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Women and men-----Crying.......Women reportedly do it more often and for longer. Several types of tears, ----Irritant (onions), Sadness, Laughter, Manipulative, Crocodile, Pain, etc...

Vierkaesehoch36133Jul 16Jul 17
WiZiD Zoo Part 4

WiZiD Zoo (Part 4)Within a split second a thought flashed back through my mind, “if you’re not strong enough now, you never will be.” These words also seemed to rise fr...

Wrinklylove1590Jul 16
guys i am searching

guys i am searchinghello am tashu party organisor of freakinout dating site nd i am inviting you here freakin-out event,which is in new delhi on27th of july, in t...

tashu11,31730Jul 2013Jul 16

We judge crazy and normal all day long.A ring through your nose is crazier for many people than one through your ear. To be married as a man with three women at the same time is crazy, but...

jarred174-Jul 16

Trump Meets Putin: ‘I Really Think the World Wants to See Us Get Along’( - President Donald Trump began his first one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in front of the cameras, sitting down...

Willy341124010Jul 16Jul 16

EpiphaniesAwake at 3 am last night, I put some magnesium oil on to help me relax and get back to sleep, and started journalling to get the busy out of my brain...

LadyImp18413Jul 16Jul 16
In the mirror

In the mirrorLook into the mirror. Not just at the face. Look into your own eyes. You are looking at the only person you have to put up with the rest of you life....

Marblecollector1060Jul 16

According to a recent study you should not snort Viagra............................ According to a recent study you should not snort Viagra....

jarred1278-Jul 16

Do not let others decide on your life - decide on your own life!Do not let others decide on your life - decide on your own life!............. You are the expert of your own life. Others mainly advise what the...

jarred1109-Jul 16

Reason 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 why I am not a liberalThese people look like zombie's there's nothing about any of them that you'd want to grab except a straight jacket to put them in and a nut house. Lor...

Willy341156018Jul 14Jul 15

Imagination running riot?I now take paying guests and I've had one here for a couple of weeks now and I might be turning into one of those slightly batty types who think every...

Elegsabiff1,290126Jul 11Jul 15
want to much

want to muchif you keep wanting more you will end up with less ...t. m. dillonger.....

Unknown1232Jul 14Jul 15
life and after

life and afterwhen you go to the next life ..if there is one ..and you have not been. to bad you will be ok ..and if you have been bad and still alive ..make up for...

Unknown26726Jul 14Jul 15

where are you on the monkey rockwhere are you on the monkey rock.......... at the top are one or more leaders who determine what happens, below that are their assistants, foll...

jarred1116-Jul 15

Que sera, seraWhat will be, will be. Alles sal regkom. Things will work out. Go where the wind takes you. On the other hand - my personal mantra is ‘if not now,...

Elegsabiff66450Jul 14Jul 15
Cant You Live Without Makeup

Can't You Live Without Makeup?It's less hand muscle work to apply and then remove your makeup, same day or a day after. Applying eyeshadow at times causes the fine particles to...

Unika_4154136Jun 17Jul 15

Women and and men... Men and women...TWINS...Our non identice (dizygotic) girls are terrific. Very smart, creative, beautiful, caring, etc. They are best of friends, although this was different b...

Vierkaesehoch1624Jul 15Jul 15

The Dance of AlonenessThe Dance of Aloneness We are all alone. This is not depressing. when you realise it’s the truth. We are born alone, we die alone. Along the way,...

jarred1138-Jul 15
Picture With My Shirt Off

Picture With My Shirt OffIts been suggested that I take a picture with my shirt off so I did it. I don't get what the big deal is.

Track161630Jul 15

A Boy And His Dog - Beyond ChanceAn amazing story of a boy with problems and a dog who did wonders for him. A dog is indeed man's best friend. This could be the best 9 minute vide...

