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Track16882Aug 29Aug 29
Add to these please

Add to these please...............I may be slow but I am ahead of you. The rain came down,,,,,,,,,,,,it did? Wow! The fire is hot......amazing that eh? The smoke is going up! How we...

britishcolumbian1626Aug 29Aug 29
Track161661Aug 29Aug 29

PinkFew months back we had a nice cs member named pinkdejevu ,later she had an other profile named Pinkisloveable , does somebody know where she is now ?...

ali11032712Apr 25Aug 29

GossipersThere is a woman in my village who kept offering to take me to the Greyhound bus. This bus is less than 2 km away from my home and an easy walk.........

britishcolumbian20515Aug 29Aug 29
interracial relationships rocks

interracial relationships rocksInterracial relationships has no colour...

honeybunny8246929Aug 26Aug 29
So I get to the Hospital having Fasted for 48hours and

So I get to the Hospital having Fasted for 48hours and....Well, I was dizzy and weak, felt dehydrated having spent 3 days on a 60% fast and 24hours on a full fast. I rang the Ward where I was to have my lit...

goldengloss22121Aug 28Aug 29
How To Improve Your Self Esteem Part3 Not Matter Your Gender Balicias Tips

How To Improve Your Self Esteem Part3 Not Matter Your Gender! ( Balicia's Tips )Remember To Improve Our Self Esteem!, We Have To Improve Our Self Image! Smell Good Is Important! Special On The Dance Floor! By Taking Often Shower...

Balicia14211Aug 29Aug 29
Track161092Aug 28Aug 29
Cell phone theft Serious business

Cell phone theft - Serious business...Johannesburg - One person was killed when a man jumped on stage and began shooting at the crowd during a concert at the Hillbrow Theatre in the early...

Lukeon1608Aug 29Aug 29
NewYorkcitylove118-Aug 29
Alt left liberal media types

Alt-left liberal media types....interviewing styles. Sure, all reporters are under time constraints, so they often tend to interrupt to keep things going. But I've noticed that lefti...

Aaltarboy1287Aug 29Aug 29
Not to offer friendship

Not to offer friendshipNot to offer friendship! Only in marriage! Shortly about: magic on all head...)...

Ummka1020Aug 29
Giving credit to a HAARP Weapon for hurricane Harvey a natural man will never understand

Giving credit to a HAARP Weapon for hurricane Harvey,a natural man will never understand.I see people giving credit to a HAARP Weapon for hurricane Harvey,who gave them the wisdom to build that weapon? Who gave them there thoughts to use t...

NewYorkcitylove170-Aug 29
Let us pray

Let us prayPlease help me write the CS prayer Give us today our daily fix And protect us from reality Let us trespass against every thing and everyone With...

oldblue5439110Aug 21Aug 29

approachWhatever the title and in spite of diversity, in their our private space, people we all do act alike. You made me believe, if i was a queen, i would...

bloodyawfull57532Aug 16Aug 29
Order of letters

Order of letters…Order of letters…...

jarred178-Aug 29
Need tech help with my computer

Need tech help with my computerYesterday, Sunday, "Marwarebytes" had updates. I completed them and was asked did I want a desk icon. I already had a desk icon so answered no. Figur...

britishcolumbian26731Aug 28Aug 29
Game of Thrones

Game of ThronesPossibly one of the most popular television shows ever. More viewers than the Walking Dead (of course some of us watch both and do not understand wat...

Ken_191774Aug 27Aug 29
Track161260Aug 28
all is there

all is thereall the gods, all the heavens, all the hells are within you. someone said it....

Duromojon1156Aug 28Aug 28
Having a Colonoscopy tommorow

Having a Colonoscopy tommorowNot a great Blog, I have had the most dreadful pain in my stomach for some time. Having had a stomach XRAY I have been sent for a colonoscopy by a sp...

goldengloss40339Aug 27Aug 28
s*xual Soulmates

s*xual SoulmatesI know this is another another crazy blog but I really feel the need to get this out of my system We blogged about soulmates and how two people...

Crazyheart3888377Aug 11Aug 28
A far fetched tale

A far fetched tale......Having settled in after relocating to Spain Ms Biff decided its time for a house warming party, so she sent out many invites to some of us here, of...

itchywitch51525Aug 27Aug 28
CS look alikes

CS look alikesCaly Johnny...

itchywitch4,166221Oct 2016Aug 28
To all the so call call Christians out there

To all the ,so call call Christians out there.Israel is mentioned 2500+ times in the Bible Christianity mentioned 0 times in the Bible Christian mentioned 3 times in the Bible, you have to ask y...

NewYorkcitylove115-Aug 28
attention attention

attention, attentionscarrrry xxxxxxx...

bloodybrilliant32312Aug 27Aug 28
Damned if you do

Damned if you do...First of all I must admit, I can't kill even a cockroach. I love animals too. But I don't think I will be good in rearing them. I know my reality with...

usha12379446Aug 27Aug 28
Mancovereds Blog about a whole bunch of stuff

Mancovered's Blog about a whole bunch of stuff !!Mash Potatoes, Marvel Comics, Princesses, Cookery, Poetry and Laughter!!! Join in Let's have a Party!!!!...

Unknown1,96711Mar 2007Aug 28
Falling in Love

Falling in LoveFalling in Love...

jarred172-Aug 28
my visa is denied

my visa is deniedDon’t u have visa horror story to tell? well I DO i just wanna travel to europe to visit someone that i met in this site for a long time ....

bambina_bee64930Aug 11Aug 28
Mother of all bombs dropped in Afghanistan

Mother of all bombs dropped in Afghanistan.Well I guess we're truly in the war path now. What's Russia's take on this? A very serious business going on now. Or maybe this is to end the...

lindsyjones40725Apr 13Aug 28
On the water

On the water....Normally, esp. when the girls were younger and not away at school, and mom and dad were still an item, we'd take some time to sail north for family v...

Aaltarboy1386Aug 27Aug 28
a bloggers blog

a blogger's blogAround nine thousand years ago, if you're whatever faith your ancestors grabbed thin air spoke that probably "what the f*ck just happened" even tho...

eeejay1393Aug 28Aug 28
MGTOW and Mens rights

MGTOW and Mens rightsMEN GO THEIR OWN WAY – this is a man’s group and they talk about male issues in society. Ever felt let down, wondered why you are being held back,...

Freedomofspeech9386-Aug 21Aug 28
The Big Lie

The Big Lie....title of latest book by conservative subcontinental writer Dinesh Desousa. Who hasn't heard the near constant drone of those on the alt-left and their...

Aaltarboy840Aug 28
Old photos

Old photo'sAnyone still have old photo's of themselves ? Or has the digital age ,my cloud etc removed the need for physical prints ... We can now scan and store...

oldblue5440823Jul 29Aug 28
Okay Everyone Remember The Buddy System

Okay! Everyone Remember The Buddy SystemOkay! Everyone Remember The Buddy System...

jarred162-Aug 28
Pillow fights HIGH ALERT

Pillow fights....HIGH ALERThi all too much pillow fights on blogland! :d...

imbackagain21527Aug 27Aug 28
Hows Your Day Night

How's Your Day/Night?Been wet here all day, even the dogs didn't want to go out in it. Just finished a "smoke" and now trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the...

Track16874Aug 27Aug 27


Track16901Aug 27Aug 27
Packaging rage does it get to you sometimes

Packaging rage, does it get to you sometimes?Scissors, knives, plyers, nothing seems to do it. What is the reason behind all this? So people can't steal It really can leave me angry. Grrrr...

britishcolumbian1619Aug 27Aug 27

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