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Well, well, well..... The Republicans FINALLY admit.....The Republicans FINALLY admit that the Russians influenced the election in the favor of Trump. A GOP-led Senate committee said it backs the conc...

JimNastics42232May 16May 17
The richest MAN on earth

The richest MAN on earth........With so much of social service, selfless charity, noble international awards, but yet very less popularity, Kalyanasundaram is indeed an unsung Man of...

dimplesimple1441May 17May 17
We live in a culture where crying especially for men is seen as weak

We live in a culture where crying - especially for men - is seen as weak.We live in a culture where crying - especially for men - is seen as weak. ("anchored, crybaby, blitch, sissy, slap dress, sucker, murderer, jankpot, e...

jarred1103-May 17

Photo BenefitsOne of the main benefits that photography has done for me is get me exploring new and different places. With our assigned topics, it challenges me to...

LadyImp1709May 17May 17
Sapman1352May 17May 17
If porn is legal

If porn is legal,why isn't prostitution? In both industries, the participants sell their body (sex) for money....

Johnny_Sparton61445May 16May 17
My bf still open his dating site profile

My bf still open his dating site profile..Lets just say i met a guy on a dating site, hes good hes great we click, all rainbows Communication is intense, we got into a dates, he shows his rou...

Kasih77839Feb 23May 17

"JESUS... AND MARY"At Long Last...............................He Has Arrived.......................................Well.........Hes Been Here For A While Now...............

namaron23915May 16May 17

When will Bacteria take over and be the top of the food chain on planet Earth?Bacteria will use more of the energy from the sun to go from chilling-out to actively dividing trillions of times a second even on ceramics and metals...

galrads1606May 14May 17
Todays ponderings

Today’s ponderingsI have been pondering and reflecting on life. How the different elements mingle and swirl, forever being connected. How something I thought was scar...

Palmfrond35211May 4May 16

Where have all the young ones gone?Where are all the 18 to 30 year olds like me gone? Have the old timers scared them away with their gloomy brand of blogging and don´t have fun I´m a m...

Bnaughty34820May 15May 16

The Big PictureAn absolutely magnificent morning, and I was awake at 5:15am and on my bike by 5:30am. A strong breeze from the north east had me pedalling a little h...

LadyImp19513May 15May 16
to be sure

to be sure......... she is not faking it, guys, next time she groans like a pig in the mud, pay attention on her pulls if your hands are there anyway. When she...

bloodyawfull33010May 14May 16
Actress dies due to AIDS

Actress dies due to AIDS......Nisha Noor -- September 18, 1962 (age 55).......... , Nisha was rediscovered outside a Dargah, sleeping on the streets and reduced to nearly a ske...

dimplesimple1852May 16May 16
stringman1863May 15May 16

Raju the chained elephant who cried when freed, is very happy todayFebruary 20, 2017 NEW DELHI, INDIA 2/18/17 – The story of Raju the Elephant who cried real tears of gratitude during his rescue after 50 years of c...

britishcolumbian16612May 15May 16

The man who did not have a computerBob Doesn't Have A Computer Bob is unemployed and applies for a job as a janitor at Microsoft. A manager at Human Resources interviews him in deta...

britishcolumbian23713May 4May 16

idiot savantEvery one has something that they are good at even an idiot savant No offence to any idiot savant's here So what do you consider you can do better...

Onthcrestofawave1,06861May 14May 16
Being used by others

Being used by othersWhy do this occurs when your one of the nicest person on earth and do anything for anybody...

Trucker161594May 15May 16
What is the most funniest thing u ever did or someone or witness

What is the most funniest thing u ever did or someone or witnessMost funniest moment ever you witness how hard it made u laugh how did it make your day go and who u tell...

Trucker16940May 15

Today Federal Judge throws out request to drop Trump's campaign manager's indictment.Paul Manafort’s latest request to have one of special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments against him thrown out was shot down Tuesday when a federal...

JimNastics1210May 15
stringman22712May 14May 15

Bite Me!!I'm a happy camper tonight! After four very frustrating days trying to download a new operating system on my Mac laptop, I finally broke down and took...

LadyImp28915May 1May 15

Cashless societyInternet banking and eftpos Do we place too much trust in our cashless societies? Last night I tried to log onto my bank account to make a tran...

Onthcrestofawave39733May 10May 15

COMMENTS For My '(Troll) Trouble Brewing?' Blog -Comments on That Blog Remain Closed. I've opted to leave it as a pristine example of what it is. However. I have neither the desire nor intent...

miclee76862May 12May 15
Debt is an evil beast that no one wants

Debt is an evil beast that no one wants.Debt is an evil beast that no one wants. People always blame someone else. .................

jarred185-May 15

and this little piggie went ouch ouch ouch ouch all the way homedamn damn DAMN have broken my baby toe, how can something so small and utterly useless be so crippling? I've straightened it **EINA** and tried ta...

Elegsabiff34140May 14May 15
Speak only endearing speech

Speak only endearing speech,Speak only endearing speech, speech that is welcomed. Speech, when it brings no evil to others, is a pleasant thing. BOEDDHA............................

jarred199-May 15
Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its whats on the inside

Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its what's on the insideTrying to find someone down to earth honest fun about no games its on the inside what counts...

Trucker161872May 14May 14

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(81)I Think Its Okay To Say What I Feel.............If I Want To......................And Im Not Singling Out Anybody.......... So...Please... "Understand...

namaron163-May 14May 14

REIKI - Hands On HealingWhat is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese word – Rei meaning Universal, and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. Reiki has been around forever. It is not some...

daniela77757153May 11May 14
The eyes are the mirror of the soul

The eyes are the mirror of the soul,The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but how can you see the soul of someone wearing lenses?...

jarred1126-May 14

Secret money payments from huge corporations to Trump via shell company set up by his lawyerMore & more is daily being revealed about the shell company set up by Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen to receive payments from several huge...

JimNastics37530May 10May 14
maybe true about love

maybe true......about love.....SOME... interesting facts that came to the experimental researchers of love: If you hold hands with someone you love, this can help to alleviate...

dimplesimple1792May 13May 14
are we olbligated

are we olbligatedAre we obligated to satisfied another whom you may be just a friend answering all of their questions, including personal quest...

Johnny_Sparton88272May 11May 14

Photo Caption Contest - CostumeHave fun posting your own caption(s) for this photo, if you like. My first caption (I may add others later) is; 'Living with my ex, was truly...

JimNastics1320May 14

The downfall of America's dadI have mixed feelings when I read about the verdict of Bill Cosby last night. First off he is very old, second he truly symbolized the most ideal fat...

lindsyjones67945Apr 27May 14

The twins' tree house.....Girls now at uni, so havent used the club in the air for over a decade. Dilapidated and falling down, and the racoons and other critters thought it a...

Vierkaesehoch1274May 13May 14
Did you know Hate is only a direct door to love

Did you know Hate is only a direct door to love?There is no way to love that does not carry a little bit of hateful feeling. We hate the other a little because sometimes he is not there when we need...

Amed321331May 13May 13

For all you muthasHave a wonderful Mother's Day. After your...

JimNastics1567May 13May 13
happy international womens day

happy international women's dayI will never tire of expressing from my mouth that the Mother is the most faithful woman in the world, and that today is not the only day that tribute...

Amed321312May 13May 13
Say You Love Me

Say You Love MeSay You Love Me............. Many people find it difficult to pronounce words like 'I love you', even though they love that other person...

jarred199-May 13

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