Willy34111523Jul 14Jul 14
Community Garden

Community GardenIn my early twenties when I bought five acres of sand, I got into gardening, with that much land it was easy., once the truck load of chicken shit was...

UnFayzed2056Jul 14Jul 14
jarred1 unfortunately

jarred1, unfortunatelyWas taught about Christianity by someone who completely misunderstood it, if he thinks it's "terrorism". Discuss....

texasgirl858553024Jul 13Jul 14
The boy girlfriend experience

The boy/girlfriend experienceI have been watching a pretty good horror film. I’ve seen it before so i’m thinking about other things while watching. Thinking stuff like, wouldn’t i...

Palmfrond32513Jul 13Jul 14

Shine, SonShine, Son.................. [...

jarred1107-Jul 14

NATO vs TRUMPHere is what all the fuss is about. Source: Forbes magazine online (a liberal owned publication / website)

Ken_192066Jul 13Jul 14
stringman1380Jul 14

Dare to be satisfiedIt is tempting to always want more, to have more. To long and long for something new, something better, something more expensive. But a feeling of sat...

jarred1108-Jul 14

Yeah baby, im so trendySeems its quite fashionably to make selfies ,or post pictures of yourself, taken in front of a mirror where everyone can see that you have a Iphone .....

Limun44114Jul 11Jul 14
Our Happiness

Our HappinessEver we think that what we are searching all the day and all the life . I think we don't have time to decide what we have to find. just in the search...

atifshz1100Jul 14

New dangerous virusThe name of the virus is "work". If you get "work" - from your supervisor, your colleagues, by e-mail or via the Internet - do not open it, do not...

jarred1122-Jul 14

Women and men.....doctors....After the US civil war, few records tell of lady physicians are found. Just after the First World War, women (and some fellas) opened the first medica...

Vierkaesehoch23310Jun 15Jul 14

SpainLike all my blogs, this one is only going to appeal to a small percentage of the people, and that's perfectly OK with me. I come from way back, w...

JimNastics1932Jul 13Jul 14

UNDATABLEDo you ever get that feeling your undatable and unlovable and just want to give up searching to end up come on girls prove me wrong, Would you hold...

19ssdd632938Jul 8Jul 13
You Cant Fix Stupid

You Can't Fix StupidYou just can't fix stupid. Last week, yet another teen lost his life while partying with at least 30 other teens on the train tracks. Earlier this yea...

LadyImp55741Jul 12Jul 13
Elvis look alikes

Elvis look alikeswhich of the below do you think is his best look alike?

itchywitch4,34345Apr 2016Jul 13

Being an only child from a small village was tough...That´s because I had to fuk someone else´s sister, yak yak!...

Bnaughty1854Jul 13Jul 13
Transitioning isnt just for snowflakes

Transitioning isnt just for snowflakesOur liberal underlords have dictated that we can be any gender or variation of gender or trans to any variation of gender, perhaps for some it’s a rea...

Mapmaker94191Jul 13Jul 13

"GET IN LINE"..("ON THE BORDER")Its Our Country People..............................And............Its Starting To Become Apparent.......................... ...................Why So...

namaron6,311438Jun 21Jul 13

ConcupiscenceI have been thinking and that is one thing I surely shouldn't be doing. Because my thinking head likes to ask silly questions. That's why I rather pre...

usha12347629Jul 10Jul 13

ZoneThe safe zone or the danger zone or The pleasure zone Tasty words or photos...wet The combination of the two, delightful The safety of distance...

Palmfrond56443Jul 12Jul 13

Gnomes..............Gnomes.............. Why believe in a God that you do not see and can not prove? The 'smart man' is God himself in a makeable world. Haha, yo...

jarred1114-Jul 13

Demographic ProblemThis video is from 10 years ago. Was the prediction accurate? You be the judge. The decline of fertility rate in Western civilization is dropping f...

Willy341129516Jul 13Jul 13
Juneau: "Scenes From Famous Films"(meet us in the quizzes)

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