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GolferA recent study found that the average golfer walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found golfers drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a...

Gentlejim3384Jun 19Jun 19
Wonderful Place to see endangered animals birds and wild plants

Wonderful Place to see endangered animals, birds and wild plantsChitwan National Park which is one of the largest national parks in the world situated in Nepal houses 1000 different species of endanger animals, 643...

ramailogarula1342Jun 19Jun 19
10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men

10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men. Top Ten reasons: 1. Money 2. Money 3. Money 4. Money 5. Money 6. Money 7. Money 8. Mo...

jarred1314-Jun 19
A Little Story To Make You Think And Make You Feel Good

A Little Story To Make You Think And Make You Feel Good...What would you do if your days were counted? True story - To be read the end! "My friend was opening his wife’ s chest of drawe...

daniela77729825Jun 18Jun 19
The fightback starts here

The fightback starts here.This is really a continuation of a blog I posted in December 2013, (no doubt still available on Amazon,everything else seems to be these days) In it...

zmountainman35235Jun 15Jun 19

"GOOD OLE YESTERDAYS"I Dont Know About Anybody Else.... As To Why They Are Here...Everybody Has Their Own Special Reasons I Guess.....But My Best Answer Is "Im Here Becaus...

namaron37534Jun 17Jun 18
Deep listening

Deep listeningDeep listening...

jarred1257-Jun 18
Latest Grenfel Fire details via YouTube reports

Latest Grenfel Fire details via YouTube reportsI like youtube because sometimes details the Paid Media forgets to mention on the telly pop up on youtube from folks on the scene. However, two new...

Ken_1929411Jun 17Jun 18
Fathers Day

Fathers DayA big happy Fathers Day to all of the fathers on CS!...

Gentlejim1563Jun 18Jun 18
Worst Case Scenarios

Worst Case ScenariosEver have the worst case scenario play out for you at some time or another? What are some of the worst things that could possibly happen? Something li...

Track161502Jun 17Jun 18
How one tweet can ruin your life

How one tweet can ruin your lifeHow one tweet can ruin your life...

jarred1197-Jun 18
think about it

think about it could we be Destroying Ourselves With Technology....

stringman94-Jun 18
Walking The Labyrinth

Walking The LabyrinthA labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path...

daniela77728927Jun 15Jun 18
language of Silence and Love

language of Silence and Lovelanguage of Silence and Love...

jarred1202-Jun 18

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(114)I Have Finally Gave Up On Trying To Figure Certain People Out.....Some People Have Done Harm..Or At Least Tried To Do Harm .....Maybe In Their Mind Th...

namaron32425Jun 16Jun 18
Why do you waste or invest your time in LDR

Why do you waste or invest your time in LDR ?Connecting Single is a place for people who has marital status "Single" or invisible single. This is one common thing that make everybody feel homy be...

Twinkle423099Jun 17Jun 18
Smartphones and blog comments problem

Smartphones and blog comments - problem?I may have missed blogs on this change and apologies if so but it really is a little irritating. Used to be you could only see the first 30 commen...

Elegsabiff63057Jun 16Jun 17
What are the possibilities

What are the possibilities....I've not read any blogs concerning London's towering inferno and perhaps this has already been mentioned.... Though its speculation only many a...

itchywitch1,00361Jun 16Jun 17
Come come come

Come come comeCome come come...

jarred1206-Jun 17
Being Single is not a destiny it is a choice

Being Single is not a destiny, it is a choiceHI Everyone... How are you? And most of you are still hang around here... any wedding bell between you? Ah, I am asking to others, why not I am as...

Twinkle4240123Jun 16Jun 17
Comparison shoots

Comparison shootsSo I decided to compare old military rifles from the same time frame to see which one was best. First I compared a Remington Rolling Block carbine fr...

Ken_1918810Jun 16Jun 17
stringman1473Jun 17Jun 17

Gagagaga,....googoogoogoo---is all i want to say to you...... It's meaningless, and all that's true. Poets, priests and politicians. Have words to thank for their...

