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happy birthday jarred

happy birthday jarred.......... happy birthday jarred...

jarred1112-Dec 13

A love story to bring a tear to your eyeOle & Lena lived by a lake in Nordern Minnesota. It vas early vinter and da lake had froze over. Ole asked Lena if she vould valk across da frozen...

Gentlejim2058Dec 12Dec 13
Cringe Worthy

Cringe WorthyDo you ever read a blog and actually cringe? Maybe even feel the bile rise in your throat? I have read a few....ones where someone, in my mind, is...

Gypsytramp1,845108Aug 2018Dec 13

Mac Book ProI am considering wasting 2 grand on a mac book pro but I just cannot convince myself that the thing is actually worth its value. I just want to buy on...

1one178432Mar 2018Dec 13
Welcoming intro

Welcoming introWelcoming intro...

jarred177-Dec 13

the end is nighThose whom the gods wish to destroy, they first send mad. This is not an entertaining link. It is deeply disturbing and could hurt your brain. You sho...

Elegsabiff212-Dec 13
JimNastics1023Dec 12Dec 12

More breaking news 9/7/2018 Michael Cohen to get at least 4 years in prison - Russian involvementToday from the Associated Press US: Trump lawyer met Russian offering 'political synergy' Associated Press CHAD DAY, ERIC TUCKER and JIM MU...

JimNastics40328Dec 7Dec 12
Lord help me in reading

Lord help me in reading................... Lord help me in reading...

jarred170-Dec 12

What is Prophesied Next for Europe?given what is going on in Europe now found this timely.

stringman1180Dec 12
No Need Of Anyones Obligation s

No Need Of Anyone's Obligation sThese kind of ppl are everywhere , Yes , some of like that are here too. They comment on my blog & tell my that they don't know me & but they ver...

peednama24418Dec 11Dec 12

sizethey say ,men with big feet ,have a big manhood so how do you know if ,girls have big nipples or heaven like waterfalls...

daydreamer4u230423Dec 10Dec 12

My TripI went on a Caribbean Cruise with my son Dec. 2-9. Had a wonderful time! Flew from Milwaukee, WI. to Miami, Fl. We boarded a Norwegian Cruise Lines...

Gentlejim24513Dec 11Dec 12
I swear by You

I swear by YouI swear by You…………………….. :heartbeating...

jarred1134-Dec 12

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth...There's a song about that I'm sure. End of the year I still had some insurance money on a dental plan, so I got a chipped tooth repaired this morning...

chatillion1326Dec 11Dec 12

Male and Female, different planets?It's possible I think. Very possible...

Lukeon951Dec 12Dec 12

Trump's new 'chief of staff' lolToday in The New Yorker Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Names TV Remote New Chief of Staff By Andy Borowitz December 10, 2018...

JimNastics1376Dec 10Dec 11
Feeling Great And Thankful

Feeling Great And Thankful ...wishing you all a nice warm day/night......

Crazyheart3848351Dec 10Dec 11
Shooting in Strasbourg France LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Shooting in Strasbourg, France - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGEShooting in Strasbourg, France - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE...

jarred192-Dec 11
Track161472Dec 10Dec 11
stringman2436Dec 10Dec 11

a special offerMondays remind me of things that I keep on delaying for the next week. That's why i don't like them. I forced myself this time to get the thing done...

bloodyawfull1835Dec 10Dec 11

EVERY POLITICIAN MUST BE INVESTIGATEDImagine the result. Yes. Let's pull out all the records of every politicians. Who they f*ck and why....

lindsyjones37139Dec 9Dec 11
Radoslaw Sikorski Poland could be better

Radoslaw Sikorski: Poland could be betterRadoslaw Sikorski was one of the founders of the Eastern Partnership, a joint policy initiative which aims to deepen and strengthen relations between...

skowronek1532Dec 11Dec 11
Do you have something ugly

Do you have something uglyIf it was possible would you have something modified or removed A mole A scar A tattoo you regret Buck teeth I have "hairy balls"...

Onthcrestofawave29219Dec 9Dec 11
today i was in a bad place

today i was in a bad placeI visited a killing ground a mass grave,no markers,bodies stacked on top of each other the rich discarded along with the poor. some dismembered...

Onthcrestofawave2187Dec 10Dec 11
The Truth About The Marrakesh Declaration The UN Migration Compact

The Truth About The Marrakesh Declaration The UN Migration CompactThe Truth About The Marrakesh Declaration The UN Migration Compact...

jarred177-Dec 11

Let's listen to some music....10:50pm here and listening to this. What about you?...

WhatYouHadAndWha22514Dec 5Dec 11
why is his neck so long

why is his neck so long................... why is his neck so long...

jarred188-Dec 11

Sabotaging our immigration lawsWhy do these illegal immigrants feel like we, the Americans owe them the right to sabotage our laws and have the right to come here illegally? Who...

lindsyjones73666Nov 25Dec 11
Overdose of Lonely

Overdose of LonelySo scared and so nervous to start but at the same time so lonely and suffocated by current situations. I need to break out of this zone of hiding, I...

Jexcelme28510Dec 10Dec 11

WHY NOT HAVE A HETEROSEXUAL PRIDE MARCH?I think gay people etc., seem to think they are something special and enjoy prancing about in an exhibitionist manner. They even have their own flag,...

CROWNAFFAIR25620Dec 10Dec 11
Deep listening

Deep listeningDeep listening...………….....

jarred175-Dec 11

If I was a virgin.........waiting to be deflowered I'd hire Mullet as my pimp. He'd take so long to decide on a price I'd be guaranteed to be the highest priced hooker....

Drcoctail1410Dec 11

Climate Change Is NOT The Problem.The Problem Is Global Industrial Civilization... Changing Climate Is The SOLUTION....

miclee38838Nov 28Dec 11

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(182)And No..............Before You All Start With....................."Thats Not Real.........And With The Software That Is Out There Today"...........Bla...

namaron15517Dec 8Dec 10

CuddlingI need someone to show my love and affection to. Please give me a chance of proving myself....

Troy197427710Oct 31Dec 10
8 parts of speech and then sum

8 parts of speech [ and then sumThe ultimate Preface for the Modern English Bible Noun.....[ 8 part saga ] ............... 5] Pronoun..... 8. woe ! verb.............................

Agentbob1051Dec 10Dec 10

Macron facing a crisis that he created by baiting TrumpAn arrogant politician expressing contempt for Donald Trump and his supporters experienced a surprising and humiliating defeat in late 2016 in our pre...

Willy34112068Dec 10Dec 10
So drunk

So drunk...So drunk……………......

jarred1107-Dec 10

Love the 5 Km nature walk from the airport our hostel. After the first few hundred yards, the smells of jet diesel morph somehow into more natural nose delights. The many exotic (for a Maine...

Vierkaesehoch1071Dec 10Dec 10
STILL In the Race to be THIN

STILL In the Race to be THINGetting older hasn’t been kind to me. I had to mark “large” on my profile otherwise I’d be lying. The problem lies in my caloric intake...I end up wit...

quietndetermined25412Dec 9Dec 10
Skye5: "The Brook that babbles"(meet us in the poems)

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