? It's done, lesson learned, move on... A neighbor knocked at 3am, kept me awake, stayed till 10am. Made her a cup...

Crazyheart3826313Feb 11Feb 14
A Gife From My Cat

A Gife From My CatI really forgot what the dates of these days. This morning when I was on the way to animal clinic. A lady friend of mine sent me a sms of the happy fe...

July0121213Feb 14Feb 14
Living longer

Living longerI have to do fairly intensive physicals before I can go abroad for work and had one this week. The doctor was new, and fairly young, and frowned a bit...

Chromedome561,05717Dec 2015Feb 14

Critter Ridder...The people in the house behind me have cats... lots of cats. Normally, they don't bother me, but now that the weather is cool, they like to mate and t...

chatillion1496Feb 14Feb 14

The so called government shut down..........most of the polling says few seem affected by it, or are even aware of this latest fake news biased media boondoggle. Our Brilliant President T...

Vierkaesehoch2003Jan 21Feb 14

BerrySmoothie.............. Are you off your meds again, Girl...... .........

Hans471161825Feb 13Feb 14

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAYI know there is a time difference for us here on the bogs, so I wanted to post now. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all the lovely women here on CS blogs....

wenever24828Feb 13Feb 14
Do men love ladyboys

Do men love ladyboys?I have just read a blog article by a western man talking about a TV show he watched. The show interviewed several men falling in love with ladyboys. D...

carrieyang5,99325Apr 2014Feb 14
stringman810Feb 14
stringman18912Feb 12Feb 14

Happy Valentine's DayI want to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone on the blogs, whether they be friend or foe!...

Gentlejim1308Feb 14Feb 14
The Cat and the Mouse A scammers tale

The Cat and the Mouse: A scammer’s taleSometimes the hunter really does become the hunted… Cat: Hello, I am xxxx, a widow, 42 years old, i am interested in you for a relationship and pos...

K_Ann_703668Jul 2017Feb 14

Biased American media race baiting....... Today, on a talking head show, an alt-lefty reporterette was interviewing a nice young Black man, concerning gun violence in his community. It see...

Vierkaesehoch1500Feb 14
Faith Can Move Mountains

.Faith Can Move Mountains:.................Faith Can Move Mountains...

jarred1128-Feb 14
Extracts from The Jewish Buddha

Extracts from The Jewish BuddhaCouldn't pass up the chance to annoy two religious groups at once - but actually I thought this very witty. Jewish mamas are every mama at heart. And...

Elegsabiff1609Feb 14Feb 14

Love story;.... "The soldier and the rose"the margin. The soft handwriting reflected a thoughtful soul and insightful mind. In the front of the book, he discovered the previous owner's name, M...

bcjenny1275Feb 13Feb 14
How Do You Let People Know They Matter

How Do You Let People Know They Matter ?So Valentine's Day is just around the corner.... My plans to show someone he matters didn't come off. Plan A was a surprise visit, found out b...

Crazyheart3828329Feb 12Feb 14
YES to Love NO to Pants

YES to Love. NO to Pants!Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone here This is what MiMi wo...

MiMiArt255-Feb 14Feb 14
Willy3411740Feb 14

The South Won't Rise AgainReoublicans freed slaves, and Southern Democrats continued to thwart any such efforts for close to a century. Fact: The 14th Amendment, giving full...

Drcoctail2284Nov 2018Feb 14

Elizabeth Warren - Pocahontas at least since 1986Seems Elizabeth Warren has been posing as an American Indian at least as far back as April 18, 1986. Her registration card from the State Bar of Texa...

Willy341121519Feb 6Feb 14

Happy Valentine Day to Every One In Connecting Singles (From falicia to You All)If You Are Single and Looking? Do Not Give Up!! You Will Find That Special Person! If You Already Have Some One, and Is Special! Make Sure You App...

falicia1747Feb 13Feb 14
Indian tv seizure The young lady enters the political arena

Indian tv seizure - The young lady enters the political arena.It is Priyanka Vadra. ''She would have an impact'', this sentiment is commonly shared by a whole lot. In the next breath, they say, but she wont be a...

iotaoo1131Jan 23Feb 14

The War on Christianity is Coming for You the DEMON rats are doing their dirty work again....

stringman1844Jan 23Feb 14

The Government Shutdown - a foreigners analysis!It should be said right off the bat, that I am not an expert on politics or the American way of life. This is purely MY observation on this whole mala...

Philipsen2328Jan 25Feb 14

Harry Reid...the leading liar of the SenateIn response to: Harry Reid: Trump Is 'The Best President We've Ever Had' Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke out about President...

Drcoctail36412Jan 18Feb 14

News from Denmark!Or, news from the Danish political party, Alternativet (translated into The Alternative). The leader of that party, wants to make our cellphones an...

Philipsen1858Feb 2Feb 14

Roger Stone or Osama bin Laden - Who is more dangerous?So Robert Mueller Sent: 29 FBI Agents 17 vehicles - 2 armored 2 boats behind his house 1 helicopter over his house All of that for Roger Sto...

Willy34112136Jan 28Feb 14

Gorilla Snot...My niece lived with me for a few years while she completed school. After, she got a part-time job as a waitress and enrolled in college. She stayed fo...

chatillion1514Feb 13Feb 14

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