Aaltarboy1612Jun 16Jun 17


jarred1184-Jun 17
Malta and Zen

Malta, and ZenIt was 20 years ago. I was a successful consultant in my field, editor in a magazine, had managed to become assistant professor in the college I gradu...

SonkeiGiri70621Jun 13Jun 17
Welcome to the mad house

Welcome to the mad houseCS is like entering wonderland through the mirror and taking with us some crazyness on our way back from behind the mirror.... when we came back......

oldblue5448516Jun 15Jun 17
Deaf grandma teaches deaf granddaughter sign language

Deaf grandma teaches deaf granddaughter sign languageMy step-dad's adopted younger sister is deaf. She came to my mom's coffee shop to help out during Chinese New Year when we needed a lot of help to cop...

MimiArt734821011Jun 13Jun 16
London fire analysis

London fire analysisHere are some facts that have emerged. The building is what we in America call Welfare (or Section 8) housing. I.e., poor people, disabled people, f...

Ken_192257Jun 16Jun 16


Track161203Jun 16Jun 16

"A TIME IN THE LIFE"This Just Happened ........It Was About 8 PM..(Still Light Out)...As My Son Came Back To The House In His Car....As He Was Getting Into The Driveway.....

namaron21412Jun 15Jun 16
Any man on this site could be getting as much as he can handle

Any man on this site could be getting as much as he can handleAnd yes I’ll tell you how. I’m warning you right now it isn’t a two-minute click of the fingers, and you won’t end up with a drop-dead gorgeous Miss...

Elegsabiff81075Jun 14Jun 16
Thats the mirror of consciousness

That's the mirror of consciousnessThat's the mirror of consciousness - most people are living a lie. Amazing to see that nobody seems to know.?...

jarred1182-Jun 16

SadThe Level Of Political Rhetoric & Anger In This Country Is Out Of Control...

Willy341122617Jun 14Jun 16
Be Yourself Just Want To Be Me

Be Yourself - (Just Want To Be MeBe Yourself - (Just Want To Be Me...

jarred1162-Jun 15

"THE UPPERS ...AND DOWNERS"It Has Been Said That... Pictures Will Tell You A Lot More Than The Spoken Word....As In The Same Way That... The Spoken Word Will Say So Much More Th...

namaron29814Jun 15Jun 15
Twisting the Nipples of Fate

Twisting the Nipples of FateI met a woman in a strip club once - she left nothing to the imagination, I left a big tip. That's what happens sometimes when you twist the nipples o...

TokyoRogue62646Jun 15Jun 15
Tax Audit Waste Not Want Not

Tax Audit - Waste Not Want NotAt the end of the tax year, the Tax Office sent an inspector to audit the books of a synagogue. While he was checking the books he turned to the Rabbi...

Gentlejim1353Jun 15Jun 15
Irish Humor

Irish HumorIt seems three Irishmen, Sean, Michael and Tim, passed over at the same time. Upon encountering the Pearly Gates, they were met by ST. Patrick hims...

Gentlejim1783Jun 14Jun 15
Playing In The Playground

Playing In The Playground!!The title is a musical phrase my nephew uses when he jams with all his childhood buddies. He's lived in Pasadena, CA all his life (50+ years) in the B...

Ed19411456Jun 12Jun 15
Have You Ever Wondered

Have You Ever Wondered...Have you ever wondered how many of these 54 pictures, that show up in just the opening "Home" screen are actually real or fake, not to even mention th...

TheresMyFriend25524Jun 14Jun 15
In my life

In my lifeIn my life I realize that the people who say that they dont care what others think of them are the ones that care the most.?...

jarred1112-Jun 15
Men Women Sex and Love

Men, Women, Sex and Love...Men, Women, Sex and Love. Been on CS a while... mainly here for the poetry. This is my first Blog. Just trying to canvass a few opinions. Dear fellow...

lovecanbereal37230Jun 11Jun 15
freehand: "i'm a scorpio"(meet us in the blogs)

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